Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Kidstore Launch in Chadstone

The Kidstore store front at Chadstone Shopping Centre

The Kidstore has a new store in what better place then the fashion capital - Chadstone Shopping Centre! I was invited in for a squizz, a shop and to meet the team! 

Never before had I known this brand before the lovely Lisa & Lydia introduced me to them with a gorgeous little jumpsuit for Niahbella as a welcome to the world gift. 

Niahbella in her gifted jumpsuit from The Kidstore 
The feel and look of The Kidstore shop  really draws your eye and practically pulls you in from the centre- it's bright, fun and very eye catchy!!

It was an amazing night to be able to meet the a few of the ladies behind The Kidstore as well - Rebecca, Linda & Gemma! These ladies were angels on the night - helping us out and chatting to us. There is nothing better then having the people behind a brand being hands on and meeting their customers. 

Rebecca (behind clothes rack) giving a little speech  

Us lucky bloggers were able to have a shop around with a courtesy of some gifted credit towards purchases which I went over our credit gift in a flash and purchased more cute items on the side. The staff were all very friendly giving me a hand to be able to find the sizes I needed for bubs and I picked up several adorable items on the night that I can't wait for her to get into!! 

My purchases from The Kidstore:
Floral dress $30, Pink striped jumpsuit $25, Black and white romper $20,  floral shorts $20 and Sophie Giraffe $35

To be honest I actually wasn't really to excited for baby clothing, but with being introduced to The Kidstore I've developed a little passion for fashion through Niahbella and The Kidstore will definitely have me back many more times!! 

The Kidstore not only stock children's clothing but they have a wide range of stunning accessories and toys. 

Niahbella with The Kidstore aviator kiddies sunnies
(only wish they weren't so big for her!)

The Kidstore has gorgeous pieces that are at great affordable prices! There's none of this odd pricing like $21.95 or $33.50 it's straight forward solid rounded prices of $10, $15, $30 etc. 

The Kidstore does baby sizes which are from newborn to size 1 (12-18months) and then they go into kids which is from size 2 to 6. 

The baby range at The Kidstore

I love that The Kidstore prints are very bold and unique, there is no patterned stuff that is the regular of style. 

Niahbella trying on some summer hats.

The Kidstore have 5 stores in NSW, 3 stores in QLD and 7 stores in VIC - which can all be listed here(I'm spewing because I used to live in Mornington and they have now got a store right around the corner from where I was living!) 


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