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LUSH Valentines Day Giveaway


 To show a little love to all my followers and viewers this Valentines Day, I've teamed up with Chanelko Blog by doing a Valentines Day giveaway with some of the gorgeous limited edition LUSH products!

One lucky winner will be receiving a package from the Valentines Day collection exclusively available at LUSH for a limited time only!

Prize Pack Includes (as featured above):
•Prince Charming Shower Gel 250ml
•Love Locket Bath Bomb
•The Kiss Lip Gloss
•Close To Me Massage Bar
•Neon Love Soap
•Sexy Fun Times Gift Box  (includes Tender Is The Night Massage Bar & Pink FUN)
-Total prize value at just over $72.

To enter simply fill in the entry form below.

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions of giveaway within the entry form below.

•For an extra entry, follow @njtblogger and @chanelkxo on Instagram share the above photo with the hashtag #BEMINENJXO

**This is only open to Australian Residents ONLY sorry**

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Enrique Iglesias Upcoming Fragrance Release!!

Global Beauty Leader and International Superstar to Debut Global Fragrance Collection

MMMM.... The irresistible and young love of a lot of girls hearts that won I think majority of us over with wanting to be our 'Hero' with his hit song is going to release his own fragrance!! 
Well I know that Enrique was my heart throb, covering my walls with his posters and the man I wanted to marry growing up.
Ohhh pleaseeeeeee release a male and female scent Enrique!! 
This I will definitely need to get in my possession!!

Leading global beauty company Coty Inc. (NYSE:COTY) announced on January 27th, a partnership with internationally renowned singer and songwriter Enrique Iglesias to develop his own line of signature fragrances.

Enrique Iglesias remains one of the best-selling artists in history, with sales exceeding 100 million albums worldwide. He has also had five top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, with two reaching the top spot, as well as 13 number-one hits on the Dance chart—the most ever for any male performer. Moreover, he has an impressive total of 71 number-one hits across all Billboard charts. He also is the record holder for most Spanish language singles to hit number one on the Hot Latin Tracks chart, producing 23 in total.

“Enrique Iglesias is without question one of the most inspiring and talented artists in modern music,” said Michele Scannavini, CEO, Coty Inc. “We look forward to translating Enrique’s passion, authenticity and energy into a fragrance powerhouse.”

“I’m confident that together with Coty’s expertise I’ll be able to create a fragrance that’s attractive to everyone, in particular to my fans. I hope it gives them confidence and makes them feel empowered,” said Iglesias.

“We are thrilled to partner with the talented Enrique Iglesias,” said Renato Semerari, president, Coty Beauty. “This partnership provides us with a great opportunity to expand our business in emerging markets, particularly in Brazil, the world’s largest fragrance market, as well as in our other key fragrance markets.”

The House of Enrique Iglesias is expected to release its first fragrance in late 2014.

Are you Festival ready?

Thursday, 30 January 2014


RRP $14.95 for 60g or $39.95 for 150g

About FisiocremSOLUGEL

FisiocremSOLUGEL is an option for those seeking a natural solution to common muscular aches and pains and soft tissue trauma, including bumps and bruises resulting from sporting injuries and daily activities. The product containsa specially formulated combination of natural plant extracts proven to relieve the pain and general discomfort associated with muscle and joint soreness, soft tissue trauma, bumps and bruises. 

Because the product is so gentle, it is suitable for use in children and safe to use during pregnancy.

FisiocremSOLUGEL comprises concentrated pure herb extracts which are gently removed and transformed into micro-particles before being bound into a solution containing purified water.
The plants used in FisiocremSOLUGEL are sourced from New Zealand, Europe and Australia, and sent to Spain for manufacturing.

The product is applied to the skin by gently rubbing the solution (approximately ½ to 1 teaspoon) onto the affected area as often as required, normally three-to-four times a day. The more regularly applied and longerFisiocremSOLUGEL is rubbed in, the greater the effects.

FisiocremSOLUGEL may be used in combination with other treatment options, such as ice or heat packs, or before applying supportive bandages. 

FisiocremSOLUGEL has been a little angel in my current situation. I think I'm suffering from texters pain (made up diagnosis) but my muscle just down below the thumb on my right hand has been hurting for months and I also think it's because of having a newborn and carrying her around etc that this is going on for me. 
I also had a fall the other day and have a sore bruised knee from falling into an open electricity pit in a footpath near my house so this has been a great little comforter for me knee when I am feeling a bit of throbbing/pain on my knee. 
I would usually see my doc about my ongoing wrist problem and she would tell me just ice it, the problem never went. FisiocremSOLUGEL helped me out immensely when I needed some relief! Although as this is a temporary relief I'ld have to reapply every few hours, but it's beautiful for the time it's working its magic. 
As you may know Dan is into his heavy lifting and big weights at the gym so a lot of the time he has aches and pains after his big gym sessions so this came in great use for him as well, finding a permeant home in his gym back now (lucky I was sent 2 samples so we don't have to share!). Dan takes the larger 150g tube as he has greater use quantity then me (his shoulders, back and wrists).

It's a little oily when first applying but once rubbed in it's fine and doesn't give an oily greasy left over feeling at all.
Depending upon the affected area, all you need for where my affected area was this little 5 cent piece size not even. 
This is the only natural version of a pain relief cream I know of on the market. This difference to all the others apart from the obvious of the naturalness to it but unlike the others on the market that just heat up the area you rubbed into, FisiocremSOLUGEL cools it with a chill then warms up the applied area. It takes about 2-5mins for you to feel the chill, it doesn't happen straight away I found. 
The smell isn't as strong as others out there either - this  gives more of a fresh minty menthol scent.
Learning that this product is fine to use in pregnancy, I really wish I had come across this baby when I was pregnant. All those aches, pains and sores would have loved FisiocremSOLUGEL!  
I can't wait to have the next and give FisiocremSOLUGEL a go with pregnancy!!

Three-time Olympian Kerri Pottharst became an ambassador for FisiocremSOLUGEL earlier this year. After having experienced many potentially devastating injuries that threatened to end her professional sporting and coaching career, Kerri is highly cognisant of the importance of effective injury management and is an advocate for all things natural.
“I prefer to try an all-natural product, before resorting to products that contain harsh chemicals,” said Kerri. I also try to avoid parabens whenever possible and FisiocremSOLUGEL is free of those as well.
“I’ve been an elite athlete for more than 25 years. As I get older, I realise how important it is to take extra good care of myself and use only the best natural products available,” Kerri said.
“Whether it’s your lower back suffering from long hours behind a desk, or sore and stiff legs after a morning beach run, FisiocremSOLUGEL provides effective relief.”

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mum's Gastric Bypass

Grandma and Granddaughter 
Well it's been a long 9 years waiting for my Mum who has been on the public list for Gastric Bypass!
On the 31st of December 2013 Mum received a call that it was her last day eating food and she was to have an Optifast shake diet for the next 2 weeks as she would be going in on the Wednesday the 15th of January, 2014 for her operation! What a way to enter the new year hey?!!!
I could only imagine how much she would be screaming in happiness inside knowing that the wait is FINALLY over!

I saw Mum quite a few times over the 2 weeks of her shake only diet before her operation and she was doing really well - apart from sniffing chip packets which somehow helped her get by with no eating haha!
Mum nearly cracked one time but it wouldn't of been as bad as eating something of 'real food', she was feeding Niahbella her solids and went to test it her food was too hot - nearly got herself but then realised ah no I can't do that haha!

On the Tuesday before Mum went in, Niahbella & me went over to wish her luck - tears were shed from Mum as it was all becoming so real now.

The day of the operation came and I went over to be with my siblings as we waited for Dad to give us the news on how Mum was/went.
The younger siblings (Samii & Tarmeka) shared their emotional morning with Mum as they wished her well wishes as she went off with Dad to the Austin Hospital for her surgery.

Dad got in contact with us at about 10am telling us that Mum had gone in at 8:20am and that they had estimated she would come out around about 1pm. He told us that she was very emotional crying and that he told her is she was to cry then he would too so I guess they had a mini blubber fest together haha!

I missed a call around 3pm from Dad and then when we tried calling him back it went straight to message bank so we thought he might have gone back to Mum's side.
We were constantly trying to call him ever since we missed Dad's call at 3pm but no luck. We were starting to stress by about 6pm as to where he was and if he was okay as well, so we ended up calling the hospital and got in contact with the nurses who were with Mum and they said she couldn't talk but was awake. We asked if Dad was there and they said No so we thought okay maybe he was on his way home. The nurse in recovery gave us a brief run down of how Mum was saying she did really well in surgery and was progressing well and would be moved up to her ward in about an hours time but couldn't answer much as she advised us she wasn't the nurse attending to her.

By about 7pm I contacted my cousin to find out if he had made a stop off to their house but nothing so we were still stressing over where he was. We thought he would of been home for dinner with us so we ended up organising our own dinner and waited it out.
It reached about 9-9:30pm and Dad finally arrived home, thankfully! He told us his phone had died so he couldn't call and doesn't know any of our numbers off the top of his head to tell ring off a hospital phone.

Dad thought he was quite funny keeping a straight game face when he came in not talking and then said Do you want the good news or the bad news? That came back in his face when we turned around to say there is no bad news as we rang the hospital - off the smirk on his face went haha!
Dad said that Mum came out after 1pm but he wasn't able to see her until about 3:30pm as she was in recovery - what a long wait Dad did by waiting in the waiting room for her!
Dad stayed by her side until she was taken up to the ward and then waited until they kicked him out when visiting hours were over at 8pm to come home.

Dan, Niahbella and I went in the next day to see how she was going - because there is so many of us children of Mum's we went in separate so my little family went in first in the morning and when Dad arrived with the younger 3 siblings we left to share out the time with Mum and not create a busy room for everyone in the ward.

When I first saw Mum in hospital it was like I had just seen her for the first time ever - my mind went into this weird state where I had to re-remember what Mum looked like. I don't know how that come around but it did.
Mum looked so weak, tired and in pain which is everything she said she felt also.
Mum was happy to see us though and I think the playing with Niahbella took her mind off the pain and how she was feeling.
We stayed with Mum for a few hours and then did a change over so when my Dad came in with the siblings we left so there wasn't a huge big crowd of all of us in the hospital room with other patients. 
What really got me annoyed about The Austin hospital was this one nurse who as soon as the family came in after us and we were just saying hello and goodbye to them she comes over saying 'There is someone whose really ill in this room and it's a 2 visitors at a time maximum'. We are all very courteous to the others around us but yet she felt she had to come over to us who we whisper talking and in fact it was one of the other patients in the room who continuously had about 7-8 visitors come in at a time... it was pack after pack of visitors! And those people didn't have common courtesy to anyone else and where speaking loudly! 

Over the next few days Mum just had enough of being in hospital, she missed her family too much and just wanted to talk to someone when we weren't all in their in visiting hours. 

Mum was in hospital for a total of 7 days. Went in on the 15th of Jan and came out on the 21st of January. 

For now Mum is on her hard part of the journey where she will be tempted by food and needing to know what's best for her to eat and learning her limitations with her stomach. 

Mum - 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Celebrate Australia Day with Milk & Co - Australian Owned & Made!

Happy Australia Day! (Don’t forget the Milk)

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Australia Day this year – with a cold beer, beach barbie or ritual thong tossing – make sure you keep your Milk Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 30+ handy!

Proudly Australian made and owned by ex-Olympian, Michael Klim, this brilliant one-of-a-kind invention is perfect for a hot summer by the sea, because its dry to the touch powder means half the beach won’t stick to you.

It’s also water resistant and ultra sweat resilient, which makes it ideal for outdoor sports and the non-greasy formula absorbs super fast so it won’t block your pores or cause breakouts.

Even better, vitamin E provides moisture, aloe vera soothes and repairs your skin and tea tree aroma smells great and keeps the bugs away! It’s got to be the most perfect sunscreen ever designed by a true-blue Aussie original.

Milk and Co is a family company created by Olympic swimming champ Michael Klim, his wife Lindy and their three kids, Stella, Rocco and Frankie.

Using their unique family and sporting experience, the Klim’s create products designed to make life more liveable. Full of the good stuff, their products are simple and effective, made in Australia using 100% recyclable packaging and not tested on animals.

The Milk and Co range includes all natural products for him, her and baby too including:

For Him

Face Moisturiser + Sunscreen (SPF 30+) 
RRP $19.95
Feel refreshed and protects day and night with this super outdoorsy moisturiser and sunscreen in one made for blokes! Just slap on the ultra light formula and go! Plus great smelling rosemary and mint oils help you keep your cool.

Face Wash 
Tested on Michael Klim, this efficient and natural gel formula cleans your skin, unplugs pores and prevents breakouts – in short, it’s a wonder product.
For Her
Face Cleanser 
Clear away the day and get ready for tomorrow. With geranium and ylang ylang essential oils to invigorate and refresh plus antibacterial hibiscus flower and tamarind extracts, it’s the perfect makeup remover even for the darkest of eye makeup.

Body Wash 
Smell good, refresh yourself and get rid of nasty toxins with this light, quick and easy foaming body wash. You can even use it as a shampoo – so it’s the perfect dual-purpose product for a chockas gym bag.

For Baby

Protect Me + Sunscreen (SPF 30+) 
The harsh Australian sun can do serious damage to your little one’s skin. Ideal for 3 months+, this ultra gentle lotion gives broad-spectrum coverage with none of the nasty chemical absorbers.

Bath Time Wash 
RRP $12.95
This gentle, all natural bath wash includes more of the good stuff to get bubs cleaner and keep them safer. Smells so good, you’ll want to use it yourself.

Bulldog Skincare for Men

The Bulldog range was born out of frustration that there were no options available for switched-on men who wanted body friendly products that reduce the number of man-made chemicals in their bathrooms. As a pioneer of natural grooming, all Bulldog products are natural and don’t contain controversial chemicals such as parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. Instead, Bulldog products are loaded with essential oils and other amazing natural ingredients to deliver outstanding grooming results.

Bulldog is the first and largest natural skincare brand designed exclusively for male skin in the UK and since its launch in 2007 has expanded to the USA, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Japan and Australia.

Dan is always at me about when is something going to arrive in the mail for him. He gets so excited when we have parcels delivered but only to have contents that are for me so when he received Bulldog Skincare for him he was ecstatic!

Something I cannot stand is when men don't wash their face and take care of their skin! How can anyone not get up and want to start their day and end their day with a clean washed fresh face?

Dan has always been someone who has just washed his face with water and that's about it. Since being with me, Dan has learnt the benefits of using product on his skin - Dan used to get pimples popping up on a regular basis and with using product he has since kissed that goodbye on a regular basis.

Bulldog Skincare is actually the first males product he has used for his skin - he was always 'borrowed' or should I say stole mine in the bathroom so therefor I'm running out quicker then expected!

We have that little couples bathroom going on now - his products on one side and mine on the other of the basin instead of it looking like my bathroom only haha.

Bulldog Skincare is cruelty free with no animal testing so this was a big tick when it walked through our front door and earned its place in our bathroom.

$9.95 for 100ml

The Bulldog Original Face Scrub removes dead, dry skin to stimulate new skin cell growth. Designed specifically for men, the Original Face Scrub is packed with eight essential oils as well as pumice, coconut shell, rosehip oil and shea butter.

The beads in this feel like sand, they are very good at giving that deep scrub into your face which is what I really like within a facial scrub because it means you're actually getting a good clean in there - a good scrub always helps out those blackheads and pores!

Their isn't much of a scent on this product - if anything it has that organic, all natural smell to me.

Bulldog Original Face Scrub is very thick when it comes out - you will only need a small squeeze, although because of its thickness, we find it hard to evenly distribute onto your face without causing little clumps.

$9.95 for 175ml

The Bulldog Original Face Wash uses eight essential oils and green tea to gently cleanse the face of daily dirt and debris.

Any green tea lovers out there? The benefits of what green tea can do for your body is just never ending! This face wash has green tea in it along with eight other essential oils to help give your face that good clean from what it has been through during the day.

Bulldog Original Face Wash comes out as a yellowy tinged clear gel that is very light and easily lathered in product to use. It is a very strongly scented face wash, so if you are not careful it burns those eyes! Best use to apply the face wash with your eyes closed and then wash off the product without opening your eyes until completely finished with the face wash.

$11.95 for 100ml

The Bulldog Original Moisturiser is packed with eight essential oils, green tea, green algae, konjac mannan and vitamin E to help rehydrate the skin. Bulldog recommends application to the face and neck twice daily, after cleansing, for the best results.

Best thing ever invented for our faces is moisturiser's I say. If your man is suffering from dry skin or needs to hydrate his face then this is his friend! Although I do find the scent off putting for a man - even I wouldn't like this scent on my face as it's very strong scented.

With dry dehydrated skin becoming a big problem in this summer heat as we all want to be out getting the tans on. (yes, boys you are in that category too!) Along with being out in the sun and the heated weather comes dry skin so this was a treasure to place on the face giving it back all the nourishment it needed!

$9.95 for 175ml

Because every man must shave at some stage...the Bulldog Original Shave Gel is packed with eight essential oils, aloe vera, jojoba and konjac mannan for an incredibly smooth shave.

Dan's always been a shaving cream guy and never has really touched gels so using Bulldog Original Shave Gel as the first gel, Bulldog really had something to show Dan to convince him that gel is better then cream.

Bulldog Original Shave Gel didn't lather up as much as a cream would but it did provide a more closer shave leaving more baby face and less stubble. 
Being that it was more of a clear view to the face when shaving instead of big puffs of cream leaving no face to see - Dan was able to accurately shape his beard when he wanted a little bit of stubble instead of baby face.
The Aloe Vera put into the shaving gel is a great addition as it gets the face cooled down and puts some goodness into the skin before shaving.

$9.95 for 75ml

After the rigors of shaving, skin can feel sensitive and uncomfortable. The Bulldog Original After Shave Balm contains eight essential oils, including rosehip oil, vitamin E and green tea and helps to reduce redness while soothing and nourishing the skin.

Rosehip oil was what made this product really stand out - you hear so many great benefits to rosehip Oil that you know if you are to get a knick on the face from shaving that the rosehip oil will be there to take care of it and heal it in no time.

Bulldog After Shave Balm is really smooth and easily manoeuvred to its place on your face. It leaves your face feeling refreshed and after helping the knicks its like the lollipop you get from the doctors after you get an injection when a kid.

Tips of encouragement to get your man to take care of his face -
  • Put them in the shower - killing two birds with one stone! Men are all about taking the quick way out so having this in the shower will get Bulldog Skincare added to there showering regime - trust me it works. 
  • Give compliments - when you notice the change in their skin or the smell of the products they are using, tell them! This will encourage them to do it more. Someone else commenting on what you can notice yourself is always way better!
  • If you wake at the same time make a routine together where you do your face at the same time as your man. 

Bulldog Skincare For Men is available nationally from Big W, Woolworths, Priceline, select Coles and independent pharmacies. 

Bulldog products can also be purchased online and further details on the ingredients of each product are available at http://au.meetthebulldog.com/.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

REVIEW: Mary & Marie Nappy Bags

As this is my first time being a mummy I wasn't aware of how many branded baby bags there actually was and what I would need within a nappy bag so I had no idea what I was looking for when my partner and I went to purchase one. 
When my partner and I first were looking at baby bags the only thing that came to mind was that we wanted to have a unisex color and look to it so he could have it too, that was a bit of a bummer for me as I wanted to have one of those gorgeous pretty looking nappy bags that I see the other mummies out with. 

We ended up coming out with a black boring bag that was really hard to get things in and out off and wasn't the best to catering to easy use.
It wasn't until I experienced my first real nappy bag - Mary & Marie as a brand have really opened my eyes as to what we should have been searching for in the first place. 
They're just so spacious, so well thought through and really do cater to what you actually need!

What's great about the Mary & Marie Nappy Bag is that you can zip out the internals and have an after baby handbag! I was amazed at that and if I wasn't told about that feature I would have had no idea.... Silly me thought that the zip around the whole inside at the top was those like secret compartments, ergh... wrong! 

When I looked at the prices for the branded nappy bags I was a little taken back - but that is not only Mary & Marie I am talking about... every other branded nappy bag that is on the market is of a $$ price but you know what - Mary & Marie are worth it! I would definitely pay the price for something of this good quality. 

The bags are luxury laser cut leather - they're actually pretty heavy on their own with nothing in it so right away I knew these would be heavy duty and wouldn't break on me! I've always been that person who over caters and packs my life into my bag... which I have gotten better at, I just need to make sure that I purchase smaller/medium sized bags to help me control that. 

I am really bad with organisation - I am just not an organised person who was everything in order, I wish I did but unfortunately we can't all have that. 
Mary & Marie Nappy Bags did all the organising in the bag for me - there was a place for everything! 
My favourite was the little clip inside in the bag on the walls of it that you could clip your keys too so there is never that horrible moment of standing at your car for 5 minutes digging around in the bag looking for the keys whilst bypassing people think you're doing something dodgy or yet trying to steal your own car! That clip has saved me countless minutes!

RRP $249.99

Grey stone laser cut nappa leather
Luxury laser cut leather handbag with detachable longer shoulder strap & inside organiser
Chasing Amy Handbag is subtle and sophisticated. Use the short strap to carry it during the week then lengthening it to a cross-body style for the weekend. Our inside organiser section is also completely removable creating a clever peek-a-boo effect with the 
laser cut nappa leather.

Upon receiving this bag it was just pure love at first sight. I had trouble trying to change over to the La Dolce because I was that in love but when I finally changed over my bag (A month later)... I feel equally in love with the La Dolce, actually it would best to say I completely feel in love with Mary & Marie as a brand!

The Chasing Amy is a bit smaller in width and deepth then the La Dolce Vita so I would find that I would over stack my bag with items coming out the top of the bag. 
During the time I used the Chasing Amy I did have an issue with the zipper constantly separating and popping open whilst zipped up but this may be because of how much I had put in the bag and with it being suspended in the air by hooks on the side.

Black and white leather
Luxury high-grade leather handbag with detachable shoulder strap, handy outer pockets & inside organiser

A cumbersome nappy bag is the last thing you need on a hectic day out with your new baby, so keep things super organized and incredibly stylish with our better than ever carryall.

Carefully handmade with high-grade luxury nappa leather, this bag has all the bells and whistles you'd want from a baby bag (without the not so polished look)

Featuring our signature removable interior organizer section, bottle holder, key hook, waterproof section & easy to find mesh pocking. We have even topped this style off with slim outside pockets for all those things you need within hands reach!

Finished with a detachable long strap that fits perfectly over your pram handles. The best thing is, even if you have no baby in your sites this bag will take you anyway!!!

If you want space then this is your bag! This is like a clowns party bag that keeps giving and giving but in a baby nappy bag version - I can fit so much stuff in here comfortably without the overflow at the top. 
I've always been nervous about using pockets on the exterior of my handbags for the case of someone pick pocketing me so this was the first time I was able to make use of those pockets as I now have my handbag hooked onto the pram (thank you to the first creator of pram hooks so these arms don't break off with the what seems to be a 5kg+ nappy bag!).  

The La Dolce Vita being a dark coloured back and then dark coloured internals kind of made it a bit hard to find things inside the bag.

The La Dolce Vita felt more heavy duty to me and coped with all that I filled it with. 

Something I didn't like was that there is a gap hole into the bag, where the zipper starts and ends. I hate having an open bag as I just don't like the idea of anything getting into my bag and in this case would be those creepy crawlies haha!

Overall I highly recommend Mary & Marie Nappy Bags if you are looking for quality, space, organisation and easy use. They are value for money and you will not be disappointed at all!

Dan was very much a fan of these nappy bags as well - He had no problem taking these nappy bags on his own with the pram which is probably more girly then the nappy bags though haha!
I did get more comments on the La Dolce Vita as it must be the size and colouring of it that everyone loves! Dan was more of a La Dolce Vita Nappy Bag man also.

I am actually a pram crazy lovers of my Bugaboo and actually choose the colouring of the bags to match my prams - Mary & Marie have well unisex selected colours I believe.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

REVIEW: COVERGIRL Clean Glow Bronzer

COVERGIRL Clean Glow Bronzer.
RRP: $12.95
Available in Spices (120) 

COVERGIRL introduces the latest solution for clean, fresh and natural colour with COVERGIRL Clean Glow Bronzer.

Delivering a crisp new approach to cosmetics, COVERGIRL Clean Glow Bronzer provides a non- comedogenic, non-acnegenic solution for clean, blend-able coverage and natural, lightweight colour that is suitable for sensitive skin and won’t clog pores.

Flaunt the coveted beach-bronze glow in one simple step. This versatile 3-in-1 multi- shade compact lets you customize your colour to create a radiant effect. Use just one colour or all three!

How to use (directions as per COVERGIRL): 

1. Dip powder brush in bronzer and tap off any excess.
2. Sweep bronzer on your cheeks and temples. 
3. Using a lighter touch, sweep bronzer where the sun naturally hits your face, including nose, chin and forehead.

This bronzer for me was more then just your cheek highlighter - I used this as a contouring assistant for my face, as it had the 3 different shading tones.

I was able to highlight the important features on my face with the lighter shades and darken the areas that I wanted definition in. 

I loved using this on under my chin/leading onto my neck to blend my foundation into my skin tone so it gave a more natural look as you know me - I go like a little darker then my actual skin color. 

COVERGIRL Clean Glow Bronzer has become an everyday bronzer for me and something I have kept close by in my handbag.

It is a perfect compact little piece that has come in great hand at the best and worst of times. 

The thing I would probably flaw in terms of design of the COVERGIRL Clean Glow Bronzer is that because you have the 3 different shades - it's hard to get your bronzer brush onto each of the shades individually. You were having to put your bronzer brush on a tight angle to ensure you got the shade you were up to at the time. 

This bronzer has replaced the one I was currently using and is in my little carry pack make-up purse that comes with me everywhere. 

COVERGIRL Clean Glow Bronzer is available nationwide now.

Stockist: 1800 181 040

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