Monday, 7 July 2014

Brand Focus: Vetta Pasta REVIEW

Quite some time ago I got sent out a box full of delicious Vetta Pasta selections from their range of healthier pasta options and I have just been too busy enjoying myself with the Vetta pasta in the kitchen that I have left this blog post for a little while. 

I am hear to report that all the other brands of pastas need to be thrown out into the bin and never buy another brand other then Vetta pasta EVER! I had a lot of comments with being asked about the taste of these pastas in the Vetta range, I can happily report - there is no difference in taste (that I think anyway) and there is no cardboard taste like you get with most wholemeal pastas. 
It's like you are eating right from the normal white pastas, Vetta have gone undercover and given all that goodness a real mask into their pasta's to bring you something that is enjoyable for everyone and can help those healthier options feel close to what you would eat normally. 

I'm going to touch base on a few of the different varieties that Vetta have to offer and give you some inspiration for what to add into your pasta nights. I would love to see your creations so please tag me on social media channels (which can be found in my right side bar).

When most people think of high fibre they associate it with a wholegrain dark, thick and heavy product, which although nutritionally beneficial is less appealing in taste than the standard option.

Vetta's high fibre products take place on the market as the only products to provide consumers with a high fibre option that looks and tastes the same as standard pasta. Healthier for you, with the same great premium taste as standard pasta, it should be no surprise to hear Vetta's high fibre products rank most popular in the range.

Nutritionists and medical practitioners are the first to highlight the importance of high fibre in the everyday diet. Benefits of high fibre include lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes, stabilising blood glucose levels, maintaining and aiding in weight loss and the ability to prevent or relieve constipation. A diet high in fibre also helps to reduce the risk of digestive and bowel diseases.

Fibre is a key component to any eating plan. With an average Australian family consuming a pasta meal twice a week, Vetta products make it easy to increase your family's fibre intake without changing the taste of your favourite pasta recipes. Vetta high fibre products are also a great way for parents to increase their child's fibre intake, without the added stress of trying to changing what they eat.

High Fibre 3 Min Rollini Pasta

Our family favourite! Vetta High Fibre 3 Min Rollini Pasta is exactly what they say... 3 mins in the boiling water pot and wahlah! Dinner is served. This is a fantastic option to have in the cupboard for those times when you are not wanting to slave over an oven for endless amounts of time preparing a meal or if you have a little bubba in the house and need quick easy food. 
3 Min Rollini has added oat fibre which makes it twice the fibre of regular pasta. 

High Fibre 3 Min Rollini Pasta 
with: chicken, pesto, broccoli, carrot and sugar snap peas topped with parmesan cheese. 

High Fibre 3 Min Rollini Pasta
with:  cashew and coriander pesto and chicken 

High Fibre - Large Spirals
I loved the large spirals for having pasta with Niah, they were easy for her to pick up and self feed with ease. I've always been a big fan of the larger spiral pasta as it's just presents so well on your plate This pasta tastes about 10-12 minutes cooking time.

High Fibre Large Spiral Pasta 
with: salmon, carrot, broccoli, sugar snap-peas and topped with fresh basil in a creamy white sauce.

High Fibre Large Spiral Pasta
with: lean mince, baby spinach leaves, broccoli, carrot, corn topped with light cheese and parmesan cheese in a garlic and red wine sauce.

Already Australia's best-kept secret when it comes to feeding your family high-fibre pasta with the same great taste as normal white pasta*, Vetta is proud to announce the launch of its new Smart Pasta™ range.

Vetta's innovative new Smart Pasta™ range features the only pasta on Australian supermarket shelves to provide consumers with high protein / low carb, and cholesterol lowering options that look and taste the same as standard white pasta.

Healthier for you, with the same great premium taste as regular white pasta, Vetta's new Smart Pasta™ range is guaranteed to please all health-conscious pasta lovers, as well as those who might have been avoiding pasta for dietary reasons. As such Vetta Smart Pasta™ allows you to enjoy your favourite pasta meals – the healthier way!

Nutritionists and medical practitioners are the first to highlight the importance of a balanced diet, including sources of protein. Consuming a higher protein diet has been linked to weight loss since protein helps regulate appetite and cravings by enhancing the feeling of fullness for longer after a meal. There has also been much said about the health benefits of maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, with high levels of bad cholesterol leading to higher risk of heart disease.

Using only the finest quality Australian Durum Wheat, and made using authentic Italian pasta-making techniques, Vetta Smart Pasta™ features 5 different varieties, including Penne, Spirals and traditional Spaghetti, meaning there's something for everyone!

High Protein Low Carb Penne Pasta

We all want something that reads exactly what Vetta have to offer here.. High Protein and Low Carb but I think what gets most of us in the low carb part of the name. 
Vetta Smart Pasta - High Protein Low Carb Penne has 50% more fibre, 25% less carbs as well as being 97% fat free and high fibre! 
Everyone loves a penne and this is the perfect option to grab rather then the normal, same taste just better for you! I really liked that this pasta is in a 375g bag rather than a 500g as it's better for us being a small family.

High Protein Low Carb Penne Pasta 
with: nandos hot sauce marinaded chicken and chilli topped with light cheese.

Vetta is our choice of pasta now and I never need to look at the pasta selections anymore, its straight for those green bags of pasta and away we go.  I'm a huge pasta lover as well as my family with having pasta at least twice a week, I am glad we have now gotten onto a pasta that is a healthier, better option.

Literally after finishing each bag of the above pastas from Vetta range we have gone out and brought another of each one. I pick mine up from Woolworths at around $2.05 per bag but when they are on special (like they recently were at Coles) then I will stock up the cupboards.


  1. Going to grab those 3 min pastas, too good!!

    1. Oh my goodness, they're just delicious!! We adore them here. So quick, so easy & yet so tasty! Rare to get these days! Niah has a field day with them too and slurps them up.
      Let me know how you find them darl xx

  2. The photos you have posted are making me hungry... Everything looks yummy.


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