Sunday, 30 June 2013

GAIA Pure Pregnancy

GAIA Pure Pregnancy products have been a blessing to trial. I had never tried nor heard of GAIA until I got sent these out but I am surely glad that these came into my possession as they have become something that I've put on my highly recommended list.
GAIA Pure Pregnancy comes in Belly Butter or Belly Oil which I love when you have the option of a cream/butter or oil.

GAIA Pure Pregnancy provides you with nourishing products to use on your belly, breasts, thighs and bottom areas. GAIA helps to maintain suppleness and elasticity of your skin during pregnancy and beyond. GAIA reduces the appearance of existing stretchmarks and the possibility of new ones.

I love the spray on oil - Its light, minimal greasy, comes in a spray bottle and feels and smells nice just like the belly butter - this is also very much the same but I like using the butter as what I call 'rub rubs for bubba'.
I use the Belly Butter when I am relaxed and giving my stomach and chest area a good rub for baby and then I use the Belly Oil as it's easy, convenient when I am in a hurry to get bubbas rub rubs done as it applies and rubs in so easy and quick.
I must say this is a daily product for me and I do believe that it has reduced the appearance of new stretch marks, although my stomach is growing at a rapid rate now; I have barely any new stretchmarks appear on my belly.
Both these products are ideal for dry, itchy skin and can be used to smooth caesarean scars.

GAIA Pure Pregnancy Belly Butter is deeply moisturising and contains pure cocoa butter, organic shea butter and a variety of organic oils in a cream that will leave your skin feeling soft without a greasy layer. RRP - $17.95 for 150ml

GAIA Pure Pregnancy Belly Oil is a perfect blend of organic wheat germ, jojoba and rosehip oils to massage into your skin for a soft, supple, beautiful belly.  RRP - $17.95 for 95ml

GAIA Pure Pregnancy is naturally scented with a subtle blend of essential oils suitable for use during pregnancy. There is NO petrochemicals, mineral oil, lanolin, vitamin A or artificial fragrance. 

GAIA Pure Pregnancy products are available through Terry White Chemists, Priceline, all major baby stores, independent chemists and health stores.

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