Thursday, 28 February 2013

Boss Day

Today was the day I finally grew the courage to go and tell my bosses that Im 12 and half weeks pregnant.
I got a little teary as I was telling my main boss as I feared that reaction that would come but they both handled it well and I was very surprised.
They amazed me with the good words.
Now it's time to think of when I want to go on maternity leave and how long ill have off.
What have you all had off and do you think it was adequate enough time?

My food intake is still a bit weird. I feel like I'm going backwards with the sick feeling and eating :(
Does anyone have good pregnancy food tip or good pregnancy meals?
Tonight for dinner was some potato chips and that's really not good at all.

My belly is actually starting to pop out and those who know have made some comments also so I definitely was in need of telling my bosses about my pregnancy.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

12 weeks

Saturday the 23/2/2013 marked 12 weeks for us.
I'm hoping I start to feel better soon. I can already feel a little bit of a difference with me being able to stomach food for dinner now but I feel as if the mornings have gotten worse. I can only have 1 piece of toast just to line my stomach and ensure I don't vomit. I still dry reach quite a bit and that really drives me insane.

The people that know about our pregnancy have been asking me why I haven't had the 12 week scan done - but I think regardless of the how bubs is it won't change a thing for us.
If we have been given a child whose mentally challenged or physically challenged it was meant to be that we could look after that child and we would love them no less.
I think that if I found out now that our child had something wrong with them if would make me upset and maybe depressed for the rest of the pregnancy as I would be questioning myself as to what went wrong.
What are your opinions on the 12 week tests and scan?

Friday, 22 February 2013

6am sickness

Exactly as this blog title says... this was this morning for me :(

I had nothing at all in my stomach - no breakfast yet and the vomiting came on out of no where. 
Sorry if you are queezy on the stomach but it was this solid yellowy orange color fluid that came up. 
I googled this and people say its normal for on an empty stomach as the acid is coming up... may I say that was one of the most horrible vomits to record.
The taste left in my mouth was just disgusting!

Daniel was to the hero as always rubbing my back and holding my hair back. 
He was such a sweetheart and disappeared whilst I was getting ready for work and he came back with toast for me.
Such a cutie!! Very blessed to have someone who looks after me this much. <3

Have an awesome Friday all :) 

Nikita x 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Smoothing Cherry and Relieving Menthol

I am never really a person to go outside of using paw paw or lip conditioner stuff but I thought I would give these little things a try.

The first one I brought was when they had them on special so I thought why not it's a very small amount to pay. The first one I brought was from Chemist Warehouse which was the Maybelline Baby Lips  Relieving Menthol (green and blue colored tube)- it's an amazing fresh feel on your lips and smells exactly to what its flavor is.
It's very light weight and leaves a gloss look to your lips.

The second one I brought was the Maybelline Baby Lips Smoothing Cherry (peach and lime colored tube).
I brought this one at full price as I adored my other one so much from Target.
I am not too keen on the smell of this one though. Although I must admit cherry is a hard scent to conquer as I haven't experienced many other cherry products to be close enough to the real thing.
This one is also light weight and gives as advertised a smooth feeling on the lips when you rub them together.

I am still completing my collection and am yet to try the rest of the range they have out in Maybelline Baby Lips which is the Energizing Orange & Anti-Oxidant Berry.
I do believe if you are living over in US that you are getting a huge range of flavors that I am very envious of hehee.
This one I got from Target. 

I recommend this product to anyone who has lips that need treating.
The perks of this product as listed on the Maybelline website are:
● Protects and moisturizes lips for a full 8 hours
● Lips are more moisturized, smoother, more supple and firmer in just 4 weeks.

My partner Daniel will even wear this occasionally when he has chapped lips - but shhh don't tell anyone I said that. He would probably kill me for telling you all.
Below is a picture of Daniel & I who both applied the Baby Lips.

Both of these come in a wind up tube and retail at a price of $4.99 each.

To see more about Maybelline's range go to their website below:

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Matrix: Total Results Sleek Lisse Iron Smoother & Silk Wonder Hair Care

Matrix have to be hands down one of the best smelling brands out.
Prior to straightening my hair or any styling I will pop these products into my hair.
They just smell unreal - I can't even describe the smell to you, you'll just need to check them out. All I can say is it's a clean and refreshing sort of smell.

Matrix Iron Smoother is something I spray into the section of my hair that I am going to straighten and then brush it throughout.
Matrix state on the bottle that it protects against heat damage of up to 204c as well as the humidity. Being ideal for unruly, medium to coarse hair.

Matrix's Iron Smoother key ingredients are as taken from their website:
Silk amino acids help strengthen hair with the building blocks of proteins.   
Dual Styling Polymers provide strong control and hold for smooth definition.  
Silicone adds glossy shine and slip for easy flat-ironing glide.

If you are a person who straightens your hair regularly this will be an awesome product to take care of your hair preventing heat damage that will possibly leave you with split ends.

I picked my Matrix Iron Smoother up from Hairhouse Warehouse for around $20.
You will also come across some Hair Salons which will also stock this product.

Matrix Silk Wonder is a huge favorite!! This little bottle of silk smoothing oil works wonders!
I use this after straightening or styling my hair just to get those fly away pieces down (smoothing) and even just to add a beautiful smell to my hair. I put a little drizzle on a finger tip and then rub it onto my other finger tips and then run them throughout my hair mainly on the bottom parts of your hair.

It is a very lightweighted oil treatment but when you bring the oil out and onto your fingers it is an oil product so be cautious it may run away if you are not quick with it. It appears in this orangey color. It absorbs quickly into your hair and leaves no residue.
I've used this both on wet and dry hair and had the same results.

Matrix's Silk Wonder key ingredients are as advised on their website:
Shea Butter moisturizes from root to tip to give hair silky luster.                                                                                                                     
Olive Oil penetrates evenly from root to tip to soften, smooth and condition hair.

I also got my Matrix Silk Wonder from Hairhouse Warehouse and this cost around $25.

To further find out about either of these 2 products or what else Matrix have to offer you click the link below to their websites:

If you are in Australia go this link below as they have an nifty little 'Find a Salon' app that allows you to type in your details to find someone who stocks these.
As these are a hot product best to call ahead maybe and see if this product is in for you :)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Pregnancy Status

Today we are 11 weeks and 2 days. I feel so completely over being pregnant! I know what am I sooking for I'm not even half way there?! But I just want this baby to pop out already and be done with. I hate feeling sick and having all these symptoms. I'm told to hang in their as it gets better and is exciting...

It's currently a 35 degree day and I am just thinking that I am so lucky not to be heavily pregnant. I do not cope with the heat at all and you could consider myself a heat grump! I don't like the cold, I don't like the hot heat... I'm that fussy one who wants it just in between with sun and cool temp... but we live in Melbourne - like that is very often!!

We are in a 2 story house at the moment and the heat upstairs in our room is just so unbearable. We get the hot afternoon sun come through the windows and it's just a scorcher! Sometimes you would be better off being outside then inside the house! I definitely know that when we get a place it needs to be with AIR CON! A must have!!!

 I haven't had any weird cravings at all, just wanting the normal food. I still am having trouble trying to eat after lunch with dinner being the biggest struggle of all. I try to eat the complex carbs which seems to be okay on my stomach. Although I must admit for the past few days it has not been healthy eating at all.
Is there anyone out their who can recommend some pregnancy healthy foods that they enjoy eating throughout their pregnancy 'morning' sickness?
Would love to get some ideas from you all.

I have been having bad dreams lately and read that it was common. Last night's was a bad one of being chased by zombies and them hurting people... You might say too much watching 'The Walking Dead' and you are probably right - that's what my partner also said haha! 
What are your thoughts on dream catchers? Do they work for you pregnant or not pregnant?

I have also been sneezing alot lately also. It always happens in 2's and I always get a runny nose in the mornings. Daniel & I had a little google search and it gave us some good answers as to why this occurs in pregnancy and that it is completely normal. They say it's common in pregnancy and is usually within the first trimester - well that's me and that it is given the name of 'Pregnancy Rhinitis'.
Have a look at the website if I described you at current too:

There is so many changes and things that you are like ah is that normal and is this right?
Google has become even more of a best friend whose on speed dial for Daniel & I. 

Love Nikita x

Friday, 15 February 2013

First PR contact

I am so very excited to tell you all my news...
I have just been emailed by a PR group who I will be trialling a product for - this will be for a new hair care range that will be hitting Australia & NZ shores!!

I will be trialling a product that is a Thermal straightening and Keratin smoothing system that you can do at home!! 
Now who out their has curly, frizzy, unmanageable, mind of its own, wavy hair and dies to have straight hair or spends hours straightening their hair before leaving the house?? I think I could just imagine how many of you all would put your hands up!!
I too feel the pain of wanting to cry or cut off all my hair when I can't control my bad hair days.

Stay tuned for my review on this product - as this will take a while to trial I will separate this review into a few different blogs so make sure you follow me or bookmark my blog so you can get updated on this product. And for those who are first in best dressed to my viewing my blogs I will have some free samples also for you to give a trial and report into me. 

Look forward to hearing all your opinions and have you take on this mini journey with me in the battle of my hair. 

I have attached two photos of myself below with what my hair is currently at - I naturally have wavy, frizzy and knotty hair when it's natural... keen to start this journey with you all.

Love Nikita xoxo

Happy Belated Valentines Day

 Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day yesterday even to those who are single - hope that man/lady who has had his/her eye on you sent you something nice. 

I must admit I was the bad one on Valentines Day yesterday and didn't do anything. Although I got Daniel an expensive watch a few weeks ago and said it's for many occasions to come (hahah a bit cheeky of me ;P). I didn't do anything for the day no card, no cute stuffed animal etc..
Daniel & I went down for breakfast and then we were having a little bicker over who didn't get anyone anything and Daniel continued to play the I can't believe you didn't get me a card and I responded with the same to him as I didn't receive anything right in the morning. 
Daniel finished his breakfast and went upstairs and I followed behind a few minutes later only to find a card and a present on the bed for me. Now I felt really bad!! 
Daniel got me Lancome Miracle perfume which I have always loved and wanted to get more of it and a cute heartfelt card. 

Later that day when we went out shopping I got him a card and a stuffed puppy dog that said Love U. Even though he said it was too late and he couldn't accept them - I knew he still wanted them and admitted at the end of the night that it was still better late then ever.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Baby's First Mug Shots

So here he or she is- our strong little poppy. That's right only one, no twins. Just one little jellybean that is causing it's Mummy a lot of pain. Seeing our baby for the first time has really made it worth all the pain that I have been going through and makes me have that motherly urge to get through this. 
Still undecided as to wither I will go back for more haha. 

The doctor was right and we have been on the right track week path since day 1 really. Although we are 4 days more then expected at least it wasn't less than we thought. 

The first scan was a bit weird for me as I've never had an ultrasound for me. I was a bit funny about having a male do my ultrasound but he was really good and made it okay for me. I was scared to pull up the top and show my belly which has stretch marks galore on their but really they barely are looking at your belly not even when they are rolling the sonogram around they are doing it without having to look at your stomach - their hand leads and their eyes are on the screen the whole time, so those new mums we are a bit freaked about the first scan - stress less!

Today brought happiness that is absolutely priceless. To see your creation in your belly is amazing. It's just breathtaking.

Neutrogena T/Gel Daily Control 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo PLUS Conditioner

My partner & I spend alot of time in the sun and it tends to leave us with a dry scalp quite often. We have both tried other anti-dandruff stuff to help in this interim period but never have found much that has helped us out. 
We started using Neutrogena Daily Control 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff about 2 months ago now and we haven't looked back since nor had to try numerous amounts of product to get this under control. 

Neutrogena state to you on the back of the bottle that 'Neutrogena T/Gel Daily Control 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo PLUS Conditioner starts working immediately to give fast, effective dandruff relief, that's good to your hair. Helps relieve scalp itching, flaking and dryness.'
I don't think Neutrogena could of stated a more accurate statement there at all. They have given you truthful advice of the product which I completely agree to 100%. 

Neutrogena also state on their bottle: 'Proven 2 in 1 formula contains three conditioning agents and Vitamin E to promote healthy-looking, soft, manageable hair. Pleasant fragrance. Dermatologist Tested.'  
What more could you ask for that does the trick in getting rid of that unwanted dry scalp, provides your hair with good stuff to keep it looking healthy, feel soft and smell nice?

This product I would also recommend to those who have sensitive skin as it is Dermatology tested. I myself have sensitive skin but did not react to this product at all from day dot. 

For best use they advise you to wet hair thoroughly  Massage into scalp. Lather and leave on the hair and scalp for several minutes. 

I picked up my bottle of Neutrogena T/Gel Daily Control 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo PLUS Conditioner from Coles for about $6.

To read further on this product view:

Friday, 8 February 2013

First real 'Morning Sickness' morning

Well I can officially say that I had my first real 'morning sickness' action happen this morning.
I knew this morning that as soon as I started making my way through the cupboard as to what I was going to have for breakfast that I felt off. My oats that I have with little chocolate bits was left to about 2 tablespoons, not enough to feed a pregnant lady! I decided to mix in some healthy quick oats... EWH! Bad mistake had a little bit of that and couldn't bare to stomach anymore so in the bin that went. 
Daniel didn't want me to leave the house without putting something proper into my body so back I went scrummaging through the fridge and cupboard. I decided to try get down some yoghurt... half a tub later I had enough and threw that out. 
Then it all started rumbling in the tummy. I started to dry reach first and then I wanted to go to the bathroom to spit but more then that came out. The tears were flowing and my stomach was out of control, I was just vomiting with no control over what was going on in my belly and throat. It hurt so bad to have what felt like to me my stomach in my mouth with someone forcing everything out of me inside out. 
Daniel was very supportive their with me rubbing my back and saying positive things once again. He has been such a cherub, always wanting to help me out and asking what he can do.
He even gave me another 40 min back rub last night. Soooo amazing! 

Monday, 4 February 2013

BYS Face - Foundation, Powder & Bronzer


BYS is also another daily product for me. I have been using BYS make up for about 3+ years now for my facial products. 


I have light tanned skin and found it hard to find foundations to suit my skin tone until I found BYS Matte foundation.
This product's RRP is $9.95 for a 30ml glass pump bottle. 

I personally like liquid foundation as it goes on easier and stays longer. 
BYS made a good thing when they developed their foundation into Matte. 

BYS have Matte foundation in tones of: 
Medium Beige, Natural Beige and Sand Beige. 
I use Medium Beige. 

It rubs on so smoothly and blends really well with their BYS pressed powders which I also use BYS pressed powder that is of a lighter color to blend into my skin around the neck where I finish off my BYS Matte foundation. 

Left: Applied BYS Matte foundation on skin.

Right: Rubbed in BYS Matte 
foundation on the skin.


Above is the color selection of the pressed powders. This is what I use to blend in the BYS Matte foundation into my natural skin tone color around the neck area and on the nose which is that T zone area that where my make up usually wears off quicker. 
BYS Pressed Powder comes in: #1 Light, #2 Medium & #3 Dark.

BYS Pressed Powder RRP is around $4.95 for a 7g Powder Compact. They are in a flip top case.

BYS describe their pressed powder on their website below:
'These BYS pressed powder compacts are smooth and lightweight so they glide on easily. They are great for achieving a sheer look or easily layered for heavier coverage and a flawless finish. It has a subtle shimmer effect.'

BYS Pressed Powder also have Bronzing as a color selector for those shinners (cheek bones). As mentioned above I have lightly tanned skin so I can pull off the dark bronzer with it looking naturally nice. BYS Pressed Powder #1 Bronzing is also retailed at $4.95 also in a black flip top case. 

I stand by BYS as they are the affordable make up solutions. Why pay double the price for your make up needs when you can pay half the price for what I would consider as BYS do the job better. 

I get all my BYS products from our beloved affordable one stop shop KMart.

BYS don't only stock facial make up, they have a huge range of products from nail polish, lip glosses, eye shadows, foundations, body bronzers etc.

Check out BYS range at http://www.bys.com.au/

Never Ending

Week 9 and this morning sickness is at peak still. This weekend it has really gotten to me and got me all emotional. I have broke down a few times in little fits of tears as I feel like I can't take it anymore. 
Daniel has been great saying I'm the strongest woman he knows and comforting me when I get into these emotional states. 
Yesterday I was stressing over finding the phone chargers and he had to come over and grab me to say 'calm down it's alright we'll find it. ' I just get so worked up lately over nothing. 

These 'morning sickness' symptoms are kicking into my normal meals that I should be having and not allowing me to eat much real food. I feel like I'm not doing a good job and depriving baby but I can't stomach the real food, I try to get it down but after a few bites I just can't.
But yet it's funny how the chocolate, lollies and other junk food can go down so easily :(

It's a week today until we have our first scan! I am sooooo excited! Hoping we see twinnies in their but as long as we have 1 strong healthy heartbeat we will be pleased. Seeing baby will probably make me realise I've got to conquer through and make it all worth it. 

Baby Daddy Daniel has taken this on all so well. He kisses my belly and talks to baby already. He even told babies off before for hurting Mummy and making her feel sick lots. He's adapted so well. 

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