Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I met my best friend online

It's just the way things are these days... You rarely met people out in person anymore, as we are so time poor we are having to use social sites to connect us.
Sometimes we won't see our friends for months on end but when we see one another we can still feel as if we know what has been happening as we've seen that they've been overseas to Disneyland and they've got a new dog named Buster.
Its even the same for dating in my opinion so many people will use online dating sites to find connections.

Some of my closest friends have come from the web. And no, I didn't buy them on amazon!

My best friend so happens to be someone who I connected with online.
It began with the company I work with taking part in a charity event which I told part in and met others throughout the divisions of the company I work for and meeting another employee and connecting on social media then his amazing partner started stalking, uh I mean following me, then the flirting of liking each others photos and then it blossomed into a friendship where we now see each other on a weekly basis at minimum take our kids who have now become best friends and potential arranged marriage (just kidding!!!) for play dates whilst we have frappes and enjoy having some interaction with a person of our age instead of talking about why Peppa's family always have to lay down to laugh.
Don't get me wrong we love our kids dearly but their needs to be some time for us to be us, just like children need to be children. Knowing that not only we get on like a house on fire but our precious babies get on like two peas in a pod just makes things work so much easier. It's a win, win situation. Us Mumma's get along and have time to chin wag and the babes get to play around with a friend.

Another close friend story I'll share with you is; how I became friends with one of the girls I was being somewhat cheated on with, although they never met they talked for quite some time and developed strong feelings to one another.
One day I balls-ed up and contacted her when things were going too far for my liking and told her he wasn't 100% who he said he was and then we connected on just another level. This girl became one of my backbones who has supported me through every step of my last 18 months of life and has always been there to give me an earful of how stupid I was being or give me an abundance of compliments on how proud she was and how happy she was for me  moving forward. And to tell you the truth I see why he was so into her, gosh even I love her - she's like a complete me! Although if I had half of the self power she does then I would never have been in the situation of my last 18 months. This one is a blessing in disguise.

Other friends of mine I have connected with through social media sites just from following one another over the years of blogging and being an influencer. First the likes start happening, then the little comments to then having huge DnMs in their DM's on SM! (Translation: Direct Message on Social Media)

Generally I find myself connecting more with the Mummy bloggers because having children consumes a lot of your time and I always want to be around Niah. I admit though, I do have issues where I don't take a lot of time out for myself to go and be me because I feel guilty for not being with her. I have grown up to be taught that if you have kids that you must be their always and from my background culture it's that the women usually tend to be at home with the kids whilst the man goes to work. Times have however changed and we can't all be Real Housewives like on TV so most of us Mumma's are now out there hustling to provide for their families as well.

I work different days to the normal Monday to Friday so I'm working Friday through to Tuesday, so weekends I'm not available to catch up and have play dates with the kiddies like most do with their social activities. Working those days have their pros and cons. I miss out on special occasions at times like taking Niah to her friends birthday parties but thankfully I've got a supportive family who are able to aid in taking care of Niah on weekends and take her to the parties. But the pros are definitely perk-able given I can go to run all my errands during the week when things are actually open like the post office and banks, I can go do my shopping without having queues for days like on weekends with the Mums who do their shopping ready for Monday school and I can spend time at the parks with Niah not being crowded.

Not only can you find friends online now too but you can do literally nearly anything from just being online. I love the internet.


  1. Love this! We HAVE to organise a catch up soon, once my kids remember how to not be sick!

    1. Thanks babe. Yes we definitely do, I need to met this little newborn of yours.
      Let me know when you are all better <3


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