Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Encouraging your children to get back outside for Spring

With the weather now back to somewhat good our little ones are eager to get back outdoors and now us Mummies can have those moments of getting fresh air with the kids outside instead of being indoors, the kids can run wild in the backyard and there is so much more time to visit the park now.

Through winter we visited the park still between battles of unplanned rain and gales that come with living in Melbourne.

Here is some fun activities to get the kids back outdoors this Spring.
  • Picking flowers - We are back in Spring and the flowers should be starting to bloom. Pick some flowers with the children or plant your own to watch them grow.
  • Make a veggie patch - Encourage children to get their green thumb on with you.
  • Digging - We know how kids love to hide things and then find them all over again so why not get a planter box, fill it with soil and allow them to hide objects in there. Grab some little gardening tools and allow them to dig for them.
  • Sand play - The activity that should remain outside and what the kids live for going outside to do. We know that not many people are keen on sand because it can get dirty if you don’t have a tarp/cover over it so why not get a complete zip up tent and pop sand in there and zipping up when not in use – nothing can get in now.
  • Special Occasions – if there is a special celebratory event coming up like a birthday why not take advantage of this to purchase some ‘outdoor’ equipment which shall encourage them to be outside and make use of their new presents.
  • Water play - When the weather is perfect get a tub and fill it with water, get the barbies or baby dolls and give them a wash, add a face washer and a sponge so they can not only play in the water but encourage them to have good practice on their cleaning skills for when it comes bath/shower time for them. Or make your own boats from recycled materials – using milk bottles for the boat and icy pole sticks with a bit of water as a sail.
  • Visit new parks - Why not park hop and visit new parks within the area or meet up with friends with kids and have a play date locally.

There is so many activities to play outdoors but we have shared some of our favorites above and what we will be doing when those good days present for us.

*All photos of children featured are of my own daughter or her friends; in which permission has been gained. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The 'Must have' product for babies; Sudocrem [REVIEW]

Sudocrem; healing cream is a zinc based cream that helps to relieve dermatitis/eczema like skin itches, rough skin, chafing, bites, minor burns and sunburn.
Sudocrem is a product that has grown to be a ‘must have’ in this household.
Having Sudocream for nappy rash is the most common use for Sudocream as most of us would know. Instant changes happen with just one use from it on nappy rash. Each time I change Niah there is major differences in comparison to how the nappy rash previously looked.
Sudocream once again is helping to soothe, moisturize and provide relief to the skin and protect from developing further irritation.

We have tried many baby creams to help with the nappy rash and Sudocrem is right up there on the top for us, not only does it aid in those times of need when Miss Niah has nappy rash but it’s versatility of uses never stops to amaze me.

Both Miss Niah and I suffer from dermatitis/eczema unfortunately and we have been applying this to ourselves when needed. After washing at nighttime we apply this directly onto Niah’s skin in which is affected. Niah seems to get dermatitis like rashes on the sides of her tummy and occasionally patches here and there on the back of her knees.
I myself suffer from it mainly on my hands and occasionally get it in the same areas as Niah.

I wouldn’t say Sudocrem clears the problem completely but it’s a good product in order to help maintain those break outs and provide some moisturised relief to our effected dermatitis areas.
When applying you only need a small amount as it does spread out thin and will be a little greasy, I’m not completely fond of putting it on my fingers due to this reason but of a nighttime I am happy to place it onto my fingers and allow to let it set in as I’m not as active and need my hands to do anything.
When it comes to using this on nappy rash though the redder the rash the more I lather onto Niah’s skin. I find the more that it on their the faster it helps to heal Niah’s rash.

I’m really keen to try using Sudocrem on sunburn when the Melbourne weather decides to get better so I can get some tanning underway. I never once thought of using Sudocrem for sunburns until I was reintroduced to the versatilities of their product again.

Sudocrem comes in 60g, 125g, 250g, 400g or 30g tube for those handbags.
Sudocrem can be found at most pharmacies, supermarkets and other like stores in the baby section.

In preference I like the tube better as it was easier to use. I wasn’t having to dig my fingers into a tub and contaminate the cream or better still wasn’t having Miss Niah want to dig her fingers in and help out Mummy by covering herself in it which seems to be the trend with most of the little tots these days.

Overall I rate Sudocrem a 5 out of 5 stars. They are overall a fantastic brand that have created a fantastic product that helps to work fast on our beloveds and that’s what we want.

Read my review along with other Mum's with Babology here.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Sudocrem and Babyology. I received this product mentioned above for consideration. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

RECAP/ROUND UP: The Royal Melbourne Show - 2015

This past weekend marked the opening of the annual Royal Melbourne Show. The Royal Melbourne Show is on from the 19th of September to the 29th of September, 2015.
For 2015 the Royal Melbourne Show opened its gates on a Saturday rather than the normal Thursday which traditionally has been done. I thought was better as the kids are usually still in school on the Thursday and Friday but then thought about those who want to try miss the crowds who may have younger families.

Entry into the show will cost you $38 for adult tickets and $19 for children, with under 4 free. Alternatively you can buy family passes which save you a bit of cash.
Getting into the show has many options – get the direct train ride via Metro trains which stops right at the showgrounds, get a tram down from the city stopping outside the showgrounds or drive in parking around the showgrounds. Parking will cost you $22 if you park at the primary school opposite showgrounds or $50 to park at the leisure centre opposite showgrounds.

Anyway, we ventured in for the sunny and warm 21c opening day. We were there for very start of a 10am opening. I can't recall every going on a opening day so I wanted to see what the atmosphere was like. I won't lie when I say I was thinking to myself what are you doing? It'll be packed - first day, school holidays and weekend, BUT I completely wrong. There was a crowd but not as much as I expected. By noon it has picked up as expected and there was double the amount of people as to when we entered but it was still easy to get around.

As I usually say every year it's an expensive day out but it comes once a year thankfully.
Why do I keep going back you may ask?  I just love the atmosphere, the exciting once a year event to do something different with the family. 

This year we were more focused on the activities they had for kids now that Niah is 2, walking around herself and can do more things on her own as well as knowing what she wants to do and doesn't. We first stopped by The Farmhouse which you were able to pat chickens and pigs, take part in some activities like digging for veggies in soil beds, color in etc.

Next stop was checking out the carnival area with all the rides. Rides will start anywhere from $6 upwards. A ride on the biggest for the big kids is $20 where as a ride on the Ferris wheel with the family will cost you $30 for 4. Take a ride on the newest addition to the kids carnival like Niah & I did on 'The Animal Kingdom' which will set you back $10pp.

We hit up the Entertainment Dome after that where we were able to see Peppa Pig and her family live on stage for a performance. I believe it may have went for around 10-15 minutes. Perfect, perfect, perfect timing! Kids don't have a long attention span as we know so this was well done for timing. You'll be able to see music stars, illusionists and more daily via the Entertainment Dome.

It was time for some lunch next and you have two areas to pick from now the Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion which has been there time after time with businesses who cook hot meals or you have the array of little stalls who are showcasing their products to purchase for use at home or the many bakeries. Or you could visit the new Pop Up Restaurants which is located outside the Masterchef head quarters building where you could pick up a good pulled burger with some slaw.


Visiting the Art, Craft & Cookery Pavilion was next for us. We admired all the talented skills of entrants - with cakes that will blow your mind into how they could possibly do that. Free activities for the kids; where they could chalk draw on the porcelain life size cows or take part in some art and craft activities.

Niah loves animal so we made sure we visited all the animal parts of the Royal Melbourne Show and visited the animal based halls for judging of livestock at The Weekly Times Livestock Pavilion and the dogs at the Advance Dog Pavilion, both located at in separate halls on the opposite sides of the showgrounds.

The showbag pavilion was a breeze - apart from the slow walkers hehe. We were able to get around this year without touching shoulders and getting prams run into the backs of our legs.
I took Niah's pram into the show and was easily able to use this without having to stop and start finding room for us to squeeze through.
Surprisingly this year we walked away without any showbags really. I brought Niah a $3 Bertie Bettle showbag just so Niah could come back with a showbag but it just seems to be time after time that it's really not worth your money and you are better off investing it into something brought from the shops rather than the show. This year was pretty disappointing showbag wise, I will admit.

Lucky last we finished the Royal Melbourne Show with visiting the Jayco Animal Nursery where it was a free open petting zoo with baby lambs and goats.
At set times you can join in on feeding the baby animals there milk and get your photo taken with a baby lamb by photographers at the exit for a fee of $15 for an individual print of $25 for a pack of mixed size photos.

I have to give big kudos and ups to the Royal Melbourne Show as this year they put in a crossing where it stops traffic along the Epsom Rd along the school side where their is parking and generates a lot of entry for those who drove in. White lines were put across the road and the road now had put in temporary traffic lights just for the show go-ers. Thank you so much to the innovative thinkers behind this, so many stressed less people having to duck and run through traffic to get across the road to the showgrounds.

Another thing is I noticed how clean the show was, this was potentially maybe because it was the first day but I actually noticed cleaners going around picking up rubbish from the ground this year. Well done guys, you rock!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

JORD Wooden Watches REVIEW

I'm a sucker for unique things and haven't something different like JORD Wooden Watches.
These piece I've had for a little while now and unfortunately as you will have seen in my recent breaks between posts I've been a little caught up in my life as it's gotten hella busy.

JORD Wooden Watches are handcrafted and are that perfect staple accessory to go with anything.
I picked out the Sidney in Maple & Rose Gold. For those of you who know me you will know that 1. I am not a jewellery wearer at all and occasionally I will pop on a necklace.. no earrings, no rings, no bracelets... complete nadda and 2. I am a lover of Rose Gold; let's be honest, who doesn't really.

A wooden watch that has swarvoski crystals inlayed in bezel circling the face of the watch. The rose gold features through the face of the watch and the maple, being the color of the wood used for the watch itself.

I feel really comfortable in wearing a JORD watch, it doesn't feel like an overall of the normal jewellery colors being your coppers, silvers and gold's. It's a unique piece, light in weight.
A double sided clasp makes it easier to get this watch on and off yourself, without having to awkwardly scrunch the arms and fingers whilst attempting to one handed put on this watch.

The face is of a perfect size. It takes up a good amount of covering my forearm but is easily seen from a distance like now as I write this post, with my hands at the keyboard.

Presentation wise the JORD Wooden Watches go above and beyond with having a little wooden box that the watch comes in, rested upon its own little cushion for care, a cleaning cloth and extra links.

JORD Wooden Watches personalise to fit your wrist. Measure up your rest and advise JORD when ordering and you have your very own piece from the JORD collection.

The Sidney watch is $199 with free shipping worldwide.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by JORD Wooden Watches I received this product mentioned above for consideration. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Aveeno dermexa Review

In time for Eczema Awareness Week which is from the 13th September to the 21st of September, I have posted my review on the Aveeno dermexa which was just released.

I have suffered from dermatitis all my life and it's something I wish I didn't have. Aveeno dermexa is a fabulous product that helps to maintain and control those breakouts on my dermatitis.

Do you suffer from dermatitis/eczema? What do you find helps you?

Unboxing of The Z Box from Amino Z

Something a little different, I do my first 'unboxing' with The Z Box from Amino Z.

The Z Box is a monthly subscription box that gives you a variety of sports supplements to try out. 
It is a $29.95 monthly fee and you will get a voucher code each month to redeem back at Amino Z to purchase any of the products that featured within that box. 
Unfortunately I thought this was a voucher for anything they had in stock but it's not, which I didn't mention in the video. 

After this video I did unsubscribe from the monthly box as I prefer to be able to just put the money towards a product that I actually want incase there is nothing I find that I need from that box. 

GRWM - Get Ready with Me - Everyday Makeup Tutorial Look

I filmed a GRWM - Get Ready with Me little tutorial look to show you all what I currently use as a normal everyday look.
All products featured as listed within the description bar of the video and are some of my ultimate favourite products.

Once again apologies for the facial shot down below as I'm still learning about thumbnails. I'm not very tech savvy at all so these things will take time to learn.

Drive To Gym with Me / Pre workout Poo's?

Head to the gym with me in the car, see what I take pre workout wise and get my fabulous sing a long sessions happening again as well as having a little diet chat about Maxine's Challenge and then discuss pre workout poo's with me.. it'll make you either disgusted or laugh. Hopefully laugh as it's a complete natural thing that we all do right ;P

Current Gym Routine / Pre workout and Post workout

Here is my current gym routine of what I do for pre workout supplement wise and post supplement wise as well as having a little sing a long in the car on the way to gym.

Excuse the face below... I'm still working on thumbnails on my videos and not just a freeze frame on wherever it likes haha.

I'm Vlogging!

I have been a little quiet on the 'blogging' front here as I have been trying out something new and that's 'logging' (video blogging) via filming myself and uploading onto YouTube.

Have you checked me out yet and subscribed to my channel to keep updated?

I'm still with L plates being a rookie learner but eventually in time I will get there.

I'll leave you with my little intro into vlogging video here:

Utopia Womens Wellness Event

I am super excited to be attending the Utopia Women's Wellness Event this year. Unfortunately I missed it last year due to having another event on that day but I'm ready for it this year and even marked Melbourne's date in the calendar at the start of the year as a block out. 

Utopia Women's Wellness is an exclusive, one day event focusing on holistic wellness, with a goal to educate, inspire and empower.

Utopia gives you the chance to take your life, happiness and health into your own hands. Get expert knowledge, mix with like-minded people, speak with industry leaders and ask those specific questions you have always wanted to know. All in one fun and exciting day!

Utopia have a fantastic line up of wellness icons (see picture banner below) that you can hear from on the day, get expert advice as well as purchase a range of wellness products. Wellbeing events always get my full attention as it's something I live for everyday.

Utopia is the place to learn how to nurture yourself, to boost confidence and access the tools to feel empowered and inspired to live a long, full and happy life.

Melbourne - You are up first where Utopia will be visiting the Melbourne Park Function Centre on the 26th September followed by Brisbane on the 7th November at the Royal International Convention Centre and then finally Sydney on the 14th November at the Australian Technology Park.

Follow me on my social media channels as I come in live with how the event is going.
Twitter: @nakkers20
Instagram: @njtblogger
Snapchat: @nakkers20

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Utopia Women's Wellness Event. I received a complimentary guest past in exchange for its promotion here against my policy of honesty always and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own was used.

Watergardens Town Centre Welcomes a World of Wonder these School Holidays

From Monday 21 September until Sunday 4 October Watergardens Town Centre will transform into a kingdom of fun; bringing to life the magic and beauty of the classic Brothers Grimm tales for all the family to enjoy.

These school holidays, visitors to Watergardens Town Centre are invited to enjoy some magical fun with their favourite fairy-tale princesses. Join Snow White, Cinderella and Belle as they spread their sparkle through the West.

The magic unfolds daily between 11.00am and 2.00pm, when shoppers and their little princes and princesses can experience a whole host of fairy-tale themed treats and activities, including:
  • Princess Studios: Meet your favourite fairy tale princess in their Princess Studio. 
  • Snow White’s Enchanted Forest: Paint your own gnome in Snow White’s beautiful Enchanted Forest. Royal Hair Studio: Be transformed into a Prince or Princess for a day and crowned or sprinkled with magic dust in the Royal Hair Studio. 
  • Cupcake Decoration Workshop: Create your own cupcake masterpiece. (1 day activation) 
  • Crazy Mirrors: Find the fairest of them all with these magic mirrors. 
Visitors can even take a piece of the magic home with them through the great range of gifts up for grabs. Winners will be drawn daily for lots of exciting prizes, such as double passes to High Tea at Overnewton Castle and Princess prize packs valued at $50 each. With so much on offer, the event looks set to make fairy tales come true for children and adults alike these school holidays.

Your little ones can take part in a range of prince and princess event activities which are listed below:

Princess studios: Meet your favourite fairy tale princess in their princess studio.
Date: Monday 21st September to Sunday 4th October
Time: 11.00am - 11:20am, 11:40am - 12.00pm, 12:20pm - 12:40pm, 1.00pm - 1:20pm, 1:40pm - 2.00pm
Cinderella Studio location: Opposite Lindens Fresh Meat
Belle Studio location: Opposite Jamaica Blue
Snow White Studio location: Opposite Bakers Delight*
Cost: FREE
*Plus, the first 50 guests per day to visit Snow White will enjoy a fresh apple compliments of San Andreas Watergardens

Snow White’s Enchanted Forest: Paint your own gnome in Snow White’s beautiful Enchanted Forest. 
Date: Monday 21st September to Sunday 4th October
Time: From 11.00am – 2.00pm
Location: In the Atrium
Cost: FREE

Royal Hair Studio: Be transformed into a Prince or Princess for a day and crowned or sprinkled with magic dust in the Royal Hair Studio!
Date: Monday 21st September to Sunday 4th October
Time: From 11.00am – 2.00pm
Location: In the Food Court
Cost: Simply spend $10 anywhere in centre and show your receipt to Prince Charming at the gates to join in the fun.

Cupcake Decoration Workshop: Create your own cupcake masterpiece.
Date: Saturday 26th September
Time: From 11.00am*
Location: By The Cupcake Queens
Cost: FREE
*Limited to the first 300 children only

Crazy Mirrors: Find the fairest of them all with these magic mirrors.
Date: Monday 21st September to Sunday 4th October
Time: Accessible throughout centre trading hours
Location: Opposite Noni B
Cost: FREE

To join the conversation, follow Watergardens on: 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas with Jeanswest

Father's Day is creeping up on us, this weekend! Can you believe it?
It always comes around so quickly and I am shocked at how quickly it has come back around.

Whichever Dad, Grandpa or special someone you are shopping for this Sunday 6th September you will be able to find something at Jeanswest with the new range for Men that's just hit stores in time for Father's Day. Bringing back all the summer ready clothing you can pick from shirts, chinos, basic tee's and pants.

Jeanswest have featured on my blog a few times now for posts on the Women's fashion side and that's because I really have a genuine love for the brand. They tick those two important boxes for us when it comes to clothes shopping - they're of quality and are of value for money.
Soon you'll be seeing more of the Men's fashion side on my blog so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Lucky me was invited along to a media preview showing just the week past for Jeanswest where I was able to sneak peek the ranges coming not only for men but for women and maternity also.
Lot's of white, soft and dark blues for the men, really getting spring and summer ready, let's hope Melbourne weather continues to be good to us.

Head to Jeanswest website to view more of the Mens range.

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