Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Caroline's Wash

Caroline's Skincare range is an Award-Winning Product range.
I have always lived with dry sensitive skin and eczema since I was little. Sometimes its good and sometimes it's bad. I react to a lot of things and soap, body washes etc have never been something I can walk into the shops and take any product of the shelf - it's a long hard look and read of all the ingredients placed into the washes. 

Caroline's Wash was a wash that went onto my skin and took care of my needs. No reactions, no scratching, no burning, no bad sensations, no redness... NOTHING! 
Caroline's Wash is an amazing product that I recommend to all suffers that can benefit from this wash.

Caroline's Wash is a green tick for: 
Extra Dry Skin
Sensitive Skin
Acne Prone Skin

Caroline's Skincare is Australian Made and Australian Owned.

What's amazing about Caroline's Wash is that you can it's multifunctional - not only can you use this as a body wash all over but you can use this as shampoo in your hair or as a hand wash like myself. Whenever I felt an itch coming on I would give my hands a wash with Caroline's Wash.
Caroline's Wash helps the skin to retain moisture, maintain and support healthy skin functions as well as  to gently cleanse. 

Caroline's Wash is made with botanically derived ingredients:
Avocado Oil
Aloe Vera
Borage Seed Oil
Calendula Herbal Extract
Evening Primrose Oil 
Golden Seal
Jojoba Oil
Rosehip Oil
Tincture of Benzoin
Vitamin E (naturally derived)
Wheat germ Oil 
Colloidal Oatmeal

The way Caroline started her own product range is absolutely amazing. Caroline started off by making herself a moisturizer in the kitchen for the benefit of her own skin condition and now Caroline's product is helping others.

Caroline's Wash is RRP at $17.95 for a 100g.
Caroline's Skincare range is available at pharmacies and health food outlets nationwide - to find stockists and read more about Caroline's story and products click the link below:

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Pevonia Botanica - Mattifying Oily Skin Cream

Are you a repeat offender of having oily skin on your face? I know I am... or should I say WAS!
Pevonia Botanica - Mattifying Oily Skin Cream is a specially formulated with natural plant and fruit extracts including; Lemon, Grapefruit, Pine and Witch Hazel.  This is an absolutely gorgeous product to place on your skin its light, silky, greaseless and its fruity citrus aroma smells amazing!

Pevonia's Mattifying Oily Skin Cream with reveal a flawless complexion free of oilness and clogged pores. Mattifying Oily Skin Cream helps to normalise the skin by controlling the sebaceous glands serections, assist to control oiliness and breakouts without dehydrating your skin's surface. It also refines the skin's textures by tightening the pores, soothing and desensitising - leaving your skin hydrated and nourished.

I use Pevonia's Mattifying Oily Skin Cream morning and night. In the morning after I have cleansed this is my makeup base and then I apply my foundation etc over the top.
This cream comes with this tiny little scoop spoon that allows you to scoop the cream out of the jar without having to use a finger - this is something beneficial to those who have long fingernails and don't want to get anything under them!

I definitely recommend this to anyone who has oily skin problems like I HAD.
I noticed results within the first few days of using this. This hydrates my skin like no other product EVER! Pevonia's Mattifying Oily Skin Cream controls my oily break outs all throughout the day - which is something very rare for me. I am so used to having this big oily T zone with my foundation towards the end of the day being half on and half off due to my oily skin but thanks to Pevonia's Mattifying Oily Skin Cream this is a thing of the past for me!

Pevonia's Mattifying Oily Skin Cream is RRP at $82.00 for a 50ml jar, available at selected beauty salons and day spas nationally. 

To find out more about Pevonia Botanica's range click the link below:

Friday, 26 April 2013


ELEVEN AUSTRALIA was an amazing brand to come across my hands! When I got MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT by ELEVEN AUSTRALIA I was just stunned at how everything I ever wanted in a hair product was bottled into one!!
I love that ELEVEN have stated true facts about their product and that what they actually say about their product does really take effect to your hair!!

MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT has 11 miracles for your hair:
1. Add shine, smoothness and softness.
2. Control frizz and flyaways.
3. Moisturise.
4. Strengthen fragile hair.
5. Prevent split ends.
6. Detangle and create manageability.
7. Protect against heat styling.
8. Enhance natural body.
9. Repair dry damaged hair.
10. Protect hair colour with UVA and UVB filters.
11. Prevent chlorine and sun damage.

ELEVEN AUSTRALIA is Australian made and owned and suited to all hair types.
ELEVEN AUSTRALIA do not endorse on animal testing.
ELEVEN AUSTRALIA is a new exciting range of professional shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products.

MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT is specifically formulated from high performance ingredients including Silk Amino Acids to condition the hair, antistatic agent, Quaternium-80 and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate to protect the hair against UV rays and sun damage.

I put this onto my wet hair straight after hair wash day and it's just such a relief on my hair, it's a gem to be able to brush through my hair tangle free, my hair looks shiner and you can just feel the benefits of the product.
It has this gorgeous coconut smell and if you are close to me you will know that I am coconut everything!!

For best use: Simply pump and apply to damp hair. Do not rinse out.

For more on ELEVEN AUSTRALIA's devine products visit them on:

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Robomaid - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robomaid is Mother's Day Shopping done and dusted! Robomaid is the answer to all our mothers prayers!

Robomaid is a robot vacuum cleaner that automatically runs it way around your house. Imagine no fights in the house when the younger siblings are told to help out with the chores on the weekends?
Imagine Mum being so much more relaxed knowing that she can get the housework done in half the time and sneak in the cheeky Days Of Our Lives soapie before anyone gets home? 

Robomaid is made cordless so there is no more running around the house trying to find spare power sockets, no more tripping over the cord and pulling the cord out. 
Robomaid doesn't require bags as it is a bagless system!

Something which made me love Robomaid even more upon my learning of this smart little machine is that it uses up to 20 times less energy than the everyday standard vacuum cleaner. Meaning it's 20 times cheaper to run!! Who doesn't want Mum saving there pennies and putting it to something more worthy like yourself??? 
This is a key point that you should consider when considering a vacuum cleaner and Robomaid ticks the box is energy saving especially in the times that we are facing in Australia for our electricity rates. 

How does Robomaid work and know how to navigate itself around?
'Using sophisticated sensor technology to navigate its way around the home, Robomaid can save households hours of cleaning and lugging heavy vacuum cleaners around.  But while busy mums juggle a hundred things at once, Robomaid won’t rush; ensuring a thorough, well-done job each time.  Vacuuming for up to an hour and covering up to 100 square metres each session, it is designed to automatically adapt to a home's layout and furniture, while overlapping its path multiple times to ensure no spot is left unclean.

Requiring zero effort, an automatic timer can be set to ensure Robomaid vacuums while everyone is out.  Households won’t need to worry about a thing.  A shock absorbing bumper along with 28 in-built sensors will ensure that there won’t be a single scuff or mark on walls or furniture and a unique ledge detector will ensure there are no nasty tumbles down the stairs!

Smarter than a smartphone, Robomaid’s virtual wall accessory allows sections of the home to be sectioned off and sends out a signal preventing it from crossing into areas that don’t require cleaning, making it perfectly safe for pets and children.  With all that additional, care-free vacuuming, floors can be dirt and dust free making homes a sanctuary for allergy sufferers.'

To watch videos on how Robomaid went in the house, please click into my youtube uploads below:

But wait there is more.... Robomaid isn't just your vacuum cleaner it can also do the mopping for you also! This would be a great thing to set when you are out for the day let it vacuum and mop the house and come home to the 2 most time consuming jobs done! Robomaid has a section under her that can have a microfibre cloth attached having the cloth damp for mopping or dry for polishing. 

'At the end of each session Robomaid will automatically park itself back on it's docking station and recharge itself when the battery is low, it’s that simple – now that’s a pretty smart cleaner.'

After having Robomaid in my house I definitely think this a good valued machine. The only thing I could fault is that because it is so round it can't get right into the corners and edges of the house - this can be easily fixed by whipping out the normal vacuum cleaner and do a quick run around. 
Be careful as well for any cords that Robomaid cord may get stuck on as she runs around vacuuming for you.

I loved that Robomaid was able to navigate itself around and constantly know's its distance between itself and the walls. I also loved that Robomaid has a bumper that doesn't scuff or mark the walls and just bounces back off it if it hits the wall. 
Robomaid is just a smart little machine that functions like a human - knowing the distance between itself and another object, by returning to its dock station. It behaves as if it has lived in the house for years and knows exactly how to get around the house. 

My partner Daniel said 'It's the pet we aren't allowed to have'. As soon as Robomaid arrived we both followed it around like no tomorrow so intrigued at how this machine works without you having to use a remote to guide it. Daniel found later on that you can actually control the Robomaid also by the remote and then the fun really began for him - Robomaid then became his best friend as he controlled it around like a remote control car. 

Robomaid is at a RRP of $399.
For more information on Robomaid and to purchase her go to:

Monday, 22 April 2013

And the sex is.....

The bets were on and now everyone can pay up there money and do the whole 'I told you so...'

After a long track of 20 weeks pondering what the sex of our little cherub was saying 'Is it our little princess or little man?' Who will the baby out number for us in gender? What color code will we be going by? Will baby be in dresses or shorts?

After being in the ultrasound room for about an hour and baby being constantly on it's stomach sleeping like it's Daddy...

We are proud to announce that Daniel & I will be first time parents to a............ 


Friday, 19 April 2013

Camouflage Colour Nail Lacquers

I adore the colours that the Camouflage Colour range have out and I completely adored the colour I used it was a stunning piece pale pascal purple which really did go with anything.

Camouflage Lacquers come in 51 diverse colours and my favourite thing is its as natural and pure as modern technology allows. Proprietary formulas. 100% Toluene, Xylene and Formaldehyde free.

What are these products that are excluded in camouflage colour:
Xylene - flammable liquid and vapour, usually obtained from petroleum. Long exposure to Xylene may cause delayed lung injury, headaches, nausea, skin irritation and dizziness.
Toluene - flammable liquid and vapour. Is harmful if swallowed or inhaled. Causes eye and skin irritation, nausea, headaches and dizziness.
Formaldehyde - strong smelling colourless gas. Exposure to high contents, formaldehyde can cause watery eyes, nausea and coughing.
Not only are those 3 chemicals detrimental to your health, but they can also damage nails and cuticle beds.

It's main active ingredients in Silica - which is derived from sand and horsetail plant, a water-repellent and nail protectant. It acts as a lubricant to allow smooth, even application.

Camouflage Lacquers stated that they were tested to last 10 days without chipping or flaking so I put this to the test-
Date put on the nails: 5/4/2013.
First notice of chipping and wear: 9/4/2013.

I don't consider myself to be a rough one with my nails but I was pretty dissapointed in these as they say they are meant to last 10 days on. I got through 5 days (half the advised lasting date).
The thing that will keep me coming back to this product is that it's more pregnancy safe as I am not inhaling as much chemicals from other nail polishes - keeping my baby safer. 

Camouflage Lacquers are RRP of $9.99 for a 12ml.

For more on Camouflage Lacquers click the link below:

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up

Looking for the perfect eyebrows in seconds??? Then read on in this post!!

At Salon Melbourne there was a stall there that I wasn't 100% on as I have never considered make up for my eyebrows. The attendant of the stall enticed me to get a trial done for the product - I ummed and arghed over the attendant getting close and seeing my untidy eyebrows but she was very good about the whole thing and made me feel comfortable.

At first I watched as my best friend got it done and when I saw the first eyebrow done I gave her the ewh nope lets go look and shook my head... after the attendant corrected and adjusted the eyebrow make-up to match up perfectly for her eyebrows and then completed the other eyebrow it looked good.

I then got mine done and was just loving it for the rest of the day!
I didn't want to take it off that night at all but me being someone who cares about a dirty make up face going to bed washed the face and got rid of it :(
I am so upset with myself that I didn't purchase this at the Salon Melbourne and was kicking myself the whole rest of the day and next day and still pretty much am.

Here is the shot of the transition... (sorry for the untidy eyebrows)
L - normal eyebrow without Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up
R- eyebrow with Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up

Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up gives you such definition to your eyebrows and makes them stand out - give them that perfect shape with the shadowing colour it adds to your eyebrow.

I stupidly forgot to take a picture of the complete end result but believe me the photos don't do justice and hopefully this has you eager to want to try the product out!!

Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up is available in 8 shades -
The attendant used Charcoal on me - I do have a olive tan like completion and my hair is a dark brown colour and the Charcoal eyebrow make-up worked well for me.

They recommend you use a minimal amount of powder when applying as more powder will make the colour more intense. If you are looking for a more intense colour then apply twice as much powder to the eyebrows.

Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up is RRP $42.00.

For more information on Christian Eyebrow Kits and which salons stock this amazing product - click the link below:

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

19 weeks preggas

Baby belly where are you??? This is what I am currently saying to myself every time I see my reflection. When will this baby belly come out and when will my bulging fat belly change into this round watermelon!
As I am a bigger frame then most girls it's normal for me not to show until later down the track... I think I have developed a little bit at the moment, what do you think?

Last week I was interstate for work and was just so home sick I think, well maybe bubba was just missing his/her daddy because every hour I would wake up to check the time and couldn't fall to sleep easily at all. This bed was amazingly done and so comfy but just not a good nights sleep was granted to me :(
I've found that motion to my body can make me quite ill. The taxi ride from our head office in Sydney to the airport was the worst ever!! Took an hour and 15 mins - going over a trillion speed humps and around a bazillion corners just took it's toll on bubs & I. Didn't help that we were both hungry as ever! As soon as we arrived at the airport and walked for a bit to the terminal it was race time to the toilet bowl! This was a disgusting feeling, I was just ready to go home and get out of there. A flight back after a full crash course for IT and a peak hour traffic ride to the airport with a peak hour flight on a Friday is highly not recommended to anyone pregnant. 

I started also getting these hot flushes off and on in Sydney... I feel like a heater at times and Daniel comments that I'm like a hot water bottle next to him which is going to be a good thing as it's approaching winter and he can just snuggle at night time. 
I've noticed that I also am starting to spread out in bed and continuously move around at night. A queen size bed is doing for bubs, Daniel & I anymore, think it's time to invest in a King Bed - ah the room ;P

I still haven't felt movement from bubs yet... no kicks yet. And it's hard to tell when Daniel & I have little staring competitions with my belly as to who will move first if my belly is actually moving and jiggling on it's own or if it is my heart beat pulsing my belly. 
For those who are pregnant/have been pregnant - when did you feel your baby for the first time?

Today marks 1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes or 604,800 seconds till we get to see our bubba again after a long wait from the 10 week scan. We also get to find out the sex... that's if bubba is a good boy/girl for mummy and daddy and shows us whats between there legs. 

It is said that at 19 weeks baby can really hear you and your voice and it's the perfect time to start chatting to them. I wonder if baby is in there moving it's mouth and trying to talk back to us when we speak to him/her.
Daniel has been talking to baby for a very long time since the early days of pregnancy. When we first moved into our first home together Daniel actually spoke to the baby that night and told baby where we were and that this was our new home which we will have him/her in. Was one of those cute pregnancy moments that I will remember forever. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

American Crew Ultramatte

Daniel was over the moon to have something sent for him to trial. He sees all these things that I get to try and always gets upset that he gets nothing in the mail.
When the American Crew Ultramatte came in - he was over like a little kid in the toy shop!

American Crew is the official supplier to men taking the world by storm, with luxury cars & high-end electronics all offering new matte finishes - American Crew is bringing the trend to men's hair care with its new American Crew Ultramatte which is a medium hold fixative with no shine as it has a matte finish.
It moisturizers improves hair health, protection against UV rays and adds thickness.
It's been designed to stand up to all the elements, so you get looks that last.

Best directions for use is: applying a little bit to your fingertips and style into damp hair for desired style. Brushing through once dry to activate matte finish.

We personally didn't brush through with a hairbrush, Daniel just used his fingertips as a brush.

Daniel & I put this to the test by making him have the window open on a not so warm day for him as we drove through windy conditions for a couple of minutes and it stayed in perfect shape.

This product we were very surprised with as it wasn't sticky at all.... Who can honestly say they have a hair product that isn't leaving your hands sticky and needing to wash those mitts have styling?
This would be the perfect on the go hair styling product for men that they can whack in for styling in the car at the lights or as they run out the door.

The smell of the product is like a fresh lightly fragranced soapy smell. Doesn't have the overpowering strong smell like most hair holding products do.

It comes out in this amazing glowing gloss white cream that is just very silky to touch and smooth out into your hair.

The great thing about the long lastingness of this product is that it didn't flake over time. There is nothing more that I hate then seeing white flakes from the hair products in people's hair making them look as if they have the worst case dandruff in history!
With American Crew Ultramatte you'll be more then happy with the results!!

This product retails at $25.95 and is available exclusively at leading salons nationally.

For more information on American Crew products go to the website below:

Friday, 12 April 2013

Innoxa Skincare Value Pack - Super Sensitive

Gee was I a lucky girl to get to try out all these Innoxa Skincare - Super Sensitive Range!
I have never been a person to really use anything other then some water and moisturiser on my face as a daily protocol.
After trying the Innoxa Super Sensitive Range I know now why so many take more care of their face and especially if they use Innoxa. Innoxa is like the royal treatment with face creams.

At current Innoxa have these super special great deal packs that you can buy to suit your skin.
This is the one I used as I struggle with sensitive skin:
What a bargain!!
They also have 2 other packs that are called Thirsty Skin and Renew -

Here are the products up closer that I trialled out:

Review time:
Innoxa Super Sensitive Creme Cleansing Milk 150ml RRP $17.95.
This product is Step 1 - For best use wash face throughly with warm water and then apply a small amount and rub over your entire face, then wash throughly with warm water.
This product is specially formulated to gently yet throughly cleanse, soften and comfort delicate, easily irritated skin. This product is Dermatologically Approved. Fragrance Free. For All Sensitive Skins. Rich with essential nutrients and soothing herbal extracts.
My thoughts on the product:
Innoxa Super Sensitive Creme Cleansing Milk was defintely milk like - it was very runny and silky. This is a good thing for your face as it rubbed on easily but the bad thing to it was trying to contain the creme inside the container. The next morning when I opened the lid to use after first use it was all over the lid and running out of everywhere. You will be able to see a shoot of how I found the product above in the right hand side.
The creme comes out white and rubs into your skin clear which can be abit hard to know if you are covering all over. The creme has a clean sterile smell. After applying this creme my face felt a little taught but had a glossy look to it.
I wasn't so sure how this product should be used as it doesn't give very clear instructions on how best to use - it just stated that you should use with warm water. I just took this upon myself and thought of how else you would rub off treatments so I washed my face throughly with warm water also after application to my face. Apart from the creme running I am really happy with the product.

Innoxa Super Sensitive Restorative Eye Gel 15ml RRP $24.95.
This product is Step 2 - For best use apply after using Innoxa Super Sensitive Creme Cleansing Milk, applying a little to your finger tip as displayed above and warm between fingertips working outwards from the inner corners applying on your inner and outer lash line.
This product is specially formulated to help lift & tighten skin around the delicate eye area, whilst targeting lines, wrinkles and reducing puffiness.
My thoughts on this product:
I was a bit hesitant on using this as they always say you should never put anything close to your eyes and this gelwas going to be put right next to my eyeballs! This gel is gentle, non irritating, smooth, shiny and silk feeling. I definitely felt the effects of using this after a few days - my eyes felt tighter (in a good way), they were always big and brightly opened and got rid of that morning puffiness I would have with my eyes.
The only flaw I can point out on this product is I found it dried my eyes out a little more on the sides and caused that dry flaky sleep like discharge on the inner and outer part of my eye but that could be as it spreads on sticky.

Innoxa Super Sensitive Gentle Day & Night Creme 50ml RRP $27.95
This product is Step 3 - final step in the pack. For best use apply after using Innoxa Super Sensitive Creme Cleansing Milk, apply enough to the face to be able to cover your face with a thin layer of the creme. This Creme will stay on your face.
Innoxa Gentle Day & Night Creme is specially formulated to gently soothe, nourish and protect easily irritated, sensitive skin. Its ideal for those who prefer a richer texture, this creme delivers essential moisture and nutrients to the skin, whilst the added Dermaseal provides protection against environmental irritant and allergens. This product is Dermatologically Approved. Fragrance Free. For sensitive, Normal and Dry Skins. 
My thoughts on this product: 
It has a very distinct smell of that numbing stuff the dentists use but don't worry it doesn't numb your face! This product is non greasy and non oily, it rubs on smooth and disappears quickly. 
This product has been a replacement for just a standard moisturiser.

Thoughts of the Innoxa Super Sensitive range as a package:
Daniel actually commented that my face has cleared up quite a bit since using these products. 
I love the texture and the smells of all these 3 products. They feel good going on my face and leave my face feeling refreshed and clean. I feel like I'm actually doing something good with my skin and it definitely shows. 
I would recommend this to anyone who has sensitive or dry skin. I have been a long time sufferer of sensitive, dry skin and this product was amazing to use. I am going to be in forever debt to the Innoxa brand for bringing something so gentle on my sensitive skin. 

For more on the Innoxa products view their website link below:

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

18 weeks

So this is the usual week you start to feel some movement from bubba.
Daniel & I eagerly watch my belly at night time waiting to see something. Sometimes we see a bit of a wobble but we don't know if that's just my jiggy bits or its actually bubba moving.

This week I've still carried on the emotional stage - I think separation anxiety is something I developed with Daniel.
On Sunday night he was heading out to the shops being nice coz he wanted to go organize dinner and get a few necessaries from the shop. Daniel was about to walk out the garage door when I got upset and started crying. I got upset that he was going to leave me alone, that he didn't ask me to come... Then it escalated to all my other worries in the world that go round my head. The past few days have been rough on my emotions because I flew out to Sydney Wednesday night for work and this will be until Friday night that I'm away from Daniel this far apart. Even though Daniel & I have spent this same time apart before. I worried about him being by himself. For those of you who don't know the relationship of Daniel & I - we have been glued at the hip since day one of getting together. We pretty much lived with each other straight away and there probably is very minimal moments of the day that we are apart in our free time.

I'm currently blogging this post on the flight to Sydney- this is actually my first time on a plane! Kinda sucks in a that I'm flying for the first time on a plane for work. But in a way it's good... Expense paid for flight but with the conditions that I work for it haha. It was actually alright the take off... Stomach has churned quite a few times through the take off and in air.
Yet to experience the landing so lets hope it's not rough on the way down.
I'm experiencing neck and back pains and having problems with a cramping calf muscle but that has been there since last night.
Daniel was all worried about the flight with me being pregnant saying that I needed to get a 'pregnancy seat' so that I would have more room. Was very cute.

I have been pretty good with the vomiting this week, not vomiting that is. (Touch wood for me that I don't jinx myself). I've dry reached still a fair few times but it hasn't been as bad as when all these symptoms started.
I've stopped taking my morning sickness tablets as they made me taste so much ginger and I seemed to always throw them up in the morning. Maybe they weren't for me? Has anyone tried morning sickness tablets that you can buy over counter? What are your thoughts?

Coming back to finish the rest of my blog now seems that I got some reception unlike up in the air.
The landing was rough :( felt like the plane did a nose dive.

Anywho time to check off now for some pregnancy zzzz's.

Love Nikita & Bubs x

Dermalogica & Willow Collaboration

Dermalogica has done some exciting stuff and has teamed up with Kit Willow for an exclusive LIMITED EDITION gift with every Dermalogica purchase over $100.
Below is just a peak - nothing compared to when you see this gorgeous leather clutch in real life. When this little baby came into my hands it was really an amazing moment. 
Something so gorgeously little and that right color to suit anything I had on was mine.

This limited edition WILLOW for Dermalogica designer cosmetic clutch will be available as a gift with purchase (spend over $100 across the Dermalogica range) through participating Dermalogica stockists and selected David Jones stores from the 8th of April - that's right, they have just been released. Get in quick to get your hot little hands on this baby too!
More exciting news and freebies (we all love freebies) you will not only receive this stunning clutch but you will also receive inside the clutch two of Kit Willow's favourite Dermalogica AGE Smart products in trial sizes.

This gorgeous limited edition WILLOW for Dermalogica clutch features a geninue nude leather outer including a cosmetic mirror and magnetic closure with an embossed WILLOW logo.

The good thing about this is it can be quite quilt free spending some money on yourself as you will be helping out the reason for the collaboration with Dermalogica and WILLOW as they will be donating a percentage of overall sales to joinFITE - an active philanthropy platform, champoined by Dermalogica.
joinFITE helps women in developing countries access small loans to start or grow a business - bettering themselves, their families and their communicates.

For those of you who are unaware of who Kit Willow is - she is an Australian iconic fashion leader. To read more on Kit Willow visit her on:

Here is what Kit Willow stated about the joining of WILLOW for dermalogica:

Dermalogica are holding an event to launch this with you all and you are all most welcome to attend those who are in the SYDNEY, MELBOURNE & BRISBANE areas- please see invite details below.

For more information on the dermalogica range click the link below:

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bad Baby Brains

At 17 weeks pregnancy close to nearly 18 on Saturday, I think that I am the biggest baby brains going around. In one ear and out the other within minutes I forget what I was doing, why I went where I did, what I was talking about and how I made it to somewhere haha!
I'm not the only one who is saying I'm suffering baby brains. Alot of my close circle people say so as well... Work colleagues the most as I spend so much time with them.

Yesterday I was specifically making a trip down to the clothing alteration shop at lunchtime, my pants that needed altering - I get up grab my purse and phone about to walk out of work - CRAP! They're back at my desk! (forget 1) I then get into the shops am walking around and then - SUGAR! I left them in the car! (forget 2).
Unbelieveable of me!!

Tuesday night I was cooking dinner and ended up dishing food up to my belly instead of the plates - literally spooned it to my stomach - that isn't baby brains at all - have no idea what that is called haha! Maybe bubs wanted the food directly.

This weeks cravings have been all about tomatoes - everyday I think of a massive bowl of tomato wedges with a stack of salt & pepper on them!! Drove to the shop yesterday to specially buy tomatoes. Was a happy moment knowing I have them there to access easily haha!

We finally moved into our new home on the long Easter weekend - Hope you all had a nice Easter break by the way.
Muscle pains and aches through the back, butt and legs got brought on from it all. No heavy lifting was done but bending over, standing on my feet and sitting in the car for ages did the trick for all those nice pains that came over my body.
It made me feel very eldery having all this stiffness and made it very hard to walk. Luckily it has now gone - please don't come back!!

When we went to collect the house keys last Thursday I had this weird sensation in my stomach, got me very confused as to whether we might have experienced our first kick but I haven't felt it since so maybe it wasn't the real thing.

Daniel & I get sent a weekly update from the Huggies website about our baby changes and my changes and read we should be feeling movement soon!! More so towards 18weeks if it's the first one as you don't really know what you are looking for.
My belly hasn't really popped much yet but when I looked in the mirror I did notice a little baby bump coming through - YAY!!

My hormones have been coming through way differently - I'm just emotional most of the time haha! Nearly brang a blubberfest to my loungeroom over last nights Home and Away episode with Romeo leaving Indi to die. By the way - Bad call for Romeo's exit H&A creaters, very dissapointed! Horrible way to kill him off the show!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dove Pure Deodorant

I introduce you the new Dove Pure Deodorant.
A fragrance-free antiperspirant specifically designed for sensitive skin.

As a person who was born with sensitive skin and struggles to stop reactions from products hearing and experiencing Dove's Pure Deodorant has given me relief of those irritated armpits I would get.

Dove Pure contains:
NO fragrance
NO parabens
NO colourants
NO alcohol

All the above things are the most common causes of irritations to people from most deodorants.

The thing I loved most and what seems to be a major problem for me with most deodorants is they are so strongly fragranced they mask my perfume.
Dove Pure has been my solution as it does not mask my perfume at all.

Dove Pure is available in an 100g aerosol can which is RRP: $5.25 and in a 50ml roll on RRP: $3.89.
Dove Pure is available at all good grocery and pharmacy stores.

Not only have I been the tester of this but so has my partner Daniel who swears by using Dove Pure now.
Daniel loves that it doesn't leave white marks under his armpits. As we all know guys aren't shavers for that area and there would be nothing worse then seeing white hairs in those pits.

For more information on the Dove range please view:

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