Monday, 4 January 2016

Tassal New Snacking Range REVIEW

Trying to keep everything together whilst on a healthy lifestyle can be hard at times. Not everything goes to plan and in everyone's lives there is always hiccups. 

Meal prepping isn't something I myself am 100% spot on for. It's definitely something on the New Years Resolutions list to be better at. There is times when I am not prepared and something unexpected pops up and it will leave me going around in circles through my head that I need to eat, but then it's I have nothing and I don't have time to make food so I end up opting for take out and if it's a rush then it means I'll be swinging past drive thru and that usually means bad food. 

Snacking doesn’t have to be hard or unhealthy – Tassal’s new snacking range is an easy, quick, delicious and healthy option for busy/active men and women who don’t want to sacrifice health for taste. 100% Australian salmon.

Tassal recently sent me out a 'Summer Fit Pack' which as we all know fitness and healthy living is right up my alley, which contained the new Tassal snacking range - Salmon and Beans, Salmon and Quinoa and Salmon and Rice which all come in a 185g easy pull off metal tin lid. 
Each kit is targeted health benefits including protein, fibre and omega 3. Tassal’s new snacking range provides a healthy, easy and delicious alternative to processed snacks.

As a busy person having on the go and ready to go foodie items are essential. Tassal have made it more simpler to opt for quick food but with it being nutritious and a healthier alternative. 
Loaded with superfoods and key food ingredients that also help to keep you fuller for longer, the Tassal snacking range is perfect in more ways than one. 

The Tassal snacking range come in handy little kits which take up little room if you were needing to stash it in your handbag or gym bag. The Tassal snacking range comes with a plastic disposable spork so you do not require any dish clean up and can be done with all the rubbish after eating. 

I do have to admit that when it came time for me to try the Tassal Salmon and Rice I was really unsure how I would go eating cold rice. The only time I have cold rice is when I am having rice pudding so having a meal that had cold rice on it made me turned off but as the saying goes 'Don't mock it till you try it' I put on the big girl panties and tested it out, I'm pleased to report back that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, intact it wasn't bad at all and I worked myself up for nothing really. Although you could heat the meals up if you wanted too, there is no need to heat or refrigerate Tassal’s Snacking Range– simply grab and go. 

Did you know? Tassal is the only brand supplying 100% Australian grown and canned salmon to major supermarkets. Consumers have peace of mind knowing their salmon is locally (and sustainably) sourced and canned.

Consuming fish is great for your diet and is recommended to be served twice a week. Salmon is my favourite to have from the fish range and knowing that Tassal as a brand are one of the leaders within the supplier market and are sourced locally within Australia is even better. 
Tassal is known for its delicious Tasmanian grown Atlantic salmon which is now available in a new range of convenient, healthy and tasty meals for everyday Aussies who are constantly juggling work, family, health and social commitments.

The Tassal snacking range will be something that I will continue to purchase in future as they are the great back up to have within the cupboards or to have on a regular basis. 

The Tassal snacking range can be picked up from Coles now for RRP $4.29.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Tassal and Nuffnang, I received a 'Summer Fit Pack' as above mentioned above in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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  1. Tasmanian grown Atlantic salmon Tassal is an amazing product and a brand you can trust and most of all tastes great.


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