Monday, 9 December 2013

13 weeks in..

Wow, it's been a long time since I gave a post about how things are going for me being a mummy and how we are progressing along but by the lengthy delay in a post; I guess you can tell I've been busy and kept on my feet.

I don't even know where to start for this post and think I'll just write as it comes to my head so this post might be all over the place. 

Niahbella was 13 weeks old as of last Thursday and she's just grown so much since being born! When they say that they grow up way to quick it's completely true!! Niahbella is nearly having her head and toes touching both ends of her crib next to our bed. I think I'm going to have a very hard time when she moves into her own room. 
I keep thinking how can we put babies into their own room from as little as a few weeks old? It just feels so crazy that at such a young age they're given there own room and are away from instant assistance. I'm seriously contemplating a day bed in their or futon in her room so I can be with her. 
I'm not to sure how I'll cope with having to actually wake up, walk into another room half asleep and settle her in her own room... I really think ill end up falling asleep curled up next to her cot on the floor!! 

Niahbella gave her first laugh to us last fortnight and it was just gorgeous! It was really a moment that just melt my heart and got me all teary. All these amazing milestones I'm getting to see in her are very precious. It's hard to get her to laugh on demand but when she does... Ahh it's just touching! 

I had trouble about a month or so ago where I just was stressing out and going crazy of Niahbella not sleeping during the day. Niahbella is such a good sleeper at night time but during the day - Nopes, she's way to alert! Most days we are lucky to have her sleep for probably an hour tops. We never had a real routine for bubs in terms of a bed time so she was just going to bed when I went around 11-12 in the night/morning but then I was at my mum & bubs class and a lot of mums were saying that their child had this bedtime and that bed time was around 7pm. 
So after hearing all that and discussing with another mum she said that she was following 'Save Our Sleep' by Tizzie Hall - so I went out and got that. (I still haven't read it to date) 
After purchasing the book all of a sudden Niahbella changed and put herself into a pattern without me reading the book!! 
Niahbella is now in bed by 8:30pm. She'll have a feed first then she goes into her crib for a bedtime story, after bedtime story the lamp will go off and the nightlight will go on and I'll lay beside her on our bed just holding her hand through the crib until she falls into a deep sleep. 
Now she's usually asleep by 9pm and will then wake at 2am, 6am and then between 8-10am for feeds. Whenever she wakes up for her feed between 8-10am we will always get up together after that feed and start our day. 
I guess I can't complain to much if she sleeps fine through the night. But I just don't get anything done during the day and when I do get spare time when she does go to sleep (if she sleeps out of my arms that is) then I really don't feel like doing housework chores, I just feel like I never get a break. 

Shopping trips aren't the same as they used to be. You can't just run into the shops for something quickly - you need to plan yourself for the days you do your big grocery shopping because you need someone pushing the pram and then someone to push the trolley. I never have used the baby trolleys at supermarket as I am not game enough to gamble going in the shops carrying her to find no baby trolleys left and then having to go all the way back to the car to get the pram. Most of the time we are parked quite a far distance from the shop enterance. 
Which puts me onto the issue of Parents with Pram Parking... What don't people get?!! Why are there so many people who just abuse it for those who really need it?!! It just gets me so annoyed and frustrated. 
Although I was told that it's not illegal for someone to park in parents with pram parking as they're only courtesy from centers and that it's just too bad really... How rude! It's marked by the centre for those with prams for a reason!!

It's funny thinking back to when I used to go and get my nails done, go to the hairdressers, get pedicures etc etc... but thinking of it now I need my nails short otherwise I'm sporting nappy rash cream  underneath the nails. 

We are now in our mum & bubs class which they setup for new mums to be able to get some extra assistance with guidance on how to do things and be in a group to be able to share experiences and learn new methods possibly... We went to our first one and then the next 2 we were sick for so today was meant to be our 4th class but it has only been out second time there. 
I'm really disappointed that we were sick for the last 2 classes as those were sessions I was really looking forward to being sleeping, settling and massaging and then development and play. 
Even though I worked in childcare for nearly 3years all my memory seems to have gone and I'm questioning myself and needing to get advice from friends or family as to what to do with certain things. 
My opinion on the mum & bubs classes is a good one - good to be able to get out of the house, meet new people, share experiences and learn new/different methods of doing things. Something I wish that was done is maybe put on aged group sessions so the mums are able to meet new people within the area that they will be able to keep in touch with outside of classes?? That's the only thing I would have liked. 

I've really been wanting to get into shape again but I just think of how I can get to the gym in my busy schedule and also my eating isn't very good & controlled as I seem to just be opting for the fast cook options for meals as I've got bubs with me.
In our mum & bubs class today we actually had someone come in and talk about community activities that are available to us, which was really handy to know and they do such amazing prices for us and are even mostly kid friendly. 
I put my name down for them to get more information and start dates on intakes as I'm really interested in getting to do activities that will still allow me to have Niahbella around or looked after close by. 

My little girl whose stolen my heart.

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