Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Healthy Chef - Cold Pressed Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder REVIEW

When you hear Wheatgrass, actually maybe just the word grass you really need to have a good think about how you will digest it but Wheatgrass is such a fantastic thing with so many benefits for you. For me I have been into looking after my wellness for quite some time so anything that helps my body for the better I am into and will give anything a try once.

Why Wheatgrass?

One of the most nutritionally dense greens on earth, wheatgrass helps to alkalise the body, boost metabolism and plays an important role in digestive wellness. Power-packed with naturally occurring nutrients, wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, beta carotene, vitamin C, B complex vitamins, amino acids, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Why The Healthy Chef Wheatgrass?

Firstly, The Healthy Chef are the first in Australia to release this product in early March 2015 so you won't be getting this anywhere else just yet. 

“Made from sustainably grown wheatgrass, our product is nutritionally dense and packed with organic goodness. To enjoy, simply mix with water and add a squeeze of lemon or add to your favourite juice, protein shake or smoothie,” says Teresa.

Whilst many wheatgrass powders are made from the whole dried leaf, The Healthy Chef product is made from pure, cold-pressed juice - just like you get in a juice bar - so it’s more concentrated and nutritionally powerful. The end result is highly bioavailable and many times more concentrated in nutrients than whole leaf grass powders.

The Healthy Chef Cold Pressed Wheatgrass Juice Powder is gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and has no added sugar, fillers or preservatives. It is an all-natural, plantbased supplement made from 100% certified organic cold-pressed wheatgrass juice powder.

The benefits of The Healthy Chef Cold Pressed Wheatgrass Juice Powder include:
  • Supports Digestion
  • Supports Detoxification
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • High in Chlorophyll
  • Alkaline
  • Natural anti-inflammatory helping nourish a dewy complexion.

The warmer months are creeping up on us and that means the naughty colds and influenza will be hanging around for their next victims so it's super important to start looking after your wellness and doing as much now as you can to ensure you aren't caught out getting ill. 

I took The Healthy Chef Cold Pressed Wheatgrass Juice Powder mainly for the benefits of boosting my metabolism as I am training my butt off to get my weight down. I would start my day with having a Green Smoothie that contained The Healthy Chef Cold Pressed Wheatgrass Juice Powder with some kale, ice, coconut water, chia seeds and away I go. 

The Healthy Chef Cold Pressed Wheatgrass Juice Powder has a real grass like scent and taste to it, not that I have ate grass before but it was one of those cases where it tastes like it smells. A freshly cut lawn is exactly what wafts on the nose with this one. 

The Healthy Chef Cold Pressed Wheatgrass Juice Powder is a lot less pungent on the taste buds in comparison to others out there that I have tried. Although I am still not too keen on having it with just water - as per my own preferences but you can add a little lemon juice to the water to take away the strong taste or add it into your smoothies like myself. 

The Healthy Chef Cold Pressed Wheatgrass Juice Powder comes in a 200g zip lock pouch that should give you 80 serves if you are using the 2.5g serve. This wheatgrass is best kept living in the fridge for optimal freshness.  

Monday, 27 April 2015

The Scales Are Not Your Friend [Wellness Post]

By now you will know that I am a person who has always been into health, wellness and fitness. My blog will always take quotes or have posts solely dedicated to health, wellness or fitness. 
Last year around this time you will have seen me crack down a little to get some excess weight off.. In which I am glad to see 20kgs has been dropped of this Mumma! There is still plenty more to come off but for now I am happy with where I am heading. 

If you follow me on social media then you'll see lots of foodie pictures, gym selfies etc 
Every day I go into the gym I will take a gym selfie simply because I am loving the way I am looking and loving these positive changes that are happening in my body through my healthier lifestyle. 

Recently I put myself into the Maxine's Shape Up Challenge and it isn't exactly working out for me. 
Not that I am giving up and calling the quits but it's just not my sort of lifestyle. I am not as strict on myself as I should be when it comes to eating, which is a flaw and I know I need to work on but the thing with Maxine's Shape Up Challenge is with the meal plans - I'm a big fruit and vegetable lover. 
I like an array of foods not just having an apple as a piece of fruit, I cram a million different fruits into a morning smoothie or have every color in the rainbow on my plate for vegetables. I like being able to have pastas and eat muesli for breakfast so that's where I was like this challenge isn't working for me. 

Obviously the menu plan and workout plans provided by Maxine's Shape Up Challenge are for base and to use as a guide. Eventually I do want to be on those 'hardcore' diets like was in the meal plan but for now it's not me and how I do clean eating diets. 

Lately I have been jumping on the scales and not seeing any movement on the numbers which was really ticking me off because I have been training practically every day lately and have really stepped up the 'beast mode' in my workouts BUT I have noticed massive differences in my body when I look in the mirror and in my clothing with how lose they are so it really goes to show that the scales are not your friend.

I usually train at night time because this is when it suits me best. I'll get home from work, relax with Niah for a little bit then it's time to start making dinner, have dinner, bath Niah, put Niah to bed and I'm usually out the door within 20 minutes of getting her down to go to the gym. 
As much as I would like to go to the gym in the mornings I wouldn't get to see Niah for that hour and a half that we are usually up together so I'd prefer to just train when she is in bed asleep and I'm not giving up any of my time with her. 

People have started making comments saying 'Your insane' in both good and bad ways. My response to both comments:
Good: Thank you, I know. My motivation drive is just so up there at the moment and in order to get the body I want then I need to be as committed as I am.
Bad: No, it's not a bad thing that I train everyday - I'm not running myself down. I know my body's limits and if I feel like I need a break to rest my body then I will, I'm not stupid. If I don't feel sore or tired then why should I have a rest? 

Like for instance last night I was feeling sore, my arms were hurting and same as my calves so I took the night off from gym and gave myself some DIY pampering, now I'm recovered and ready to go again. 

One thing that has been such a massive change for me though is not looking at gym as a thing to do on my list and having to think about going to gym in sometimes a contemplating way. 
Going to the gym daily now is just habit, it's routine and something I just do now. 

Focus on your own grind and things will fall into place. You just to need to soldier on and give your all into what you want. 'Nothing changes nothing' Find that motivation within yourself and go do it! 
Don't let others who can't keep up with you try to bring you down because they're not on your level. Sometimes I wish I could transfer some of my positive energy and motivation to them so they know how rewarding it feels but then I think, No - I did this own my own, I wanted this and went out and got it so they need to find that themselves as well. 
The ones who are strong enough will stay in it and keep at it but those who aren't will fall back and quit and need starting again. Don't quit - don't give up on yourself. 

I'll finish off this post with saying 'Happiness Lives Here'.
You may have seen this in my hashtag's on social media along with many tags along the lines of happiness and positiveness. Well, that's whats happening in my life right now. I am happy with where I am at, I'm the key to what my future holds and how my life will pan out. 

Follow my IG account where I might rub off with some motivation: @njtblogger

Working Mumma [LIFE POST]

I realized that it has been ages since I have given a 'journal' like entry where I just ramble on about my life and yadda yadda. Who knows if anyone actually wants too or does but ya know, it's my blog so I feel I should be known a little better.

At current I have returned to work. It was a hard decision and believe me I would love to be a stay at home Mum with Niah all the day but it was time to move forward. I was waiting for that moment that I could see Niah didn't need me around as much anymore and wanted to be out with the kids socialising, keeping busy and being occupied with new things so it was time for me to pull the big girl pants on.

I have been back at work for about nearly a month now with my minimum of days being 4 but recently I have been working 5-5.5 days. My original plan was to go back to work part time with a maximum of 3-4 days but things have just picked up so quickly that I'm back practically working full-time.
I will work one day on a weekend and the rest of my days are during the week with having normally a two day break during the week and one weekend day off, which works for me as we never really do much during the weekends and I like to have days off in the week as it's quite if we hit the shops or I need to run errands.

Being back at work means I can stop having the fridge as my best friend and snacking constantly because I am bored at home. I can get my eating properly on control like my training is. Luckily the team at work are like minded with trying to eat healthy so I am not tempted by take out Fridays or such. Coffee will or should I say has become my addiction again as work has a coffee machine. (As per my coffee selfies below haha)

Niah is going to the beautiful and state of the art (I would call it) childcare centre. It's a natural centre that has everything wooden which is something I really love about it. Its brand new and has just opened up in the area I reside in so getting into this centre was a breeze luckily as we got their at the beginning, no doubt when word gets around about the centre it will be a centre that is hard to get into.

This childcare centre has its own dining room - kids will go into here within group lots of 4 from each room so the children get to mingle with all other aged room children. This is a great way for them to see siblings, other family members or friends outside of the centre that may be in the same childcare centre as them.
A reason why they have this dining room as well is so that children don't have to pack up what they are doing in their room and go when lunch is served. They can go off when they are ready to eat (within a given time period that the meals are being served) and don't need to come back and start there playing adventures all over again.

Niah on her way into care
Niah is a bit of a fussy eater so it will hopefully be a positive thing in that she will see other kids eating foods that she wouldn't normally have at home when she sticks her nose up to it and encourage her to eat a variety of foods. Every time I have gone in to collect Niah from daycare I'm told by the room carers that Niah ate what was on today's food menu which is brilliant to hear.

Not only is there, their own dining room but they have a little library where if the children aren't sleeping they will be taken to do some quiet reading as they don't believe children should be forced to lay down and rest if that's not what they want to do.

A parents room is also a feature at this centre and gives you a place to get your child settled should they become overwhelmed or very unsettled as you are dropping them into childcare. This room also features all the information/communication pieces for parents as well.

Being back at work has been hard to be away from Niah most days. Niah has finally adjusted properly and settled into daycare with no tears when I leave after four (4) daycare sessions which is good because it doesn't make me feel as bad for leaving her.

I'm happy to be able to move forward in life and start getting our future under way not that I'm back at work.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lassig Vintage Backpack REVIEW

Lassig - meaning 'casual' in German.
Lassig are a brand that many of you will associate with children. They have a wide array of nappy bags, kids bags and other children's items.
Before I had tried Lassig I had heard many great things about them as they were just a bag that kept giving and would really fit everything you could possibly need for a Mummy.

I was kindly sent out a Lassig Vintage Backpack in Ethno Sand (RRP $159.95), that was just released earlier this year.
The backpack is designed for the parent to use and pack all those necessity items into for your child.
As Mum's it's a tiring job carting around a heavy handbag or nappy bag on your shoulder so why not give yourself something else to take over for a little while and be completely stylish at that.

The Lassig Vintage Backpack is 15 x 29 x 40cm made of 100% Polyester.
A backpack with many little compartments to keep you well organised.
Located at the front of the backpack you have a smaller compartment in which has two slip straps for pens, a mobile phone holder, a lobster clip and room to pop those items that need to be easily accessed frequently.

A larger compartment takes the main feature with having an included water repellent wet zip pouch at the back, a removable clip in and out two pouch pockets, netted holders on both sides and two larger pockets that could hold nappies or such items.
Located at the back of the bag you will find a hidden zip pocket. You will also find two holders on each side of the outside of the bag.
Inclusive of the bag you will get some extra accessories for the bag:

A large insulated removable bottle holder

This bottle holder would have to be the biggest I have seen yet to come with any nappy bag, it's very generous in sizing. A lobster clip at the back that allows you to clip this into the backpack or elsewhere so you don't loose it.

Stroller hooks

These are super duper handy. I was always purchasing pram hooks to go onto our pram as it made it much more easier to not carry around a nappy bag and push a pram or take up all the bag room space underneath. Simply wrap the velcro straps around the pram handlebar and clip your backpack onto the hooks from above the straps.

Water repellent changing mat

My first change mat that hasn't had velcro on the part where you lay the child on and get scratches or their hair stuck too so this mat was a huge tick on the review for me.
The change mat is thinner and longer in size in comparison to others I have used before and folds down into a small size with a wrap clip on the side. Continuing on with the pattern they have used for the actual backpack this change mat is in the ethno sand print as well.

Zip pouch

It's not a usual thing that you get this little extra so this added a little something special. A cute stylish matching zip pouch to pop possibly the dummies or medicines, creams into so they aren't going to need a big rummage around the backpack for.

Using this bag was a unique way to prepare for a day out with Niah. I liked having something different. The pattern on this backpack is just stunning - a real bohemian aztec like theme going on there.

I did find the larger compartment is a little too squishy once you have placed all your nappies, wipes, change of clothes, bottles etc into this part of the backpack so I think you really need to just have your child's belongings solely in here as there isn't much room left after you back the necessities in their for your own personal belongings to go in. Using this backpack was a great idea for when your child may go to daycare as it fit everything for your child perfectly in there, on number of occasions Niah was sent to daycare with this backpack and received lots of compliments on how flash her bag was.

A very versatile unsex colouring and pattern of sand, orange, black, gold and purple which enables Daddy's to be able to take the backpack out as well when they have the cherub with them.

Apologies for all the photos in this post but this pattern is just simply gorgeous and I can't get enough of it. The photos don't do this backpack enough justice, it's absolutely stunning in person.

Overall, I do quite like this bag as it's just an organised piece that is really cute. It would look super cute if it came in kids bags so they can wear it into daycare, I did try to get Niah to put this one on but unfortunately it's a little big for her to pop on right now haha.

In terms of pricing (RRP $159.95) I wouldn't actually pay this much for a backpack as it's a little steep but for the style and pattern of it that really makes for a cute bag, I would be second thinking it.
Included in with the cost you are getting several accessories which do add up should you buy everything separately but Lassig are looking out for the environment and yourself by making their products free from chemicals such as PVC, nickle, phosphates etc.

**This product was kindly sent to me on loan in exchange for its promotion here. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Interview: Cameron Byrnes - Celebrity Personal Trainer

Lucky duck me was given the opportunity to interview now a celebrity himself Personal Trainer - Cameron Byrnes who you would have seen on Channel 7's hit TV show - Bringing Sexy Back where Cameron helps transforms peoples lives. 
Cameron isn't just the TV star Personal Trainer, Cameron has trained celebrities like Larry Emdur, Mel B, Jackie O, Johnny Ruffo and the list goes on. 


What got you into Personal Training / Fitness as a career?
Long story, I used to be a landscaper when I left school then I started training. I’ve been a state swimmer, played baseball, soccer, tennis, water polo – I’ve done many things but in the back of my head I never thought I could. Whilst I was working being a landscaper I took up Cert 3 in Fitness and that’s how it came about, I thought damn, I want to work in a gym and it snowballed from there.

How much of a positive influence has becoming a Personal Trainer done for your life?
My family we like food. My brother and My Dad are very big foodies and they’re not big on exercise. I know that I would be definitely on that path if I didn’t go into the health and fitness side of things so it’s had a very positive impact on physical but also mentally like we all do. Once we are on a health plan, eating healthy and training more; we’re more alert, we get more done, we’re more focused and it works better for me.

If any, how did Bringing Sexy Back change your career? (More single ladies signed up?)
I would have to say every second or third message on social media might be along those lines of are you single or HOT.
I’ve trained with celebrities for many years like Mel B, Jackie 0 so being around that sort of people I’m used to but being the one on television – I still don’t get it and realise that I’ve actually been on TV although since then I’ve done some leading transformations like Mens Health and Womens Health and now have just been offered the role as Health Professional for Mens Health.
Me: Oh wow, Congratulations
So that’s pretty cool and I’ve just worked with Larry and he won the Best Celebrity Mens Health Challenge
Me: Yeah Larry’s looking good
I do get to work on much cooler projects now.

Who were you biggest fitness influences growing up and have they changed now?
Wow, that’s a tough one, a really tough one. That’s an interesting one because I played a lot of sport so whatever sport you play in you look at who leads that sport. I don’t have one person so in swimming it could have been anything, it could have been an elite swimmer or a female swimmer, and how their careers went so I just kind of mould to what I’m working on. If I was to take up crossfit then I would look at Jason Haywood who is the leaders of the industry so you would look up to them and how they do it. You might want to look at transformations and look at other weightloss coaches and see what they’re doing.

What is your favourite type of training to do and least favourite?
Umm.. Least favourite, okay this is not suppose to be on the record but obstacle training for me is hard, endurance long distance marathon running. I’m going to say marathon running, I hate running.
I’ll tell you why, I have to do so many different things for my clients and so many different things for events that I don’t have the ability to run consistently to be a good runner.
Like anything weight loss and anything is a time and application of a certain mood to be specific. That I don’t like as I’m not conditioned for running.
What I like most is circuit interval training only because it’s cardio based, it gets you fitter, it help burns calories and at the end of it you go ‘Damn, that was hard’ ‘Damn, that was good’ ‘F**k, I’m f**ked’ you know what I mean like it’s really good. Things like F45 are great, you get in there, 45 mins, smash it and have a great time.

What’s your favourite single exercise and your least favourite?
I would have to say best favourite is ah, baby bench press. Only because I am just good at it. Like I don’t have to think about it. I might train chest once every two weeks but when I do a chest exercise it just seems natural, it just feels right. Because I’m good at it I train it less, otherwise that part will overdevelop and you don’t want that to happen for your proportion right.
Me: You don’t like them?
Full loaded 150kg-200kg on your shoulders on an Olympic bar, squat down to the ground and back … I’ve actually done my knee, just had something happen to my knee and had cartilage removed so my left knee is always that funny and doesn’t feel right.
I’ll do massive kettlebell lunges, I love those just a squat loaded, shoulder loaded Olympic bar squat I just don’t like the movement on it, my body doesn’t like it but that’s quite common.
It come down to engineering so why I’m not a good runner and the reason why I’m not a good squatter. I actually did a bit of engineering studies on your body and the measurements between your hips to knee, knee to ankle play a bit part mechanically on how you do a squat.
Me: That’s really funny that you say that a past personal trainer of mine used to take measurements of my legs and I would always say what are you doing and she’d respond with something about the mechanics of the body so there you go.

How can you remain motivated on exercising and healthy eating when it’s basically the same thing over and over?
AWHH wash your mouth out if it’s the same thing over and over you're doing it wrong.
Look if your doing the same thing over and over again, then you are doing it wrong. For me every week is different, it’s a different challenge. I always have 2 or 3 new recipes a week and I do that with my coaching program right.
So every week I don’t give someone the same food plan for 12 weeks, every week I keep 70% of it the same and will change a snack here, two recipes for dinner there, and maybe a new breakfast and just simply change a few options.
That way you can be like oh, I’m looking forward to that new chicken stir-fry, it sounds awesome so that way you have something to look forward to.
With workouts they always have to be a bit challenging. Every week I give a base workout so it might be a body weight workout and that’s your challenge for the week and that’s your base. Then you might go to a spin class, aerobics class or something like that, so that’s how that works – it could be either way.

Can you tell me a time when you have lost motivation and how did you overcome it?
Okay, ah a few years back I was training a very high level celebrity, we were on a strict plan and I was really pushing myself with that client and it was a grilling process of having 6 weeks to achieve a certain result. In the process I actually got pneumonia and got quite sick because I didn’t realise I had it. Then there was a 10 day turn around where I needed to rest and in that moment because I cant’t do anything, I couldn’t breathe very well and I actually became quite depressed in that period of time, ate quite a lot and put on 6kgs of body fat. Just because you become inactive and eating the same volume of calories; people don’t understand that if you cut workouts out that you need to eat accordingly. It’s not a gradual thing you need to go no, I’m not burning up 2000 calories today so I need to be smarter about it and I didn’t do that so I probably ate more then normal and worked out less. I needed to make sure that once I was feeling better and exercising properly that I topped up my food, as food needs to be number 1 and start moving again but responsibly. It’s not all or nothing you go eat to make myself feel better, move to burn calories and it might have just been a power walk or gone outside and walked each day to get myself moving again and it’s a really hard mindset, you’ve got to where you are at and accept where you are at before you can move back up again.

Do you crave McDonalds or junk food?
Do I look like a human being? *we all laugh*
Look I’m the most real personal trainer and I’ll tell you right now, yeah of course I do but there’s a reason I’ll be craving it and that will be because I haven’t eaten properly throughout the day. People who want fast food and I’m not talking just take away food, I’m talking food that is easily brought and eaten straight away is because you haven’t eaten properly throughout the day so you need to eat something now or wait until you have time to prepare it. I find that if I can eat really well for the first half of the day up until lunchtime, I don’t have cravings later on. Most people skip breakfast, have a coffee, maybe have a snack at 11am and then bad food at lunch time because they haven’t eaten properly through the first half of the day so I always say start your day bigger than the end of the day and you’ll never have those cravings. But if you’re ever on a road trip there’s always a stop at Maccas just at least once.

In saying that, what’s your favourite cheat meal?
Ahh, I’ll go pizza. I actually make my own but I make it just like dominios. I make a difference base so I make a cauliflower base, it’s really easy to make and I still feel like I’m eating pizza putting everything on like your tomato paste on and everything on it. I just don’t like and have cut out wheat because it bloats my body really quickly, everyone’s different but I hate that feeling in my belly.
More and more though I am turning further and further off sugar. I watched The Sugar and now I’ve make every single one of my clients watch it because it shows you that fats don’t turn into fatty liver syndrome, it’s actually sugar that makes the liver fatty. Through cutting out sugar it creates so many mental health benefits.

What the best 100% split for women for weight loss involving carbs, protein and fats?
Every body type is different. I could put you next to another girl who is more active and always been small and petite so her carbs would be higher because she is super, super active and your carbs need to be lower because your getting back into exercise as you’ve had a baby so the splits and ratios are very different.
What I say is this – Understand what a carbohydrate is, what are good carbs and bad carbs and use them wisely. So if you’re going to go - Quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato I would go 33 split each if your trying to get your food under control. Never go cold turkey and cut carbs. There is no such thing as cut carbs, but there is a really good method that I use quite successfully and it’s not even difficult.
Carb cycling, it’s so simple; one day you go good carbs like the ones I mentioned and then the next day you cut the carbs down, you might have a few fats in their but more protein.
At the end of the day it comes down to your body will tell you what it needs.
If you’re being physically active 5 days a week – eat more carbs on those days and lower carbs on the days you don’t workout so you’re not putting too much energy in.
There is 3 really easy formulas to follow and carb cycling is a very, very important one, eating carbs on the days your working out on is the second one and going balance of all three is the third one – balance of all each.

What is the first thing you do upon waking up? E.g yoga, lemon water
Because I don’t have big dinners, I wake up hungry and I wake up with my body saying ah, eat something, eat something now so I’m straight up to eat muesli.
I try to alternative so I do a breaky shake – I put chia seeds, acia berry, coconut powder water, a little bit of ice, a bit of water and blend it up, that’s one morning. The next morning it’ll be oats and then the next morning after that back to muesli. I usually have the three staple breakfasts but if I have a bit more time then I might make a quick omelette, the Nutrabullets are brilliant; three (3) eggs, a bit of parmesan, some onion, cherry tomatoes, three (3) pulses, into the pan and it’s done; literally no more than five (5) minutes.

Last one, In your personal opinion is it best to workout morning or night?
Morning. Not for fat loss right, that’s not necessary the truth not everyone can work it. The reason why the morning is good is, is when you workout doing something physical; you wake up. The endorphins are released, circulation is up, brain function is already heightened before you get to breakfast so you start the day so productive, you’ve speed your metabolism up so you’re going to eat better because you are actually hungry so I always recommend get up early and get it done. By the end of the day your heart is just not in it, like you’re just not that motivated.

-       – INTERVIEW END –

Getting to meet and interview Cameron was a huge highlight for me not only for my media blog status but for my fitness career as well. It’s an inspiration to talk to someone who is so dedicated to fitness and make a well known impression on many through his hard work and where he has gotten himself to on this day through his passion for fitness.

Cameron was such an easy going, relaxed and friendly person who I felt I had known for quite sometime on a personal level from the first few seconds of talking to him.

I really do thank Cameron for his time and for answering all the questions that were requested through me reaching out to you for what you would like to know had you been given the chance to ask Cameron anything.

You can reach out to Cameron via his website link below and get involved in his 12 week challenges.

Lest We Forget - Anzac Day 2015

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Today on this day, 25th April 2015 marks 100 years since 60,000 Australians landed on the shores of Gallipoli. Territory unknown  - a woman's husband, a mother's son, a child's father just a few of what those brave men could have been to someone. 

I have always wanted to attend a dawn service which is something I hadn't been apart of until this morning. It was a special one to mark as 100 years so what better way to start my attendance. 
Waking in the early hours of 4am, getting Niah and myself ready and leaving the house by quarter past 5 to ensure we would arrive on time. 
Rain was coming down when I drove out of our garage but rain, hail or shine I was making going to be present for this dawn service. 

It's something spectacular seeing so many literally hundreds possibly thousands and larger venues come together in remembrance of those who fought for what we have today. The young and the elderly all stood here on this morning to remember and to thank. 

I am thankful. 

Lest We Forget

Friday, 24 April 2015

RECAP/ ROUND UP: Bloggers United Meet-Up + WIN

Bloggers United; Connecting Bloggers, Vloggers, Social Media Gurus, Influences and Makeup Enthusiasts.

Bloggers United Philosophy:
Bloggers United is very much about YOU, as our logo displays the ‘U’ being larger than the rest of the lettering. We are all about helping one another out and being the best we can be in our blogs.

The main aim of Bloggers United is to make an amazing Australian community even better, to support all bloggers and help them gain more exposure, meet other people in the blogging community and to have fun doing what they love - blogging!

Last Sunday Jasmine and I had our very first Bloggers United 'Meet-Up'.
We were kindly hosted by P.J O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Southbank, which is a perfect central location in Melbourne for anyone to get too. A short walk from Flinders Street Station and has parking within Southgate where the pub is located. 

The environment that we were in was made for exactly how we wanted the event to go. Informal, casual and relaxed. Sitting up on high stools and using barrels for tables was a unique presentation.

Bloggers United had a fun 3 hour afternoon were we talked about many things but first up it was those Who? What? Why? When? and Where? 
Who Bloggers United are, What Bloggers United is, Why - Our philosophy, What we want to achieve and How they can get involved.

When then took a mini break getting to network with other bloggers as we took silly selfie photos with other bloggers some who we knew and some new faces to add to our blogger friends list.
The funniest 'silly selfie' was rewarded with a prize kindly gifted by Waxaway / Bump eRaiser.

We then got back down to business and started chatting about all things nitty and gritty in the blogging world, all those things you find hard to talk about to another blogger and that you couldn't speak to your friends who aren't bloggers. We opened forum in this relaxed casual environment where we talked about our dilemmas, our successes, media kits, sponsored posts etc 
This was one of the main areas of focus that was open for discussion for a long period of time. It was a really informative session that both Jas and I walked away with wonders on how we can make things a little easier for everyone in the blogging world as well as taking home many tips for ourselves through other bloggers insights.

To mellow it down after the long blogger world talks we went into two more tasks with prizes up for grabs from our sole sponsors - Waxaway / Bump eRaiser, then returning back to wrap up the day with talking all things Waxaway and give our experiences with waxing. 
Each attendee was then gifted a showbag filled with goodies from Waxaway / Bump eRaiser to take home and enjoy for some DIY pampering.

Thank you very much to our sole sponsor Waxaway / Bump eRaiser for the showbags and thank you to P.J O'Brien's Irish Pub Southbank for having us.

But most of all thank you to all the Bloggers who turned up and supported Bloggers United. This is only the beginning and great things are on their way. Jas and I are very much appreciative of your time and can't wait to venture this journey with you.

Bloggers United are a movement, we are creating opportunities and are all about helping one another out. Join us over on our social media channels where you will be able to come along to an occasion that we host.

Bloggers United are all over Australia so keep posted for your states occasions.
We look forward to welcoming you at an event near you soon.

Instagram: @bloggersunitedau
Twitter: @_bloggersunited

Three lucky readers or you maybe a blogger who missed out on coming can enter a competition that is randomly drawn to win a show bag that is featured above.

Simply enter via the rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway ends: 11th May at midnight
Winners Drawn/ Winner Published: 12th May or thereafter 
Winners have 24hrs to contact back or otherwise redraw may occur

LUSH for Mothers Day

LUSH are best known for having such divine smelling products that can really be gifted for any occasion especially for those 'treat yourself moments'.
LUSH have a strong place in my heart as they are a brand who care about the environment and what impact they have through their productions and how they can better the world and our skin too.

LUSH always bring out newbie products to their range for limited times when it comes to those special occasions and so here we are back for another Mothers Day.
This year I get to celebrate my second Mothers Day thanks to my gorgeous little Niah. My world has been so much more complete having her in it and there is not a day that I am not thankful for what my body has been able to do in order to give me such a precious gift.

If there is one thing that Niah loves just as much as her Mummy that is LUSH. I kid you not, Niah and I can visit a LUSH store and be in there for a good hour going around smelling all the products.
If you ever want a LUSH shopping buddy well Niah is your girl.
I know there will be no dramas in getting Niah to pick me out some LUSH for Mothers Day.

LUSH kindly gifted me some special presents for Mothers Day that I have been soaking up in the bathtub with and sharing with Niah of course, as they are hers so Niah keeps reminding me.

Once again I need to show you the boxes that LUSH orders come in if you place your orders online. LUSH put in so much effort into their presentation that it's not applauded enough so LUSH - thank you. Coming home from a long day at work and seeing this package at my front door just makes my day, lights up the eyes and puts a smile on my face.

This was a big favourite for me. Straight away Niah would say baby, baby when she saw this and it reminded me of a baby wrapped in a blanket but then I can also see like a Nun in it, or an adventure time character I was told by one of my sisters.

The bubbles were mass produced in this bubble bar, like I have never seen that many bubbles come from any product before. The scent of cherry blossom fills the area for that something special come bath time.

My soap that came was just the red flower top which has been taken off a much larger soap that has been made into a stunning bouquet of flowers. In all honest opinions this one was a miss for me. I'm not a fan of the scent but that's not to say it's not for everyone. I think this soap would be more suited to an older person like grandma as it just reminded me of something that my grandma would like as a scent around the home or in her bathroom. 

The soap has scents of mimosa, jasmine and bergamot oil which provide an uplifting powerful scent. When I first opened my LUSH box this was the nose hitter and you could sniff it out as that strong scent. 

Bath bombs are our favorite and up until now the favourite has been Think Pink but move over Think Pink, Rose Bombshell has taken over your spot. A bathbomb that when it first starts shoots out a rose head and then as it gets to the end it sends out rose petals floating on the water top. It's one of those magical bath bombs that really create an 'awh' moment for you. 
A very gentle and calming bath is to be had with the soya milk, rosewood, Turkish rose oil and orange flower absolute. A fantastic mix to unwind to.

It's a real shame this one is limited edition as it's absolutely gorgeous but hopefully it will make a comeback each year for something special or even better - *cough* be a standard all year round product. *cough* But until then you'll have to beat me to buying them all first in stores. 

Fair trade cocoa butter and strawberry juice - need I say more? This body conditioner is a hands down winner. When I read what's inside a product this would be the ultimate mix that would be a grabber and the scent does no shame on how good chocolate and strawberries are together. 

Yummy Mummy gives you that Yummy skin both scent and feel. Leaving your skin feel nourished, well moisturised and super soft. A very 'You smell good enough to eat' product. 

A shower gel that leaves you feeling glamorous afterwards. This body conditioner has that warm feeling to it both scent wise and when you apply it to your skin.  With a gorgeous lilac purple color this shower gel is just divine.

Seaweed extract for the velvety soft feeling skin and golden lustre to make that skin shine because after all us Mummies need to shine on the outside too from all the things we do.

LUSH reminder - If you order LUSH products online for Mothers Day gifts ensure you place your order by May 3rd so it arrives in time for that special day. If you click the image above it will take you right to the Mother's Day range, your welcome.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummies out there, be sure to treat yourself. You deserve it. 


*Products were kindly gifted in return for their promotion here. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Mothers Day GIVEAWAY with Weleda

Weleda have a new Evening Primrose Range on the market, in perfect time for Mother's Day.
The benefits of primrose are ongoing and has been highly talked about lately for all those benefits. Weleda have a range of products out that would be perfect for that special lady in your life that you will be gifting presents to on Mothers Day.

I am a fan of Weleda as a brand and have a few products in my collection, which you may have remembered when I featured them previously in a post on the blog.

The new Weleda Evening Primrose range has been designed to revitalise, rejuvenate and enhance mature skin with essential nutrients from Evening Primrose, Macadamia Nut Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil. The range is specifically formulated to target aging skin, help restore moisture and leave skin soft and supple.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Weleda and NJT Blogger are excited to pamper one lucky mum with a Weleda Evening Primrose skin and body care pack (valued at over $150).

The package includes (as shown above):
Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Day Cream
Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Night Cream
Weleda Evening Primrose Revitalising Body Wash
Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Body Lotion
Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Oil

To enter simply fill in the rafflecopter form below

Giveaway ends: 4th May at midnight
Winners Drawn/ Winner Published: 5th May or thereafter 
Winners have 24hrs to contact back or otherwise redraw may occur

Please note: This competition is open to those within Australia

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