Thursday, 24 July 2014

Style for Life Day

Are you due to visit the hairdressers? I know I am. Then we need to hang out a little bit longer as ELEVEN Australia and not-for-profit organisation Hagar are hosting the annual Style for Life Day on Sunday 27 July 2014, in a fight to end slavery and other forms of human rights abuse.

The national event is now in its second year, and will see ELEVEN Australia salons around the country open their doors on a Sunday to snip and style, with all proceeds from the day donated to Hagar.

ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo, and Hagar ambassador, Oscar-winning actress Rachel Griffiths, are encouraging Australians to book their next hair appointment at their local participating salon on Sunday 27 July to help make a difference. Details of your nearest participating salon can be found at www.elevenaustralia.com/style-for-life

Would love to see what your styles from Style for Life Day - 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Target's Toy Sale Media Event

(Photo credit - taken from TwoBirdStalking Instagram)
Walking up Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne I was stopped by a lady dressed in a circus attire like cloak with a target lolly pop sign and was taken down the back alley way to be greeted by another lady dressed in a cloak like circus attire with a sign and then entered into what was so fancy that I felt like I was going into the Moulin Rouge but this was actual toy heaven for Target's Toy Sale. Held at 1000 and bend in Melbourne's CBD. 

A custom made merry go round was the centre masterpiece of the event with the electronic ride in mercs and diggers for children aged 3-8 to enjoy a ride in. I so wanted to get Niah in the Merc but unfortunately she'll have to wait a little while long to ride in it - I was also eying this off in the catalogue for her first birthday but once again she's too young, I'm sure I could put it away right ;P 

Red and white was plastered around with the waiters and staff wearing the colours to be easily spotted out. 
To the right was the girls side and to the left was more the boys side. 

Girls had 2 characters offering beauty services, a photo booth that was set up in an Alice In Wonderland scene with a beautiful big cherry blossom tree with a 'brush' station that had the zelfs, my little pony and la la loopsy's as well as a play station where Peppa Pig play sets were out. Niah and I spend most of her time playing her as this was the most kind of age appropriate for her that would still involve her in the event takings. 

At the back of the room was 4 baby toys more suitable for Niah's age but they weren't set up as nicely as the girl and boy station as they were on the floor and when we first attempted to play here it was a little hard being that we were in the way whilst sitting on the floor so that area was a bit short loved for us. 

For the boys area they had a feature Star Wars zone a Lego play table and san other activity table as well as remote controlled helicopters - which seemed to be a big hit for the dads who came along to the event and a few more electronic ride in diggers and mercs. 

To the back right there was the catered area with popcorn, fairy floss, milkshakes and a candy buffet along with hot curly fries and hot dogs coming around for the kids. All the delights and joys of foods that kids love. 
Along with alcoholic beverages and a few appetizers for the adults. 

A few celeb talents and known media talents were spotted on the night so left feeling a little special to be rubbing shoulders with the well known faces of the public. 

After making our exit from the event we were given a toy to take home with us. Miss Niah was give the Doc. McStuffins which was her main obsession when we got home and put up a fight when we tried to get Doc. McStuffin out of the packaging for her. 

Before attending this event I had gotten my copy of the Target Toy Sale catalogue and sat down just like my Mum would do when we were younger and would circle all the things she wanted for us. Of course her catalogue never stayed that way for long as when us kids got to it we just added a few more circles into the catalogues. This time around I go to do it myself for my little girl who turns 1 in September, time has just flown by! 
Target's Toy Sale will be where I get prepared for Niah's presents as well as her little friends who will be celebrating there special 1st birthdays too! 
I'm so glad we held out from the other toy sales earlier in the year as Target's is definitely looking unbeatable! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Body Transformation Journey Update + Dedication Post to EHPLabs

I have been in my body transformation journey for just over 2 months now, yes my lifestyle has changed but it's still needing to be tweaked here and there. I am not where I would have liked to have been weight wise but I have made that change and broke the old habits.
To date I have lost close to 7kgs, ideally I would have liked to have cracked at least 10-12kgs by this stage but I have a new mind set and have found new motivation to drive myself harder so I am expecting to see some good weight loss drops in the few coming weeks as I really switch up my diet.

My failing is, well was when I am out of the house and at weekends.
I started off so strong and didn't have any 'junk' food or bad eating for over a fortnight and then when I did have a 'cheat' meal of take away food, I honestly wasn't interested and the food just tasted wrong. It didn't satisfy me at all and I just was thinking to myself that I would have preferred a chicken salad... it's been a long time since I have thought that way!

Unfortunately my diet just kept taking wrong turns but the important thing to remember is that just because you've had a bad meal or a bad day, it doesn't mean that you are to go and just turn around and give up. You redeem yourself and just turn back to the good you and that's what I did each time.

Lately I have been noticing the actual changes in my body with the way it feels in my clothing and just the difference in the mirror. I am getting commented on as well with how others can see my weight coming down too which is a good rewarding feeling.
I'm getting back into some of the clothes I used to wear so I am not so limited for clothes options now.
My pants aren't cutting into my stomach and suffocating me creating that extra flab roll over the top and my 'skinny jean's well they aren't so skin tight skinny anymore, it's more looking like I've lost a tremendous amount of weight and I have extra skin hanging down in my jeans.
Although it's not time to buy a new wardrobe yet because I still want to lose more so no point in buying something that will fit for a short time except the little splurge on new lingerie because well you can't have those falling off when training!

During my journey I was a target of sub tweeted bullying about my weight, which to most people would probably put them into a bad place and be upset with what's going on. Although this was a really horrible move on their behalf the sub tweeted bullying never got to me in the way they intended it too. I never gave up and I never let it get to me.
I was doing something about my weight, I was changing my ways and to be cyber bullied whilst it was  known that I was on this journey was pretty pathetic and hypocritical as the same goals where in place for those sub tweeting bullying messages. As the saying goes; 'the pot calling the kettle black' was at true play in this.

As you know as well Dan has been very supportive and started to change his ways as well at the same time I did as we could push each other and help motivate one another.
Between Dan & I we have a total combined household weight loss of coming close to hitting 20kgs. We are so excited to be getting our health back in order and back to our old ways together.

Fit bods - Dan & I are both on our way back!! Stay tuned!

I also wanted to include in this update of my progress post a dedication part to EHPLabs who had kindly supplied me with their Shred Stack - Oxyshred and Acetyl L-Carnitine which I have blogged about several times previously. Tomorrow morning will be my last dose of the shred stack that was supplied to me. I truly believe these products work and are such a great aid within weight loss, an energy booster and or a mean workout.
Thank you EHPLabs for all your assistance - you have been an ace training partner and I can't wait to experience many more of your products that are on the market.

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Playgro - Musical Mobile Phone Review

The colourful musical mobile phone rattle allows baby to mimic mum and dad with their very own phone. Easy to grasp, this toy features four different melodies to stimulate auditory senses and various textures for visual and tactile development. Baby will have endless fun taking "calls" all day long!

- 4 different melodies
- Mirror with rattling beads
- Crinkle sounds for auditory stimulation

This was the first toy out of the Playgro toys we were sent on our first toy testing job that Niah had her hands set on, it was a struggle getting this out of her hands to even get the musical mobile phone out of the cardboard packaging. 

Although this doesn't resemble the same look as Mummy or Daddy's phone, this is a unique toy of the babies own which they can leave your phone sticky, drool and occasionally teeth mark free!
Niah is in the stage of playing with all the toys that she can rattle and make noise with by shaking them, I see Niah pick up blocks and try shake them.. 'sorry darling, they're for stacking'.
Niah has her own little mobile phone that seems to come with us everywhere now, but of course - why wouldn't our lifelines come with us these days. 

Niah can grasp ahold of the musical mobile phone by the black and white little handle with ease and allow for her to give that phone a good old rattle to reveal the sounds of little colourful balls moving around in a see-through enclosed window.

The musical mobile phone plays 4 different melodies with the press down of the numbers panel button and brings on a little wiggle from miss Niah.

On the edge of the mobile phone is a green crinkle part which Niah loves to bite on and make the crackling noises.

The Playgro Musical Mobile Phone is a fantastic toy that easily folds down in half to take up less space when travelling and to chuck into the nappy bag as a carry around phone. I would definitely recommend this for a gift to a young one.

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I am a Playgro Official Toy Tester, these products were sent out to me for reviewal and all opinions are my honest own thoughts.

Tax Time with CARE Australia

To soften the blow of the June 30 tax deadline, CARE Australia has launched a handy calculator to help people maximise their tax return when making charitable donations. Found at www.care.org.au/tax, donors simply enter the amount they would like to give, as well as selecting their income. The calculator will then work out how much tax will be received back for a contribution made to CARE Australia.

By donating to CARE Australia, donors will not only be assisting someone in need, but will be boosting their tax return at the same time. For example, the CARE Australia tax calculator can determine that a donation of $69 (which can educate a girl for a year) made by someone earning between $37,001 and $80,000 would cost just $46.58 after they receive $22.42 back in tax.

To further facilitate a tax time, CARE Australia has also provided a tax benefits table and other imagery, to help inform donors of what they can Give and Get Back which are featured on this post.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

REVIEW: Freshness Fine Food Bar's

Bars are all the rage these days and for good reasons! We love our bars here at Fresh Ness, not just because they are so tasty and filling, but because of their wholesome goodness. Dig into our Bird Bar, chalk full of seeds, grains, and dried fruit; or reach for our Rawama Bar, made completely of raw, thus nutrient packed, ingredients. Due to easy storing and longer shelf life qualities, these healthy yummies are a perfect on the run pack snack for busy bodies, kids and adults included!

RAW - Chocolate & Cashew - GLUTEN FREE
Uncooked and unprocessed, this beautiful bar is made entirely of dates, cashews, almond meal, coca, agave syrup, and organic coconut. It is a great pick me up for those interested in fuelling their body with nutrient and antioxidant packed goodness.

'Raw' bar was the first bar I had from the Freshness Fine Food range of bars as the word 'chocolate' always seems to get me, who could blame me though I was a chocco-holic!
'Raw' bar is so soft, it's almost like eating raw cookie dough as to how soft it is. I got through that bar in 30 seconds if that as it was just too delicious to put down and possibly have baby fingers come and grab the rest of it or Dan coming along wanting to 'try' it out!
I could definitely taste the coconut in the bar and the cashews were very diced up into small pieces.

BIRD - Cranberry & Pumpkin - GLUTEN FREE
Chock full of seeds, nuts, and dried fruit, this gluten free snack is a tasty and wholesome treat for all. Full of fibre and naturally sweetened with agave syrup, this bar contains no added sugar or glucose and is, of course, free from all preservatives and additives.

This bar was the one I had last as it didn't sound as appetising to me, don't get me wrong I am a huge lover of the 'bird' bars that contain a stack of seeds and all other goodness but this one didn't really get my mouth watering at the name but when I actually got the courage to trial this bar - it really did show a true definition to 'don't judge a book by its cover'. Bird bar was delicious, a little chewy and hard but it was still really enjoyable to eat.

EARTH- Chia, Blueberry & Almond - WHEAT FREE
Chewy, nutty, and handmade with full of oats, this muesli bar makes for a perfect wholesome snack.

'Earth' was the chewy one out of them all. I like that you need to chew something for a long time as you can actually enjoy what you are eating and take in every bite, as well as always being able to listen to your gut of when you are actually full! My only problem with 'Earth' bar was that it was extra chewy that I got about 3/4 of the way through it and my jaw hurt.

LOVE- Pumpkin, Pistachio & Vanilla -
Chew and gooey, this is a bar you will love (thus the name). With a soft and sweet oat base this bar is topped with homemade caramel, pistachios, and chocolate chips.

'Love' bar is very different, I wouldn't have said it was a bar I picked up because of the ingredients, apart from it stating pistaschio's which I adore! It was an interesting texture to get around in your mouth, it did crumble quite a bit when I was trying to eat it from the packaging and would always fall apart on me and not stay in it's actual bar form BUT... I am definitely a fan of the 'Love' bar now though! I loved the added chocolate chips, was a sneaky little treat in a bar of deliciousness and not to mention the homemade caramel, gah this is making me drool just writing about it.
'Love' bar is on the shopping list forever now!
I would definitely say now that this is my favourite from the range!

REVIEW: Smash Fantasy Feet Kid's Outdoor Dining Range

Smash has just added a new range exclusively available at Coles, is the Fantasy Feet kids outdoor dining range with a feature cartoons of either an elephant or owl!

Unfortunately the weather hasn't been that great for us to be able to get out and have a picnic at the park to enjoy the new range from Smash but we have been making the most of the range inside the house.

With cute little animal cartoons of either an elephant or owl they will create a gorgeous little dining experience for your little one for once they get to the bottle of their plate or bowl it will reveal those cute animal cartoons.
I really liked that it wasn't a colour overload on the range, it was a simple white with a few colours and the cartoon which makes them stand out to me.

The outdoor kids dining range is BPA and PET Free and are microwave and dishwasher safe! Immediately when I heard they had all those especially dishwasher safe I jumped at the chance to review these. There are so many character novelty dining ranges out on the markets that just don't have the microwave or dishwasher safe part to them which really annoys me as it isn't a practical thing for us busy Mum's.
I washed these and heated the range up constantly as we were pretty much using the range daily for Niah. I did find that the plate laminate started to peel and come up on the side which was really unfortunate.

Niah can't drink from a cup at the moment but she sure is trying and drowning herself in water at the same time so unfortunately we can't comment much on the cups.

The bowl is a good wide size almost like a small plate with a decent sized brim around it for easy holding both for us and the bubs. They weren't too deep either which is what I like to see for the young ones as you it makes for easier use for them when getting the contents out, with ease of not having to tip the bowl over.

Both the bowl and plate have a rubbery like ring around the base of them for a non slip effect which I thought was also another fantastic feature point to the range.
All in all, I think the range is fantastic and they have really looked out for the bubs and mums best interest and catered to what is needed.

The Fantasy Feet range is very affordable varying in individual buy prices of $2 to $3.50 (each item sold separately):
Tumbler $2 RRP
Plate $2.50 RRP
Bowl $2.50 RRP
Bottle 330ml $3.50 RRP

Head into Coles now - I have seen this range in the baby needs isles for easier navigation to find them. 

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