Wednesday, 4 June 2014

EHPLabs Oxyshred on board for #njtlosing40

Thermogenic's are no unknown weight loss aid supplement when it comes to me. I find it imperative for myself to use one when I am in the journey of losing weight. 

Oxyshred has just come into my hands and is now my training partner to assist me in getting to my goals. I had a good look at the ingredients that are put into Oxyshred and I was really amazed when comparing this to me last thermogenic and knowing what I know about fat burning aids. 
Oxyshred really covers all of the 3 important steps you want when looking to loose weight/shred/fat burn:
Transporting: Acetyl L-Carnitine which is first off the bat on the ingredients list. Acetyl L-Carnitine is to help transport fat into muscle stores where they can be burnt.
Burning: There is a long list of fat burning/stimulants within Oxyshred that help to increase your metabolic rate which then helps to burn fat.
Blocking: CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is second on the ingredients listing which helps stop fat stores from what your consume. 

There hasn't been a thermogenic that I have come across that has all 3 of these in it, Oxyshred has made my supplement intake so much more easier because it contains all 3 of these things. 
I used to pop CLA pills a few times a day, take carnitine before workouts (I still add in more carnitine to my intake though) and then would take my thermogenic on top of that. 
My gym bag or hand bag is so much more organised with just having a product that can cater to it all. 

In terms of the taste of Oxyshred - hands down best tasting thermogenic and has a good variety of flavours that really set them aside from other brands. A lot of other thermogenic's have dried my mouth out and left a really unpleasant lingering taste in my mouth, but Oxyshred doesn't - it's a refreshing thermogenic. 
Oxyshred is available in 4 flavours: Guava Paradise, Pink Grapefruit, Kiwi Strawberry & Wild Melon. 
I have tasted them all and would definitely say that Guava is probably my favourite. 

Oxyshred is consumed by 1 scoop to 295ml of water. I find Oxyshred to be too sweet and which you can always adjust your water levels to your liking to soften the taste. Pink Grapefruit to me is the least sweetest from the flavors. 

When consuming Oxyshred it is advised to not consume anything for 20 minutes so first thing when I wake up in down my Oxyshred - before I can even have breakfast I am umm.. how to say this nicely - having a clean of my system and emptying my bowels. 

For me I like using a shaker to mix up my Oxyshred as I think it mixes better and leaves minimal un-dissolved powder at the bottom of the shaker. 

I then tried the mix ability within a glass with a spoon which I found was less bubbly and mixed into a smoother consistency but I didn't find that the Oxyshred dissolved as much as when using the shaker.

At current I have been using Oxyshred on a daily basis even on non training days. On training days you take Oxyshred twice. I find Oxyshred makes me feel like I've had a bucket poured over my head during training, I get so heated in the shortest amount of time - if anyone was to come in the gym and see me they would think I would have been there for hours! 
Oxyshred even makes me break a sweat just from normal little house chores, I think Oxyshred is very effective and I can't wait to share more about how I am going with it. 

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