Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Can we help you get Summer ready? Of course we can!
NJT Blogger have teamed up with team LDN : SKINS with a little pack to get you going for the New Year.

Before having Niah I was addicted to tanning and would get spray tanned every two (2) weeks as I just wanted to be darker. I have an islander background in me with my Dad being a born Samoan with chocolate brown in skin colour but me I'm the in-betweener with the olive skin as my Mum is a born Aussie with the white skin colour.
I wish their was just an easy way to become dark and have it stay FOREVER! But unfortunately unless you spend all your waking hours in the sun to tan 24/7 that isn't going to happen.

LDN : SKINS will be sure to set the tone on your skin with there cutting-edge odourless sunless tanning range containing organic ingredients.
Let's recap here:
  • odourless
  • sunless
  • organic ingredients
Those three (3) things have sold me right off the bat! Whilst I love the smell of a fresh tan, you want it to be real and for everyone to think it's your real skin tone so you can't smell like tan right?
Sunless - well we all know that being in the sun for long periods of time (which long periods of time is what we endure our bodies to go through for the perfect tanned skin) is damaging to our skin.
Organic ingredients, having products that are close to natural is best as we don't want to be damaging our skin with so many chemicals and products. Are skin doesn't cope well with it in the years to come. Not only this but for those with sensitive skin like myself; need to opt for organic so it doesn't take a big reaction.

LDN : SKINS is a favourite by many - including those high profiled celebs as this paraben free range infused with organic ingredients and DHA gently synchronizes with your skin tone to develop a natural looking golden sun-kissed tan.
Ingredients that are included in the LDN : SKINS are aloe vera, beeswax, avocado oil, seaweed, melon, orange flower oil, grapefruit peel and English lavender; so not only does LDN : SKINS give you a tanning treatment but also provides a nourishing, detoxifying, healing, and hydrating body treatment whilst tanning.

LDN : SKINS self-tanning range works in conjunction with your skin's pigments. The flexible tones enable to the product range to harmonize and adjust with different complexions for a more natural looking result. You control how light or dark you are going to tan, the more applied to your skin will add darkness to the tan colour.

Unlike other brands LDN : SKINS will last fade naturally so there will be no streaking or patching. Lasting up to five (5) days longer in comparison to conventional brands.*

LDN : SKINS is available at David Jones stores and leading salons.

NJT Blogger have three (3) LDN : SKINS prize packs to giveaway.
Each pack contains: 1x LDN : SKINS tone 2 medium tanning mousse
             1 x LDN : SKINS foaming exfoliator
(as shown in image below)

For your chance to scoop up a prize pack - enter via the rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway closes: Midnight, 27th January.

Winner will be drawn the 28th January and will have 24 hours to contact back to claim prize otherwise redraw may occur. 

*Information provided via LDN:SKINS.
**Products have been kindly provided for giveaway in exchange for its promotion here.


  1. My High School reunion is coming up soon - I'd love to look awesome for that!

  2. I'm already stressing about having no colour for a trip to Fiji during our winter time! HEEEELP please!!

  3. a beach themed party at the end of the month!!

  4. Perfect for my friends wedding in March.

  5. my daughter is going on a cruise and would like to look her best during that time.

  6. My one year anniversary! This would be perfect :)

  7. This LDN prize pack will make me feel fabulous for my 40th Birthday.

  8. My 20 year high school reunion, I'm fearful...... I need to look fab! ;)

  9. I'd love to even up my tan, my legs are still pale and I'm tanned up the top. Must be all that walking with the pram!

  10. This LDN prize would be great for all the summer birthday parties coming up.

  11. My ten year wedding anniversary. The first one since I've been married that I could fit into my wedding dress again for ;-/

  12. my daughters wedding


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