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Daiso Melbourne CBD opening day + REVIEW

Founded by Hirotake Yano in 1997, Japan-based Daiso has grown to become a respected supplier of more than 70,000 products in categories including cosmetics, kitchenware, food, homewares, stationery, lifestyle, toys and more. It's a veritable treasure trove of surprises that are fun, fashionable and functional. 

Japanese retailer Daiso opened its flagship store in Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD on Thursday 28th, November it was advised to be a bright, fun and quirky occasion.

The 1,800 square metre store is not only the biggest in Australia, but also the largest in the Southern hemisphere – delighted city shoppers were snapping up a bargain ahead of Christmas.

Daiso Australia CEO Klt Cheong cutting the ribbon with Kiyomi

The morning kicked off with the cutting of the ribbon and a colourful performance by The Voice star Kiyomi Vella, who belted out some of her favourites from the show: 1234, It’s Oh So Quiet and Upside Down. Shoppers also enjoyed product demonstrations by Sasha and Victoria from the V&S Show, voucher giveaways and Japanese snacks, while they explored the exciting new store.

Victoria, Kiyomi & Sasha at the opening

At Daiso, every single item is just $2.80, so spoiling your loved ones – and yourself – has never been more enjoyable. The store has items for every room and every occasion, including Daiso’s famous kitchenware, fashion, beauty, toys and a legendary selection of Japanese food. 

I unfortunately wasn't able to attend on the store opening day as I had family commitments but I did pop  into the Chadstone store and had my first every Daiso experience. 
Walking into and even seeing the store from afar just attracted your eyes - the store is so bright, glowing I would even say! There is so much product within the one store and it truly does have everything in there! I wasn't able to view everything they had in store as they had a couple of stairs to get to a raised floor area that doesn't have a pram friendly access to getup there so I missed out on seeing a few isles. 
I was so overwhelmed with all the products they had in the store that I didn't actually purchase anything at the time as I would really need to give alot of time to really view everything and understand what it all is. 
The products are in Japanese but they have the english word of what the items are printed on it as well. 

I was interested to know what Daiso meant so I did a little google search and learnt that it means 'Cheap Thrill'. What a perfect name for the store because I actually did find myself picking up and pointing at items saying Wow, really?! $2.80??!!!

My little mini beauty pack

I was lucky enough to be sent out a little mini beauty pack prior to the store opening to try out. 
Inside my little pack was:
  • Straw beach like bag
  • Vanity self standing mirror
  • Beauty case
  • Tweezers
  • False eyelashes
  • Eyelash curler 
This cute straw bag is a small to medium sized bag that is something that you would use for the beach. It's lightweight and very durable.

I love this vanity self standing mirror - I have always wanted one that stands on its own but have never liked the price tag that usually comes with it so I was glad this came in my pack. I am now able to do my make-up anywhere around the house thanks to this. 
This mirror is double-sided with the normal view and then enlarged close up view. 

I have a love for falsies but have never mastered putting them on - the thing I love about these lashes is that they come with glue!! Surprisingly there isn't many lashes that come with glue and that gets under my skin that they don't supply the glue! 

You can never have enough pairs of tweezers I say as somehow they always seem to go missing in the house so the more pairs we have, the merrier! 
I love the cute little design pattern on these tweezers, they have that hologram image of the picture changing according to the angle.
These tweezers didn't have the sharp pinching edges; they were buffed down and were very easily used to get the hairs. Think there's a new eyebrow tweezers in town!! 

This would be the first eyelash curler that I actually own now. My cousin always used to curl my eyelashes when I was younger when we dressed up and I never saw the real need to use an eyelash curler but after revisiting the childhood memory, I am now back to using the curler! Very easy to use to curl those lashes.
Again the same as any other brand is store but Daiso know how to price it right!

Is it a beauty case? Is it a pencil case? Is it possibly a case to keep your sanitary items in? It's all of the above! I love cases that you can multi-use! Cute floral patterns can never go wrong as a print on anything and you can never go wrong with buying this as a gift!

With the Christmas season coming up it would be a great stocking filler shop and gift giving place for a cheap and affordable gift!

Kiyomi snapping up a bargain

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