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A ladies intimate lunch talking Vaginas with Vagisil + GIVEAWAY

I'm one of those over-sharers who doesn't have much shame. I'm an open book and happy to share stories that humiliate myself or just share an experience that not many would chat about.
I do give warning to those who haven't heard these sort of stories from me before that I'm going to be TMI for a second but that's just what normally comes from me.

Back a little bit ago I was invited along to a ladies intimate lunch hosted by Dr Ginni Mansberg for Vagisil. Dr Ginni Mansberg if you haven't heard about her before is a Mother of 6 kids, media personality who you might have seen on Sunrise and is a GP who actively promotes vaginal healthcare especially being that it is a major health concern experienced by many of us ladies.

The Smith, Prahran was the location for us, in of course a separate intimate room was our private dining area to talk about our sex lives, our past or maybe current vaginal healthcare and discuss future ways to help ensure we have a good healthy vagina.

How many of you knew that using normal soaps or wash products were bad for cleaning your vagina? It wasn't until I got to probably my 20s that I grew to know this. Prior to that I remember being told/taught by my parents whilst washing to wash with soap down 'there' and obviously this has been what they grew to know as well being that back in the older days we didn't have specific products designed for these things.

I was lucky enough to be able to interview Dr Ginni Mansberg post event where it ended up being just a general chit chat as majority of my questions I had in the interview ended up being answered through Dr Ginni's presentation over lunch.

One of my main questions I wanted to share as I was really eager to ask Dr Ginni was 'Is having discharge normal and should it be cleaned off the surface?'
Dr Ginni responded that yes discharge is normal and majority of us will get this. Discharge doesn't necessarily need to be removed if it is on the surface as it's not really doing harm but should it be internal this is when it will be a concern.

Here are some key things we went over in the lunch:
  • Vagisil is a perfect intimate care product to use as it has the correct levels of pH to balance you out. With use of fruity soaps this is at a pH level of 11 and a normal soap being pH level 8. 
  • The vagina should be acidic not alkaline which is what use of cheap soaps will do. We think we are doing good by cleaning through soaps but in fact we are causing more bad than good as this will create smelly bacteria. 
  • Vaginal dryness is one of the most common discomfort concerns more so than smelly odours, yeast infections or itches. 
  • Vaginal dryness is treatable via easy self applicator products rather than surgeries. 
  • Vaginal dryness can be suffered at any age, and can be caused by a range of many things like tight clothing, stress, incorrect product uses, menopause etc. 
Vagisil have a product within their range that helps treat vaginal dryness through the Vagisil ProHydrate Plus Internal Hydrating Gel. This product helps to replicate what a woman vagina would normally produce and help moisture the vagina for up to three (3) days. This product can be found in local supermarkets.

Thanks to Vagisil we have some goodie prize packs to giveaway, as pictured below.
1 x Internal Hydrating Gel containing 6 applicators
2 x External Hydrating Gel 30g tubes
Valued at over $40 per prize pack.

Win 1 of 5 Ladies Intimate Packs

Giveaway ends: Monday 19th September at midnight.
Winners will be drawn: 20th September, 2016.
Winner will have 24hrs to contact back otherwise redraw will occur.

Disclosure: This post has been made in collaboration with Vagisil. I was invited along to the above mentioned event in exchange for its promotion here. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


  1. Dr Ginni.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Michelle V

  2. I didn't know much of this so thanks for the post!

  3. I'd love to try this and see if it makes me have a better "down there"! Just can't get the Miranda "depressed vagina" episode from Sex in the City out of my head when reading this!

  4. Wow! So much to learn.. lol
    Good luck everyone... Sounds like this is just what we women need...

  5. Dr Ginni Mansberg - very interesting indeed


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