Wednesday, 27 March 2013

BaByliss PRO Argan Oil

I don't think anyone could love Argan Oil as much as me!! This is a product I would die if I ran out of.
BaByliss PRO Argan Oil spray treatment is this amazing spritz spray that I use daily in my hair mostly because of the fly away flatness, smell and the feeling it leaves in your hair. 
You only need to use a few sprays depending on hair length. 
Naturally I have this wavy hair and can say that I am one of those who wakes up with naturally good hair that doesn't need styling. BaByliss PRO is a daily for me as I just spray a few spritz into my hair and it rake it through with my fingers and it gets all those fly aways smoothed out and barely noticeable and leaves my hair smelling SCRUMPTIOUS! 

Facts on the BaByliss Pro Argan Oil Spray Treatment -
  • Provides instant shine without the oily residue.
  • Hydrates, conditions and smoothes the hair cuticle.
  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Provides thermal protection and reduces drying time.
  • Provides colour protection.
Not only is BaByliss PRO Argan Oil providing you this but it is rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 5 and Vitamin E. 

This product is lightweight, non-greasy and creates a gorgeous shine for your hair. 


Quick 3 Facts on why Argan Oil is good for your hair -
  • It hydrates your hair in a natural way. 
  • Provided to be nourishing for hair growth.
  • Restores smoothness of hair.
To view more on the great range offered by BaByliss PRO Argan Oil Spray Treatment go to:                      http://babylisspro.com/en/Home.aspx?language=en-US

RRP price of: $21.95 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

First Antenatal Bubba Appointment

Today the ball starting rolling and the bigger start to the journey. 

I was actually going into a state of being unsure if there was anything in there just because these appointments to see our darling cherub are so far away from each other and makes me second question is there really a baby in there, is our darling okays? 

When I had my first antenatal appointment today I was advised that it was only going to be 10 minutes just so they could see if I met the criteria of Bacchus Marsh hospital.

As Daniel was on TAFE we decided well it's not that important to miss TAFE so I'll just go by myself. I took my Mum in with me just to check this place out and not have to go by myself. 
The Melton Health Clinic is beautifully done - this really brings a new light to Melton I say - they are really trying to get this place into a better upper standard ;P

The nurse & doctor I had there were both great, professional and welcoming. 
The doctor started of by going through all my medical history, family history and all that jazz. We then got to listen to baby's heartbeat on the doppler. My gosh it was breathtaking... a tear was dropped as it was just wow! Nothing better in the world right now. 
Doctor said before hand that it might be hard to hear and we might not hear at all. As soon as doc put the doppler on my belly she found it straight away and it was very solid and strong. 
It was a heart beat of 160-170 which she said was good and normal but after chatting with another mum she advised that it was high??
What does everyone think? What is normal and not?
My mum said that the high heart rate it's a boy and for low it's a girl. Does anyone else know of this superstition? 
After this appointment I want a doppler. Does anyone have one? How much and where best to get?

After hearing baby's heart beat I was upset for Daniel and knew he would be upset as well, the poor thing. I was devastated for him. I really wish they had advised us that we would have gotten this done so Daniel could have been there. It's funny coz I was actually saying to the lady when she was scheduling this first appointment that the 11am on a weekday would not suit as my partner can't be their, she said it literally goes for 10 minutes and he doesn't really need to be there!! Naughty woman!!
Next appointment I scheduled in I made for a 6pm so hopefully this is better for both Daniel & I. Next appointment excites me as we would of had our 20 week ultrasound and would know baby's sex!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

15 weeks

Officially as of Saturday I was 15 weeks.
Gosh it seems like its moving along so quickly now but I still can't shake the throwing up and sick feelings and even the horrible tastes in my mouth!
I still don't have much of a good baby bump... More so a food belly :( when will this belly pop & turn my fat into a baby haha. That's one of the things I'm looking forward to the most & then I can just say oh that's baby fat hahaa.
I've thrown up heaps lately and it's out of no where. First time actually at work on Friday when I smelt tuna & rice.

Daniel & I finally got a house in Melton West approved as of last week!! Ekkkkhhh so exciting. We move in next weekend & get the keys on Thursday.
We purchased our couch, dining table & tv unit and they all arrive this Saturday to my mums for storage until we go. Can't believe it's all happening now.
We purchased all the kitchen electrical appliances we needed - toaster, multiprocessor, kettle and got a new cutlery set.
I'm so excited just to get my dining table in its amazing! Solid NZ Alpine 10 seated dining table.
It was actually really funny as we tried Frankston Furniture Galore and they said the couch and color we wanted we would have to wait until end of May to get... No I'm sorry we want that first not end of May. We were about to pop $2500 there is no way I'm going to wait.
We then tried our luck with Dandenong Furniture Galore & met the most amazing lovely store manager there who pulled strings & waved his magic wand and pulled us a couch way ahead of time for us!!! I just wanted to give the store manager a massive kiss after he got all this organized for us. So may I say a little shout out to the Store Manager of Dandenong Furniture Galore - you have really made this moving into our first home experience the best it could be!!!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dermalogica - Multivitamin Power Serum

On the 7th of March, 2013. I attended my first event within the blogging world launches which was for dermalogica. How lucky could I be to attend such a well known company as a first time?!

I am now introducing you to the newest product from dermalogica - Multivitamin Power Serum that was released yesterday MARCH 15th in store to purchase.

Unfortunately as a pregnant lady I have to miss out on this product like many others for a few months until this bubba makes his/her way into this world and allows me to try out all these awesome products we have newly on the market.
I was fortunate to find someone who is a dedicated dermalogica product lover who has used dermalogica regularly - come back and check my blog in a few weeks to see how my gorgeous friends feedback review featured on my blog.

Are you ready for all the awesome facts of what this MultiVitamin Power Serum can offer you?
  • For Mature or prematurely-aging skin. Even for all you young ones - this can help using this product early on!
  • Age-fighting serum that contains micro encapsulated vitamins A, C and E to help increase skin recovery, decrease fine lines, wrinkles and age spots whilst defending skin against skin aging. 
  • Boost elasticity levels with a skin-strengthening protein peptide that overrides biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging. 
  • Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors. 
  • Increases Collagen.
  • Anti-oxidant protection.
  • Containing retinoid can help reverse the signs of aging.

The amazing this about this product is that you can layer MultiVitamin Power Serum under your moisturiser for a power-packed dosage of age-fighting ingredients.

What makes dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Serum different to other serums?
  •  Next Generation Lipsome Technology- delivers high levels of encapsulated vitamin A,C E and MAP (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) deep into the layers of the skin.
  • Advanced Retinoid - helps reduce surface roughness and sun induced aging in skin.
  • Powerful Peptide - boost collagen, skin elasticity and promotes skin firmness.
As of February 2013 dermalogica did a price cut on RRP by 20-30% making this more affordable for you to get the best out there for your skin.

MultiVitamin Power Serum is RRP of $85 for 22ml.
It is recommended that you use a small like dob of this which will last you about 1-2months depending on whether you use this once or twice a day.

For more about dermalogica click the link below -

Here is some happy snaps that were taken by the lovely Kel at the launch night that I snapped from the dermalogicaaus instagram page. 
L- Our class room information session.                            R- Emily doing some Face Mapping on me.

As apart of the launch night us lucky bloggers who attended that night recieved a goodie bag - LUCKY US!!
We got the new MultiVitamin Power Serum and a gorgeous little something which I will later discuss on my blog closer to release time but there is way more surprises from dermalogica to come. Along with the photos of the goodie bag below are some of the snaps I took on the night.  

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Unico - Hair Salon & Products

Last night I was at the honour of Sofia Basile's Unico Salon Relaunch in Degraves Street, Melbourne for her revamped salon. 

Sofia Basile's story about her salon is absolutely amazing and to have her speak with tears about her salon show's that this is really a passion of hers. 
Sophia started Unico over 23 years ago having Degraves Street, Melbourne as her first baby. Sofia stated that she was walking down Degraves Street and just felt something that made her say to herself 'I am going to start my first salon here' and that she did. At the time Sofia said the street was known to be a seedy place but not at all did I see that so it show's that time changes. This little lane way strip were Unico is located is within a kick backed environment that has a gorgeous set up of little cafes and other businesses surrounding. 
Kate Challis was the interior designer for Unico and did a wonderful job of the revamp stating it was a Grit & Glamour look they wanted to go for.
I wasn't able to take any shots myself but have taken a before shot from Kate Challis' page below... 

Here are some after shots of the revamped Unico credit to Derek Swalwell that give you a up close and personal look to the salon if you can't make it in their yourself...

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a snapshot of Sofia on the night as my phone battery died before I got to the salon - On relaunch night Sofia wore this gorgeous backless dress and looked absolutely stunning - here is a shot below of the lovely Sofia I was given.
Sofia Basile is the owner of 3 salons which can be found at these addresses:

32 Degraves Street           205-307 Lt. Collins Street                191 Brunswick Street
   Melbourne                               Melbourne                                        Fitzroy

Sofia has extended beyond just having a salon she has released her own brand of hair products under Unico. 

We were lucky enough to receive a little goodie bag at the end which gifted us with a voucher for a blow wave & treatment as well as a bottle of Unico Leave - In Spray - On Conditioner.

This product smells devine!!! As soon as I smelt the product I knew it was going to become something that was going to be used very quickly. I actually smelt the product on a staff member yesterday - pregnant sensitive nose anyone?? It was good to see the staff use the products also. 
Unfortunately I haven't been able to review this product yet but watch my blog to catch the review when I give it a trial.

Here is a little information on the product that we were kindly gifted with taken from the Unico website:
'The ultimate de-tangler!  Leave-in conditioning spray on product rich UV filters and ideal for harsh sun climates. Its repairing qualities minimise colour fade and excessive damage from the suns UV rays.  This is the ideal product for families and anyone wanting to avoid quintessential 'beach hair'.

Also contains apricot and protein to strengthen hair, and rebuild the hair shaft that has been damaged through mechanical/tool use.'

Unico products are 100% Australian Made & Owned, Ecofriendly, Free from nasties & No animal testing. What could she possibly have missed? I think all has been covered here!!

Something that I just have to share with you that I found amazing is that Unico have a recycle & refill program in place - take your empty bottle in and get 10% of the product to refill your empty bottle!!


To read more about the fantastic products Unico have to offer check their website:

Certain Foods & Cravings in Pregnancy

What are you do's and dont's in pregnancy eating?
What do you consider myths and true statements?

I read so many do not have this - but only this certain way can allow you to eat it.
Then you read some which are like definitely do not eat this but then you read elsewhere it's okay. 

This pregnancy diet is confusing as!!

I'm dying to have Sushi but I have read all bad things about it so I know that's definitely off the agenda. I know as soon as I have this baby of mine that I am going to have a Sushi party - for myself!! Possibly order a catering tray size hahaha!!

I have also been a person to love salty foods and Feta was on the top of that list - which has been really phased out as I have been advised only okays if it's cooked through and really heated. 
I actually feel guilty eating it... it's like these things we read about pregnancy are there to scare us... I mean they should to some extent but not this bad right? 

I am really struggling to take in food thats good for me... I have no idea what my body is into having and not still at the moment. What kind of meals did you all have when pregnant? Would love to hear some ideas so I can try out. 

On the topic of foods at this current moment I'm in front of my laptop with a packet of oreo's with a tub of peanut butter... is this abnormal to anyone? Share your weird cravings with me. Would love to giggle with you all.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Everyones a WINNER!!

Are you guys ready for a competition??
Who wants to stop the aging process of your skin? Who wants to not only stop the signs but reverse them also?
Who hates that summer is coming to an end and there is no more tanning to be done? Who wants to use a tanning product that can contour your body and visibly reduces cellulite making yourself get that thinner look?

SKN COMPLEX is giving away a prize pack worth $1500 of their products - not only is that what you will win but SKN COMPLEX have teamed up with the SKINNY TAN who are Australia's first slimming tanner who are contributing $500 worth of product!!

So lets sum this up of what you can WIN-
$1500 worth of SKN COMPLEX products & $500 worth of SKINNY TAN products for literally 20 seconds of your time and as the post is titled - EVERYONE IS A WINNER - You get a $20 voucher just for entering!!! 

Did I tempt you? Click the link just underneath this line to enter!!


To view more about these brands visit:

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Herbal Teas for Morning Sickness

This weekend's all day sickness really got to me. 
Daniel & I went to do grocery shopping yesterday and I just wanted to get inside the trolley and make him push me around. I just feel so horrible. 
Although I am just coming out of my first trimester surely it can't carry on for too much longer right?
But then I hear all these other stories of ladies saying that they have been sick for ages in pregnancy with the last I spoke to saying she was sick until 20 weeks!! Yikes!! There is no way I could make a brave face until 20 weeks! 

This morning I had a bit of a google around about herbal teas as I was a daily drinker before pregnancy of my herbal teas. Chamomile always settled me when I felt horrible on my girly days or just felt sick from the stomach issues I had going on. 
I read online from a herbalist/botanist/acupuncturist that Chamomile tea was fine and that was my sign of relief. I went straight down into the kitchen and put that kettle on. 
I felt so much better after and still feeling quite good 4 hours onwards. 

Here is some great tips on which herbal teas are good for you during pregnancy that I read on google by the herbalist:
Raspberry Leaf Tea - completely safe for pregnancy, it's believed to help promote effective uterine contractions at delivery.
Nettle Leaf - nutritive tea.
Lemon Balm - mild relaxed and anti-herpes tea.
Chamomile - mild calmative and digestive aid.
Peppermint - help relieve flatulence and intestinal cramps.
Fresh Ginger - help relieve nausea. (You need fresh ginger root tea - which is found in the produce section of most markets)

What does everyone think of herbal teas during pregnancy?
Have you had pregnancies where you have had back morning sickness and used a natural remedy to help those sick feelings?

Friday, 1 March 2013

Cat's Out Of The Bag Now...

Daniel & I announced earlier this evening the exciting news of our pregnancy on FaceBook.
We are sooo delighted with the come back... it was phenomenal.
We appreciate everyone's lovely well wishes and support. 

We were both very amazed at how many people read our status in their new feeds and took the time to either comment or like our status'.

It is now week 13 for us tomorrow and we are on a brilliant track to our pregnancy, now that it can be aired to everyone. I have been able to speak with so many parents and expectant people and receive some tips and feedback for our pregnancy. 

It feels so much better to have released our news to everyone and now with FaceBook & Blogger we can share our experience with everyone. 


Just to show you all the love we have received tonight. My status made 118 likes and 46 comments alone within 2 hours was amazing. We have such wonderful people in our lives.  
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