Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Innoxa Antioxidant Lip Glaze

A brand I have grown to know and love from my blogging experience is Innoxa.
Their products are always a treat to try out. 
I want to introduce you to a recent release that came out last month:
I tried out Guava & Plum and must say they're DEVINE!! They give off beautiful light shades that give a lipstick impression without the lipstick. I'm always sceptic about wearing lippy as I don't want to stain my lips but Innoxa's Antioxidant Lip Glaze gives you the cheating way to wear a lipstick like product to me. 
This gloss lasted quite some time before I had to reapply again. 
I was complimented on the smell of them - and no was not my partner Daniel who had a kiss with them. It was a close colleague of mine who said the lip gloss I just put on smelt amazing and she was now on the hunt for some as well. 

L- normal lips.           R- Innoxa Plum lips.

These 5 gorgeous new fruit inspired lip glazes are combined with key antioxidants to nourish, repair and leave lips looking healthy. 
They are formulated to increase collagen and encourage skin repair and renewal.
The lip glazes contain:
-Pomegranate seed oil
-Shea butter 
-Vitamin E 
-Green Tea extract 
that all work together to protect and repair lips. 

L- normal lips.         R- Innoxa guava lips.

They RRP for $14.95 each available at MYER, Priceline and other selected pharmacies. 

For more on the range please go to:

Sunday, 26 May 2013

25 week Belly Shot

25 weeks yesterday and Daniel & I are both eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little miss.

Our little darling has been active as always and a constant reminder that she's in there and well to me which I love. It was scary waiting for each scan whilst I wasn't feeling movement and not knowing if she was doing alright in there. 
My bump is still very small to me - I'm still hanging out for the big basketball belly to appear overnight. I've waited my whole life to have a baby belly and the moment is so close!!

I've been having problems with my back/hip and it was this horrible pain that had Daniel picking me up or giving me boosts to get up - I honestly got so much pain in my back that it was just not normal. I think the contributing car journeys to work that I do 5 days a week to work that take 1.5hrs each way most days and then having an office job - being at a desk most of the day is really taking its toll on me. 
Most of the days I don't know how much longer I can cope doing it for and really am hanging out for maternity leave.
I had the week off of work to rest my back and it's feeling a bit better but I know that as soon as I'm going back to work tomorrow it will start all over again. I went into the doctors the past Tuesday and the docs said they think its more my hip - which they advise is normal as my hips would be widening ready for childbirth but I seem to not be taking it as well so she's referred me to a physio now and said to take it easy. 
Something that really worries me is that as I've got pins in my hips from a sporting injury when I was in primary school (this doesn't effect my walking at all and you wouldn't know my hips have metal rods in them unless I told you) may not allow me to have a natural childbirth which is something I really want to do. I've always dreamed of having my kids naturally and never thought of caesarean as an option at all for me. I talked this concern over with my doctor who advised me we will just have to see how it goes for me along the way. I can only hope that I will be able too.

But I will leave you all with a 25 week shot of me and the little bump as my blog title posts -

 Hope you all have an amazing week x x

Thursday, 23 May 2013


I've been reading that I needed to invest in a good pregnancy rub for stretch marks and elasticity in my stomach for bubba.
When Hydra-Oil came along I thought perfect timing as I am now getting into the weeks that my stomach should be stretching and getting that beautiful baby bump whilst needing to be looked after the most ever.
Hyrda-Oil have 2 products which I tried out.
I used the Hydra- Oil Replenishing Body Cream which I adored. The best thing about using the cream on my baby belly was that I don't have to have my top pulled up like I'm 11 again and rocking out to the Spice Girls. The cream instantly goes into your skin and won't stain/mark your clothing and the top can be put straight back over your skin.
The only flaw I found was the packaging it was in - it's a spray can - to start of with I was like this is amazing I don't have to scoop it out of a tub and it was spraying like crazy foam coming out but then as days went on it started to get thick and I could barely get the cream out - you're constantly having to hold the top down to get little drizzles of the cream out.

The Hydra-Oil oil solution was fast acting and went straight into my skin without long delays of waiting for it to soak in like other products I have used before. I used Hydra-Oil Oil on my hands when they were drying out, I've used it on my face as I have an uneven skin tone and on my hair just at the ends when it was getting really dry.

Hydra-Oil doesn't have an over powering strong smell to it either, it's a simple little smell that leaves your skin smelling refreshed whilst the oil is still acting on your skin. 
With added Tri Nano Oil which is a Combination of ingredients which acts as a non-greasy emollient helping with increased skin absorption and making skin soft, smooth and supple as well as protecting the skin from drying out.
This makes it great for someone like me who has dry sensitive skin. It was good not to have to steroid my effected areas with doctor prescribed creams and allow it to breath with some oils helping it out.

Hydra-Oil RRP - $16.95 (60mL) $20.95 (125mL) $26.95 (200mL)
Replenishing Body Cream RRP -$21.95 (150mL)

Hydra-Oil Products are exclusively stocked at Coles Supermarkets.

Hydra-Oil is dermatologically tested and contains Tri Nano Oil, Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Calendua Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin A & E. All things good for you :)
That combination is a well thought through product that has catered for so many things in one - to read more on how Hydra-Oil ingredients are helping click below to the link and then you can also navigate around to see more about their range:

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Making the nest

Just a quick one to show you what tonight held for Daniel & I putting together something so special and the first thing we could do a parents to be for our bubba on the way... we put together her cot who we so thankful received from Baby Wholesale Warehouse in Melton (blog post dedicated to them coming soon on all the details to get your baby furniture)

The Daddy cap came on tonight as Dad Daniel took lead role in setting up the cot along with his co-worker Mummy Me :)
It all started like this...

There was pieces all over the ground, legs and arms across the floor holding pieces up whilst screwing in screws and putting bubs cot together.
This is probably the first thing Daniel & I have actually put together as a couple and to make it even more special it was for our darling.

After spending around 2.5hrs together working out what goes where and who will do what we finally got there and here is our end result...

And this was luckily already put together for us so we didn't have to build our changing table up -

And the pieces together...

We spent so much time today out at the shops looking at all baby things and racked up a huge bill of clothes... We just couldn't resist, there is soooo many cute things out there!
We scoped out some prams and will make a decision on them during the week and will probably have the pram purchase next weekend.
This is getting all toooo exciting for me! 16 weeks to go now and I'm hoping it will be quick so we can have her here with us soon but I guess 16 weeks is a good number to get ourselves prepared and completely set up her room.

Friday, 17 May 2013

24 weeks

I've reached the over half way mark and in the last half of the pregnancy. It still seems so far away until our little darling girl with be with us. Feels like forever we have been waiting for this cherub to arrive. 16 more weeks to go. 3-4 months left... now that really makes it feel like such a long time to go now.
My pregnancy was going oh so well until the last 2 days... I have been vomiting all over again :(
Yesterday morning I think I brought that on by having milk in the mornings. I was always a little funny with dairy products before pregnancy but it's reached a whole new level now with babes in there. I just can't seem to win. Milk, cheese, chocolate, ice cream all those things are really setting me off. I get this bad taste left in my mouth that feels like it's coming from my stomach. It's horrible, I just feel so off after having them. I try to avoid them but it's hard not to have chocolate and ice cream which seem to be all I want to snack on these days.
This morning I threw up on an empty stomach and those are the killer vomits to look out for as they are really not nice throwing up the acid lining in your stomach.
And then again just a few minutes ago... I'm currently down the other end of the house in bed whilst poor Daniel is having his dinner by himself up in the kitchen at the other end of the house. I just couldn't stand the smell of the steak cooking and everything came up that I had since lunchtime practically... It went forever and I seriously thought I could have thrown up bubs through my mouth, it just felt never ending and the pain of it on my throat and still to now trying to recover was just excruciating. (Sorry to all those who have a weak stomach or have eaten/about to eat and read this)
I don't think bubba liked her world being all shock up in there as she has been letting out some good beatings from the inside at me since vomiting.
I feel as if I'm going backwards and down hill now though... I can't stand certain smells of things anymore as I'm straight to the bathroom to chuck my guts up.

My physical changes lately have been that my stomach has come out abit more and had the first person touch my belly today at work who wanted to have a feel of how it was at current so that was surprising. Apparently bubs is going to double her size in the next month period which really excites me which I don't know if I'm the only woman out there that has dreamed her whole life of having a pregnancy belly but man have I been waiting a long time for this moment that is soon to approach me.
I can't wait to have the massive pregnancy baby bump - I adore seeing them on other women and always thought to myself awh I can't wait to have a baby belly and now my turns finally here!!
Although having a baby belly isn't all that great... I'm seeing new stretch mark lines appearing and thinking why?! I have enough from when I was bigger... Can't you just reuse those ones? haha.
Other physical changes would be that my skin is kinda on the mend... I was going through a bad breakout on my skin with pimples but it seems to have calmed down a little now but still getting areas pop up.
Sorry for all boys who read my pregnancy blog update this time around but my areola's around the nipples have become massive and they are starting to dry out which I will be posting a product review hopefully this weekend of what is getting me through at the moment.
I have been getting a lot of pains in my back and it just aching... I purely think that is because I sit in the car driving long distance back and too work - this morning was 1.5hrs each way! It's ridiculous the traffic and distance I endure myself through 5 days a week... Melton West to Clayton is not a nice drive - do not recommend it all.
My hair hasn't been falling out all that much either... I don't notice much of a change in terms of everyone saying 'pregnancy gives you great healthy hair'. Maybe thats still to come...

On the mental changes I have been on this roller coaster of emotions... I seem to be easily crying for no real good reason and don't cope well so much anymore with things. I stress as always which isn't a good thing to have in your characteristics. I just get frustrated more easily and then work myself up into having a sooky fest over something so tiny or bringing back up all the other little things whilst in my sooky mood that get me way too worked up!

Today I was talking with some fellow colleagues about giving birth and I am actually not turned off or that frightened... I'm a little scared for the pain that I might endure but am excited at the same time as it will be a new experience and I know I will have a lot of support and after bubs comes out seeing her will make it all worth it.
I want to try and do it all natural with no pain relief and having baby natural birth but I guess we will have to see how we go hey.
I have been thinking more about how I want to remember the moments of going through labour and was thinking that I might tape from the start of me going into labour right through to giving birth and when bubba arrives... Has anyone else choosen to video labour or take photos throughout the labour to revisit the moment?

Some exciting things we read in our updates of where we are currently at in pregnancy was that bubbas cochlea, the inner ear mechanism that houses all components of her hearing is fully formed so she can hear what I am hearing but obviously not at the same level as she is hiding in there.
I have been talking to her more and more and it's nice having someone there other then Daniel who can listen to me have a whinge and tell my hopes and dreams too.
Daniel has always been talking to bubs since we found out we were pregnant and now we kinda team up on each other and dob one another in to bubba haha.

This weekend will be the start of the nursery set up for us. Babes cot arrived yesterday and we get the change table tomorrow from a very amazing store which I will also be posting a blog up about once we get setup. It will be a work in progress as we obviously don't have everything yet but I will blog with posts to keep you all updated on how it is looking with photos.
Can't wait to get it all set up. What kind of themes did you/ do you have for your baby rooms? Would love to hear some ideas as I never really thought of having a theme until I was asked by a friend about what I was going with and thought to myself... wow, you do themes too? haha.

Monday, 13 May 2013

ELES Mineral Makeup - Liquid Powder Foundation & Pore Perfecting Face Primer

It's not often you fall in love with cosmetic products but when you find that perfect match in a cosmetic item it's a dream come true.

ELES Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation was when I found my first foundation that I could fall in love with. ELES Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation is this smooth, velvety, creamy and light foundation that just spreads onto your face ever so nicely.
I have never used a mineral based foundation before ELES and really do strongly believe that everyone should definitely give ELES Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation a test before you can really say 'I've found the one'.
ELES Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation - 30ml          RRP - $66.50
This foundation is a hypoallergenic and oil-free liquid formula which glides on velvety smooth and sets to a soft powder finish which lasts all day. ELES foundation includes a chemical-free sunblock within the product helping to provide your skin with coverage against damaging ultra-voilet light and free-radicals. 
ELES is a long-lasting formula which allows the foundation to enhance the complexion without covering up the skin, allowing it to 'breathe' freely. 
This would be the first time I have ever worn a foundation that matched my skin tone perfectly - I am usually a one or two shade darker girl to get more of that sun kissed tanned look. I loved that when I hugged my partner that this did not rub off on his clothes like all other foundations have done, leaving nasty stains that are hard to scrub out at times. 
ELES Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation blended well into my skin and worked really well with ELES Pore Perfecting Face Primer as the base. 
ELES Pore Perfecting Face Primer - 28g         RRP - $62.00 
Once again ELES has shown me something different - I have never used a primer before. Primer is an amazing little secret that helps to create that flawless makeup look. ELES's primer creates a protective base for makeup, keeping skin nourished and hydrated.
ELES's Pore Perfecting Face Primer is lightweight and oil-free. Its techno-advanced formula is made with Vitamin E, Beta-Hydroxy Acid, Cyclopentasiloxane, Enantia bark extract and Olenanolic Acid which combats shine in multiple ways, absorbing oil and reducing pore size.
Not only does it make you have that gorgeous flawless look but whilst you are wearing ELES Pore Perfecting Primer it's naturally refining and exfoliating the complexion as Salicyclic Acid levels our roughness and keeps foundation looking smooth, hour after hour.
Over time, ELES Primer keeps on working to control oil breakthrough even after you take if off.
I was amazed at how little foundation can be applied to your face to get it looking flawless... Here is what was left on my make-up after a clean off at night... That is nothing compared to all our foundations I have used which end up leaving me 2 make up wipes down trying to get it all off.

Before and After Shots with the use of ELES Mineral Makeup Products as reviewed above:

For more on the ELES Mineral Makeup Range visit below:

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Paul Mitchell for Kids

Paul Mitchell has 2 very special products my sister is holding close to her hair daily which are:
Baby Don't Cry Shampoo & Taming Spray


These 2 products that I am about to discuss with you would have to be hands down the best smelling and effectively working products for kids.
My little sister has this crazy, thick, untameable 'Islander' hair as well call it. She has always been the squirmer when it comes to having to get her hair brushed after a shower. She would cry and scream for what seemed like ages having to get her hair combed through.
I have tried a lot of different branded detanglers, shampoos, conditioners, treatments etc... everything you name it to be able to make hair brushing time something that isn't so painful and fearful for her.
Paul Mitchell's range is something that has created peace and magic to our ears and I am sure heaven for her to manage. My sister is now currently at the age of 11 and she is finally able to go through her hair brushing by herself. Paul Mitchell products have really helped to made her very independent in looking after her own hair.
The smell is gorgeously refreshing and smells fresh from a salon. Her hair is a lot easier to brush.
She loves this products so much that she will be caught numerous times a day spritzing and running her fingers through, you can just tell what a difference it has made for her and how much happier she is with Paul Mitchell hair products in her life now.

Baby Don't Cry Shampoo -                                                                                  300ml RRP $19.95
Is a special shampoo that was designed with baby's skin and scalp in mind. Baby Don't Cry Shampoo has been formulated with unique moisturising and soothing qualities. 
It is Gentle on hair with mild cleansers and a neutral pH creating this tearless formula. 
It is Soothing with chamomile and cone flower extract which helps to calm and soothe the skin and scalp.
It is a unique blend of extracts that help replace and prevent the disruption of the natural occurring moisture on the skin.
Taming Spray -                                                                                                    250ml RRP $24.95
Is lightweight, leave-in conditioner helping calm, control and comb through kids' most difficult tangles, leaving hair feeling great and full of body and shine.
It Sprays On and Leave On technique provides easy detangling on dry or damp hair. 
Its Fast Acting which quickly penetrates, leaving hair fresh and full of body. 
This is a great product to use after showers, on damp hair or even on that morning bed hair! 

For More on Paul Mitchell range visit:

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Revlon Professional - Hydra Rescue Treatment

The first thing you will notice about this product is it's smooth, silky and creamy texture. It has this gorgeous fresh smell which reminds me of a new born baby.

Interactives is the new concentrated hair care range from Revlon Professional - Hydra Rescue is only one under the Interactive range.
Hydra Rescue is the ultimate hydration weapon formulated to help combat visible damage caused by the environment, colouring and regular use of heated styling tools.

Hydra Rescue products have a shampoo, balm, treatment and elixir - they have all been scientifically formulated to provide dehydrated, fragile and dull hair with effective and easy to use solutions.
Packed with active ingredients, Hydra Rescue includes a unique hydra capture system that maintains moisture levels up to 36% more than intensive conditioners. The system locks water inside the hair which is then gradually released to provide regular hydration that nourishes and replenishes brittle tresses.
Not only is Hydra Rescue providing you with the hydra capture system but each Hydra Rescue product has its own unique purpose and works most effectively when used in conjunction with other products from the range.

I used the Hydra Rescue Treatment which is a 200ml jar which is RRP $26.95.

This is a dual action treatment intensely nourishing the hair from inside out, rehydrating and regenerating damaged hair. Its best used every one to two weeks, the treatment will keep hair soft, shiny and silky between salon visits.

My hair is probably in a bad way after all the colouring, bleaching, hair styling tools that have been used on my hair from my younger years. These days I tend to just let it dry naturally and am lucky to have it fine and never really needing to be styled after drying.
I never noticed how dull my hair actually was - it never had that shine, that glossy look to it. It was always just 'Your hair sits nicely or your hair looks good today' I never succeeded in the compliments of 'Your hair looks really full of life or your hair looks really healthy and shiny' until I used this product.
My hair just had this glow to it. This product did such wonders to my hair leaving me amazed with not only the look it left in my hair but the smell.

My partner Daniel enjoys using this product too and I can always smell it on him after a shower. The smell just leaves a clean, fresh and breath-taking moment with you.

For more on the Revlon Hydra Rescue Range click the link below:

Monday, 6 May 2013

My Mothers Day Fragrance Recommendations

Everyone love's selecting perfume as a present for women and as I would always say - you can never have enough perfume! I always have a few on the go and love to mix it up. 
Here are my top 3 picks for this Mother's Day...
Everyone love's selecting perfume as a present for women and as I would always say - you can never have enough perfume! I always have a few on the go and love to mix it up. 
Here are my top 3 picks for this Mother's Day... 

ACQUA di GIOIA - Giorgio Armani - just released!!!
RRP - 50ml $99 and 100ml $125 
ACQUA DI GIOIA Eau Fraîche unveils a new expression of Jasmine. An exclusive infusion of just-
picked flowers creates a very subtle and completely transparent blend, with an intense Jasmine Tea
Joined with ACQUA DI GIOIA’s signature Water Jasmine accord, it evokes a rare synthesis of water and light for an incredible sensation of purity.
Sparkling top notes of grapefruit, Primofiore lemon and mandarin zest, reveal a fresh and floral heart. Ylang-ylang brings its solar radiance to the aquatic Water Jasmine and to the airy Jasmine Tea accord. Cedarwood is enveloped in delicate musks with hints of brown sugar for an earthy, lingering caress.

The luminous ACQUA DI GIOIA Eau Fraîche bottle follows the same design aesthetic as ACQUA DI GIOIA: an elegant and modern interpretation of organic, feminine forms. The new bottle plays with light and transparency. The distinguishing feature is a drop of water seemingly captured in the soft green glass.                


                                                                                                            HYPNOSE - Lancome  
                                                                                              RRP - 50ml $112 and 75ml $136

Sensual. Seductive. Captivating. HYPNÔSE will draw you into a world of seduction with its captivating notes. It’s a helix of sensuality whose notes are intimately blended. Passion Flower embodies sublime femininity and makes an extraordinary radiant, bright, and youthful impression. Vanilla clings to skin to tempt and entangle with creamy softness and mouth-watering seduction. Warm Vetiver is surrounded by Passion Flower—to create a deep and lingering sensuality.


LIGHT BLUE - Dolce & Gabbana
RRP - 100ml $79.99

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana for Women launched in 2001 by the design house of Dolce & Gabbana. Light Blue by D&G is a stunning perfume, overwhelming and irresistible that likes the joy of living.

- Classically feminine, yet stunning
- Intense with jasmine, freesia, earthy musk & amber
- Warm & endlessly appealing


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