Thursday, 29 August 2013

REVIEW: Maybelline New York - Dream Pure BB Cream

Still on the topic of cover up make ups I also put to the test Maybelline New York NEW Dream Pure BB Cream.
As a teen growing up I was always loyal to Maybelline having used them all the time but I was always disappointed in how often they delete lines out and come out with new ones. But I suppose with the market these days they need to keep up. I would always find a foundation in their brand that would suit my skin but then next thing I know its being discontinued... But I think if this one stays around this may have found a home with me.

Dream Pure BB Cream - RRP $15.95 for 30ml

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream is the the first blemish fighting BB cream under their brand which is available in 2 shades - 001 Light & 002 Medium. (For my skin tone I used 002 Medium and it worked a gem.)
Dream Pure BB Cream is the 1-step wonder for healthy skin today, clearer skin tomorrow. 
It is a 8-in-1 skin corrector perfecter for the following reasons:

  • 2% salicylic acid + vitamins
  • Conceals imperfections
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Calms redness
  • Oil free, non-greasy
  • Minimise pores
  • Adjusts to skin tone
  • SPF 15

This was the first product I tried in the BB line foundations - it's quite something that a product now just needs to be activated into foundation by being rubbed into skin. I was quite amazed at how BB cream's work. 

I really like that Dream Pure BB Cream rubs in so easily and gives you a creamy look finish. The 002 medium fitted well with my skin and I have a olive tan completion. 

Maybelline advise for best results to apply a thin layer on skin which can be used with or without a moisturiser. 

For me this wasn't the case, I believe you need to go over those areas of concern twice to really get a good cover up which for me is fine as I am very used to do that but with the use of a concealer underneath this would be a one layer application.

One thing to note is that you don't have to reapply this product throughout the day - it lasts!

I quite like the different packaging for this product, its very well thought together with the colors as they really appear to me and I would be someone who picks this up off the shelf because it's eye catchy. 

Alot of you as well as myself was wondering what BB stands for and here is the definition:
A worldwide phenomenon, BB stands for Beauty Balm. It's where the benefits of make-up and skincare combine to enhance skin in 1 simple step.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

REVIEW: ELES Dual Action Concealer

Another love dedication going out to my favourite make up brand ELES.
This time round I have put to the test ELES Dual Action Concealer.
I wanted to do a little project and test out face cover ups as I seem to be getting horrible redness, blemishes, blotching discoloured skin and breaking out at times so I went on a hunt to try out new face cover ups.

ELES Dual Action Concealer - RRP $37.50 for 11.4g

ELES Dual Action Concealer camouflages imperfections and brightens eyes with this multi-purpose concealer. This anti-ageing concealer helps to gradually improve skin's texture while neutralizing dark circles. Eyes look beautifully refreshed and radiant. Its medium, coverage formula provides continuous hydration and a natural long wearing finish. Paraben free preservative system. 

I don't think you could get a more cute mini little compact concealer!
I have never and I truly mean that have never used a concealer before. I didn't really understand why someone would need concealer if they have foundation to use. Well ELES broke another make-up product cherry for me and now I understand the benefits and will now add this to my morning face as needed.

I have been using ELES Dual Action Concealer when I have redness on certain parts of my face and for those marks where I have gone at a pimple or where I can see one coming up.
I apply moisturiser, then primer, followed by concealer and then my foundation. Everyone is different to the order they apply everything on but this is what works best for me.

ELES Dual Action Concealer really does hide and conceal those nasties on my face that I don't want to appear leaving my skin looking flawless and mark free.
It it light but thick at the same time to cover those areas and very easy to spread onto your face.

Left - concealer put on. Right - concealer rubbed in.

What makes ELES Dual Action Concealer different?
  • New manufacturing technology offering flexibility and longer wear, barely visible but corrects blue undertones and shadows.
  • Great for oily skin which tends to 'break down' concealers in just a few hours.
  • Improves under eye's fine lines and skin texture over time.
  • Contains caffeine to stimulate circulation under your delicate eye area, reducing puffiness and the appearnace of dark circles.
  • Camera perfect, no reflection with flashes.
  • A little goes a long way. This tube should last you a year or longer.
  • Adaptable Light Peach tone.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

REVIEW: Cedel Dry Shampoo & Blow Dry Faster

Cedel was launched by leading dermatologist, Dr Michael Southwick, Cedel has remained one of Australia's most trusted and well-established hair care brands since 1932.
Beginning with Cedel Soap, a breakthrough treatment for hair and scalp, Cedel has since evolved into a name those echoes throughout every Australian household.

The iconic 1960's saw women of all ages swoon for the new Cedel Hairspray range the revolutionary formula provided a unique Spring fragrance, firm hold and amazing brush-out ability. 

Proud classics Cedel Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Cedel Hair Gel stand tall in the hair category and in 2013, clever additions forming the new Time Saving Range include;

Cedel Dry Shampoos
Cedel Blow Dry Faster
Cedel Dry Conditioner

Proudly Australian owned and made, Cedel continues to develop innovative, high quality hair care products that people love and use every day, from one generation to the next. 

Cedel is a proud partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, beginning the bond in 2009 and increasing its partnership status from Bronze Partner to Silver Partner in April 2010. Throughout 2012 Cedel donated over 35000 products to community based NBCF events nationally with even bigger target set for 2013.
You can read more on the NBCF partnership here -

Cedel Dry Shampoo - RRP $3.99 for 30g or $7.99 for 70g
Cedel Dry Shampoo is a waterless shampoo that instantly refreshes dull, greasy and lifeless hair between washes. The special formulation removes dirt and excess oil leaving your hair looking, feeling and smelling fresh. Cedel Dry Shampoo banishes oily roots and adds lightness and volume. 

This has to be hands down the product on the must have list for the Winter and Summer days. 
Winter - so you can spend longer in bed and then not have to wash your hair in the shower and have wet hair - leave the washing until night time and spray Dry Shampoo in which allows you to have fresh oil-less hair. 
Summer - when you are at those day long festivals and tightly crammed up trying to get within metres of your favourite band or dancing a crazy muck, that hair will go frizzy, oily and a mess! Gain back that control with having Dry Shampoo with you. At such a convenient little size that you can buy them in, the 30g one is easily carted around in that clutch! 

Ever since Dry Shampoo came across me I have fallen in love with the benefits you gain from the product. Cedel would have to be one of the best smelling ones out there at the moment. It has a fresh floral scent to it.
I did find that it left me with lighter hair when applying it and would show white patches where I have sprayed the dry shampoo but its easily fixed by giving your hair a run through with your fingers or brush. 
I did a dirty try of this and went a longer then ever second day of washing my hair and wanted to see how far I could really test this product out. After about the forth day of not washing my hair and using dry shampoo it was time to wash and my hair would feel disgustingly thick and ratty like from overuse of the product. 

For best results I recommend spraying a good 10cm away from the hair, running your hands/brush through your hair and only using dry shampoo twice in a row over the hair before it needs a wash. 

Blow Dry Faster Heat Protector RRP $7.99 for 165ml
Save precious time drying your hair with Cedel Blow Dry Faster Heat Protector spray. This amazing spray really does reduce the time it takes to blow dry your hair. This unique formulation contains silk protein to help protect hair against heat, leaving your hair looking and feeling smooth and super shiny!

This is also another great product for being on a mad dash or wanting to spend less time in the bathroom and more time out. 
Blow Dry Faster Heat Protector sprays out like a water substance that you just need to run through your hair with your hands and start to style your hair as normal with the blow drier. 
I am never a person really to blow dry my hair as I like my hair to dry naturally and find my hair sits better after a natural dry, using a blow drier for my hair creates a massive frizz ball that is just out there!! 

I love the smell of this product - crisp, clean and fresh! Easily applied to the hair and does what it says. 
Dry time for my hair was a lot less with the added Blow Dry Faster. I really like that this product has a heat protector in it so you don't have to apply so many things after shampooing & conditioning in the shower. I am always so imperative on using a heat protector as my hair gets easily damaged. Having the heat protector in with the blow dry faster has been a real treat to a user like myself. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

37/38 Weeks Pregnant & Baby Bunting Overhaul

From going by my first given due date I would be 38 weeks + 2. But seems the date was changed by the docs, midwifes etc I am only 37 weeks + 4.

It's funny as I have gone into this mood of trying all these old tales of how to get your baby out faster and bring on labour. 
I had a mini scare again on Saturday night thinking I was going into labour as bubs was moving around so much in my stomach, I had weak legs and sharp as pains down there - FALSE ALARM.

Daniel & I find ourselves more and more talking to bubs in the belly trying to coax her out. Daniel even came up with the idea of enticing her with the food she likes (that I seem to crave or eat more of in pregnancy) by leaving a trail for her. I just had to laugh - the crazy things that come to your head when you get desperate. 

Hot showers, hot food, lots of walking, keeping active and busy, sitting upright always so there is pressure down there with her pushing on it... Trying them all! I know everyone will say bubs will come when she's ready but there is no harm in giving her some assistance and a push along is there? haha! 

I feel like my body is just so weak now. I'm feeling fatigued, muscle aches and pains more then ever now and when I get myself lying down on the couch or in bed- I just simply cannot get myself up for two reasons...
1. Because I just can't pick myself up with the baby belly and 2. Because I just don't have the energy to want to get up again, my body tells me no just stay here. 

As you may have read in my previous pregnancy posts I was worried about my hips when it comes to pregnancy as I have them pinned from a sporting accident when I was in primary school causing the ball in my hip to separate from its socket. 
It seems that I am experiencing hip pain now... now I don't know if this is a normal thing that everyone goes through in pregnancy as your hips are probably widening and getting your prepared for child birth but it worries me that it could be because of my hips. Guess I will need to chat with my midwife on Thursday's appointment about it. 
Dan & I were discussing it last night and Dan said it maybe that its time to get bubs out as it's too much for me on my hips as she's a heavy bubba. 

Baby at last scan of 33 weeks
Dan & I both miss our little darling very much! It's been ages since we last saw her through a scan! It's amazing how much you can miss and love someone you have never met before. 

Dan & I went for a final shop of what we needed to get our little miss yesterday at Baby Bunting - my gosh! Have you ever seen so many pregnant women anywhere??!! I think everyone has decided to give birth at the same time as me! When Dan & I went into a furniture store afterwards the shop assistant was commenting on how many pregnant women their is right now, which I completely have to agree with... Christmas babies I say... but our little darling wasn't a christmas baby ;P 
After spending about 30-45minutes in Baby Bunting - Dan & I managed to rack up close to a $400 dollar bill at the end! My gosh!! 
We made our last needed purchases of:

    • Car reverse mirror for bubs to see herself and for me to be able to check on her whilst driving easily. 
    • Medela Swing Electric breast pump - most expensive thing ever but it came highly recommended from a lot of people so I am just hoping this works for me. 
    • Cradle mattress protectors x2
    • Play activity mat
    • Cradle sheets
    • Airwrap Mesh for her cot so no little hands & feet can slip through and cause her to possibly wedgy herself in the cot bars.

Currently I am loving my coupons, vouchers, discounts, deals etc and put myself to the test here as well which I would love to share with you all. 
I did all my research online to compare prices of all the items I needed and wanted. Here are my savings:

Car Reverse Mirror- Full price: $20.00 on special for $16.00 - saving of $4.00
Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump- Full price: $249.00 on special for $225.00 with a bonus 3 pack Medela bottles valued at $24.95 - saving of $48.95
Cradle Mattress Protectors- Full price: $14.95 on special for $10.00 - saving of $9.90
Play Activity Mat - Full price : $99.00 on special for $49.00 - saving of $50.00
Cradle Sheets 2pk - Full price: $12.00 had a 25% off 4BABY brand products came down to $9.00 - saving of $3.00
Airwrap Mesh for 2 sided cot - Full price: $39.00 - no deals or discounts on this one. 

Then we also had a $100 gift card which came in handy to take more savings off for us.
Total purchase before discounts, vouchers, giftcards and deals: $473.85
Total price paid: $258.00
Total Savings for Dan & I - $215.85

I wish the stores here had those coupon-ing like overseas - if you have never seen the show Extreme Coupon you must see it!! That is how I would imagine myself. 
One lady on the show had a shop roughly I think it was a $2,700 value and after hundreds or thousands of coupons scanned through her shop was free!!! How insane is that!! 

Babies truly are expensive and you really need to have your life and income up to scratch when you decide on having a baby. I really don't understand how people can have babies so young but don't have a proper income for their family and rely on the government... I just don't know how they afford everything they need for bubs. 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Uni Hill Factory Outlet Shopping Overhaul!

Yesterday I set foot into a new factory outlet direct to public - Uni Hill Factory Outlet located in Bundoora.
I am still unsure whether it was a good thing I went to Uni Hill FO or not... purely because I know I will be back and will max out those accounts and especially since I'm on maternity leave still just waiting for my little bub to pop out, boredom does get to me at home and Uni Hill FO is only a 30-40 min drive down the fwy for me.
But seriously if you are looking for bargains and want to save a heap of retail prices - shop here! 
Uni Hill has a centre full of well known brands that will attract anyone from all different ages so it's really a one stop shop with the convenience of all the grocery shops across the road from Uni Hill in the town centre shops.
After my blogging event I was gifted with several different vouchers to use at selected stores within the centre and here is my shopping overhaul:

After doing taking park in a Kaiser Craft workshop earlier in the day from Uni Hill FO Blogger Event I had a $30 voucher to cash in. Being completely inspired doing a DIY crafts project, I purchased some little knick knacks for myself to decorate for bubs. 
I got the starting letter of her name and a 3 pack of butterflies to decorate (unfortunately not showing my letter craft project as name is not being told until bubs is here).
This morning I set my little work station up using the tools and adhesives we were given in our little packs from the workshop and put my designer touches on these beautiful butterflies for bubs room!
The smaller the wood cuts are the harder it is to cut out the paper to stick onto the cuts I found - that mini butterfly was a killer but in the end they were all worth it for bubs room!

Kaisercraft is an Australian owned craft and scrapbooking products manufacturer & wholesale supplier to craft retailers around the world.
The Kaisercraft University Hill Outlet is full of beautiful products that will help you get creative at great prices. They stock design papers, embellishments, wooden DIY projects and lots of heavily discounted craft products suitable for all ages and skill levels.

There was no voucher for Cotton On that was given but there was massive deals, bargains and savings that I could not walk past.
I purchased 3 t-shirts for Dan with a 3 for $10 which each t-shirt was originally either $14.95 or $19.95 deal and then with any purchase from Cotton On you can purchase a knitted scarf for only an extra $5 normally retailed at $19.95! Came at such good timing as I was in need of a new infinity scarf - I got mine in a gorgeous teal like colour. 

Total without discount applied if purchased at original price: $74.80
Total actually spent in Cotton On: $15.00
Total saved: $59.80

From the catwalk to the shop floor always delivering fast fashion for style savvy guys and girls. Collections incorporate globally relevant trends at stunningly low prices; you’ll find everything from tanks to cardis, dresses to jackets and a whole lot in between.

This store is for more the young adults and teenagers shop to me. For both women and men. 
I had a $40 voucher here (Two $20 vouchers as I did a swapsy with a Stafford Direct one with fellow blogger).

From here I had to put in a bit extra to get what I wanted. I picked up a SRH t-shirt for Dan for $29.95 which was originally $49.95 and then I got these adorably cute little DC shoes for when bubs is walking for $49.95 originally $59.95. 
I can't wait to put her in these! 

Total without discount/vouchers applied if purchased at original price: $109.90
Total actually spent in Roadhouse: $39.90
Total saved: $70.00

Roadhouse is a urban street/motocross fashion and footwear retailer that stocks the latest trends in all the best brands. From Zoo York to Dickies, Vans to Unit, Merrell to Dr Martens.

Russell Athletic sell sports items and sports wear. I was given a $30 voucher but then also attached on the 2 pairs of socks we received in our goodie bag from the blogging event was $10 on each pair of socks. Giving me a total of $50 to spend in Russell Athletic.

At Russell Athletic I picked up 2 t-shirts for Dan, 1 t-shirt for me, a t-shirt for bubs and 2 mini Sherrin footballs that I got for my shopping buddies girls. (Socks pictured in photo were inside goodie bag)
Dans tops were picked up for $10-$15 with the original prices of $19.99-$29.99.
My top was picked up at $10 was originally $19.99.
Bubs top was picked up at $9.99 orginally $19.99.
Sherrin mini footballs were 2 for $5 (I am not 100% sure what they normally retail each so I will calculate in both ways the same $5 price.)

Total without discount/vouchers applied if purchased at original price: $94.96
Total actually spent in Russell Athletic: $0.00
Total saved: $94.96

3 Brands come under the Russell Athletic Banner, Russell Athletic, Sherrin and Spalding.
At Russell Factory outlet you will find a full range of Russell Athletic, Sherrin and Spalding stock both current and older stock at up to 60% off.

Londsdale London - I think everyone knows. Sporting/casual clothes for Men, Women, Youth and Kids. 
I was given a $30 voucher to spend and I picked bubs up a little set that would make perfect gifts for bubs out there. 

The pack set contained: A romper, beanie, bib and a little bow that could be used to put around bubs head that went around the box of this case. This I picked up for $29.95 was originally $39.95.

Total without discount/vouchers applied if purchased at original price: $39.95
Total actually spent in Lonsdale London: $0.00
Total saved: $39.95

Lonsdale London, first established itself as the quintessential boxing and sports brand in the early 1960’s on Beak St, Soho in London, however its roots and history go back even further. Today, Lonsdale London continues to stay true to its rich, historic British roots as an authentic boxing brand through producing quality lifestyle and active wear.

I do still have a voucher for Adidas & Glo Weave which I will be returning to the Uni Hill Factory Outlet in the next coming weeks before my vouchers run out to purchase items as I was very undecided on what to get from there. 

and to also give mention again to Stafford Direct which I did a swapsy with vouchers and to Killer Coffee which I had a free hot drink voucher and got a special little girl a hot chocolate my fellow shoppers eldest daughter.

With the day ending I carried home 7 bags of goodies with only having to spend $55 but really $35 when you take out our $20 petrol voucher.

To read about my blogging event at Uni Hill as mentioned above see my blog post here: 

If you haven't already gone down to Uni Hill Factory Outlet - I definitely recommend you do!! 
More information on the link below to there site:

Uni Hill Factory Outlet - Fathers Day Blogger Event

Yesterday I was off to a new kind of blogging event. As my blog is venturing into new fields on top of what I currently blog about I was able to do something that I am sure we all enjoy... SHOP!
This blogging event was to celebrate Dad's Day and to talk about all things Father's Day.

During our time at the blogging event that brought me to Uni Hill FO for the first time, We were given a low down from the store manager: Emma from Cosmetics Fragrance Direct at Uni Hill, of 3 selected fragrances for Fathers Day:
(All prices displayed below are the prices from Cosmetics Fragrance Direct)

Rochas Man by Rochas - $59.00 for 100ml
This was by far my favourite as it had such a sweet smell to it, reminds me of a ladies perfume I have smelt and never been able to track down but this obviously has that masculine smell to it that makes it irresistible! 
I love the lava lamp looking bottle - its something different and bottle presentation is something that really grabs attention to my eye and makes me pick up the bottle for a smell. 

Rochas Man was released in 1999 (so its a bit of an oldie but its a goodie!) 
Rochas Man is an enticing blend of coffee, lavender, amber and sandalwood. Its aroma is sweet, yet masculine. Although it is quite a casual fragrance, it still embodies the brand's signature class and style. 

Eros by Versace - $76.00 for 50ml
I have always loved Versace scents and have brought Versace on several occasions for presents. You can never go wrong Versace I say. 
This scent of Eros was very masculine that was sweet but spicy. There is nothing better then having a very masculine scent that comes back your nose in the warmer weather! I definitely put this on my list of favourites for warm scents for mens fragrances. 

Versace Eros is for a man who is both heroic and passionate, like a Greek God. 
Eros is a crisp scent which depicts and emphasizes power and sensuality. Eros is the fragrance that interprets masculinity with an intense and vibrant freshness from top notes of mint leaves, lemon zest and green apply together with an addictive sensuality delivered by woody oriental notes of tonka beans, amber, cedarwood, geranium flower and vanilla. 

The One for Men Sport by Dolce & Gabbana - $49.00 for 50ml
A fresh subtle summer scent that is recommended for a type of man who is a business person - someone who is sophisticated. 
I love Dolce & Gabbana smells for ladies and before yesterday had never looked into Dolce & Gabbana for men. This fragrance I would recommend for the summer/spring time. Its very masculine sweet scented, it reminds me of the hot beach weather days, playing tennis or having a gym workout that a man would pop on to freshen up.

The One for Men Sport is more of a vibrant version of the original fragrance, The One. 
Energetic notes of grapefruit and artemisia give the fragrance a life of its own while rosemary and cardamom are reminiscent of a hot Mediterranean summer. 

I have heard of Cosmetics Fragrance Direct but don't think I have ever stepped into a store and checked them out until yesterday. 
Cosmetics Fragrance Direct is what can be described as a Myers make-up/perfume floor. 
They sell exactly what there name is - Cosmetics & Fragrances at cheaper prices Direct to you!

We were given this gorgeous 'A Night at the Opera' MOR pack which contains:
French Vanilla Lip Macaron 10g, Candied Vanilla Almond Hand Cream 100ml, Candied Vanilla Almond Triple-Milled Soap Bar 200g and the cosmetics bag that it all comes in. (Great timing for me as my cosmetics bag just recently fell about and gave up on me.)
The price on there shows $49.95 but at Cosmetics Fragrance Direct it variable for $30.00 - what a bargain with all that valued at $92.80! Great idea for gifts I say. 
I am very eager to give all these products a go. I have never tried MOR and these will be my first babies from the MOR range to try out. They smell amazing so I am sure I will not be disappointed (review will follow shortly when I have tested the products out).

We were then given a Kaiser Craft Workshop from Melissa and made these adorable little holders that look like mini toolboxes. When we started I said to Erin 'What is Daniel going to put in here? He doesn't work with tools' but upon getting home it came in good handy for sitting up with near the TV holding onto the remote controls, TV guides etc. 

I was so amazed at how something looks so hard to do but yet after this workshop I realised arts & crafts isn't that hard when you get precut wooden shapes/kits and just need to decorate and design it. 
Here is my creation:

And below is all the tools and adhesives we used as well as the paper which I didn't include in the collage below that we were given to make the toolbox and what you would need to replicate the toolbox.

For conclusion to our Blogger Event we were sent out into the shopping centre on a Blogger Challenge.
We were teamed up in pairs and were given 20 minutes to go to selected stores making a pack for Dad which described your kind of dad you were given for the task. Erin and I were given: The 'Big Kid' Dad.

We made a pack that contained silly string, oversized star sunglasses, whoppee cushion, game character backpack, tetris stress block, 'Dad you are rad' card and an oversized Flexit cap - and we ended up winning our challenge for the best made pack! 

The oversized Flexit novelty cap from CAPZ definitely won this for Erin & I.

Whilst on this mission to create the perfect pack for our kind of Dad we were also given 3 mini instagram challenges to do:
1. Pose with a mannequin
2. Take a pic of something blue
3. Take a pic of yourself with a fashion accessory fit for him
Which you can see my pictures up on my instagram: http://instagram.com/nakkers20
Be sure to follow me @nakkers20

And to finish of the day with a snap with the ladies that attended the blogging event 

And gifted with several different vouchers and gifts from outlets in Uni Hill:

Please take a look at my Shopping Overhaul post at Uni Hill FO with the rest of the vouchers and stores I went into after the blogging event: 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

STOMP review

STOMP is back, and it’s better than ever!

Following their acclaimed performance at the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, STOMP returns to Australia with new routines, new choreography and new music.

Wordless, witty and fun, STOMP has become a global phenomenon over the last 22 years. Its universal language of rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance has resonated with audiences throughout the world, setting feet stamping, fingers drumming and adrenalin rushing for over 15 million people in 48 countries across 5 continents.

Eight performers use everything from supermarket trolleys to Zippo lighters, plastic bags to bin lids, and even the kitchen sink to hammer out an explosively feel-good rhythm.

Loved by audiences of all ages, this multi-award winning show is now in its 11th year in London’s West End, and its 20th year on Broadway. Come and see what all the noise is about!

Matchboxes, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters and more fill the stage with energizing beats at STOMP, the inventive and invigorating stage show that's dance, music and theatrical performance blended together in one electrifying rhythm.

Being so heavily pregnant with only weeks - maybe even days to go, I didn’t know whether or not I should go to STOMP and with Dan starting his new job and being tired I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to be attending on a 'school night' but I am glad we ended up going as we really enjoyed the show. 
Dan & I do have to look at all the possible chances to have alone time or date nights now as soon their won't be time and we probably won't have the energy for date nights haha.  

The show started with a guy and a broom, then the rest of the cast made it out on the stage with their brooms and made a really cool beat from them. 
I know after seeing this, cleaning the house and sweeping just will not be the same anymore, but more of a music making session. 

The music, well beats were really entertaining and got those feet tapping on the ground and I even felt little miss cherub in their join in a few times giving mummies tummy a wiggle.

I wouldn't really recommend this show for heavily pregnant women though for one reason, and that is due to the fact there isn't an interval. I'm running to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes at this stage of my pregnancy with the little cherub sitting low now and I really just needed to get off my bottom and walk around. 
If it wasn't for me being so heavily pregnant I would have been more then happy to sit there for hours more watching STOMP tapping and beating away.

STOMP was held at the Comedy Theatre which is right in the heart of the CBD where there is heaps of parking around at good not stealing your life savings from the pocket prices - I think the most you would pay is about $10-$15 flat rate when you enter the car parks after hours, which is good for secure parking.

There are only 8 shows in Melbourne, so if you have not got your tickets I would suggest to get a wriggle on to go and see it. Details can be found here:
Melbourne – 20 to 25 August
8 Shows Only – Comedy Theatre
Book at ticketmaster.com.au or 1300 111 011
Groups 10+ Save! Call 1300 889 278

36/37 weeks

Tomorrow marks 37 weeks pregnant! WOW, WOW and WOW! 
Dan said this morning 'We are 37 weeks tomorrow and bubs can come anytime now' 'We're full term'.
Can you believe it?? Time has gone sooooo fast! 

Today I spent the day packing mine and bubs bags - yes I know I am not organized and late with packaging bags but they are DONE! 
When we had the scare last Monday that we might be in early labour I found myself running around the house trying to find things to take with me and I probably didn't even have everything. 
Now today I had a check list and have ticked off everything for bubs. 
Last things we need to do is put the pram together and get the capsule in the car and then I think we are completely set to go. 

I actually watched a video on Monday with a lady giving birth and I was traumatised that I have to go through all that. Us poor women!! But then it made tears come to my eyes when I saw the mother with her newborn. 
I am scared but excited at the same time. Scared about having to give birth and go through a labour that could last for hours. I'm scared I'll forget what to do for the best care of bubs - I feel like all my childcare knowledge has kind of just flown out of my brain. But then when I discussed my fears with Dan last night he said 'Don't worry all your natural instincts with being a mummy will come to you' and he's right.... well lets hope so anyways ;P 

Last Friday I finished up at work for maternity leave. 
Gosh these past 3 days have been such a challenge... I felt lonely on the first day thinking my gosh I don't like this as I'm so used to having people constantly around me at work. 
Having week days off and not having to go to work is really weird... I haven't had a break like this for 6-7 years! 
There isn't much to do really... If I go out then I'll spend money on things we don't need. When I'm at home theres just housework really and that's not fun haha. 
I could study my personal training course which I really need to get ontop off but that's another case of that's not fun. 

When I walked into the office last Monday to start my last week I got the best surprise with my desk being decorated up, was very sweet!!

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