Thursday, 5 December 2013

REVIEW: SunRice Mini Bites

SunRice Mini Bites are delicious, small rice cakes, seasoned with tasty natural flavours and they are the perfect bite-size for children. Packed with whole grains, they also contain less fat than regular potato chips, for a yummy and healthy lunchbox snack or snack for adults at work. 

They are small, convenient, healthy and handy packets from SunRice Mini Bites that leave snack time too easy. 
Great for on the go and to pack in the school lunches. 
These could also be a great opt to have out on the table when you have a party instead of having the potato chips. 

Don't be fooled into thinking these are just for kids - they're for us mummies, daddies even just ladies or man. They're a bit indulgent I say, compared to the plain old big round rice cake you have bite size and flavored right at your finger tips!  

SunRice Mini Bites are available in three flavours - Spooky Original, Devilish Chicken and Creepy Cheese.
Our personal favourite was the Creepy Cheese. It made me re-live primary school when they had cheese popcorn - obviously these mini bites are way better for you though.

I think the quantity in the packet is possibly a little much for the younger kids - I know I struggled trying to eat the whole packet as it just felt like too much at one time. 

Sizing of the mini bites compared to a 5 cent coin

The Devilish Chicken SunRice Mini Bites I wasn't a fan of, I felt there wasn't much of a chicken flavour on the mini bites to me. For this flavor to be something I would enjoy I think the flavor should be more of an intense chicken flavor that hits you like the Creepy Cheese has. 

What I would like to see is the range expanded in flavoring - Salt & Vinegar is always a well loved pick. I know I would be keen to have a try of that if it was to ever be in the range. 

SunRice Mini Bites have high wholegrain content and nutritional value which makes them National Healthy School Canteen Amber compliant – a sure fire win with parents. In fact, one pack of Mini Bites provides almost 70 per cent of the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council™ (GLNC) recommended daily intake of wholegrain for toddlers and around 40 per cent of the target intake for 4 - 9 year olds.

3 great facts you should know:

  • Mini Bites require no preparation for the mum
  • Mini Bites are less processed than other rice cracker products
  • SunRice and thus Mini Bites are Australian made

Available now in the Woolworths’ health food aisle. 
RRP $5.79 for 8pk.

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  1. they've bought out a Scary Salt & Vinegar flavour. it's avaiable at selected supermarkets. i've found the cheese ones taste like twisties & the chicken ones taste like the chicken twisties :)


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