Monday, 2 September 2013

38/39 weeks

I'm in the stages where I could only describe it as my worst stages of pregnancy. 
I am moaning and groaning day in, day out to Dan, to my friends, to sookbook facebook hehe! 
Everyone always says wait until your in the last stages... well I know what they mean. I am constantly begging baby to come out and telling Dan I want her out, I'm over being pregnant. 
My stomach is so stretched, my feet are sore in a short period of time of being on them, my bladder seems to constantly need emptying, I get sharp pains down there with bubs pushing on the cervix that make me do these crazy little dances in the middle of shopping centres trying to not squeal in pain as I cross my legs, my back hurts, my bodys weak, I can barely get up, I don't sleep well at night, I get uncomfortable lots, my boobs are getting bigger & bigger... 
It's never ending! I am so sulky over it and I know.. some Mums have had several kids but I've got to be cut some slack as this is my first and I have no idea what to expect and as much as people tell you their experiences and what it felt like for them - it will always be different for each person. 

Right now I am what seems like constantly eating... Dan says its because now baby has fully developed she is just bulking in there. As long as this extra carbs and food are going to babys weight and not mine then hey I'm fine with that... haha! But fat chance it is!!

My original given due date was the 7th of September - this Saturday!! But as I got pushed back awhile ago with a second due date of 12th September - that means next Thursday... 
How does this all work? How can doctors or ultrasound people confirm when your baby is suppose to be due? To me it just doesn't make sense, If I was due originally the 7th of September how can they push me out almost another week and then say you are 40 weeks as of the 12th September and then we give you another 10 days on top of that and will plan to get baby out after due date??? What if I really am 40 weeks this Saturday? Then I will be going into week 42 with a baby still inside me??

My hips as I have blogged about before are both pinned from a sporting injury back when I was in primary school, they have been hurting for awhile now and send sharp pains up my sides and back at times. When I discussed this with my doctor when we first found out about bubs she was really good about it and said we will just have to see how you go further down the track and then look at what to do.
Now when I had my appointment with the midwife last Thursday even after explaining I have my hips pinned and this could be causing me more bad then good with the pregnancy he started talking about its normal as your hips are preparing for pregnancy blah blah blah... you can take pain killers if it gets really bad and yadah yadah but I don't think he was really understanding what I was trying to tell him! 
Sometimes I can barely sit on the toilet because I'll start to get pains in my hip! 
It scares me with the unknown for if I will be able to deliver naturally or if I will have to get a c-section. I really hope a c-section doesn't need to come about as I really don't want to get a epidural not only because I hate needles but because I want to try all natural and I have always been against medicines, injections etc etc. I'm a bit of a hippie. Although in saying I am against those sorts of things doesn't mean I won't vaccinate my kids - they will be vaccinated right up until they are able to make their own grown up decisions at the legal action. 

I also hate the unknown of when baby will come... I don't like this waiting game... 
Hopefully she arrives soon though as Dan & I can't wait to hold our little creation and I am sure there is lots of you waiting to meet her wither it be in real life or via the photos on my blog :)


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