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Pizza Masterclass

I am so late on posting this little blog but I thought enough is enough this Pizza Masterclass must go up as I have taken so much knowledge back from the class that needs to be shared!

About a 4 weeks ago on a Tuesday night I was taken along to a Pizza Masterclass to learn more about Woolworths, Perfect Italiano, Leggos, Dan Murphys, Bakers Delight and Bertocchi. 

Blogger Erin and myself in our aprons ready to cook!

For Dan & I we started off as pizza buyers on a weekly basis usually Friday nights when we didn't have our own house and then it turned into a Sunday night we would buy pre-made frozen or deli pizzas from the shop and heat them up... These 2 methods for pizza are no more! Dan & I are fresh little homemade pizza eaters ever since Pizza Masterclass and have now converted our pizza night to a Tuesday (same day in which I attended Pizza Masterclass).

I got to meet and chat with if not one but a few representatives from each of the following:
Woolworths, Perfect Italiano, Leggos, Dan Murphys, Bakers Delight and Bertocchi. 

Under Woolworths I got to meet Jim a Mushroom Farmer who had so much to tell us about Mushrooms, if you ever had any question about mushrooms - Jim would be your man! 
He advised us and you all must take this information on board and please do this in your own kitchen - DO NOT PEEL YOUR MUSHIES! Why? Because all the nutrients and vitamin D are found in the skin in-fact they help prevent breast cancer in ladies and prostate cancer in gentlemen. 

All you need to do is give them a wash over under water and off you go, no peeling necessary. 
I've always wondered how they got away with packaging the mushrooms in cut up slices with skin on and now the answer has been given!
Most of you are probably thinking but we need to get that skin off because mushrooms sit in shit... To clarify Woolworths mushrooms 'do not sit in shit', Woolworths get there mushrooms from farmers who grow them in straw. 

Also the supplier of all the delicious salamis, hams, bacon etcs are Bertocchi who had quite a huge range for us bloggers to dig into and discuss with us.  The representative discussed how they cured the meat and gave us more insight into those meats. 
I haven't seemed to have been a fan of those kinds of deli meats since I got pregnant but I braved out on trying something different and had a chilli salami - WOW! What that something, it had a little kick to it but wasn't very over powering that it would make you run for the milk. 

If you're a bit of the chilli lover then definitely recommend you sink your teeth into some Bertocchi Chilli Salami!

I learnt that there is a company who have made it simple for you - simple to be able to just throw the right blends of cheese already grated for you onto those pizzas! 
I have never used Perfect Italiano and they are always on our shopping list now - they just make it so much more simpler when it comes to pizza nights for us and have fallen in love with their brand purely for convenience!
Perfect Italiano have a made the perfect blend of Mozzarella, Cheddar & Parmesan cheeses in one handy grated packet. This cheese melts to perfect without going oily and gives you those gorgeous cheese strings you want to see from a well done pizza! 
If you havent already seen there massive range of pre-prepared cheeses for you then check them out next time you're in the store!

I'm sure you have all heard of Leggos and seen them develop hugely as of recently or maybe that is just me and I have taken more notice of them lately. 
Leggos have a huge range of sauces and even went into having a one pan sachet dinner which my Dan loves might I add. 
Leggos Squeeze pizza sauce makes it so much easier in the kitchen when you have your own pizza masterclass with those little muchkins - allowing them to easily squeeze out sauce instead of having to spoon out the sauce from a jar.

Did you know that Bakers Delight can make fresh pizza bases for you? I didn't until I had this Pizza Masterclass. Bakers Delight freshly make pizza bases that you can order for any day that suits you! 
Nothing can compare to how good the pizza bases are freshly done from Bakers Delight - I now order mine every week  for our pizza night. 

They are available in full size or mini size - white or wholemeal. I only just tried the wholemeal this week and although it does brown darker then the white it was just as tasty, but I did find I was fuller quicker - which was a good thing though as it catered me for lunch the next day too hehe.

Although I wasn't able to taste any of the special catering that Dan Murphy's brought along for the night they need a mention as this is always where you get the lowest prices for your special shall we say... soothers ;P

The setup on the Pizza Masterclass preparation tables.

Our chefs for the night showing us how best to make pizzas.

My freshly made pizza!

'A Nikita Special Pizza'

Leggos Pizza Squeeze Sauce
Woolworths Spinach Leaves
Woolworths Mushrooms (skin on)
Woolworths Cherry Tomatoes
Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese
Perfect Italiano Ricotta

Blogger Erin and I with one of the chefs (and of course that baby bump of mine)

And I'll leave you with some shots of Dan & my creations:
Our little set up for making homemade pizzas

Dan at work with Leggos Squeeze Pizza Sauce on his Bakers Delight Pizza Bases

Dan's shredded ham & bacon pieces topped and based with Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese

My spinach, mushroom, tomato, anchovies pizza! Yes I'm the anchovies girl!

Dan's pizza afterwards on our new Leggos Pizza Pan

My after pizza 

Giving the Perfect Italiano Perfect Bakes Cheese a whirl.


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