Thursday, 20 August 2015

Where have I been? [LIFE POST]

I'm so sorry for neglecting the blog and not being around since my last post 3 weeks ago.
It has been a real whirl wind of crazy busy madness but I want to fill you in on all the goss as to what went on.

1. I was back working both days on the weekend and having Wednesday/Thursday as my days off so I was spending most of my down time with the family and getting out. Who likes staying in on there days off? Not this chick.

2. Bloggers United AU just had there first Perth event. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it due to work commitments and I'm super sad. We had a full house sell out event and it just looked to have been amazing day. The lead up to the event is crazy busy whilst we finalised all details.

3. I've started vlogging - for those who don't know what vlogging is, it is basically blogging but by video taping myself and uploading it to YouTube.
This is something huge as you are really putting yourself out there. You can't hide yourself, and who you are as a person. Why did I start vlogging? If you watch my first video here it will explain why - I'm time poor and this was something much easier and quicker. I'm still perfecting the text in videos and need to work on a backdrop but hey I'm a L plater.

4. I've become a KFit Brand Ambassador - KFit are a one membership that entitles you to go to many fitness and wellness facilities around you. They are all around the world. I'll be posting a video shortly going into more detail.

5. Niah is about to turn 2. I cannot believe how quickly two beautiful years with my little chick have flown past. Planning parties and all things that come along with birthdays take a lot of time and thought to organise. I can't wait to be able to share this memory with you all.

6. I'm taking on Maxine's Challenge round 2 for 2015. Last time I gave it after about 4 weeks, what I did do within that time and until now was drop 6kgs and keep it off. I learnt more about my training and about food intake. Every single day my knowledge of healthy living is widened and I'm just loving being in such a happier place as I look at my body and see changes within myself.

I think I have caught you up to speed now but keep posted via my blog, most importantly subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on social media to see how things are progressing for me.

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  1. You are a busy mum ! inspirational that you can do all that plus balance a toddler ! Keep it up DF xox


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