Friday, 30 May 2014

Closer To Nature - Perfect Prep Machine REVIEW + GIVEAWAY

Closer to nature - Perfect Prep Machine 
RRP $250

I seriously have been wanting a machine that does exactly what the Perfect Prep Machine has to offer, if anyone was to ask Dan he would agree that I would whine on a daily basis about not having something that easily does baby bottles.

Perfect Prep Machine by Closer To Nature is perfect for those bubs who are feeding often and especially when you have bubs in the room with you at night time also. I always complained to Dan that I wanted a bottle warmer so I didn't have to get up at night to go kitchen and make one when I wasn't breastfeeding anymore.
Yes I know a bit lazy but our house is cold because of the tiles and we set our alarm at night each day as well and honestly who wants to get up in the early am hours and walk around - you could easily take this system to your room, although it is a bit noisy when it makes the beeping buzz sounds to let you know that your assistance is required.

Perfect Prep Machine has a finger turn dial which allows you to select the bottle water amount ranging from 120mls to 330mls. 

Perfect Prep Machine measures out the right amount of hot water and then warm water. First it will put in x amount of boiling hot water and then beep for you to add the scoops of formula into the bottle (you have 2 minutes to get the formula into the bottle and place back under the machine), you then need to shake it up and place back under the machine where you hit the button again and the Perfect Prep Machine will then disperse warm room temperature water so it's just the right combination of heat for bubs bottle.
Always remember to check the temperature of the bottle yourself, regardless of the machine.

The Perfect Prep Machine unit isn't that big at all and doesn't take up huge amounts of space on the counter tops in the kitchen which I thought was fantastic as we are always short for space in the kitchen and being as this is used multiple times a day; it sits on our counter permanently now.

What I was really impressed at was when one time Dan had unplugged the machine and I got cross because now I couldn't use the machine for Niah's bottle as there wouldn't be any boiling hot water but I was wrong; we plugged the machine in and straight away boiling hot water came out again.

Water level display
Water loading filter

The water capacity hold for the Perfect Prep Machine has a little filter that boils and filters the water like you would have needed to do by using a kettle for bubs drinking water. When filling up the unit it does take a little while for the water to filter through so you will need to be on watch to add more water into the unit.

The lights will flash different colours - when the red light is flashing it's when hot water is being dispensed and then the green light is flashing it is when the warm room temperature water is being dispensed. When the colours are solid then you are able to remove the bottle from the stand.

The little platform stand where you place the bottle can be changed to different bottle heights to cater for the variety of bottle sizes.

There is 5 warning lights on the Perfect Prep Machine that are located in the bottom right of the unit which each mean different things: change filter, water tank hot, water level low, de-calc/de-scale and cleaning mode.

Perfect Prep Machine is a very low maintenance machine that self cleans with a little assistance of yourself pressing buttons and discarding water and requires you to fill it up with water when needed.

Bottle making has truly never been easier than with the Closer To Nature - Perfect Prep Machine and I highly recommend this to anyone with a baby on the way or a newborn in their family. This would also be a fantastic baby shower gift!

Preparing your baby’s bottle isn’t always straightforward, so to help parents everywhere, closer to nature® have created the perfect prep™ machine. Specially designed to make preparing bottles* quicker and more accurate, this clever device makes a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes, so your baby’s bottle will be perfect every time. The perfect prep™ machine is designed to fit most bottle shapes and sizes. 

Closer To Nature & NJT Blogger have a Perfect Prep Machine to giveaway to one lucky reader. 
This competition closes on 30th of June, 2014 at midnight. 
Winner is to contact me back within 48hours otherwise redraw will occur.

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Myer My Kids Emporium Event

Photo credit to Myer
I was invited along to attend a media event to celebrate the opening of the My Kids Emporium within Myer in CBD, Melbourne. 
Myer has always been a place where I love to shop for my little missy and she has a lot of brands that Myer stock within their store that I love putting her in, not only that her Aunty Katt Katt is a fashion lover and always gets a new piece of clothing for my little one - which seems like every week as she works right across the road from My Kids Emporium... which I do think will come in handy from now on seeing as I can make her stock up all the time for me now. 

My Kids Emporium is just mind blowing - I have never seen a set-up like what Myer have placed in the Emporium, it is huge and very much like a little one's dreams come true of being in what would be the closest thing to Santa's house with so many toys and clothes for them. 

The atmosphere was just like no other - you walk into a shop and you can hear kids screaming and witness kids running around everywhere. There is so many things to keep the kids occupied within the My Kids Emporium that you didn't hear any of that going on.
What makes My Kids Emporium stand out is that they have created zones where the kids can enjoy their time and not see it as walking abouts in shop isles for ages trying not to touch things because you'll be told off. 
My Kids Emporium allows all the touching and testing to occur with a Little Trikes driving course, Sand sculpting, Thomas the Tank Engine train set as well as a big train to jump into to be the driver, a Transformers interaction centre, giant Lego displays, a Cabbage Patch Kids adoption centre and a Barbie runway with lounge area. 

The isles are made wide to be able to fit those prams that we carry our precious ones in, the floors and stock displays were all neat and tidy and there was staff floating around everywhere who wear more then happy to help! I even witnessed a staff member from Myers kids clothes section help a lady throughout her whole trip whilst wanting to use a voucher for only certain clothes brand discounts. 

I definitely recommend that you pay a visit to My Kids Emporium to see an exceeding above the average in what a store has to give and be sure to pop these dates into your diary of when it is best to visit My Kids Emporium:

  • MyKids Emporium will bring theatre back to store and engage kids with a scheduled roster of weekend events, and other key times of the year including school holidays and Christmas. 
  • Every weekend MyKids Emporium will have fun activities on offer for including musical performances, book readings, face painters and balloon artists. 
  •  On the weekend of the 14 and 15 June Myer will host a weekend of fun-filled activities for kids at Myer Emporium which also co-insides with the launch of the new Myer Midyear Toy Sale. 
  • The highlight of this weekend event is the Wiggles will appear live at Myer Emporium for an acoustic performance on Saturday 14th June. There will also be a host of fun children’s characters appearing as well as toy demonstrations throughout the weekend. 

Thanks so much for introducing me and allowing me to be one of the first to experience the full offerings of My Kids Emporium, we will be back!!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand Review

VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand - RRP $59.95

Looking to create those ‘bottom heavy’ big curls and soft waves that are so on-trend? It’s a look that remains important this season (and what’s not to love about it; feminine, flattering and fun it’s a look we predict that will define the decade if not a generation). This brilliant Salon Professional Curling Wand is shaped conically to help you shape your curls effortlessly from very loose near the root to more defined at the ends. What’s more, it features tiny silicon bumps that help you control and spread your hair while styling giving you Total Protection and Total Control! The styler also comes with an additional slimline conical wand attachment to create more defined curls when needed.

I have never been a person to curl my hair - I love curls don't get me wrong but I have never been able to master curling and think I also set myself up for failure before I even had begun because I know I just wouldn't get the look I wanted.

VS Sassoon is my first curling tool that I have ever played with on my hair and I think I maybe a little obsessed with it now, yes it does take a little bit of time but it is so worth it, the results are just outstanding and not to mention how long they actually last in your hair for!

VS Sassoon have a new curling wand that they brought out just recently that has really made curling my hair so much more easier. It's as simple as just twirling your hair around the wand for a few seconds and wah la it's done and you are ready to go. 
Using the VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand gives you big beautiful curls that give your hair such volume and have a salon look to them. 

I have very thick and long hair (nearly touching my bottom) so to do all my hair in curls it took awhile to get it all curled because of the time period it took to get it all done I would have to pin each curl section back into 'snickerdoodles' so the curl would stay whilst I worked on the rest.

I have already wavy hair which is just too crazy so the look I love going for is having my hair straightened and then adding some curls into my hair to give it that luscious full, TVcommercial hair look. I pin back the fronts of both sides of my hair and then have the rest of my hair down which I will curl and allow to just let the curls drop themselves for the more natural look. 

I did find for my hair I needed a lot of hair spray in my hair to hold the curls if I wanted them to stay and not drop because of the heavy weight of my thick and long hair but that is with most hair anyways that the curl will drop if not sprayed in.

Included in with the curling wand is a demi heat glove that goes over your index finger, middle finger and thumb so they don't get burnt which I think is really very clear as you're working so closely finger wise with the wand and those hair styling tools always heat up really hot!

VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand comes with two (2) attachment conical wands which are XL for a more bigger and voluminous curls and then a slimline for creating defined curls. I personally like the slimline which gives off a nice little curly wavy look.

XL conical wand attachment

Slimline conical wand attachment

The VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand has a ceramic LED Heat of 140 - 200c 

The VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand is such an easy wrap your hair around the wand curling system and leaves you with the desired curls within seconds because of the advanced professional ceramic heating technology.

At the end of the day result
I'm really happy with the way my hair turns out after using the VS Sassoon: Total Protection Ceramic Intense Salon Professional Curling Wand and I would definitely recommend this curling wand as its at an affordable price also and with 3 years warranty on top.

Professional Technology
  • Ceramic Intense Wand Technology for even heat distribution and professional results. 
  • Ceramic heater (large barrel) for consistent styling. 
  • Up to 200⁰C high heat to deliver long lasting results. 
  • 5 digital variable heat settings so you can choose the setting that suits your hair – go high for thick hair, lower for fine hair. 
Professional Design
  • Wrap control technology - silicon ‘bumps’ on the large barrel help you grip and spread your hair evenly over the barrel, and stops it from sliding off with no dents. 
  • Auto cut off. 
  • Professional Accessories. 
  • Demi heat glove to protect your fingers.
For more information visit http://www.vssassoon.com.au

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Brand Focus: Brown Skin Secrets - Hydrating System

A little while ago I was sent the Hydrating System from Brown Skin Secrets to trial as I have more of a darker shade skin.

I think it's fantastic that there is special products that cater to skin tones out there and I had no idea that because of my skin tone being darker that my skin would need a different kind of care when it comes to skincare.

The range is crafted from all-natural ingredients and created specifically to assist the skin concerns of those with darker or oriental skin, or to assist those suffering pigmentation, age spots or other common skin concerns. The range includes cleansers, exfoliating clay masks and moisturisers for a variety of skin types.

I have religiously used a cleanser, exfoliant and moisturiser for years now as I believe that's what makes my skin as good as it is on my face. I have never really been a person to get many pimples or to have bad facial skin and I think I owe it to my skincare regime.

When I look at new brands for my skincare products it always has to be a more natural based product because I have sensitive skin and can react badly to non-sensitive skin products.

What I really am getting sick of is that natural brand products seem to always use a strong amount of lavender and I am definitely not a fan of lavender at all so when I tried Brown Skin Secrets and there wasn't that overdose smell of lavender in them - YIPPPEEE is what you could hear my say! Finally a product that doesn't knock you out from the smell.

I actually couldn't even smell it under I read that it did have some lavender extract in the ingredients listing. The scent that comes off the Hydrating System is more of a rosehip then anything mixed with more rose's.

The Hydrating System consists of a Milk Cleanser, Pink Clay and Jojoba Exfoliant and Hydrating Moisturiser - these products were really very gentle on my skin and didn't dry it out like I notice with a lot of other brands. They are silky smooth when rubbing on and just the right amount of fragrance scented.

My skin was definitely more hydrated afterwards and would leave my skin smooth and fresh for the whole day.

Milk Cleanser - RRP $24.95
Soothe and Revitalise. Be gentle to your skin with this ultra refreshing milk formula. A unique blend of key ingredients cleanses the skin without over drying it, leaving your skin feeling luxuriously soft, supple and illuminated.

I'm a sucker for a milky cleanser as I love the feel of a milk like cream going onto my skin. The benefits really shown through with this cleanser, just getting everything off my skin and really putting back in good stuff to make my skin have that healthy and well maintained look.

Pink Clay and Jojoba Exfoliant - RRP $27.95
Stimulate and Rejuvinate. Become a believer with this gentle exfoliant that will help refine skin texture through drawing out impurities and removing dead skin cells to reveal radiant complexion.

If I had to pick one facial cleaning product it would have to be hands down an exfoliant and Brown Skin Secrets have definitely got me onto something good here. The soft beaded balls that are within the exfoliant are gentle on your skin but just the right amount of hardness for a deep clean into your skin. 

Hydrating Moisturiser - RRP $44.50
Nourish and Restore. Feed your skin with an easily absorbed hydrating formula. Its unique ingredients work at a cellular level to promote healthy, supple skin.

Twice a day my moisturiser gets used - once in the morning and then again at night before I retire to bed. This moisturiser just sinks right into your skin within seconds of applying onto your skin. 
It leaves a nice subtle scent of fragrance that smells fresh. 

The difference these products have shown me compared to any other skincare I have used before is such a huge eye opener. Brown Skin Secrets will be my facial care products from now on and they just know how to best attend to my skin needs.

These products are not tested on animals (big thing for a lot of us, I know for me it is) and is Australian Made!
Brown Skin Secrets are FREE from: Chemicals, Mineral Oils, Parabens, Silicones, Sulfates, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG's), Artificial Colours & Fragrances

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Breastfeeding Experience with Medela

 Niahbella is my first born as you may know who I brought into this world last September. Dan and I had always spoke about breastfeeding as this was something we both believed was better for our little darling. I was a little worried to be honest at first because I wasn't sure if I would have a good enough breast milk production. One thing I did know what that I was only going to feed up until Niahbella got teeth as I didn't want chompers biting on my nipples.

Niahbella was delivered by c-section so that meant that she wasn't given skin to skin and boob attachment straight away with me, instead Niahbella was taken upstairs to the room we were going to be staying in with Dan and her Grandma whilst I was wheeled away on the hospital beds to recovery until I could gain sensation back in my body after having the epidural to numb everything chest downwards. This was something really hard for me and I didn't like being separated from Niahbella, I felt like she should have stayed with me the whole time.
Finally after what seemed like forever I was taken up to my room and got to hold my Niahbella for the first time. The midwife gave Niahbella straight to me to have skin to skin and then I was told to try her on the breast for the first time, this was a very difficult situation as I had no idea what I was doing. Our midwife was fantastic that night and was very helpful showing me when to push her head onto my nipple and giving lots of encouragement.

I didn't know what to look for in terms of signs of knowing when she was needing to be breastfeed so any little cry I was putting her straight onto my breast. It felt like I was a milking cow and always had my boobs out for her to be on, this continued on for some time whilst I was at home also and if it wasn't her being on my breasts; it was the breast pump as I tried to store milk for Dan to get involved in the feeding and for when I had to be away from Niahbella.

Whilst coming home from hospital I found it hard to get Niahbella to latch on, I just couldn't get it right and I felt like I was a horrible Mum for not being able to have it come naturally to me or know what I was doing. It wasn't till about 2 weeks after being at home that I finally started getting the hang of it and that it felt right when breastfeeding.

I stopped breastfeeding Niahbella completely at around 4 months and then moved her onto solids and formula as I believed this was the best thing for us both as I wasn't producing what seemed like enough for her and storing. And not to mention I was only feeding from the one breast as Niahbella wasn't taking to my right breast as I had an issue with my nipple not erecting enough like my left breast.
The time I did share getting to breastfeed with Niahbella is something so beautiful and something I was grateful to be able to experience, the bond you gain is just unimaginable. It's just an amazing thing to be able to provide like that to your child.

Prior to having Niahbella, I spoke with other Mummy friends and jumped onto forums to chat with others who experienced/experiencing breastfeeding to see which breast pumps they recommend and Medela was the one to have and most recommended so Dan & I purchased the Electric Swing Breast Pump.
The Medela Electric Swing Breast Pump was easy to use and setup for quick pumping and has various suction speeds to express comfortably. Whilst I haven't tried any other brands of pumps; I am quite happy with Medela and don't think I even need to experience another.

I'll leave you with something that valuable advice that I learnt through breastfeeding and it's that you should feed your baby when he/she wants it. I was always on the clock watching the time and writing down the exact times of feeds and would be like yup 2 or 3hrs is over, Niahbella will need to be feed again and would stop what she was currently doing to feed her. I think I mainly did this because I had experienced a Midwife who was very stern on the maximum hours between feeds.
Do what works best for your baby and you not what the book says because we are all different and know what's best for our babies, with the book not always being right.

Medela provides real solutions for breastfeeding mothers to get over any hurdles in the early days and to support their long term breastfeeding goals. Through its extensive range of breast pump products and other breastfeeding products, Medela is committed to promoting the benefits of breast milk and encouraging long term breastfeeding.
For more information visitwww.medela.com.au I www.facebook.com/medela.au

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Health Product Review: GreenTeaX50

Alright so for the past 2 weeks I have been using a product called GreenTeaX50 which is something I have wanted for ages to try out but I was never able to find stockists around me to get my hands on a sample. After attending the Aus Health & Fitness Expo in April I was able to get a few samples and give myself a good trial on them before I decided whether or not to purchase it myself.
I did end up buying a box just the other day as I had about a weeks worth of samples before I ran out and then ended up purchasing a box myself as I was liking the changes I was seeing.

Basically to sum up the GreenTeaX50 it is a health / weight loss aiding powder that you add into water and it is meant to help burn calories, clean your body and boost metabolism. It only contains 10 calories per serve and has 20 cups of green tea within that one serve!
Anyone who is looking to lose weight is going to go great, where do I start as that's everything I want to achieve so I am going to give you my thoughts on this product and tell you about how it went for me.

This product has claimed that it is a detox, fat burner and metabolic booster, I'll dissect this into each claim..

DETOX - Now when it comes to the detox side of things I can see how it gives you that clean out! For the first week it was straight after breakfast that I would need to dash to the toilet as I was badly needing to do a number 2 (politest way to say it), within the first few days I felt that urge to want to go half way through the drink but the more I took this product the less of an urge to need to go half way through or straight after... I think my body was building a tolerance to the GreenTeaX50 so I didn't have that urge straight away.

FAT BURNER - Although I lost 3kgs in my first week it is hard to say whether this was the aid that got me there because I was on such a low calorie deficit and giving my body the correct amount of food it needed to be able to break that down and use as fuel for my body instead of sending half of it away to fat stores because I was shoving my face constantly with such massive amounts of carbs.
I did find that it make me a little bit hotter then I usually am and got a sweat on more then user in hotter places and would sweat out of no where when I was doing much at all.

METABOLIC BOOSTER - I guess you can refer to the detox part that I put out above as this helped my metabolism system as I am not usually that regular in the mornings and at that fast rate.

I'm not sure where this would fit into but something I found also with using GreenTeaX50 was this product made me this pregnant lady again who was busting for the toilet quite often and felt like every two seconds I needed to urinate again. These toilet runs weren't just a little tinkle it is like you are a huge waterfall attraction!

It is claimed to give you energy as well - I am not seeing this through the one sachet a day but hopefully with 2 a day this might pick up.

GreenTeaX50 comes in 3 flavours - ORIGINAL, RASPBERRY & TROPICAL.
What I was really surprised with was that it wasn't really badly chemically tasting, I have tried a lot of supplements in my short little life span and in my fitness days but nothing has probably tasted as good as this being a health aiding supplement.
GreenTeaX50 does mix pretty well when put into a shaker and shaken up, with minimal amounts of those 'floaties' at the bottom.

ORIGINAL - This one has a very strong non-pleasent smell and the best way I could describe it was the smell of urine, so hold those noses and do not breathe in when you are drinking this flavour!
I hate Green Tea on its own and all I can compare the taste to, is like having fire in my mouth or liking a cigarette ash tray - GreenTeaX50 original flavour does not have the slightest taste of green tea what so ever to me and is really okay for me to drink with having to pull a scrunched up face afterwards.

RASPBERRY - Raspberry for me is too sweet of a flavour. It reminds me of cordial which is probably a good thing for most consumers but cordial - I have never been a fan of ever.

TROPICAL - Ahhh! My favourite, I am a not very keen on much 'tropical' fruits like your oranges, mangoes etc when eating them in their raw form but when it's in a drink, I am down for that! Tropical has no tangy or furry taste like you would get in say a tropical juice, it's just a dash of tropical in the green tea that makes it perfect to my likings.

Bottom of shaker after shaken - Raspberry 
Bootom of shaker after shaken - Original

Each sachet is a 3g serve and is mixed into 600ml of water - this isn't a supplement that needs to be skulled and can just be casually drunk till finished.

I am about to enter into week 3 of using GreenTeaX50 and have a box of 60 assorted flavours - A box of 60 is meant to last you a month because they say that to get the best results from the product you are to have it twice a day as a recommended dose but its up to you. If you feel you only need 1 then do so.
I tried 1 a day for the first two weeks and as explained above I think for week 3 and 4 I might try 2 a day to see the differences and I will report back.
GreenTeaX50 claim that if you take 1 a day this is just for improving your overall health but when you take 2 a day that it will stimulate your metabolism and give it optimum rate to help burn more calories.

My only concern was that I didn't want to have to spend another $60 for a months worth of GreenTeaX50 as I am sure I am with a lot of consumers or consumers who are looking to buy that $60 a month for this is a pricey expense especially when you have a little family like myself.
If 1 a day is enough for you then $30 a month is an adequate fair amount I would think and would be happy to sacrifice towards GreenTeaX50.

As I went into a little bit above - a box of 60 is about $60-$70 retail price and then you can get a 30 pack for $35 and some places may have a sampler pack of 14 for $18.
The best place to purchase these would have to be eBay - I got my box from eBay for $54.95 with free express post.
Here is the link to the Supplement Depot who I brought through via eBay: http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/supp_depot?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
Supplement Depot sent me my purchase with a free gym wet bag and free sweat towel via star track express with needs signature on delivery so you will never have to stress about getting it pinched if you are not home to take delivery.

Watch this space for an update on how I went with taking two (2) sachets a day, I will report back in a fortnights time.

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Please note: This product WAS NOT sent out to me, I purchased this product myself and these opinions are my own honest thoughts. 

Friday, 16 May 2014

Bringing back tea time with Bakers Delight

Yesterday Niah and myself attended a very intimate and exclusive media event for the latest creations from Bakers Delight at the Cristina Re 'Where A Girl Goes' High Tea Room in Collingwood where we were presented with a beautifully arranged high tea. 
This high tea was like no other - it was a high tea that made you think you had gone to scone heaven as it was scones everywhere! 
What I loved a lot was the set up, with having the fresh real ingredients laid out on the table so you can see exactly what ingredients go into these scones and made it a little more fun for the kids to understand what goes in there.

Photo credit to Bakers Delight facebook page (link as below)

Bakers Delight are no foreign bakers place to this family. We always get our freshly baked bread from there every week on our shopping trip and occasionally we sneak in the little treats from the wide delicious range Bakers Delight have to offer.
Dan has always been a lover of Fingers Buns, Niah being a lover of the cheesy mite scrolls and myself being the coffee scrolls but I do believe that Niah & I have a favourite now that will be for those sneaky treats to bring home to and take 15 minutes out and bring back tea time to this household.

Photo credit to Bakers Delight facebook page (link as below)

Orange & Chocolate scone
Orange & Poppyseed scone

Bakers Delight have released by consumer demand ORANGE & POPPYSEED scones and then by their own creation ORANGE & CHOC scones. Now we all know that Bakers Delight have a scrumptious range of all sorts of scones currently but these additions need to stay - it's honestly the best scones I have tasted from the range!!
To be honest, I am not a fan of orange flavoured anything but these scones really tickled my fancy and made me want to devour everyone in site at the high tea!!
Orange & Poppyseed was our favourite from the latest releases.

These little fingers could not wait to get stuck into it!
Conquered it completely!
Making sure not even a crumb falls out!
These new releases are only available at current for a three (3) week period and then the team will be looking at how well they did. This is not something I want to see disappear out of my Bakers Delight windows! I am really hoping they will stay for good - this would definitely satisfy my afternoon tea when I bring it back!

Visit your local Bakers Delight to try these out for the limited time that they could possibly be out for.
*RRP $2.20*
Bakers Delight are also offering a free scone when you purchase a traditional loaf which can be claimed via their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bakersdelight


Photo credit to Bakers Delight facebook page (link as above)

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