Sunday, 23 November 2014

KX Pilates Mornington

Lately I have noticed the real changes in my body. It's the change I can see in my body when I look in the mirror. It's the change of being able to walk into a normal store now and pick up clothing that will fit. I am feel so much more happier within myself and more confident with myself.
It has always been on my bucket list to experience every type of exercise there is to offer and doing pilates assisted with a machine was high on the list.

GAIA Bamboo Baby Wipes Value Pack REVIEW

A trusted brand that not only I stick by but as some of the Mothers in Niah's and my Mum & Bubs group.  Attending Mothers group is such a great way to develop new friends within the local area that you are in, you get to have your children grow up together and a 24/7 support group. There has been numerous times that us Mums will facebook message, text message or call one another at late hours to see what best helps their child with certain things.

A brand that we always talk about and say 'Yes, that's what we use as well' is GAIA.
It has been no stranger to my blog with having GAIA featured a fair few times, as the saying goes 'You always go back to the good things' and that's exactly what we do.

GAIA is a natural brand that has a baby range full of skincare items for your precious ones.
GAIA have got you covered from everything baby wipes to shampoos and body washes to nourish our babies.

Friday, 21 November 2014

OZSALE - everyday shopping at bargain prices!

OZSALE is delivering the goods for us this Christmas! 

Don't even leave your couch this year to surround your Christmas tree with those gifts for all those dear to you! OZSALE have you covered and will cater to everyone! 

OZSALE launched in 2007 and currently has 13 millions members who are entitled to these amazing offers of up to 80% off retail prices! 
Christmas is always a time that comes at such a mini fortune expensive - not that, that part ever comes into our minds because it's for those who are worth it and deserve every cent spent on them. 
If we can save some $$ at the same time as spoil those loved ones wouldn't that be just the best?!!  

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Eastland partnership with Eastern Regional Libraries + GIVEAWAY

Eastland Shopping Centre (Ringwood, Melbourne) is proud to announce its new partnership with the Eastern Regional Libraries, providing free storytelling sessions for children.

The activity will be held every second and last Tuesday of each month, and the free storytelling sessions will be conducted by the Eastern Regional Libraries, at the Playground on Level 2.

The Storytelling sessions will encourage the imagination of children. Through the art of storytelling children not only get to read and listen to inspiring stories, but also develop their social skills through interaction with others.

Storytelling is not just about telling a story. It’s all about having the heart and passion to make stories interesting for the children, and at the same time, instilling in young minds important life lessons from the story. Eastland is excited to partner with the local community and hope that parents will love this new activity.

Burts Bee Pop Up Store - Miranda Westfield

I'm still waiting on Burt's Bees to do a pop up shop in Melbourne but until then I'll continue to post about the very envious Sydney locations that are upcoming for you lucky ducks who are close by.

Following the success of the Pitt Street Mall activation, Burt’s Bees will now be buzzing at Miranda Westfield with a Pop-Up Hive (until Sunday 23rd November).

Celebrating the Radiance Skincare Collection, visitors to the hive can enjoy a FREE Radiance Skin Consultation, Royal Hand Massage PLUS Daily Giveaways.

Can't wait to see your posts via social media! Have a hand massage for me!!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

THRILLER LIVE - Celebrating Michael Jackson + GIVEAWAY

Featuring the songs of Michael and the Jackson 5 The Legend Lives On!
From December 2014 Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

2014 THRILLER LIVE enters records books as the 20th longest running musical in West End history

Played over 3000 shows globally Seen by 3 million people Toured to over 28 countries 

For me I have always loved Michael Jackson and always will. I was crazy in love with Michael when I was younger; filled my room with posters of him, collected his merchandise and have every cd and tape their was - thanks Mum and Dad for supporting my expensive obsession. 

I was that far in love with Michael that I would tell my family I was going to marry him and when Michael went from being brown to white that I told my Mum I didn't want my tan skin anymore and I wanted to be white like Michael. When I discussed with my Mum what they did to change Michael's skin colour, she replied it was vinegar. Bad move Mum as we had vinegar in the house so off I went into the shower with the vinegar, lets just say it hurt a little on my dermatitis skin and I smelt strange for a while. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Nappy Collective - The Art of Being Happy Bloggers Brunch

As you will have all known by my previous posts and social media posts, I am strongly supportive of The Nappy Collective.

The Nappy Collective do exactly as their name says they collect leftover unused disposable nappies and give them to organisations that have families waiting for their support.
In the last collection run they did just recently (which my previous post details here) I donated along with my Mum and sister over 100+ unused nappies and purchased some extras to donate as well dropping them at a location collection drop point.

The Nappy Collective run 3 drives a year - in February, July and October for 2 weeks at a time. They list on their website where the drop points are for that run. Local businesses and organisations will get involved by being those drop points where you can drop your donation nappies too.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Art of Being Happy - Bloggers Brunch Sydney

Earlier this year I took part in the Bloggers Brunch that was held here in Melbourne and was lucky enough to be invited up to the Sydney event this time around.

As soon as I received the invitation their was no questions asked I headed straight for the airlines website to book my tickets there and back.

Since being with Kids Business I have not looked back. They have introduced me to so many big brand names that I probably wouldn’t have been able to work with at this stage in my blogging career.

The Bloggers Brunch in quick is a networking event that allows Bloggers to come along and met with brands as well as other fellow bloggers in a casual laid back setting. Being dined with catering and sampling or testing out the products on show from the brands.
It’s an event well spent getting to have a mingle with other bloggers and met those mums behind the blog. I have made many friends through blogging and it’s nice to finally meet the faces behind the blogs that I have developed an online friendship with.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Santa's Magical Kingdom 2014 REVIEW

Santa's Magical Kingdom is a family event that you do not want to miss out on.
This year SMK is set out on part of the Caulfield Racecourse meaning it allows for more fun to be had in a bigger venue!

The getting there part and parking was a breeze with the train station just across the road stopping right out the front of the venue and with lots of parking at the Caulfield grounds at a cheap price of what cost us $4 for 3.5 hours. There is also a stack of parking on the road and at the station across the road also.

The new attractions that were put underneath the big white tent this year was a frosty jumping castle, a lego building centre and a little bookshop.
We love our books in this house so we spent some dollars in there; as the price of the books were absolute bargains! A retailed book of something you would expect to pay of around $15-$20 was $5! We took home a lot of Christmas related books in preparation for Santa’s big event that comes around once a year.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

MindBodySpirit Festival

It's back again! The beloved MindBodySpirit Festival which will open its doors for a three day eventful weekend from Friday 14 - Sunday 16th November 2014 at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Southbank. Held annually since 1989, the MindBodySpirit Festivals are Australia’s longest running and most respected health and wellbeing events, attracting over 70,000 visitors nationwide.

It has been estimated that the popular festival will bring over 11,000 visitors through the door who seek the healthier lifestyle. I know that fits me perfectly! I'm ready for some me time and to take advantage of the large array of health and wellbeing products, services and advice that over the 180 exhibitors will be there for. 
MBS have a Meditation Centre, Psychic Reading Room, Healthy Soul Kitchen, Authors Lounge, Seminar Series and of course the live entertainment at the Performance Stage

Reveal by Calvin Klein REVIEW

Sensual – Unexpected – Addictive 

A flirty, fun, sexy and hot nights scent! Perfect for the Spring/Summer time where the weather is cool and you can pop on a cool casual but yet luxury scent when you head out to the movies, dinner or to the beach.

The scent takes you to another place with its aroma, it just fills the area and almost hypnotizes you into this calm and peaceful place.

I would compare this scent to be similar to the Downtown perfume released around the same time last year, although once the scent has settled on your skin you can smell the simply gorgeous difference of what Reveal is all about with the fragrance notes of:

Top: raw salt signature, pink pepper, black pepper, white pepper
Heart: orris, ambergris, solar accord
Dry: sandalwood, cashmeran, vetiver

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Watergardens first BIG Christmas interactive digital clock

Watergardens Town Centre (located on Melton Hwy, Taylor's Lake) will come alive this Christmas with an amazing array of entertainment and a very special magical Christmas digital interactive clock built in as part of Santa’s new forest setting.

The magic of Christmas will kick off on Saturday 15th November at 10.30am, with a spectacular Santa’s Arrival which will include a parade throughout the centre, a butterfly enclosure, giveaways, free fairy floss, entertainment and more. On the stroke of midday, the first ever Christmas show will feature on the 250kg gold clock on the clock’s interactive digital face. 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Homedics NEWA skin rejuvenation system + GIVEAWAY

Recently I attended the launch of the newest beauty product from HoMedics which are welcoming NEWA - skin rejuvenation system under their wing.
For me I didn't know if this product would be for me because it was about wrinkles and skin tightening which had me thinking it's for older woman, but then after hearing the HoMedics team tell us more I soon found out that it can work as a prevention for when I start to get older.
I hate the thought of growing older and having bad skin, I have been pretty blessed with not having to deal with much acne through puberty and to think that my skin which is mostly clear now will have to go through all that in years to come definitely had me ready to give up 24 minutes of my day to prevent it.


Dare to be bold. 
Dare to be different. 
Dare to strut your stuff. 

Definitely bold, definitely different and I'm ready to strut my stuff. 

This scent is bold, is different but yet it isn't something I would have picked up for myself or added to my christmas list. I'm a first impressions kind of girl so it needs to get me as soon as it hits my nose the scent which GUESS Dare didn't, it wasn't until I sprayed it on my body and let it settle into my skin and allow those base notes to really shine through although I do still smell quite a bit of the top notes still which is unusual for me in a lot of perfumes. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Essence Newbie Product Picks

Essence are a brand that I don't have much of or ever trialled much but I have heard lots about them through other beauty bloggers who will always chat about the value for money and how cheap the cosmetics prices are.

Essence have a large range of newbie products that have made their way onto the market and in stores now. I have teamed up with Essence for a little product pick of the items that are HOT from them!

Burts Bees Summer Beauty Prepping

With the Summer weather strolling in early on us whilst we are still in Spring its time to start thinking about those products that we will need to help us survive the heat, make sure we are looking after our skin with some light pampering and taking time out to have some well deserved RnR!

Together with Burts Bees I have collated a Summer Beauty Prep for you.

Something for your lips which will need hydrating and moisturising so they don't get all chapped and dry out. Something for your face as a cool down or to take off the daily makeup. Something for your feet that have been used all day long in your busy lives. 

Bugaboo Buffalo Escape

Bugaboo Buffalo Escape: The all-terrain stroller for stylish escapes

You live an active life and love to go exploring, but you also want the best for your child. Whether its off-roading in the mountains or navigating the urban jungle, the Bugaboo Buffalo Escape will allow you to do this together with your child. Bugaboo are releasing the all-terrain Bugaboo Buffalo Escape, which comes in a new special-edition washed canvas Balsem Green fabric suitable for any surroundings.

Versatile, robust and spacious, the one-piece foldable Bugaboo Buffalo Escape is easy to navigate, has multiple storage options, a high and spacious seat and an extendable sun canopy for extra protection against the elements. It also includes a matching tote bag. Whether your expedition takes you through rarely trodden country passageways or newly paved city roads, the Buffalo Escape will get you to your destination in style.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Play-Yard and Wide Barrier Gate REVIEW

Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Play-Yard and Wide Barrier Gate 
RRP $179.95 

The new Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Barrier Gate is a must-have for young families looking to keep their babies and toddlers safe by blocking off widely spaced areas such as open-plan kitchens as well as access to potentially dangerous features of the home like fireplaces and stairs!

Having a little bubba constantly on the move now that they've found themselves crawling or walking around will keep you on your toes whilst they explore their surroundings.
I originally said to myself that I wouldn't need to place gates in the home as ild let Niah be free and just remove her from the areas I didn't want her to be in whilst telling her 'No, not for babies' but I soon found that it wasn't always that easy.
There would be times when I just need to focus on what's going on and need Niah to be contained in the one area so I know she can't hurt herself or get up to mischief.
Especially being that when Mumma's in the kitchen I need to not have little miss under my feet whilst I'm moving around hot pans or trays from the stove to the sink and opening up the hot oven so in saying that it was time to up the baby proofing of the house.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Vileda Magical System REVIEW

Vileda Magical System
RRP $9.99

Cleaning the bathroom is such a drainer, I'll clean and clean the glass areas and I can never get that complete sparkle shine all over. It takes numerous amounts of wipe overs to get it spot free.
Vileda Magical system is that newbie product that has just been released and put onto shelves that is making me happy in the bathroom. 

Its simple to use and gets every bit of dirt, grime and markings off the glass area.
Vileda Magical is a quick two step process that only needs a spray and a wipe and wah la as good as new! 

Bakers Delight Mediterranean Delights + GIVEAWAY

As the good weather rolls in we start to be outside more and entertain more. Spend time with family and friends. Along with good company to compliment the occasion is good food.
Its holiday season and you don't have to go anywhere but to Bakers Delight as back by popular demand is the Mediterranean Delights, which will transport you to another world through food.
I love having cultural food that is known to be of a certain country as it gives you a taste of what they have as traditional foods and what they've been brought up on.

Chilli and Garlic Mediterranean Delight

To celebrate the relaunch of the delicious range of turkish breads; Mediterranean Delights now include chilli and garlic, and sea salt.

Sea Salt Mediterranean Delight
For me when I was younger my Mum would regularly put on a Turkish inspired lunch; being that she had a longterm relationship in her younger years with a Turkish man she learnt many dishes and grew to have a soft spot for Turkish food. Unfortunately now though I'm not at home anymore and also being that my Mum has recently gone through gastric bypass and doesn't eat much these days I miss out on these special lunches.
Bakers Delight have brought back memories for me through the relaunch of the Mediterranean Delights and have allowed me to share a food transporting platter with my family and have something to carry on as a little tradition that I did with my Mum through lunches.

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