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Gok Loves Target

Today I attended my first Target blogging event and wow! It was just amazing, everything is just so beautifully done! Being pregnant and in my hungry stages now I could not take my eyes away from the buffet table they had for us afterwards.

Presentation on the buffet tables

Afternoon Tea treaties for us lucky bloggers
The event was held at The Point right along the gorgeous waterside of Albert Park (divine place). The canap├ęs were delicious and so yummy!  The Point is this gorgeous place that would be amazing to get married in. (Check it out if your hunting wedding spots in Melbourne)

I've always been a Target girl - I've never really shopped in all those other fashion stores as I always struggled with my weight and couldn't fit nicely into those fashion stores that all my friends would shop at which is really hard on you when you go have a day with the girls. It really ate at my self esteem.
Target was where my Mum would get the whole family clothed in ever since young days! 
The greatness of a huge department store is you can put clothes on the backside of everyone in the one shop! 
To this day I still shop at Target - my maternity clothes have all mostly been from Target as I believe they make the best fit to a pregnant lady. I have tried other department stores maternity wear and it just isn't the same.. not as good quality and not to a proper fit either!
Dan & I also shop there not only for him but for our little darling whose soon to arrive also. I think each time I go into Target with Dan he has to steer me away from the clothes not only the cute baby ones but for myself.  At the moment their isn't much of a variety for maternity wear so I like to admire the trends and fashion by browsing through the racks when I go into Target.

At the blogging event today with Target we had a special guest Gok who has teamed up with Target and has become a style and quality ambassador.
Gok Wan who I first saw on TV as the stylist for How To Look Good Naked - my gosh! Dedication out to those ladies as I have those lumps and bumps and couldn't do a nude photo shot.

This collaboration with Gok is very exciting! As you will have seen on TV, in store and through other advertising Gok is having 'Gok Loves'. This has started with the ladies wear but will also be going into Menswear, Childrenswear, Footwear, Accessories and Homewares. 
I read that each month Gok will be doing a new 'Gok Loves' pieces, can't wait to see what Gok Loves! 

Target really is a full shopping experience in the one store which you can go to at a affordable price with quality for your money. Target is really stepping up and are trying to get more and more different buyers in and not just the boys who want something for a BBQ. 
It was stated by Gok that in the next 12-24 months you will see a real difference in stores. 

Gok presenting and chatting to us
Today was a really good insight for me to see what Gok thinks of fashion and what he has an eye for. 
I loved that Gok said Maternity wear and Plus Size wear will come more into the fashion sector and will be looked after. When I was in a bigger size I hated having to look into the plus size section and would always try to squeeze myself into the 'normal' sized clothing just because there wasn't a nice range for the plus size. 
Maternity Wear I think Target already do well but I would love to see more designs, patterns, colours and more choice from them as I know the next few years as my Dan has advised me I will be a baby making machine whilst we get all our kids out of the way now haha!!

Target models
Gok was asked 'What things do women get wrong in fashion?' and his response was that what women get wrong is they dress for someone else instead of themselves. You might dress to the trend, to what your friends are wearing or what you think your boyfriend will like but ultimately you need to dress for you! You have got to embrace and understand what you are picking as the clothes you wear are telling who you. 
Gok was also asked 'What things do Australian women get right over the rest of the world in fashion?' and his response was that there is such a huge divide between casual wear women to the women who really take care and really want to present themselves. Gok said it was such a positive thing that Australian women are honest on what they are comfortable about in their fashion. 

Gok's 5 things we can't live without this season:

  1. Collared shirts
  2. Straight jeans
  3. Flats
  4. Disconnected and unusual clothing pieces that you can dress up or down. 
  5. 7/8s trousers - the pants that are in-between the capres and cigarette cuts. 
Gok's unliked trends:
  1. 70s look - ditsy prints and clashing colors as its not a style for everyone. 
  2. Futuristic type clothing. 
Gok stated that by being a stylist you have to appreciate every style their is and what people maybe into even if you don't like it. 

Goks recommendation for colors this season:
Gok advised that their isn't really colors anymore. Which is partly to do with the high end fashion - the retailers as there is all different designers and so much space to fill on the shelves now. 
Before colors for seasons used to be decided on piecing together their range of collections and then noticing the trend throughout the collections and for example say every collection had a blue in it - they would say okay well Blue is the color for this season. 
But if Gok had to choose he said Black and the Musky Yellow for this season. 

A gorgeous dress that was on a mannequin at todays event

Goks want in the direction of fashion:
Gok wanted their to be de-sexulisation  and for there to be quality for kids.
Gok believes that kids aren't getting quality and aren't being thought about. (I didn't realise it until Gok mentioned it but he is right. There isn't much out their for the kids that you can say yup that's the best brand and was such of quality.) 
Gok wants there to be more fun and for fashion to be steered away from sex (as we can all see in the celebrities on TV at the moment). 

Loved this setup with Gok's poster!

Target... Uhh Uhhh Targ'et

To view the current 'Gok Loves' click below:


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