Wednesday, 9 July 2014

REVIEW: Smash Fantasy Feet Kid's Outdoor Dining Range

Smash has just added a new range exclusively available at Coles, is the Fantasy Feet kids outdoor dining range with a feature cartoons of either an elephant or owl!

Unfortunately the weather hasn't been that great for us to be able to get out and have a picnic at the park to enjoy the new range from Smash but we have been making the most of the range inside the house.

With cute little animal cartoons of either an elephant or owl they will create a gorgeous little dining experience for your little one for once they get to the bottle of their plate or bowl it will reveal those cute animal cartoons.
I really liked that it wasn't a colour overload on the range, it was a simple white with a few colours and the cartoon which makes them stand out to me.

The outdoor kids dining range is BPA and PET Free and are microwave and dishwasher safe! Immediately when I heard they had all those especially dishwasher safe I jumped at the chance to review these. There are so many character novelty dining ranges out on the markets that just don't have the microwave or dishwasher safe part to them which really annoys me as it isn't a practical thing for us busy Mum's.
I washed these and heated the range up constantly as we were pretty much using the range daily for Niah. I did find that the plate laminate started to peel and come up on the side which was really unfortunate.

Niah can't drink from a cup at the moment but she sure is trying and drowning herself in water at the same time so unfortunately we can't comment much on the cups.

The bowl is a good wide size almost like a small plate with a decent sized brim around it for easy holding both for us and the bubs. They weren't too deep either which is what I like to see for the young ones as you it makes for easier use for them when getting the contents out, with ease of not having to tip the bowl over.

Both the bowl and plate have a rubbery like ring around the base of them for a non slip effect which I thought was also another fantastic feature point to the range.
All in all, I think the range is fantastic and they have really looked out for the bubs and mums best interest and catered to what is needed.

The Fantasy Feet range is very affordable varying in individual buy prices of $2 to $3.50 (each item sold separately):
Tumbler $2 RRP
Plate $2.50 RRP
Bowl $2.50 RRP
Bottle 330ml $3.50 RRP

Head into Coles now - I have seen this range in the baby needs isles for easier navigation to find them. 


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