Thursday, 27 March 2014

ORLY Nail Lacquer 'Lift The Veil' and 'Gilded Coral' Review

This was my first time using ORLY nail lacquer and let me tell you this has been a real GEM on them nails and I am now proud to call my favourite nail polish brand!

So let me get right into it and tell you why I have given ORLY the title of my favourite nail lacquer brand - 

VALUE -For the price you pay for each nail lacquer shade it is totally worth it! Once you try ORLY you seriously will not shop for anything other then this gorgeous brand! 

LONG LASTING - ORLY nail lacquer gave me at least a week and half if not more of perfect nails without chipping and ruining, for a Mummy that is soooo rare! Our nails go through so much whilst being a Mummy and most times I think to myself what is the point of even doing my nails when they'll ruin in a day or two but ORLY changes that thinking completely!

EXACTLY WHAT YOU LOOK FOR - We all look for gorgeous beautiful solid colours (with the exception of few applications over the nails), value for your money and for it to be long lasting and that's ORLY!

I honestly couldn't recommend you any better brand then ORLY right now. 

I tried out shades 'Lift The Veil' and 'Gilded Coral' as pictured above.

Lift The Veil is a very delicate light baby pink that as its name would be great for a wedding. I have always been a fan of the light pinks and this is definitely on the top list for my favourite pink nail lacquers. For application I went over with 2 coats before I had a strong colour shade. 

Gilded Coral is this shimmery pinky goldy colour that is really cute. First off it will start as more pinky gold but then as it sets in it will look more goldy then anything else. 
I needed about 3-4 coats on before I could get a good solid colour for the shade. 

ORLY nail lacquers glided on smoothly and actually didn't give off that strong chemical like smell when you open up the bottle which is something I majorly approve off being that my little girl is around. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Olay Fresh Effects Range

Deep clean, hydrate and refresh your skin with NEW Fresh Effects by Olay, the fun, fresh & vibrant skincare line designed to meet the 24/7 needs of the millennial generation from the world’s number one skincare brand, Olay.

Fresh Effects by Olay has been designed to help younger women (aged 18- 30) uncover the beautiful potential of their skin through delicious formulas powered up with natural ingredients that give you skin so fresh it needs #nofilter.

The Fresh Effects collection consists of six lightweight, oil-free products with citrus extracts that instantly awaken and refresh tired skin, and flower essences that hydrate and nourish skin throughout the day, to keep skin looking beautifully fresh and vibrant all day long. Our unique formulas provide lightweight 24 hour hydration and cleansing that removes 2x more dirt, oil and make up.

**RRP $16.99**

Completely compact little set that is great for travel and a little DIY beauty pamper at home.
This kit includes a mini 20ml Shine, Shine Go Away Shine Minimising Cleanser that you will use with the little electric operated brush.
The directions tell you to place the cleanser product onto the rubber bristles but I find it actually gets stuck, it is easily washed out though when running your fingers through it under water. But it makes me wonder how much of the product is actually going onto your face?

I found that it was best used with a pretty damp face and then placing the cleanser onto your face with your fingers and then run the brush over your face to provide a more deeper cleanse.
The little cleansing brush is battery run. It is waterproof but it is advised that it should not be submerged into water. It has an on and off push button on back which sends your little brush into a vibrating motion almost like a massage on your face.
I think for this cleansing brush I would have preferred a more soft brush bristles rather then rubber. 

**150ml for RRP $14.49**

I love exfoliating scrubs and always ensure I exfoliate daily on my face and for that it has paid off as I had a skin analysis who advised me that I'm going to age well and have good skin. After using many different exfoliating scrubs my preference is to have those big micro beads with the exfoliating scrub and this is something that Olay doesn't have.

Olay have small micro-beads that don't feel like they are getting in deep enough for a good scrub but it seems to be working a treat on my face and I'm getting the results I want. It's a very light feeling scrub and the cream is delicate on your skin.
I love that on the bottle of the exfoliating scrub it has a pictured panel line of what the product kind of resembles inside (apart from the strong blue colouring).

**150 ml for RRP $14.49**

The Olay Cleanser is silver and shiny in colour and a thick consistency.
This cleanser you only need small amount as it goes a long way. You can also use this on the cleanser brush by popping a little bit onto the brush and use upon face but as I said above the best way to use for me was to have a damp face and then rub the cream onto your skin yourself then run the cleanser brush over the top of it to give a deeper cleanse of the skin.

It was really surprising the scent on the fresh effects range - they do have a slight citrus smell that leaves you with the scent of a very fresh and clean person.
Overall I like the new packaging it brings the real 'fresh' to it.

{BB Cream} Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturiser with Sunscreen SPF 15
**RRP- $16.99**

This BB Cream is one of the lightest and softest BB cream's I have ever had to play around with. It just soaks into your skin so well and leaves it smelling 'fresh' with it's beautiful light fragrance which is really hard to try and put your finger on to describe. 
Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream has a light tint within the cream that works as a very light and subtle cover up. I was sent out the Fair to Light which unfortunately made me look a little sick because it was too light for my face.

Having also put sunscreen within this BB cream makes for a great cover before heading to the beach or out to lunch in the sun and wanting a little makeup on. 

Byron Bay Chai Latte Cookies REVIEW

Australia's favourite Byron Bay cookies appeared at the 86th Academy Awards in Los Angeles with celebs taking them away in there goodie bags to munch on afterwards, much like myself now with the newest addition to their cookie family adding a gorgeous Chai Latte flavor! I'm sure there is plenty of you Chai Latte lovers out their and this is a MUST HAVE speciality you have to get your hands on!

Rich, smooth and comforting, the Chai latte has become a new staple of the Australian cafe scene, winning people over with delicate aromas and exotic appeal.

The Byron Bay Cookie Co has taken this widely loved cafe specialty and used it as inspiration for their all new Chai Latte Cookie – a fresh and completely unique flavour offering with all the hallmarks of a Byron Bay Cookie Co hit.

The Chai Latte Cookie is infused with Byron Bay Cookie Co’s own unique Chai spice blend including hints of nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom. Finished with irresistible chunks of creamy white chocolate, this cookie combines sweet and spice for a cookie temptation like no other. 

The Byron Bay Cookie Co is famous for creating innovative flavour profiles and the Chai Latte Cookie is one of their most creative and exciting combinations yet. The perfect addition to your morning coffee, the Chai Latte Cookie is the ultimate sweet treat that will add a touch of spice to your day!

I will admit I have never been a huge chai latte drinker - I love lattes though but chai just isn't always on my hot drink order.
For those of you who have never experienced what a Chai Latte it is made from a certain type of black tea which is spiced and strong - lots of flavour to it. To me Chai Latte is like a cinnamon flavoured tea. 

I love that Bryon Bay Cookies have come out with a Gluten Free cookie and a standard cookie which is rare to find in a lot of things.
I have a few close people around me that are on a Gluten Free diet and I just couldn't imagine having to check over everything and have a shopping trip taking double the amount of time. 
I have much admiration to the companies that come out with a standard and Gluten Free to make life easier for Gluten Free diets. 

The chai within the Chai Latte cookies is very strong as chai is, but with the addition of white chocolate chips within the biscuits is the sweet taste you're looking for to assist those taste buds. 
I think the combination of the white chocolate chips with chai is a fantastic mix and might have me onto something for when I have an actual Chai Latte now ;P 

I found that the standard Chai Latte cookie actually does this crumble melt in your mouth, where as the Gluten Free Chai Latte cookie stuck together more and had a crunchier texture to it. They are both equally as delicious though! 

The smell of the chai leaks out through the packet as will leave your mouth watering before you can even bite into it.

After trying out the Chai Latte cookies from Byron Bay I will be taking a look for the other flavours to try out. They have a gorgeous range which you can find out more about on their website below. 

RRP prices: Regular Chai Latte - $3.00 & Gluten Free Chai Latte -$3.50.

The Byron Bay Cookie Co Chai Latte Cookie is available in cafe cookie, individually wrapped cookies and gluten free wrapped cookies from February 2014 in cafes and speciality food stores across Australia and online via http://www.cookie.com.au/

Twitter: @ByronBayCookies
Instagram: @ByronBayCookies

Friday, 21 March 2014

Fashion Connect VAMFF 2014

Spice Market, Melbourne - March 26th
Inviting you to be fearless...

With the big hype of Fashion week the one show you do not want to miss is Fashion Connect for 2014.
Fashion Connect are 'connecting' for all things fashion and to fight against HIV/AIDS. 

OC Communications and Events are proudly presenting Fashion Connect 2014, which is being held at the lavish Spice Market and are a part of Virgin Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF). 
Celebrity guest and MC for the night is the stunning and previous Project Runaway Australia season 2 contestant Amber Renae (below).

Fashion Connect night will be filled with the new generation of talent with Melbourne fashion designers, photographers, stylists, writers and bloggers (that's me!).

The night of Fashion Connect in 2014 will entertain you not only with an intimate runaway show featuring Australia's top designers which include: 

Craig has established himself as one of the most accomplished couture designers in Australia. A career spanning almost 30 years, has spent most of his working life perfecting his skills as a talented designer of bridal, racewear and evening gowns. Through the years Craig has won numerous design awards, including: Fashions on the Field Design Award at the 2009 and 2012 Melbourne Cup and bridal gown of the year, making him a sought after designer for Australia’s elite.  In recent times, Mr Braybrook has extended his design know-how to the television set where he was a finalist on Foxtel’s Project Runway Australian Season 3 series.

Inspired by her home country, Indian born designer Divya Rao’s contemporary pieces deliver effortless cool-girl appeal. Establishing her sartorial roots at India’s National Institute of Fashion Design, Rao gained invaluable experience as a dressmaker before furthering her formal training at RMIT. Her label Divya R was launched in 2012. The label focuses on quality and attention to detail embracing the journey of an individual encompassing ethnic style and contemporary glamour. Within two years, the collection is now expanding into seasonal ready to wear, from Australia to Singapore gaining international recognition.

Founded in 1987 by Christine and Les Doughty, Et Al has since cultivated a reputation for their unique signature aesthetic of relaxed tailoring worked back with the fluidity of soft drapery. Et Al manages to find the balance of cutting-edge designs with extremely wearable garments with a focus on refined workmanship and quality fabrication. In 2008, Et Al introduced designer Anthony Capon to the label. Capon was the Winner of television phenomenon Project Runway Australia Season 2 and the prestigious Emirates Melbourne Cup Design Award in 2010. His innovative androgynous designs and bespoke creations have built a cult following by enthusiasts globally. The success of Doughty and Capon’s collaboration is evident as Et Al continues to push their creativity by producing statement pieces with construction challenges, subtle yet well-considered detailing and garment wash treatments.

Matcho Suba, who was a Project Runway Australia Season 3 contestant, will fascinate and thrill you with his edgy designs. Creativity and all things beautiful are, and always have been, Matcho Suba’s passion. Matcho Suba spent years living in the UK and studying Art and Design, where he discovered a passion for fabric design and manipulation, and specialised in surface textiles and embroidery. Now based in Melbourne, Australia, Matcho Suba creates beauty from items that are unconventionally seen as beautiful. Mixing controversial materials to create unexpected garments and adding a little shock value to each collection along the way.

Oscar Calvo is a Melbourne based contemporary lifestyle fashion label founded in 2004. The design philosophy emphasizes customized, comfortable and precise fit combining luxurious premium fabrics and detailed construction across all offerings. Calvo’s designs allow the fashion-savvy man to distinguish himself from the pack as a trendsetter. The label offers pieces that allow the OC man to imprint his style and signature in any type of setting always looking his best. Oscar Calvo has become a frontrunner in the fashion industry in the last decade, receiving multiple prestigious awards including: Winner of the Myer Fashions on the Field Design Award at the 2013 Melbourne Cup, the top prize in the fashion category at the Melbourne Design Awards 2010, Victorian finalist at the Mercedes-Benz Start Up Program 2005, and Designer of the year at the Fed Square End of Year Designer Showcase 2005.

Designer Adam Tsen’s expressive style and passion for unique design shone through in his first collection of ready to wear. “In designing my first collection of garments I wanted to bring unique, well fitted shapes that capture the female and male form and make them accessible to the public”. Smooth, flattering, form fitting lines and sumptuous materials are the signatures of Adam’s collections of ready to wear fashion. He has also developed a new range of limited edition garments which are released periodically, they also have an ever growing cult following. This design philosophy has been acknowledged by many others and has resulted in both national and international awards. This combined with the numerous international awards he has won for his unique designs has resulted in a real buzz amongst Melbourne’s fashion set.

HAWKEYE VINTAGE - Top Melbourne Retailer
A new vintage fashion destination has arrived in Melbourne.Hawkeye Vintage and its curator Danielle Goodwin have set up a boutique in Greville St. Prahran. This well-heeled boutique reels in inner-city aesthetes and fashion purists with a blend of avant-garde styling and timeless vintage appeal. It plays host to some of the most renowned European designers in modern history, such as Gianni Versace, Tai Missoni and AndrĂ© Courrèges. It is comprised of clothing, hats, bags, sunglasses, jewellery and more with garments ranging from classic casual wear, including swimwear to corporate attire, cocktail dresses and elegant evening gowns. A must see for anyone with an appreciation for vintage designer clothing.

but wait the runaway show is not all... Fashion Connect will feature a Burlesque Bombshell Miss Skopalova AND (yes there's more) eccentric dance performances by Patrick Studios Australia. 

The dress code is EXTRAVAGANT so get out your glitters, sequins, prints, colours, glam, glitz and everything else that will make you look fashion extravagant to help a good cause and enjoy yourself with over $5000 of special giveaways! 
But get in early as the first 200 guests will be taking home a luxury VIP gift bag stacked full of high end goodies valued at over $250 - BAM! Have you ever heard of anything better?

Here is all the final details to make sure you don't miss this event:

Spice Market, Beaney Lane off Russell St (Adjacent Grand Hyatt Melbourne) in Melbourne CBD. 

Wednesday, 26th March 2014.

7PM till late (you're in for a long night of treats!)

Ticket prices:
Includes: A selection of delicious beverages & canapes on arrival

VIP Private Shanghai Lounge - $60
(6 guests/$60 each) $360 package
Includes: Premium Lounge for 6 guests, canapes, 2 complimentary beverages and luxury VIP bag for each guest upon arrival. 

VIP Private Persian Room - $70
(10 guests/$70 each) $700 package
Includes: Premium Lounge for 10 guests, 1 personal attendant for the night (bar service), canapes, 2 complimentary beverages and luxury VIP bag for each guest upon arrival.

Proceeds go directly to the AIDS Trust of Australia.

What are you waiting for? Jump online and visit http://www.occomevents.com.au to purchase tickets

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Katy Perry Killer Queen - Oh So Sheer REVIEW

Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer 
Eau de Parfum 100 ml $59

A new facet of Killer Queen is born, Oh So Sheer. 

Top Notes: Purple Plum, Mulberry, Blackberry, Elderberries
Middle Notes: Purple Freesia, Rainbow Plumeria, Red Velvet Flower, Purple Lilac
Base Notes: Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart & Liquid Praline

Katy Perry’s second Killer Queen scent captures the essence of the daring signature fragrance, with fresher femininity that is inspired by a modern and ethereal ultra-feminine bouquet. This playful take on the original is perfect for Katy Perry fanatics looking for a lighter, more translucent scent. 

This enchanting essence opens with opulent accents of Purple Plum infused by a delightful blend of Mulberry, Blackberry and Elderberries for a bold and modern inflection.

At the heart of the fragrance, the signature bouquet of graceful Rainbow Plumeria and precious Red Velvet Flower has been sheered out with radiant accents of Purple Freesia and Lilac for a more ethereal expression of the floral essence.

As the fragrance unwraps, the richness of Natural Patchouli Heart is softened by a magnified veil of silken Cashmeran and creamy Liquid Praline, creating an addictive yet weightless sensuality. A new essence of spontaneous and natural femininity.

For me personally I liked Oh So Sheer better then the first Killer Queen (you can see Killer Queen review here) perfume that Katy released. Oh So Sheer is more fruity and floral scented but has this warm scent as well to it.

I love how much detail is put into perfume bottles and Katy's bottles I would have to say are one of my favourite bottle designs - with the extra of wanting a display holder as it's too gorgeous to be laying down! 

The finer details of Katy's laying diamond almost grenade looking bottle design with the writing again on the spray lid and then having the spray top when you put it back on after spritzing onto your skin it has the open like slits in it leaving the scent left on the spritzer to air through so my wardrobe smells stunning as soon as I open the door!

You will find at first it's a big strong scent on first application but it dies down and is only that strong if you stick your nose to the spritzed area. 

This fragrance is my favourite from the Katy Perry collection and what I will be wearing to her concert if tickets (fingers crossed) are still there when I try to purchase them next week with my little sister! 

I can't wait to see what other fragrances one of my favourite musicians brings out! 

Available from MYER, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and selected pharmacies nationally.
For stockist information please call 1800 812 663.

**This product was sent out for my consideration. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post**

Saturday, 15 March 2014

ELES Brighton Nail Collection

Aren't surprise packages that come in the mail the absolute best? I love getting mail - I'm still that little kid at heart who stalks the post man and waits at the window when I hear that postie bike or post truck coming. It maybe not the same as everyone but I am that person who knows the sounds of my postal couriers van! 

Are you eager keen to see whats in this big white box? Well I'll be sharing it with you below! 

ELES Brighton Nail Collection

ELES Cosmetics are a favourite of mine as we should all know by now from my other posts on ELES. Everyday I will use a product of ELES, they're just too good at what they do!

The Brighton Nail Collection is 12 gorgeous pastel shades that are inspired by the seaside huts lining Brighton Beach in the UK. 

I lived near a beach for nearly 4 years and it was just amazing, I miss it a lot and now that I am not there I am sad that I didn't take more time out to take advantage of the beautiful sights.  Where I live now is about a 50 minute drive to the closest beach and it's not one of the nice ones unfortunately. 
I love seeing all the beach huts and hopefully one day I'll own a beach hut - I would have it painted in a rainbow colour I think! Their was a rainbox one near where I lived and it was just stunning!! 

Here is the 12 shades featured on my nails - sorry for the messy job but I painted them freshly for these pictures and wanted to give the rainbow effect with a shade displayed on each finger nail. And mind the bad cuticles as well - this Mumma needs a manicure.. a pedicure also, ohh and a massage - getting a little side tracked now but beach talk gets me so relaxed and blown away with the fairies haha!

L to R: Royal Pavilion Red, Juicy Fruit, Lime Sorbet, Not A Cloud, Dip In The Sea

L to R: Peppermint Cream, Teal 'n' Wheel, Deckchair Blue, Berry Smoothie, Sunset On The Pier.

L to R: Coral Cafe & Peach Pebble

My favourite shades from the collection are the Berry Smoothie and Sunset On The Pier - apart from them being just stunning shades I seem to have this thing for purple right now!!
The Peppermint Cream is a divine shade also but I do believe that one of my younger sisters has nicked that already when she came over so luckily I got to put them on first before it vanished!

ELES Brighton Collection is at an affordable price for each colour - $15 a piece is a good price for gorgeous shades that are long lasting on your nails and are 5 free - don't get too excited as I don't mean you can have 5 free nail colours but do get excited for that when I say 5 free I am talking about it ELES Cosmetics proudly boast a '5 FREE' formula which is:
  • NO DBP
  • NO Toluene
  • NO Formaldehyde
  • NO Formaldehyde Resin
  • NO Camphor
which are 5 toxic ingredients commonly found in nail polishes.

The ELES Brighton Collection is launched with the new colours of course, new bottle - which is more of a flat square shape, new brush - more flat, thicker and longer bristles and of course as I mentioned above at the new price of $15 per bottle. 


Get your hand on these babies:

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Decor Baby Range - 7 piece feeding set REVIEW

This range is something you'll want to get your hands on as I didn't have any idea that decor had a baby range until now!

I love when I get to try out things when it comes to baby range as being a Mummy and playing with all Niah's gadgets are something that is a regular daily occurrence, so I couldn't think of anything better then reviewing things with my little girl and making her a huge part of my blogging passion. 

Niahbella is just over 6 months now but we have been feeding her solids since 3.5 months as we believed she was ready and which she was. 
The cost of buying ready made purees and such for Niah is becoming a costly expense and she's never getting fresh food. 

We had dramas with the multi processor we brought before Niahbella before she was born to make all her baby food and it's been a long process of trying to get it fixed. If it hadn't been for the decor baby range arriving and chatting with my mummy friends about how they went/go about making solids for their babies I probably would still be using the ready made foods for Niah - don't get me wrong though they are great for when you are on the go but if I'm at home there should be no excuse! 

I was sent the 7 piece feeding set - **RRP - $24.99**, (as pictured above) which contained:

  • Insulated Quad Cooler
  • Set of 4 RealSeal 125ml tubs
  • Mini Icewall freezer block
  • Soft touch feeding spoon

The first consumable we put into the little tub containers was pumpkin and I was really concerned that it might stain the containers after we just got them but we are stain free - very surprising! 

The little tub containers are 125ml each and got me about 500g of pureed pumpkin into 4 of them. 

The really good thing about these little tub containers is that you can freeze, cool, store, heat, eat & serve from the one container - good for mummies on the go as you only require that little tub container for everything! They have flip top push open lids that allow steam out and great for when cooling also. 

A problem for me was with this all in one multiple use container though is that I like to freeze the food mix and then take it out of the containers, placing the frozen food into a zip seal bag and then re-use the containers to make another batch of puree/solids so I can have a little store happening in my freezer. - but I found it a little hard to do with these little tub containers as I couldn't squeeze the containers to get the frozen block of food out. 
I wonder if they will release something like this in future so that you can easily pop the frozen block of food out?

I also found that when they were freezing the food that the lids would pop off a little in the corner (not completely come off). I don't know if this was because you are only meant to put in a certain amount though... 

I really love the colors selected for the baby range the soft colours really work well for the baby range. 
It's funny as I was all about keeping things neutral so I could re-use things for future babies but I have this thing for now having the pink girly colour (not that it can't be used for boys too though) for Niahbella!

The colourful range of insulated cooler bags are made from a durable wipe clean polyester fabric and feature the exclusive designed cute animal prints and zipper pulls. Adjustable webbing straps attach easily to your stroller or pram and the wipe clean liner is free of any nasties - BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates. 

The little insulated quad cooler lunch bag was something that was very handy as I'm always so weary about having Niah's food containers and bottles running loose in my handbag - especially the price of some of the bags us mummies seem to have these days! 
In the pack you also get a freeze block which is fantastic for keeping food and bottles cold when you're out. 

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