Sunday, 16 June 2013

27/28 weeks

So our due date has been properly confirmed 12.09.2013 so that puts us back nearly a week in time so it would mean we would be 28 weeks pregnant this Thursday coming instead of the saturday that just past...   :( Kinda depressing as it means we are delayed a week of having our darling here.

Picking a baby name has been a real hard task. I don't know how people decide so quickly, Daniel & I have had such a hard time thinking of something that we would like to have our daughter named for the rest of her life. It's such a huge deal to pick a name, it's something that you will always have to live with; It's not like you can change their names like you do with your dolls or animals when you are younger.
Let's hope we find a name in time before bubs is here!

Something I am really miss during pregnancy is gym; lifting the heavy weights, being on a weight loss campaign and seeing good changes in my body. Working for a supplement company and having used all the products prior to pregnancy also is something I missed.
Can't wait to get back into it after bubs, will be finishing off my PT course and then it will be hard work on this body - seems Daniel says I'll only have a year until I'm pregnant with the next hahah!

Daniel & I booked in for our 4D scan at the end of the month, so very excited to see a life like scan of our baby. I can't wait to share pics with everyone and also have a dvd of it to watch over and over.

Sleeping has been a hard task mainly because I get so uncomfortable - I don't know if it's just our bed or if it's just me getting bigger and being uncomfortable because of it.
It seems our bed isn't big enough for Daniel, Body Pillow, Myself and the baby stomach... It's a fight over who takes up the most room and whose over whose 'line' in the bed haha.
Queen size beds so not recommended for pregnancy - King Size bed would be more comfortable or actually maybe 2 queen beds pushed together haha!

I handed in my maternity leave paperwork on Tuesday - it's making it feel a little closer having a finish date... 16th of August, 2013 will be my date to pack up for a year from the office ready to have my life changed forever.

Had my first glucose test yesterday - drink wasn't that bad to start with but as soon as you get half way, gosh that was cruel! Bubs wasn't even phased by it, I got warned by people that bubs will go physco but not at all. She slept through it all and probably gave 2 solid movements that I could feel through the whole thing.
I have always been scared of needles (yes, I know - well you haven't done yourself any favors getting pregnant) but I'm getting better - this blood test didn't get me worked up too much and didn't really bother me either.


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