Friday, 20 December 2013

Little Bird Organic Paw Paw

Little Bird Organic Paw Paw
RRP: $4.50 (15g) for original and $4.99 (15g) for tangerine and pink grapefruit.

Little Bird Organic Paw Paw soothes, softens and enhances the lips by sealing in moisture and providing protection from external exposure. It contains a high percentage of organic paw paw to maximise moisturising benefits and can also be used on dry and irritated skin. Unlike many other paw paw balms on the market, Little Bird Organic Paw Paw is free from petrochemicals and added preservatives.

There is so many things on the market now when it comes to organic - this is a positive thing because you're getting nothing but close to being all natural if not already all natural! 
For me organic is becoming something I highly look out for and am finding myself opting for in food and comestics! 

Little Bird are the only organic paw paw glosses I have seen out there. They're exclusively available at Coles for a bargain deal price!! 
These will make great stocking fillers or why not buy the whole range put them in a cute little see through mesh bag and wah la you have a Chrissy present for under $20!! 

The texture of these is what I would say is juicy haha! Maybe it's because of those ingredients used in the flavored balms, I dont know. It is glossy, shiny and sleek. 

Little Bird Organic Paw Paw comes in 3 delightful flavors/scent - Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit & Orginial! Flavoring Paw Paw is something different that I've never seen on the market either so it really was intriguing to have tried out as I'm so used to just having this plain not so yummy smelling not tasting balm.
Out of the 3 I would have to say my favourite is the Pink Grapefruit! I love the real deal so maybe that's why it's my fav ;P 
Surprisingly enough I'm not a fan of the tangerine and orange fruit but I really do like my tangerine organic paw paw. Isn't it funny how we can dislike the natural real thing (in my case orange) but I love having the juice, dried orange pieces covered in chocolate, fizzy drink or having it in my flavored balms!!  

Key benefits of Little Bird Organic Paw Paw
Free from petrochemicals and added preservatives 
Original balm contains 85mg/g of organic paw paw extract 
Tangerine and pink grapefruit varieties contains 50mg/g of organic paw paw extract 
Features a handy lip applicator 
Australian owned and made 

The Little Bird Organic Paw Paw range is available nationally from Coles supermarkets.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

ELES Spring Sixties

SPRING 2013 – Sixties Vibe
This Spring ELES launch the new seasonal makeup look – Sixties Vibe. This look is all about vibrant youthful eyes and with these soft velvety shades of Aubergine and Purple, the eye whites pop! Team the strong eye with a flawless complexion and nude lips for modern Bardot style beauty.

This collection was put together really well and was such a gorgeous gift to receive from ELES - this little pack included a flower garland and a pair of vintage look sunnies.


Prime: Begin the look by applying the Retexturizing Face Primer to face and neck to create the smoothest possible base for foundation. This virtually weightless serum contains opalescent reflectors that diminish lines and leaves a translucent effect on the skin.

We recommend applying the eye makeup before your foundation to avoid fall out on the finished look.


NewQuad Shadow in Debutante

Step 1. Begin by applying the second darkest shade along the eye lid, pat the colour onto the lid then softly blend the edges.

Step 2. Apply the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eye blending up into a V shape and into the crease line, build the colour slowly with a concentration of colour on the outer eye.  Blend the edges well to soften and “smoke out” the effect.

Step 3.  Apply the second lightest shade beneath the lower lashes.

Step 4.  Apply the lightest shade on the inner corner of the eye near the tear duct and beneath the lower lashes about 1/3 of the way in.  Sweep a small amount under the brows to add extra dimension.

NewDimensional Cake Liner in Plum Crazy

Step 1.  Using a wet liner brush pick up some of the colour on the left side of the pallet and press into the upper lash line tapering out to create a soft wing in the outer corner.

Step 2.  Using the same brush (no need to re-wet as this is applied dry) take the shimmery shade on the right and press into the line for added sparkle.

Complete the eyes with a coat of Lush Mascara in Black on the upper and lower lashes, allow to dry and repeat for super thick, feather lashes.

Brows are combed and defined using Browblender Pencil in Dark Taupe.

Clean up under the eyes to remove any shadow fallout and apply your foundation.


Base: Using Mineral Powder Foundation Pressed SPF 15, blend onto face and neck with the foundation sponge to achieve a flawless finish.
Balance and highlight: using a blush brush apply Mineral Blush in Coral Sun to the apples of the cheeks to create a beautiful natural glow to the skin.


Apply Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Nude to the lips for a soft and full pout, apply one coat and blot with a tissue, apply another coat and blot again for a matte finish.

I'm no make-up artist but here is my Spring Sixties eyes 


4 silky pearlescent shades within one convenient compact, magical alone but mesmerising when they merge. Earth-derived micro-minerals produce a smoother application for longer lasting eyeshadow that is crease resistant.

I am a very big fan of the ELES brand as a whole but something I really enjoy from ELES is the quads - they always have gorgeous silky shades that make those babies pop! 
If you're a regular reader then you will know I am usually only sporting brown shades on my eyes but ELES got me out of my comfort area with some purples (the photo doesn't do justice to the colors). 
It leaves you with those gorgeous silk eyes that don't crease and need another round of application throughout the day. 
I love that this quad has a mirror in it - 2 things I think that are so important with the design of eyeshadows is that they need to have a mirror and to have a little applicator brush (which the applicator brush isn't in ELES but hopefully an innovation for future).

Part matte, part shimmer! Pair the two to add definition and drama. Transform eyes with this professionally paired cake eyeliner duo that delivers high definition, real drama and true long lasting colour. Use the matte side to define; the shimmering side to dramatize. Hypoallergenic. Paraben and fragrance-free.

This is the shadows you will be using with the wet brush to give off that vibrant and popping color. My photo above again doesn't show justice to the ELES products (P.N - No photo will ever do justice, you need to see these products are in your hot little hands!) I've never known that you could get a shadow to make an eyeliner so this was really beneficial for me.
I love the shimmer in the shadows - there are like no shimmer shadows I have ever seen! 

This revolutionary, skin-smoothing blush floats over skin to impart a soft, sheer finish while deflecting light away from flaws. Its hypoallergenic silky, satin-like formula is loaded with Vitamins A, E and C to condition and protect the skin. Free of chemical ‘nasties’ it allows skin to “breathe” freely while natural minerals shield against age aggressors.

I'm no big daredevil when it comes to fashion dos and dont's - I like to stick to the comfortable 'blend-in' with everyone with bronzed cheeks because I have tanned olivey skin I can get away with a real dark bronzer on my cheeks but with pinks... not so much!
ELES blush shocked me and I can actually wear it without feeling like I look overdone with rosey cheeks. It is beautifully light and goes on so smoothly.

 Rich, cream colour and protective treatment in one. Creamy, long lasting, feather resistant formula keeps lips soft and colour fresh for hours. High pigment levels deposit rich, opaque colour that lasts while Micro-bubble spheres continually release lip conditioners, while helping to set lip colour.

As you all know I am not a big wearer of lippy but when there is subtle light colors then I'll be in. Micro Bubble Lipstick in Nude was a treat for my lips... didn't wear like I was wearing anything it was so light on my lips and they felt super soft as if I had just applied my lip gloss treatments on. 
I really like the packaging on this lipstick! Would have to be my fav for lippys - it looks like a bullet!

I can't wait to try more of ELES and experience all they have to offer! Future goal right there - try every ELES product!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Dear Me - A breastfeeding experience

A letter to myself for The Online Breastfeeding CafĂ© project which aims to target women who may feel ambivalent about breastfeeding and encourage them to share, discover and chat about breastfeeding via a supportive online forum and resource centre.

Dear Me,

The breastfeeding experience is about to start - this will a huge part of your life for the next few months.
You will carry around something more then just boobs - you will carry about your creation, your child, your babies food. You will be providing something that only women can make. 

Breastfeeding was something that my partner & I agreed we wanted to do from when we first found out I was pregnant. 
I was a little worried at first as I wasn't sure if I would be able to breastfeed as my nipple on the right hand side wasn't as developed as the left one which provided correct to my worries.
My baby girl had trouble latching onto my right hand nipple at the start but I have been persistent and it is kind of okay now - she doesn't stay on the right boob for very long as I don't think she likes that the flow is slower then the left hand side. 
When I was in hospital after her being born the midwives were helping me out with my concerns and giving me suggestions; using a nipple shield or expressing. 
I never ended up using the nipple shield and I will try to express the right but I just feel like it's useless because I never get much expressed from it so I understand why bubs will get annoyed and continuously pull herself off the nipple. 
I always still put her on the right boob but when she starts to pull herself off then I will change her over to the left where she is much more happier. 

Finding the right position to be able to breastfeed my baby took a little bit as in hospital I was doing mostly the football hold feeds as I wasn't really moving much having had a cesarean. The way that I found best suited for us was just having her lay across the front of me on a pillow and I am a little guilty of doing the lazy bed breastfeed where I lay her next to me in bed to feed.

It was very weird when I first experienced 'rock hard boobs' - my boobs would hurt, nipples would hurt even more and I would have this rock hard chest. My boobs just inflated out of no where, as the milk has come back into them and then you know its around about feed time. At times I would be hanging for bubs to want to have a feed as they hurt that much and the relief of when she feeds of them when they are rock hard is just heavenly! 

It does takes its toll on me having to be on hand to feed bubs and being on a demand feed for her. Sometimes I feel like all I do is feed bubs. Yes, I can express but I don't want to spend all my day feeding bubs then expressing, because before I know it bubs is awake and wanting to feed again. 
My little girl isn't much of  a sleeper during the day and because of that she needs more breastfeeding so she can keep up, which of course leads to me feeling like I'm constantly having to breastfeed. 

I have this little hoard over my expressed milk. I will freeze it but then never want to use it because I know that I don't like to express much and want to keep what I have expressed for emergencies. 
I wish that expressing was just a matter of having to have an empty button or a zipper on the bottom of your breast that gets all your milk out so there is no 10-20 minutes of sitting there with this sucking machines pumping and gnawing at your nipple. 
I get really upset as I only usually get between 50-100mls out each time I express and I don't really know if this is normal or not.. 

I must admit, I do struggle with breastfeeding out in public - if I'm behind the curtains in the parents room I am fine but if there isn't a room to be in then I struggle and I'll be looking like an idiot trying to hold my boob, support Niahbella and try to keep a blanket over myself so no one can see. I think the reason why I am like this is 1 - I am not confident in my body and I don't really wear breastfeeding friendly clothing so I am having to pull my whole top up to get a boob out and 2 - I just don't want to be disrespectful in front of certain people - which I mainly consider to be my elders in the family. 
When we are out most of the time I will feed Niahbella in the car if we are not in a shopping centre. I have no problem with pulling over if Niahbella gets upset and getting in the back seat to feed her, which has me keeping a pillow handy in the car just for breastfeeding. 
I feel really bad when bubs cries in the car that 9 times out of 10 I end up pulling over at the next convenient place to feed her or attend to whatever it is she needs.

Something I do miss though is going to bed without a bra on. I've read that you need to be giving your chest area a rest from being in a bra all day but obviously breastfeeding brings a different story as you are having them in a bra or some sort of support top constantly with breast pads in so you don't have a wet t-shirt contest with yourself. 
I remember that when my milk was first kicking in I wasn't wearing anything under my top and would have huge wet patches on my boob area - duh! Breast pads woman, I completely forgot about it!

I am unsure how long I will continue to breastfeed for - I have set in my mind that I will breastfeed up until bubs gets a good amount of teeth. Why? Well I am a bit scared of getting my nipples chomped on and bitten by my little darl. I guess time will tell as to how I will go. 

At the end of the day I feel rewarded to be able to provide for my baby like that. It's a bond that is great, that brings myself closer with my baby girl. Yes, it has its cons but the pros way up higher. 

The best thing to really take on is that no matter what others may tell you is the right or wrong way of doing things - there isn't right or wrong! You do what works best for you, but that really goes for everything when it comes to a baby. 

Giving my baby her first breastfeed

Monday, 9 December 2013

13 weeks in..

Wow, it's been a long time since I gave a post about how things are going for me being a mummy and how we are progressing along but by the lengthy delay in a post; I guess you can tell I've been busy and kept on my feet.

I don't even know where to start for this post and think I'll just write as it comes to my head so this post might be all over the place. 

Niahbella was 13 weeks old as of last Thursday and she's just grown so much since being born! When they say that they grow up way to quick it's completely true!! Niahbella is nearly having her head and toes touching both ends of her crib next to our bed. I think I'm going to have a very hard time when she moves into her own room. 
I keep thinking how can we put babies into their own room from as little as a few weeks old? It just feels so crazy that at such a young age they're given there own room and are away from instant assistance. I'm seriously contemplating a day bed in their or futon in her room so I can be with her. 
I'm not to sure how I'll cope with having to actually wake up, walk into another room half asleep and settle her in her own room... I really think ill end up falling asleep curled up next to her cot on the floor!! 

Niahbella gave her first laugh to us last fortnight and it was just gorgeous! It was really a moment that just melt my heart and got me all teary. All these amazing milestones I'm getting to see in her are very precious. It's hard to get her to laugh on demand but when she does... Ahh it's just touching! 

I had trouble about a month or so ago where I just was stressing out and going crazy of Niahbella not sleeping during the day. Niahbella is such a good sleeper at night time but during the day - Nopes, she's way to alert! Most days we are lucky to have her sleep for probably an hour tops. We never had a real routine for bubs in terms of a bed time so she was just going to bed when I went around 11-12 in the night/morning but then I was at my mum & bubs class and a lot of mums were saying that their child had this bedtime and that bed time was around 7pm. 
So after hearing all that and discussing with another mum she said that she was following 'Save Our Sleep' by Tizzie Hall - so I went out and got that. (I still haven't read it to date) 
After purchasing the book all of a sudden Niahbella changed and put herself into a pattern without me reading the book!! 
Niahbella is now in bed by 8:30pm. She'll have a feed first then she goes into her crib for a bedtime story, after bedtime story the lamp will go off and the nightlight will go on and I'll lay beside her on our bed just holding her hand through the crib until she falls into a deep sleep. 
Now she's usually asleep by 9pm and will then wake at 2am, 6am and then between 8-10am for feeds. Whenever she wakes up for her feed between 8-10am we will always get up together after that feed and start our day. 
I guess I can't complain to much if she sleeps fine through the night. But I just don't get anything done during the day and when I do get spare time when she does go to sleep (if she sleeps out of my arms that is) then I really don't feel like doing housework chores, I just feel like I never get a break. 

Shopping trips aren't the same as they used to be. You can't just run into the shops for something quickly - you need to plan yourself for the days you do your big grocery shopping because you need someone pushing the pram and then someone to push the trolley. I never have used the baby trolleys at supermarket as I am not game enough to gamble going in the shops carrying her to find no baby trolleys left and then having to go all the way back to the car to get the pram. Most of the time we are parked quite a far distance from the shop enterance. 
Which puts me onto the issue of Parents with Pram Parking... What don't people get?!! Why are there so many people who just abuse it for those who really need it?!! It just gets me so annoyed and frustrated. 
Although I was told that it's not illegal for someone to park in parents with pram parking as they're only courtesy from centers and that it's just too bad really... How rude! It's marked by the centre for those with prams for a reason!!

It's funny thinking back to when I used to go and get my nails done, go to the hairdressers, get pedicures etc etc... but thinking of it now I need my nails short otherwise I'm sporting nappy rash cream  underneath the nails. 

We are now in our mum & bubs class which they setup for new mums to be able to get some extra assistance with guidance on how to do things and be in a group to be able to share experiences and learn new methods possibly... We went to our first one and then the next 2 we were sick for so today was meant to be our 4th class but it has only been out second time there. 
I'm really disappointed that we were sick for the last 2 classes as those were sessions I was really looking forward to being sleeping, settling and massaging and then development and play. 
Even though I worked in childcare for nearly 3years all my memory seems to have gone and I'm questioning myself and needing to get advice from friends or family as to what to do with certain things. 
My opinion on the mum & bubs classes is a good one - good to be able to get out of the house, meet new people, share experiences and learn new/different methods of doing things. Something I wish that was done is maybe put on aged group sessions so the mums are able to meet new people within the area that they will be able to keep in touch with outside of classes?? That's the only thing I would have liked. 

I've really been wanting to get into shape again but I just think of how I can get to the gym in my busy schedule and also my eating isn't very good & controlled as I seem to just be opting for the fast cook options for meals as I've got bubs with me.
In our mum & bubs class today we actually had someone come in and talk about community activities that are available to us, which was really handy to know and they do such amazing prices for us and are even mostly kid friendly. 
I put my name down for them to get more information and start dates on intakes as I'm really interested in getting to do activities that will still allow me to have Niahbella around or looked after close by. 

My little girl whose stolen my heart.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Aeroplane Jelly Australia's Best Trifle Competition - WIN

If you haven't already heard the amazing Aussie favourites Aeroplane Jelly are out to find the creator of the best trifle!!
Get yourself into the kitchen and put together your best looking trifle to win!! 
I don't see this being anything but a win, win for everyone... as you've STILL got to have trifle either way!

Entry points:
Facebook - Upload a picture of your best trifle to the Facebook page. (Make sure you like the facebook page)
Instagram - Upload a picture of your best trifle on Instagram with the hashtag #ILoveTrifle

Finer Details:
The competition started on the 25/11/13 and will close on the 22/12/13, and the major prize is $2000.
Aeroplane Jelly are also running a comment to win arm of the competition on Facebook, with a weekly trifle prize pack awarded on Fridays for the best answer to a question posted each Tuesday.
T&Cs are included in the competition app.

Daiso Melbourne CBD opening day + REVIEW

Founded by Hirotake Yano in 1997, Japan-based Daiso has grown to become a respected supplier of more than 70,000 products in categories including cosmetics, kitchenware, food, homewares, stationery, lifestyle, toys and more. It's a veritable treasure trove of surprises that are fun, fashionable and functional. 

Japanese retailer Daiso opened its flagship store in Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD on Thursday 28th, November it was advised to be a bright, fun and quirky occasion.

The 1,800 square metre store is not only the biggest in Australia, but also the largest in the Southern hemisphere – delighted city shoppers were snapping up a bargain ahead of Christmas.

Daiso Australia CEO Klt Cheong cutting the ribbon with Kiyomi

The morning kicked off with the cutting of the ribbon and a colourful performance by The Voice star Kiyomi Vella, who belted out some of her favourites from the show: 1234, It’s Oh So Quiet and Upside Down. Shoppers also enjoyed product demonstrations by Sasha and Victoria from the V&S Show, voucher giveaways and Japanese snacks, while they explored the exciting new store.

Victoria, Kiyomi & Sasha at the opening

At Daiso, every single item is just $2.80, so spoiling your loved ones – and yourself – has never been more enjoyable. The store has items for every room and every occasion, including Daiso’s famous kitchenware, fashion, beauty, toys and a legendary selection of Japanese food. 

I unfortunately wasn't able to attend on the store opening day as I had family commitments but I did pop  into the Chadstone store and had my first every Daiso experience. 
Walking into and even seeing the store from afar just attracted your eyes - the store is so bright, glowing I would even say! There is so much product within the one store and it truly does have everything in there! I wasn't able to view everything they had in store as they had a couple of stairs to get to a raised floor area that doesn't have a pram friendly access to getup there so I missed out on seeing a few isles. 
I was so overwhelmed with all the products they had in the store that I didn't actually purchase anything at the time as I would really need to give alot of time to really view everything and understand what it all is. 
The products are in Japanese but they have the english word of what the items are printed on it as well. 

I was interested to know what Daiso meant so I did a little google search and learnt that it means 'Cheap Thrill'. What a perfect name for the store because I actually did find myself picking up and pointing at items saying Wow, really?! $2.80??!!!

My little mini beauty pack

I was lucky enough to be sent out a little mini beauty pack prior to the store opening to try out. 
Inside my little pack was:
  • Straw beach like bag
  • Vanity self standing mirror
  • Beauty case
  • Tweezers
  • False eyelashes
  • Eyelash curler 
This cute straw bag is a small to medium sized bag that is something that you would use for the beach. It's lightweight and very durable.

I love this vanity self standing mirror - I have always wanted one that stands on its own but have never liked the price tag that usually comes with it so I was glad this came in my pack. I am now able to do my make-up anywhere around the house thanks to this. 
This mirror is double-sided with the normal view and then enlarged close up view. 

I have a love for falsies but have never mastered putting them on - the thing I love about these lashes is that they come with glue!! Surprisingly there isn't many lashes that come with glue and that gets under my skin that they don't supply the glue! 

You can never have enough pairs of tweezers I say as somehow they always seem to go missing in the house so the more pairs we have, the merrier! 
I love the cute little design pattern on these tweezers, they have that hologram image of the picture changing according to the angle.
These tweezers didn't have the sharp pinching edges; they were buffed down and were very easily used to get the hairs. Think there's a new eyebrow tweezers in town!! 

This would be the first eyelash curler that I actually own now. My cousin always used to curl my eyelashes when I was younger when we dressed up and I never saw the real need to use an eyelash curler but after revisiting the childhood memory, I am now back to using the curler! Very easy to use to curl those lashes.
Again the same as any other brand is store but Daiso know how to price it right!

Is it a beauty case? Is it a pencil case? Is it possibly a case to keep your sanitary items in? It's all of the above! I love cases that you can multi-use! Cute floral patterns can never go wrong as a print on anything and you can never go wrong with buying this as a gift!

With the Christmas season coming up it would be a great stocking filler shop and gift giving place for a cheap and affordable gift!

Kiyomi snapping up a bargain

To find out more about the innovative Daiso retail experience visit www.mydaiso.com.au or https://www.facebook.com/DaisoAustraliaOfficial

Friday, 6 December 2013

Walnut Melbourne launch inaugural retail store in Hawksburn Village

Nestled in the heart of favored Melbourne shopping precinct, Walnut Melbourne proudly announce the opening of their first ever retail store today situated at 528 Malvern Rd, Hawksburn Village.

Image of inside the WALNUT store in Hawksburn Village

Much loved and known for decking out women and  kids with simple and wearable styles, Walnut Melbourne shoes have been seen walking the streets since 2007. Having grown from a desire to provide parents with classic and comfortable footwear options for kids, suited for everyday wear, all year round, the brand has experienced solid growth since its inception.

The addition of the ladies collection was based on consumer feedback and works toward providing a more complete Walnut shopping experience. Through continual development, the brand has formed into what is today a playful, fun and practical footwear offering for women and children alike.

WALNUT store front in Hawksburn Village
“The opening of our first bricks and mortar retail outlet is based on feedback from our ever loyal customers and is a natural progression from the online store,” says Co-Director, Sophie Carnegie Cooper.

Of opening in their heartland, Co-Director Sophie Richmond Cooper says, “We are just thrilled to have a single destination that show cases the extent of the Walnut offering.”

Embarking on their on their first foray into shopping village retail, the team at Walnut Melbourne have stocked the store full of new styles and consistently popular favourites in the lead up to the spring/summer season. The retail store features complete collections for women and kids, embracing the true essence of the season with lightweight casual styles mixed with more structured shapes and forms.

Comprised of strong trans seasonal styles such as the quintessential ballet flat and the mainstay canvas styles for women and kids, the in-store collections are a carefully curated composition of new and previous styles, fabrics and prices to suit every Australian woman and child.

Walnut Melbourne is available nationally. 
For more information and to see additional styles, colours and sizing details, visit www.walnutmelbourne.com

**Images supplied by WALNUT PR, I do not claim them as my own**
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