Friday, 11 March 2016

Keeping cool with Dyson AM06 fan [REVIEW]

Now when I think about pedestal fans I cringe at how unsafe they are, how unreliable and steady they are. When you have kids in the house they crawl over these bulky legs that help pedestal them up, I think about how I was younger how close my siblings and I would get to sing into the fan as it made your voice go funny and how many times I nearly got my hair caught in them from being too close.
It's amazing to think they are still selling and are 'safe'.

Hasn't it been all our wishes that someone would do something about how unsafe these pedestal fans are. Dyson once again have come to the rescue.
Have you heard of the blade-less fan yet? No, well you aren't around me enough to hear the rave of my new blade-less fan and how in love with it I am.

Dyson have added the blade-less fan to their range where you can be free of any potential harmful bladed fans. I kid you not you can stick your hand right through the middle of it.

See I wasn't joking - hand is right through the middle of the AM06.  

I first came across this fan around a year and half ago now and I was pictured blowing bubbles from it. It's not until now that I have finally been able to add one to my household.
I can fear not by having this in my little munchkins room at night as it makes little noise when blowing air.

For those who like to be energy efficient you'll love this spec to it. The AM06 consumes less than 40% power in comparison to their other model fans. More savings on the power bill #winning.

The Dyson AM06 will rotate and allow you to move it to be on a tilt in which it will move from it's base and tilt either forward or backwards.

The LED light display makes it easy to see in the dark as to what you are doing and what the fan is set too.

More things that I love about the Dyson is:

Remote Controlled - Gone are the days you have to fight with someone to get up when it's hot to change the settings on the phone. You can change the settings all with the click of a button. Even a timer can be set to turn off the fan.

Super easy to clean and look after - No annoying blades and taking the fan apart like pedestals to clean the fan blades and having to get the silly cover back on without throwing it out for hard rubbish collection because it never lines up. Simply wipe over the dyson's ring and your done.

Lightweight - Moving the AM06 is like moving a newborn baby, it's super lightweight and won't break nails awkwardly carrying it.

2 year warranty - Hello extra years warranty. Rest easy with knowing you are covered for longer.

Slimline and sleek - The Dyson AM06 is stylish. Not bulky, not this huge thing that takes up a whole corner of the house.

The only bad side I can find to the Dyson AM06 is the price point which is around the $300-$400 mark for the AM06 fan. Not affordable but it is an investment to being more safe within the home, long term saving on the power bills and more peace and quiet in the home.

Disclosure: This post has been made in collaboration with Dyson, I received a AM06 as above mentioned in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


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