Sunday, 15 June 2014

Menulog - Online Restaurant Home Delivery Service Review

Firstly let me give you a quick run down on Menulog -
Menulog is an online website or a downloadable app on your smartphone that enables you to order online and get food delivered straight to your door. Menulog is the No.1 for Online Takeaway.

Menulog is free to use and has over 3500+ restaurants for you to choose from. Menulog easily allows you to see what is available for you to order from by popping in your postcode into the app.

Menulog gave us the opportunity to review and select a home delivery from a part of their wide range of restaurants on their site and select a local restaurants on board with them.
We're limited for our area but we choose Sak's Pizza Cafe who are in the main town.

Dan & I have never had a home delivery for food before at our house so this was a special one that Menulog kindly supplied to us. Dan & I have also never tried out any of the little local pizza places around town being new to the area we have always just stuck to the bigger franchisees but I do think we might have a local favourite on our hands now for when we come into treat cheat nights!

I placed an order via the smartphone app at approx 6:40pm - the app was really easy to use and navigate through.
Once you place your order you get a confirmation email which gives you an order number and some details on the restaurant selected so you can phone them incase of any changes. You not only get an email but a text message which gives you an ETA on arrival of the delivery! Our ETA: 7:37pm and our dinner ARRIVED: 7:30pm.
The delivery person didn't say any of the nice hi, how are you's but there wasn't anything wrong with the small chit chat we had, I think he was just a little flustered with how my house is a hard one to find as we are in a new estate and we don't have any numbering to mark our house number ooops!

I must say that I wasn't a fan of their pizza boxes they use as they're not the best when they arrived at our doorstep, they got very sweaty and became weak and very wet.

Large Aussie Pizza
Large The Lot Pizza

We ordered a Aussie with no egg at an amazing $7 for a large on their meal deals! The Lot without onion, bacon and ham which was $18.90 - I did find that this pizza was a little overcooked with darker burnt areas.
We then got a sneaky dessert treat of 5 freshly baked hot jam donuts for $5 - these came in a paper bag which then was put into a plastic bag. Those jam donuts were delicious and still very hot on the inside even after dinner!


I would definitely recommend using Menulog as they make things so much easier being able to store your details so you can order in a click of the button straight from your phone.
Once you have made your first order through Menulog; you are sent a 10% discount code to use on your next order through Menulog - not only that but there is soooo many deals from restaurants already via the app that are waiting for you to use!


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