Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Target's Toy Sale Media Event

(Photo credit - taken from TwoBirdStalking Instagram)
Walking up Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne I was stopped by a lady dressed in a circus attire like cloak with a target lolly pop sign and was taken down the back alley way to be greeted by another lady dressed in a cloak like circus attire with a sign and then entered into what was so fancy that I felt like I was going into the Moulin Rouge but this was actual toy heaven for Target's Toy Sale. Held at 1000 and bend in Melbourne's CBD. 

A custom made merry go round was the centre masterpiece of the event with the electronic ride in mercs and diggers for children aged 3-8 to enjoy a ride in. I so wanted to get Niah in the Merc but unfortunately she'll have to wait a little while long to ride in it - I was also eying this off in the catalogue for her first birthday but once again she's too young, I'm sure I could put it away right ;P 

Red and white was plastered around with the waiters and staff wearing the colours to be easily spotted out. 
To the right was the girls side and to the left was more the boys side. 

Girls had 2 characters offering beauty services, a photo booth that was set up in an Alice In Wonderland scene with a beautiful big cherry blossom tree with a 'brush' station that had the zelfs, my little pony and la la loopsy's as well as a play station where Peppa Pig play sets were out. Niah and I spend most of her time playing her as this was the most kind of age appropriate for her that would still involve her in the event takings. 

At the back of the room was 4 baby toys more suitable for Niah's age but they weren't set up as nicely as the girl and boy station as they were on the floor and when we first attempted to play here it was a little hard being that we were in the way whilst sitting on the floor so that area was a bit short loved for us. 

For the boys area they had a feature Star Wars zone a Lego play table and san other activity table as well as remote controlled helicopters - which seemed to be a big hit for the dads who came along to the event and a few more electronic ride in diggers and mercs. 

To the back right there was the catered area with popcorn, fairy floss, milkshakes and a candy buffet along with hot curly fries and hot dogs coming around for the kids. All the delights and joys of foods that kids love. 
Along with alcoholic beverages and a few appetizers for the adults. 

A few celeb talents and known media talents were spotted on the night so left feeling a little special to be rubbing shoulders with the well known faces of the public. 

After making our exit from the event we were given a toy to take home with us. Miss Niah was give the Doc. McStuffins which was her main obsession when we got home and put up a fight when we tried to get Doc. McStuffin out of the packaging for her. 

Before attending this event I had gotten my copy of the Target Toy Sale catalogue and sat down just like my Mum would do when we were younger and would circle all the things she wanted for us. Of course her catalogue never stayed that way for long as when us kids got to it we just added a few more circles into the catalogues. This time around I go to do it myself for my little girl who turns 1 in September, time has just flown by! 
Target's Toy Sale will be where I get prepared for Niah's presents as well as her little friends who will be celebrating there special 1st birthdays too! 
I'm so glad we held out from the other toy sales earlier in the year as Target's is definitely looking unbeatable! 


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