Thursday, 25 June 2015

Operation Move Learn To Run July + GIVEAWAY

I'm ready for my next challenge and that is 'Learn To Run' with the Operation Move girls Kate & Zoey who I heard about from a masterclass blogging workshop a few weeks ago.
Kate & Zoey inspired me to try running again.

Before I had Niah I was training myself for running in fun runs and completed my first fun run in July 2012 then I fell pregnant and I stopped any form of exercise, silly I know but I honestly had no idea that exercising whilst being pregnant was a good thing and wouldn't harm the baby.
My excuse post pregnancy was that my body isn't built for running, I have a thicker frame to my body and try to use that to my advantage as well as all my jubbly wubblys jiggling when I run which I hate and have considered glad wrapped it up so it won't move, jokes - I wear compression tights for a reason.

July is going to be a new challenge start for me. I've already popped myself into many new exciting challenges and can't wait to see where I will end up at the end of it all.

Operation Move have a course in which you can take part in that helps you 'Learn To Run'.
This course will begin in July and runs for 10 weeks. You access this course online, there is no face to face classes or workshops. Kate & Zoey keep in touch with regular emails and you gain access to a small, private Facebook group in which they will provide coaching, support and motivation.

The course retails for $199, and to date they have graduated more than 150 women most of whom continue to run regularly and some who have gone on to train with Zoey for half marathons and marathons having never even known they were capable of running at all.

Whose up for the challenge and wants to join me this July?

One lucky reader will be able to win themselves an entry into the July course for 'Learn To Run' valued at $199, thanks to Operation Move and NJT Blogger collaborating for this special giveaway. 

Simple entry form via rafflecopter below. 
The more tasks you complete the higher chance of winning.

Giveaway ends: Sunday 28th of June at midnight.
Winners will be drawn: Monday 29th of June.
Winner will have 24hrs to contact back otherwise redraw will occur.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Operation Move. I was gifted an entry into the Learn To Run course in return for its promotion here. I received no payment for this post and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


  1. I've just started with my fitness, I'm loving how it's making me feel and how much energy I have. I've haven't started running as yet but never say never for this 43 year old!

  2. Fitness to me is really about how we go about maximizing our potential as human beings. It’s more than just exercising: It’s finding the willpower and the strategies so that you keep showing up time after time.
    I am not a runner, I tend to go with the flow and whatever suits me and my routine.

  3. I have completed the couch to 5K before, but after my third child I'm lacking motivation and really feeling those wobbly bits!

  4. i am reasonably fit bit dont really get the whole running do you "enjoy" it....i just feel breathless and red faced!

    1. Redraw has occurred and Cheryl you have been selected to take part in the course for July. Please check your email for details.

  5. Fitness is about keeping my body free of my previous 47kgs. It's about a happy life with a health body. I'd love to now take it further by achieve something simple like a City2Surf.

    Laura Scriven

  6. I trained to run my first 1/2 marathon for 12 months, it was hard but I did it. Then we went on extended holiday so I stopped running. My goal now is the run a marathon on my 50th birthday in July 2017. I'm starting at the beginning again and have 2 years to get fit enough.

  7. I have tried running and done a few fun runs, I really loved it but I lack good technique and knowledge and problems with shin pain has left me not running for 6 months

  8. I want to start running. I need help with running technique, particularly the breathing. Running to me is the path to a better quality of life, a healthier body and mind, and a new future.
    Sarah Gifford

  9. I would really love to learn how to run properly - this would just give me the push I need!

  10. I like running, but really struggle to get into a routine. This sounds like a great way to form a new habit! -Helen

  11. I've never been a 'runner', but honestly, I've had dreams I'm running and I love it. I always wish to have that feeling in my dreams, where I'm lighter and not dying trying to jog. I've done a couple of 5k runs but never ran the whole way. I've just gotten a fitbit and back on the treadmill/road after an extended stay in the USA with my ill father. Its just made me realise I have no idea how to get to that level.

  12. Fitness is everything to me! It feeds not only body, but mind and soul as well... Unfortunately an ongoing shoulder injury has really got me out of shape and feeling down, but learning to run would be the perfect way to bounce back!

  13. Fitness means loving my children so much that I do it for them so that I am healthy!

  14. Thank you for sharing such an insightful stuff. Totally inspired, appreciate your work for doing best to keep blog interesting.


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