Friday, 5 February 2016

Team Bloggers United AU are about to get muddy with Miss Muddy

Miss Muddy is back for 2016. This year I will be obtaining my third medal as for the last three years running now I have been participating in Miss Muddy and this year I'll be participating with a team in organisation thanks of Bloggers United AU .

Bloggers United AU along with Miss Muddy have given us a team of 6 to be able to put our team work together and help one another through a fun obstacle course.
Usually the words 'obstacle course' scares people and they start thinking long hours of physical activity for the day but Miss Muddy is really not. Yes, you are going to do some physical activities on the day but you can do it in teams, with friends all by your side.

Bloggers United AU are a initiative to bring together bloggers, vloggers and social medias, and what a great way to bring them together then to put them to a 7km obstacle course.

Miss Muddy is a female only obstacle course goes all around Australia.
An obstacle course that will have paint guns aimed at you, crawling through mud pits, diving into ice pits, running through a huge pile of foam, sliding a big slippery wet slide and at the end of it receive a medal for your completion of the course.

Your clothes will get dirty, your face will be covered in paint and mud and your shoes will squeak at the end of the course but it's all in the name of fun.

We are doing this to not only build ourselves with a challenge, getting to know each other more as bloggers but to help fundraise with McGrath Foundation who help those who unfortunately suffer from breast cancer.

'Every day, we work towards realising Jane’s vision: for every family experiencing breast cancer to have access to the support of a breast care nurse, no matter where they live or financial situation.'

We would love to have your support by sponsoring us on our fundraising page here:

You too can get involved all around Australia with the dates of them coming to your state below.

You can read about my past experiences here - 2014 Miss Muddy and 2015 Miss Muddy.

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  1. I heard you guys were doing this! Fantastic of you all and all the best. It will be so much fun! X


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