Monday, 9 May 2016

A Pre-Mother's Day Spoiling with Holden Event

Mother's Day for myself means it's a day to celebrate being someone's everything, for bringing another life into this world, for giving thanks to the woman who brought me into this world and who raised me. Mother's Day for many is a special one to celebrate that special woman or women within your life.

This year I was invited out on a pre-Mother's Day event with Holden Australia, special thanks to Kids Business who helped organize the event.
The Friday before Mother's Day we ventured out to GM Holden HQ to start the journey. 11 of the new range vehicles from Holden were lined up in the car park that a handful of us Mummies were taking on test drives up to the Yarra Valley - Oakridge Winery for lunch.

Vehicles on offer for test driving were the Captiva, Trax, Insignia and Cascada.
Little Niah came with me so if you had a child you were put into either the Captiva or Trax as those were fitted with the new Isofix for kids car seats that have connections from there car seat. For those that know me, know I am a big car girl. Captiva was definitely my first choice of the car I wanted to get into for a spin. I would have definitely loved to have had an opportunity to drive or even just sit passenger in the Cascada which is a proper sized four adult seated convertible car but unfortunately this wasn't a fitted car seat option, always next time.
I don't have many photos of the cars to show unfortunately as I was too busy caught up in the amazing day we were having.


From the first moment I got behind the wheel of the Captiva I just wanted to take it home with me, it was all new, shiny and had an abundance of features that I wanted in my own car e.g sunroof, reverse camera, blind spot alert, leather seats USB connectivity and the MyLink entertainment system with the new Apple CarPlay was a bread winner for me. No need for inbuilt GPS or one of those suction cup GPS that constantly fall down, plug your phone in and it will connect the maps onto the touchscreen for you to be able to use straight from your phone.

The Captiva's that we got to drive were the diesel fuel injected versions, which obviously are a little louder when running but the benefits of fuel lasting longer.
Key-less entry and start, no need to put a key into the barrel anymore simply have the key on you and the car will start with a turning knob from the barrel. All controls are easily located on the leather wrapped steering wheel and no more long hand break stick, it's all controlled by the flick or push of a parking break button now.

The weather really showed off for our day out with some sunshine that was beautifully beaming down through the sunroof and in through the windows as we made the drive up into the Yarra Valley for a treat. Over an hour away awaited our destination of Oakridge Winery where the view would go for miles.

A pickling class with celeb chef Matt Stone in the Wineries barrel holding area allowed us to get our hands dirty as we were taught how to make a homemade fresh Kim Chi. Ingredients of fermented chilli paste, ginger, garlic, spring onion and fresh vegetables all got put together where we could all take our own little jar home.


During this time period kids entertainment was provided with a special guest appearance from Cinderella who was a princess of many talents from balloon artistry, face painting and playing many games with the children to allow the Holden Mums to be able to enjoy a private three course lunch over looking the winery and of course a display set up of the Holden vehicles we drove up.

Photo opportunities were present after lunch and then before leaving we were gifted with a stunning bunch of fresh blooms and a bottle of Oakridge chardonnay as presents.
The drive back was a bitter sweet one. The recapping of what a wonderful day was had but a sad moment of having to go back to reality and of course give the car back.

It was interesting to get behind the Captiva as I was nearly going to purchase one a few years back now when I was peaking through a possible car upgrade as I was having major issues with my car at the time but then we ended up just getting my car fixed.
My family is pretty Holden mad with having two brothers. Predominately the family home could be what looks like a Holden car yard which resides with 6 permanent living Holden cars there and then 2 more if the whole immediate family is over.
The Daddy of this household also just upgraded his car from a Holden sedan to a new VF Holden sportswagon, which is all nice and flashy but it's a hard bargain to try and crack a day of use in his car... Boys and there toys hey, or should I be saying there bae's - it seems to be what I see them all snap chatting these days.

All in all though; Holden, Kids Business and Oakridge Winery; I cannot thank you enough for the day of celebrating us Mumma's. I have never been up into the Yarra Valley and probably wouldn't have ever gone up that way if it wasn't for this event, till next time...
Who knows maybe I'll end up with a new Holden soon as this Mumma is needing an upgrade and I think I may have been convinced.

Disclosure: This post has been made in collaboration with Holden Australia, Kids Business and Oakridge Winery.  I was  invited along to the event as above mentioned with no expectation for its promotion here, however a gifting of a loan car for a week and a voucher will be provided for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own in accordance to my disclosure statement. 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Mother's Day Fragrance Choices - Featuring. Hannah Paranihi - Coty Inc. PR

Philosophy Amazing Grace 
RRP $60 for 60ml
For a budget friendly fragrance this Mother's Day Hannah has selected one of her Mum's favourites. For the low maintenance Mum who likes a clean, light fragrance but yet still feminine. 
An irresistible blend of freesia, muget and jasmine blossom. Highlighted with clean citrus notes of bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin. Then accented by fresh greens and passionfruit wrapped in a classic, long lasting musk complex. 
Can we get a WOW! So many gorgeous scents packed into the one bottle. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy 
RRP $90 for 50ml or $120 for 100ml 
Hannah's pick for a mid range is this youthful classic fragrance for any Mum who doesn't take herself too seriously.
Four words can sum up this fragrance: floral, crisp and citrus fruity.
Firstly notes of strawberry, violet and ruby red grapefruit for a fresh impact. Followed on with the base of musk, vanilla and white woods balancing out tones of gardenia and jasmine. 
A choice that many would say it a great pick. Daisy is a well recommended fragrance by many. 


Bottega Veneta 
RRP $105 for 30ml, $155 for 50ml or $185 for 75ml
For a high end selection; Hannah's choice was this luxe decadent fragrance for any woman who enjoys the finer things in life.
A classic, powerful scent. On first smell you will experience a leathery floral chipper, fresh floral notes inspired by the countryside meadows and woods blended together with the gentle richness of leather. Further more you will have a developing scent of chypre which is the real backbone of the fragrance joined along with bergamot, patchouli and oak moss. Drying down to it's natural ingredients like Italian bergamot, Indian jasmine samba, Brazilian pink peppercorns and Indonesian patchouli, this will make for an exotic, unique and very delicate blend. 

Disclosure: This post has been made in collaboration with Coty Inc. PR, I was gifted the range as above mentioned with no expectation for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is such a special day for you to be able to celebrate Mum or another figure that plays that important woman in your life whether it be Grandma, Aunty or a Mother in Law, even the Mother of your own child.

Whilst there is many things you can do budget free for Mum like washing the dishes, giving her IOU vouchers for house chores or foot rubs, cooking dinner or cleaning your room.

If you are looking for some tips on what you can purchase for Mum this year then here are my recommendations:


RRP $9.99 - $35 each individual
If Mum is about being environmentally friendly and wants to save money then Hannah Pad is an excellent choice in my books. 
Hannah Pad is an 100% organic cotton washable sanitary pad. They last up to 2-3 years and are a healthy alternative. They come in many different pretty patterns as you can see above and come in a variety of sizes. 

RRP $130
Skincare is an important part of many women's life. It's something that keeps up looking young and makes us feel good about ourselves when we care for our skin. Those good skin days are what we live for. 
The Jurlique Face Care Ritual pack contains Rosewater Balancing Mist 100ml, Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream Mask 100ml and Skin Balancing Face Oil 50ml. 
The balancing mist is the perfect spritz when needing a freshen up whilst the moisturising cream mask provides the finest hydrated and the balancing face oil is a gorgeous addition to your skin either morning or not to aid in all day rejuvenation. 

RRP $149.95
The newest addition to the VS Sassoon hair styling tool range is this baby. 
Using steam to straighten your hair allows you to do your hair in a faster time, adds more shine and adds moisture back into your hair. 
Choice of multiple heat settings of between 170c to 230c.

RRP $24.95 and $49.95
Many hours are spent in a home and when you are home you want to have that scent that makes you feel relaxed, calm and at peace. 
These beautiful items would be an incredible gift to make the humble abode really lift with soft subtle and divine scents of French Iris, Peony, Velvet Plumeria and Lily.

RRP $49.95
A set of three (3) stunning nail colours 'Why Don't You Speak' - a desirable creamy nude, 'Promise On The Bridge Of Sighs' - a rich crimson red and the beloved fast drying top coat. 
Allow Mum to do her own little mani/pedi at home with these to die for colours this Mothers Day. 

RRP $9.95 - $59.95 varied on quantity size
A big love of mine is GreenTeaX50 and I would highly recommend this for any Mumma out there that loves being healthy and enjoys having more energy. 
Available in a variety of flavours. 

RRP $14.95 
Scrubs are must haves for the shower/bath these days and you can't go past a good scrub as a gift this Mothers Day. My current favourite is Bitchinskin - a matcha body scrub made in Australia with the scents of peppermint and coconut. 
Great product for those with eczema or other skin conditions as it doesn't affect those areas at all. 

Vani-T Bronzing Collection*
RRP $41.45 (value of $132.40)
An Australian vegan brand from South Australia that have many, many stunning products that there will be sure found something for Mum in there from cosmetic brushes, cosmetics and self tanning products.
The Vani-T products mean quality with the cosmetics made from minerals. 

RRP $45.95
Has Mum been doing about wanting to get healthy, lose some weight or gain more energy? Well The Healthy Mummy plans are high on my list for recommendations. The Facebook groups for The Healthy Mummy are phenomenal with thousands of women supporting one another. 
Making those New Year resolutions is just a purchase a way. 

RRP $34.99 - $58.99
Mum's tend to become time poor so why not treat her to some at home salon DIY products which allow you to be able to give Mum a mini pampering or allow Mum to be able to look after herself through the Scholl range. 

RRP $49.95
When Mum is on the run constantly this addition to the kitchen appliances would be the way to go. Mum can blitz up her breakfast, snacks or even make her own spice blends with the limited edition Mix & Go Fitness Friend with the Health Mill included in this pack. 
Two drink bottles with chill sticks also are included in this pack. Talk about great buy for your money. 

RRP $69.95
A salon professional dryer that allows Mum to get her hair looking all spick and span. 
This package comes equipped with all the accessories to help Mum achieve gorgeous healthy, shiny and strong hair. 

RRP $579
A high end budget gift but an amazing one. I was gifted one for Christmas/Birthday and it has been something adored. I use this for all my obstacle course races and when we go out adventuring. 
Fun will be had all around with this piece. Pull the family together and all put in for Mum.

RRP $51.99
The creme that is formulated especially for smoothing, relaxing and de-stressing the skin. 
It's the miracle creme to allow Mum to help stop the signs of ageing. Recommended for those under the age of 40. 

RRP $149.95
The game changer for Mum's makeup application, use the skin cleanser to apply foundation. 
The cleanser can be made to work both hot or cold through massage and vibrations. 
A deeper clean into the skin getting everything off the skin.

RRP $199
My inseparable piece for any physical activity I partake in now. MYZONE monitor allows me to track how much effort I put into my workouts and push me that little bit further when I am watching it through my tracker on the smart phone apps. 
The must have gadget for any fitness loving Mum. 

LUSH Handmade Bath Products
Any girl loves to take baths and be surrounded by aromas of gorgeous scents. LUSH hands down take the cake when it comes to having the best smelling items out. 
All handmade and sold fresh. There will be a product for anyone within LUSH. 

Pure Fiji 
You'll have probably come across Pure Fiji before from staying in hotels or resorts. It's the pure holiday feeling when having items like this to use within your own home. 
Gorgeous island scents of coconut, mango, frangipani, pineapple and more are used for Pure Fiji's range. 

RRP $21.95
630 Beige a NU / 236 Organza / 235 Nude
The colour choices from L'Oreal range of lipsticks are endless. There is a shade to suit any woman within the lipsticks. The hot and well sought after are definitely within the Colour Riche range. 
At just over $20 a pop this is a perfect buy for Mum. 

There you have it, just a few helpful pieces in which I think are worth a look into this Mother's Day. 

Disclosure: The products marked with * were provided for my editorial consideration with no expectation for its promotion here. I received no payment for this post and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.
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