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#MUMLIFE TUESDAYS - Childcare was the best thing I did for my child

I want to get more into my blogging but more on a personal level again rather than all these featured review type posts, so in saying that I bring #mumlife Tuesday's where I'll bring it back down. 

Today's piece... 


And honestly it has been. I was super skeptical about putting my child into day care after all these worst case scenarios you put through your head from news headlines. I still freak myself out about it all the time when I see bad things pop up online via social media or broadcasting etc 
I started working in childcare when I was about 15 years old as I love kids then at about 19 years old I stopped as I wanted to have a break and go do something else career wise, my perception changed as I grew to know what we as Childcare Educators do. They are not just your babysitters to look after your child whilst you go to work or take some time out, those Childcare Educators that look after your child on a regular basis are helping your child to learn through many ways. 
The Childcare Educators are creating experiences to help their skills, grow their minds, help with speech and so much more. 

I started putting Niah into long daycare when I started applying for jobs and thought I would have some time to ease back into things whilst having a few hours here and there with Niah in care but given that Niah already had been to short term care at the gym with me for about 1.5hours a few times a week the transition into long daycare was very simple, more so on Niah then me. 
I found a job pretty quickly after applying and before I knew it Niah was in daycare two or three days a week. 

I hoped that Niah would develop good eating habits and explore new food rather than be a little fussy eater at home. This worked yes - for daycare ONLY. I am told that Niah is a fantastic eater at daycare with eating majority of the food severed to her but unfortunately that is not the case when she gets home. Hopefully that stage will go though but for now I am fine with knowing she does well at daycare at least. 

The amount of talking and words Niah has now is phenomenal. They're in the prime age for making sentences and having conversations with a lot more understanding of what we are saying with them. 
Niah had base words before she went to daycare but daycare has really expanded her speech and vocabulary. A lot of babble comes out now... obviously Niah knows what she is saying but it's the case of just smiling and agreeing half the time with Niah not really understanding what she is saying except for what you conclude to with the key words that you did pick up from the chat. 

We carried on being friends and catching up with the Mums/Bubs from our local Mum and Bubs group when we all met with the kids at a few weeks old and to this day Niah has a gorgeous little best friend in which she has known since the early days. They attend the daycare together along with another little boy which was in the group and they get to see each other on a regular basis and play with one another as well as having meet other children to become friends with as well. 

Do you have children in childcare? How did your transition go with starting them in childcare?
Are you considering childcare? I would love to continue the chat with you below via comments, so leave me a comment xx


  1. How old was Niah when shes first went in to Daycare? I'm definitely considering it purely for the social aspect. I think its important for babies to interact with others rather than being exposed to a small number of people. I won't need Daycare for work it will just be a 1-2 days a week thing so they can meet other people. So maybe 18 months?? Thoughts? Do you wish you did it earlier?

    1. Niah was 18 months when I put her into daycare. But from the age of about 6-7 months Niah was going to short daycare at the gym with me.
      We also went to Mothers group every week when there was Mum and Bubs happening and then after that finished (as it is council run) we caught up on a weekly basis again but then around 12 months mark Mum's started returning to work and it was a rare catch up.

      I agree with it's important for interaction. Other kids help to develop one another as well as they will all be at different developmental stages and the childcare put into consideration the experiences (toys etc) that come out to develop those skills.

      I think what I did was fine and I don't think earlier was needed. For me I wanted to be that person to bottle feed my child from that young age and be there when Niah needed someone. Ideally for me I think 18 months felt right to start leaving her for a full day, as a Mother you feel lost without them for too long as you get so accustomed to being with them all the time.

  2. I never put Ax in childcare because all those stories you hear frightened me. I don't trust anyone but a select few to look after my children when I need them to be looked after and quite frankly now I think I've done him a disservice because I've been told he's developmentally delayed.
    He starts kinder next year so I'm hoping that helps. So now I'm considering it for Wade when he's older.

    1. I was 100% the same with all those stories you hear about. It still scares me to this day.

      You haven't done a disservice to him at all babe. You've been able to spend more precious time with Ax growing up and he would be super thankful for that. The bond you two must have would be incredible.

      Most definitely, some kids are fine without going to daycare and can be a free spirit. I was never in childcare. Mum said that occasionally she would take me to play group but that was about it.
      Kinder will definitely help and he'll be able to gain friends and his development should pick up as the carers provide opportunity experiences that they pick up for children needing assistance in.

      I would say do it for Wade but you're his Mum and you know what's best for Wade.
      You could even try it and if it's not for you then you don't need to continue on xx


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