Monday, 29 July 2013

33 weeks - Take 2 4D scan share.

Can anyone say uncomfortable? I just continuously toss and turn at night trying to get myself comfortable and it's a complete challenge and a half!
On top of having to get up for the toilet quite a bit through the night more then I used to before.
I've been experiencing like sharp pains down in the lower region and when I spoke to my best friend about it she advised me it was bubs pushing down on the cervix and thinning down their ready for when she comes out.
After going for another 4D scan on Saturday the lady who was doing the scan said that she was sitting really head deep in there which would explain it all.
We had an antenatal appointment straight after our scan and I asked our midwife about what the lady said at our scan and if bubs would now stay their or would she move again? Midwife advises that she's staying there now... ahhh does this mean we could be coming early? As long as she's in the healthy okay to be out of the womb early then we are happy with that ;P

My stomach has gotten ever so itchy and I'm constantly having to give that tummy a good scratch. When Daniel & I discussed this he said it may have something to do with the stretching skin and more blood their... Can anyone add to this? Has anyone gone through this?
I don't know if its something normal in pregnancy as I seem to be getting a rash mark on my stomach but again don't know if its coz I am scratching because of my stretching skin or if its maybe a reaction to something I am using.

Daniel & I start birthing classes Tuesday night which goes for 4 weeks - 2 hour sessions... 7:30 to 9:30pm, I am snoozing basically on the couch around 8:30-9pm so it's going to be a very long night for me.
I'm curious to know what the birthing classes are all about, by the sounds of it - its to do with methods of assisting when you have that little one about to enter the world but I've also heard its a beneficial thing for the partners as they learn probably more from it then you.
I remember the day when Daniel asked the midwife do we get to go to those 'owhhh, he' (he was making deep breathing noises to her) classes, it was hysterical and much to his disappointment they only do lamas classes overseas.

Bubs is still moving around a bit huge lot! Lots of hiccups which are cute but then we feel sorry for her at the same time. It's the strangest thing when she must be stretching out and you feel a movement in both the upper and lower tummy.

Can you believe it this Thursday we are down to 6 weeks to go!!! Hold tight in there baby - we will see you soon :)

I'll leave you with some new images from our 4D scan on Saturday.

She has just changed so much - the below image doesn't even look like her last time so I think Daniel's features are coming out in her now and on top of that she is in her bulking stage.
You will see she has her 2 hands beside each face cheek and then you can also see... yes, that's her foot near her mouth haha!!

She was such a little cheeky girl throughout this scan - she did an amazing job for us this time and was in the camera face view the whole time, we were pleased with her for this scan. As below - that cheeky girl was sticking her tongue out hehehe.

And this one... the funniest - she was sucking on her toes for quite a bit of time throughout the scan, yes - we have a little sucker on our hands. Below she's going in for the toe sucking haha! I can not wait to see this 4D scan video and see all that toe sucking haha!!

Baby's progression shot -

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Schick Quattro For Women

Schick Quattro For Women have you covered
from your legs to your fingertips!

Quattro For Women is the first high performance razor with four blades and soothing conditioning strips to keep legs looking smooth all year round. And for a limited time Quattro for Women will come with a free trendy gift-with-purchase lace design nail art stickers that last up to 10 days.  

One of the hottest fashion accessories this year is cool, eye catching nails. From bright neon decals to glitter infused tips, bold racing stripes, and intricate stencilling, the world of nails knows no bounds. Now Schick is joining in on the hot trend with the release of their new and limited edition lace design nail art stickers.

A favourite of the fashion industry, lace is one of the most versatile and influential fabrics in history and has been featured heavily on the international fashion scene. Now lace makes an appearance on nails, as the popularity of nail art continues to grow.

Features of Quattro For Women:
·         Four ultra-thin blades with pivoting head that follow the contours of your body
·         Two conditioning strips with Acai Berry and Jojoba extracts for ultra moisturisation
·         Provides long lasting smoothness so you can skip a day or two
·         Solid metal handle covered by pink rubber with multiple finger rests and a rounded base for better grip
·         Shower hanger for easy storage
·         A stylish bathroom accessory
·         Fabulous limited edition nail art stickers inside the pack

REVIEW: I love the colouring of this razor - the pink is such a great colour for us girls.
I've been waxed for about the last year with no use of razors it was very weird going back to a razor. I used Schick Quattro on my underarms and legs which hadn't been waxed in a little while whilst I prepared myself to use a razor again to test our Schick Quattro. 

I don't feel that it gave a good enough deep shave into my underarms, I don't know if it was just because of my hair type that it was like that though. I had hair grow back within 2 days and was all stubble like but then again that's the normal for razors right before stubble especially in the underarms. 

I liked very much using this Schick Quattro on my legs, it was smooth and ran nicely as I glided it on over my knee caps. The free move head is a great thing to have in a razor so it can move with your body contours instead of you having to move it. 

The added shower hanger is a great idea! No more razors in the soap dish where it falls onto the floor and can lead to a cut on the foot when you stand on it. I think all razors should come with these. I first placed the shower hanger and my razor on the tiles in our shower and it constantly fell on the ground, Daniel then told me I should try putting it on the shower glass and it works way better hanging there then the tiles. Sometimes I guess boys are better at some things hehe. 
See below for my before & after shot of my underarms with the use of Schick Quattro.

Schick Quattro For Women with limited edition nail art stickers will be available at Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and pharmacies nationally until stocks last.

Price of the kit is RRP $11.99, 4 pack refills are RRP $14.49.



Monday 15th July 2013: Pantene is proud to welcome actress and singer, Zooey Deschanel, as its new Australia and New Zealand ambassador. 

Feminine and fun-loving, Zooey Deschanel’s signature blunt bangs and quirky wardrobe have inspired style makeovers across the country, and she now joins Pantene to support women in Australia and New Zealand donating to and benefiting from the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. 

Joining forces with local Australian ambassadors, beauty expert Zoe Foster-Blake and leading hairstylist, Barney Martin, Deschanel will be encouraging women across the country to skip a trim and grow their hair longer and stronger to donate their ponytails. 

“I am so excited to be part of the Pantene family in Australia and New Zealand. I am really into hair and I love experimenting with different styles,” said Deschanel. “Being a ‘Pantene girl’ has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. It is really amazing to be representing the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Collection; the products are fantastic and Pantene also supports the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program which is a wonderful cause.” 

“Pantene is helping to provide confidence and beautiful real-hair wigs to women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment; you can’t put a price on that. I know Australia and New Zealand have received over 4,000 ponytails so far which will make a huge difference to many women with cancer, and I hope we can surpass that number this year.” 

Since Pantene Beautiful Lengths launched in September 2012, over 4,500 ponytails have been donated to the program. The Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs are currently being distributed across Australia and New Zealand to wig libraries in need at no cost to cancer patients through Look Good…Feel Better – a free national community service program dedicated to teaching cancer patients techniques to restore their appearance during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

Whilst the program continues year-round, with Pantene funding the creation of real-hair wigs by helping women grow beautiful hair and encouraging the donation of ponytails to the program, Year 2 will launch in September 2013 with Pantene’s National Donate Your Hair Week returning in November. 

In support of the program, Pantene has launched the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Collection to help women grow their hair long and strong and skip a trim in order to donate. The Pro-V Keratin formula in the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Collection helps weak, brittle, damage-prone hair gain strength against breakage for hair that is up to 10x stronger, to leave you with soft, healthy, hydrated and beautiful hair, ready to donate. 

Sujay Wasan, Marketing Director for P&G ANZ comments: “P&G are delighted to welcome Zooey to the Pantene family and Pantene Beautiful Lengths program in Australia and New Zealand. It’s fantastic to have her on board to help support women in Australia and New Zealand undergoing cancer treatment and to encourage people to donate their ponytails to the program. Her signature hairstyle is perfect for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Collection, which is designed to protect against damage and allow women to grow their hair longer and stronger.”

Deschanel is well-known for her role as Jess in Ten’s hit New Girl. She is also known for her roles in 500 Days of Summer and Elf and her indie band She & Him. Deschanel is also co-creator and frequent contributor to the popular lifestyle blog Hello Giggles that provides funny, trendy, and inspirational content for thousands of readers every day.

As you may have read previously in my blog I wrote about Pantene Beautiful Lengths which can be found at this link: http://njtreviews.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/pantene-beautiful-lengths.html

To see exclusive Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Zooey Deschanel content and to stay connected, informed 
and part of the conversation please visit: 
Twitter: @LGFBAustralia #PanteneBeautifulLengthsAU

Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Touch of Blush - ELES Mineral Makeup

As you all should know by now I have this love dedication to ELES that’s on a whole other level of appreciation to a cosmetic brand. 

This look I adored, wore it regularly and was a Winter Look for 2013 designed by ELES. Great job ELES and thanks for the tips - you have yet again out done yourselves. 

This Winter ELES launch the new seasonal makeup look – “A Touch of Blush”. This look is soft and ethereal combining flawless skin, contoured and understated eyes and a radiant blush of the lips and cheeks.

Prime: Begin the look by applying the Retexturizing Face Primer to face and neck to create the smoothest possible base for foundation. This virtually weightless serum contains opalescent reflectors that diminish lines and leaves a translucent effect on the skin.
Base: Using Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation, blend onto face and neck to achieve a flawless finish.
Balance and highlight: using a blush brush apply Mineral Blush in Coral Sun to the high points of the cheeks to create a beautiful natural glow to the skin.

Begin by applying a wash of Mineral Eye Shadow in Sand over the entire lid up towards the brow.
Use Powderliner Pencil in Tornado to define the top eyelash line and outer third of the lower lash line.
Complete the eyes with a coat of Lush Black mascara on the lashes.
Brows are combed and defined using a shadow liner brush to apply Brow Sculpt in Brunette to create perfectly shaped arched eyebrows
Create sensuously plump lips with Liquid Lustre in Tempest for intense shine and seriously sexy lips.

With the extra benefit of SPF 20. This virtually weightless serum contains opalescent light reflectors that diminish lines and leaves a translucent effect on the skin. Antioxidant Vitamins A and E seal in moisture, creating the smoothest possible base for foundation. Ideal for all skin types.
REVIEW: I haven't tried the Retexturizing Face Primer but I have tried the Pore Perfecting Face Primer one which you can read about here: http://njtreviews.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/eles-mineral-makeup-liquid-powder.html

This is the fluid version of mineral-powder foundation. This innovative liquid formula, fortified with our exclusive Multi-Mineral Complex, glides on velvety smooth...sets to a soft-powder finish. ELES Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation provides the sunscreen and anti-oxidant protection that ultrasensitive skin needs. Micro diffusers keep skin looking flawless. It is hypoallergenic and oil-free.
REVIEW: Please click the link for previously posted review: http://njtreviews.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/eles-mineral-makeup-liquid-powder.html

This revolutionary, skin-smoothing blush floats over skin to impart a soft, sheer finish while deflecting light away from flaws. Its hypoallergenic silky, satin-like formula is loaded with Vitamins A, E and C to condition and protect the skin. Free of chemical ‘nasties’ it allows skin to “breathe” freely while natural minerals shield against age aggressors. 
REVIEW: I'm no big daredevil when it comes to fashion dos and dont's - I like to stick to the comfortable blend in area with staying bronzed on those cheeks because I have tanned olivey skin I can get away with a real dark bronzer on my cheeks but not really with pinks but once again I am so shocked with ELES and how I can actually wear a pink blush!!! It is beautifully light and goes on so smoothly. 

Gentle, safe and fused with skin-caring vitamins, these shadows sweep over eyelids without creasing or fading. Their hypoallergenic formula is loaded with Vitamins A, E and C to condition and protect the eyelids, while natural minerals shield against aging aggressors.  
REVIEW: Can someone say long lasting?! I hate when I peak at my make-up throughout the day to see how it's tracking and if I need to touch up and see that my eyeshadow has gotten all the way up to my eyebrows... how on earth does that even happen? ELES - never had that problem when I've used ELES eyeshadow. The sand colour is absolutely divine with this gorgeous matte like texture to it. It gives this bronze shimmer look in it as well. 

Clinically formulated to provide smooth easy lining with creamy rich colour this dual-ended eye liner pencil glides over eyes without dragging or slipping, delivering a soft powdery finish that will last all day. The unique formula contains Titanium Dioxide, a natural mineral for protection and staying power and Candelilla Wax, which provides soft and supple application.
REVIEW: A light soft eyeliner that stays on all day. I have always been a liquid eyeliner girl but ELES has converted me to a pencil, I truly do like the pencil that ELES have. Problem I experienced with liquid was that you have the slightest knock or touch to it and it goes away, not only that but by the middle of the day you can see cracks in your liner from the liquid. Choosing a pencil is something that should be considered for long lasting.

Lavish Lashes. The hollow-fibre brush lifts and separates. ELES Sensitive Mascara’s Protein rich formula builds in strength and flexibility. Nine botanicals, plus Vitamin A, E & C condition and nourish.
REVIEW: My new found love in the new products I tried out with ELES is the Lush Mascara - this comes off so easy when you want to get into bed. I don't know how long I used to stand infront of that mirror for trying get my mascaras off for bed before I had ELES but I can tell you I would always still wake up with panda eyes - ELES nothing of the sort, great for when you want to stay over at that say maybe a... boys house and still look good in the morning ;P

Two-in-one Brow Sculpt is every beauty professionals complete system to create perfectly shaped arched brows. Long wearing brow powder helps to fill in, shape, correct and empha- size the natural arch of the brow. A color-coordinated tinted wax tames and sets the brows. Brows are defined and in place all day. The result is a perfectly sculpted brow.
REVIEW: I love the definition this gives to my eyebrows... I actually have eyebrows that become alive and are a real feature to my face instead of being faded away from the rest of my main focus features. 
If you make a boo boo then its super easy to wipe away the imperfections of your sculpting works. 

An intense lip plumper and lipgloss that imparts a beautiful sparkle and shine to create sensuous and seriously sexy lips without stinging or tingling. Unique Lip Plumping Peptide Complex instantly reshapes the mouth for dramatic volume while infused diamond particles create a translucent 3D effect. Paraben Free and Fragrance Free.
REVIEW: I like a light coloured lipgloss that will make those lips pop but not be super over done. Bright lips don't suit me at all, I always need to go with light subtle colour that has shine to give me that stand out look. ELES Liquid Lustre provides you with that in this.

What I love about ELES is how gentle and caring it is on your skin. ELES was truly made to never disappoint and to be for every skin type. I always get complimented on how great my skin looks and how I am glowing.

Here is my 'a touch of blush' Winter Look of 2013 by ELES:

Mind the middle picture, it's a horrible shot but what can I say I LOVE ELES that much that I'll post a bad shot of me haha!

ELES have made it sooo easy, even to easy for you to be able to take advantage of all of these products and placed them into a cart for you already - for more on it and ensure you get yours ordered click the link below:

For more on ELES range visit: http://www.elescosmetics.com/

Wednesday, 24 July 2013



With his remarkable ability to reinvent classic lines and patterns, Marc puts a fresh spin on stripes with honey.
Reflecting his inspired fashion mix, he pairs striking stripes with playful dots for an unexpected fusion of modernity and elegance.
Honey channels the eclectic appeal of Marc’s dot signature and adds her own golden touch.
Bold stripes, feminine dots and a punch of colour meet in a graphically clever mix that reflects Marc’s inventive play on classic lines and patterns. 
Playful and polished, the bottle is an elegantly crafted glass bubble that reveals the cheerful golden hue of the fragrance. Blithe butterflies flaunt vibrant yellow and a black stripe in a wink to honey’s sweet and brazen personality. Shimmering pearls at the centre of each butterfly add polished radiance, while the signature logo and gold coil – wrapped collar impart a gilded touch.
 A graphic butterfly icon atop dotted outer carton adds a distinctive finishing touch.

Honey is a sunny enticing floral – happy and energetic, with a touch of the unexpected.
Developed by Firmenich, the fragrance energizes with the freshness of green pear brightened with a splash of fruit punch and juicy mandarin. At the heart of the fragrance is orange blossom, a note of sparkling femininity that mingles with nectars of honeysuckle and peach, honey, vanilla and smooth woods dry down to a warm, golden base.
TOP: Pear, Fruity Punch, Juicy Mandarin
HEART: Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Honeysuckle
BASE: Honey, Golden Vanilla and Smooth Woods.

Fragrance House: Firmenich
Perfumer: Master Perfumer – Annie Buzantian
Fragrance Developed in collaboration with Marc Jacobs and Ann Gottelieb.

30ml $75
50ml $120
100ml $160
A sunny enticing floral – energetic and alluring; with a sparkling, golden touch. The perfect mix of brightness and warmth.
150ml $40
A light weight, luxurious lotion that soothes, softens and moisturizes. Leaves skin smooth, silky and fragrant.

HONEY – Marc Jacobs is available from Sunday, 28th July.

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