Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Darrell Lea Rippers #DLEAFACEON

For the past week in our household we have been munching down on the new Darrell Lea Rippers which have been the first movement from one of the leading confectionery brands to cut down on the sugar within their confectionery making them a healthier alternative to the lollies on shelves.

As most parents I am sure we are all conscious of what our children are consuming - not only for health and well-being but so we can keep our sanity from not giving our little petals them sugar highs that drive us up the wall, well more so literally those little babes of ours. 
25% less sugar has been cut from the Darrell Lea Rippers making them a better treat option than similar products out on the market.

Those treat food items are never bad in moderation. I believe in a balance and not depriving yourself of treats because they are put down as ‘bad’, with the right key to being mindful and knowing that they are sometimes foods rather than all the time then you can be more guilt free. 

Darrell Lea as a brand of confectionery goods have always been a big loved name within our family so to know that a brand we feel makes the best quality on the market to actually listen to consumer demand is really rewarding. It makes us love them even more.

Darrell Lea Rippers come in three (3) flavours being:
-          Apple & Blackcurrant
-          Orange & Lime
-          Raspberry & Grape

We had mixed favorites in the house being that little Niah loved the orange and blackcurrant flavors the most and Mumma me liked the apple and raspberry flavors ones the most.

The taste isn’t over powering with sugar and you can definitely still enjoy your Rippers without it feeling like they have taken all the things that makes confectionery so tasty and sweet out of it.

Darrell Lea is still running its #DLEAFACEON competition in which you can win a trip to the Darrell Lea factory in Sydney (from your major capital) with a parent/guardian with 2 friends.
You’ll get to have an all-you-can-eat tour of the factory, make your own Rocky Road bar, take home samples and be sent out more twice throughout the year!
If you win… please think of us! We’ll be your besties forever.

Head out to Woolworths whom are exclusively stocking the Darrell Lea Rippers available on special now and enter via posting a funny face creation picture from the Rippers and upload onto social media with the hashtag #DLEAFACEON for your chance to win.

Disclosure: This post has been made in a sponsored collaboration with Darrell Lea Rippers. I received the above pictured Darrell Lea Rippers for sampling. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


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