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Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan LS - REVIEW

It's rare that a day will go past that I am not out driving around. Being a Mum now and attending to the social butterfly of the family (Niah) with her play dates, doing 50,000 emergency grocery pick ups because I feel like I'm already getting dementia from forgetting things, attending appointments or events, adventuring out to this town or that town - its full on, truly is a taxi job that comes under the belt when you have children.
I couldn't imagine myself without a licence and especially without a car. It's a necessity in my life.

I was asked to test out a new car on the market which I kindlyaccepted and was then handed the keys (and the car of course) to the latest Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan LS for a week to test drive out and report back on my thoughts.

To begin with I drive a Ford Territory and have never owned or driven a small vehicle for a long amount of time. My firs car began with a Mitsubishi Magna which I loved dearly, never let me down and had no issues what so ever with but then it was time to get a larger car to cater to my dogs and the family I had planned to come along in the future. Not only that but when you think of small cars, I just think of squashy, small, tiny and on top of one another and every feature in the car.
I will admit, I was sceptical due to the fact I'm a big car girl so I went into this thinking I wonder if I can be changed and convinced that small cars are ok to have.

It took a while to get used to the car in my first drives as expected. When I got back to my house I had a quick play around with the car so I know all the essential functions - like the air con, radio (to sing my heart out karoke style in the car!), windows, de-mister, boot and petrol cap openers.
Dan & I fitted the car seat in so easily into the Mirage Sedan it was really easy to clip onto the car seats harnesses. In my car it's completely down the bottom of the other side of the seat which is a struggle if you have short arms.

Something I noticed straight away was that the back windowsare tinted and the front aren't. I could easily drive with no window shades for Niah's window because they took care of that sun that always usually hits her eyes. I did find that you would need some shades for the back windscreen though because a lot of light did beam down on her through there.

I had the car at close to full passenger capacity later that night when I had myself driving, a sister in the front seat, a sister in the back seat and Niah in her car seat. My sister who is in her early 20's sat in the back and said it was really spacious in the back row, I didn't even have to move my seat forward which I was preparing to do for her. Although when she changed to the front seat later that night, she did mention that she thought the front seat had a lot less room then the back seat where she was previously.

Day 2 -
It was discovered today that the Mirage Sedan has a USB port
connection in the glovebox and I was able to play my own music from my phone or any other device that connects via a USB port. I was easily able to change songs, turn the volume up, randomise or repeat songs through the steering wheel controls or front display console making this a completely hands free from the mobile phone which shouldn't be touched whilst driving.
I did my grocery shopping early this week as I was super keento see just how much groceries I could get into the boot (which I stupidly forgot to take photos of). I have a large pram that to fold down separates into two (2) pieces and is quite wide. When I had all my groceries and brought it back to the car I was contemplating moving the pram into the backseat so I could have room but I thought I'ld give it a try and put it all in. To my surprise over $200 of groceries; about 15 bags of groceries went in there and I still had my pram in there! I was gobsmacked - it truly is a boot that keeps on giving and is what seems never ending with the space it provides.

I had my brother whose in his early 20's also sit in the front seat for a little amount of time whilst we went out for groceries and he said he felt like he was a squished sardine. I then did a little test on him to see how he felt when he got into the drivers seat - the steering wheel got lifted up for him and he had no dramas what so ever with the space behind the wheel which was good to report back.

Day 3 -
Driving on my own today into the city for a short course and
back gave me time to really listen to the car and pick up on a few things. I find that the car is loud when you accelerate and also loud when you're breaking as well, this would be the drum brakes from the rear of the car - it's kind of an alarming sound to me thinking that something was actually going wrong in the car as it didn't sound to good but after Dan telling me what it was and researching it I was rest assured.
In total the car has 5 drink holders - 1 on each side of the front doors, 2 in the middle console underneath the radio/controls display and then 1 at the end of the middle console closest to back seat passengers.

The Mirage Sedan offers bluetooth within the car but you will need to ensure you are paired before having the car in use as it will advise you that it's not safe to do so and to try again later - smart safety feature here!

I also found that when you're going around corners that you doreally need to slow down to a very low speed because the car is a lighter weight - which I wasn't used too and wouldn't have to go as slow around the corners.

Something that I was looking for but didn't notice in the Mirage Sedan was cruise control - I have this in my car, not that I use it very often but its good for those long drives especially when we head up to NSW to visit family.

Empty Boot

Mid capacity fill
Day 4 -
Travel Log: MELTON
I did minimal driving trips today for a change and was just run
around town where I was carting an excited little girl to her twin friends birthday party. It was a full backseat with presents!
Something I have noticed is that I am rarely reversing into carparking spaces now, the Mirage Sedan just zips in and out of parking spots. I don't have to take that extra look at the parking bays to know if I will fit properly on both sides to allow the family to get out. It's always a win in the parking lots with the Mirage Sedan. With the large back windscreen as well this makes for an easy reverse.

We had to use the windscreen wipers and de-mister for the first
time today as it was the least nicest weather we had for the past week with a little rain. The Mirage Sedan is very fancy with having auto sensor wipers, which I forgot to try out and am spewing as I would have looked to have seen this!
The de-mister for the front windscreen was like instant and I have never seen a window de-mist that quick in my life! With the click of a finger it was done, certainly doesn't happen like that in my car.

Day 6 -
Travel Log: MELTON
Last minute preparing for everything is me! I am never to schedule and always dashing out to
 get things at the last minute well today it was because its Dan's birthday and I haven't brought him anything and I am needing to pick up a cake. I always zipped out because I needed to finish Niah's birthday present shopping too which is the Friday coming.

The Mirage Sedan was filled all over today not with passengers but with shopping, I kid you not I placed shopping in the boot, on the backseat, on the front passenger seat. Not only were we preparing for our little families birthdays but we needed to ensure we had presents for all Niah's little friends who are turning 1 as well. I also managed to get this beautiful turquoise/teal porcelain owl bedside table for Niahs room that took up most of the back seat.

Day 7 -
Dan rode in the front seat and back seat today to test out some differences on what he thought space wise. Unfortunately Dan too thought the front seat was squashy and not spacious at all for him. Dan is 6'2 so his height was just a fit for the Mirage Sedan.
It's actually quite weird because I am not used to having someone so close to me when I am driving and the Mirage Sedan is very intimate in space and you are very close. I can pretty much reach my arm over with a little bit of stretching and get to the passenger vent near the window.

Today will be the day that we bid farewell to our little Mirage Sedan who will be going back home and departing from the 
Smith-Tasi abode. I am actually a bit sad as I have really truly enjoyed having the little zippy Mirage Sedan. I definitely think my opinion has been changed on small cars and that not all
small cars are sardine boxes.

OVERALL: Close to 1,000kms travelled in the Mirage Sedan and I am happily giving this the tick of approval of a car I would recommend!

I do believe this car is value for money, I would consider this car if I was looking for something smaller as it is practical and an amazing little car.
The price for the Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan starts at around $16k up to $20k.
The petrol consumption was just a little wonder on my pocket. My car takes up a lot of petrol and I feel as if I have to visit the petrol station every second day with my busy lifestyle. The Mirage Sedan had a full tank when I started with the car and I didn't have to put any petrol into the tank until Day 6. I would
say this tank would probably take around $40-$60 to fill which is a stunning price!

The boot is a large spacious 450L and as you would have read above I am very impressed with this space, a pram and a trolley load full of groceries and I could still go back for more!
The space inside the car was very giving apart from the front passenger seat which I had a fair few say that it was very squishy feeling for them. A five (5) seater car - with leg room for days in the back row.
'Not to big, not too small - its the happy medium'!

Passenger side door
I felt pretty safe in the Mirage Sedan and wasn't too concerned about being a car that others on the road could pick on - in terms of being smaller they can scare you by tailgating (which would happen in all sorts of cars).

I live near a few dirt roads and travel down them often to get to other suburbs in the north western area rather then going partially into town to go all the way back out - the Mirage Sedan handled the dirt roads well and gave minimal feelings towards the bumpy road for me in the front seat.

Drivers side door
I read the safety features of the Mirage Sedan and there is so many air bags that are really going to assist should their be any case when they need to go off.

The back seat comes with 3 tether anchors and 2 isofix hooks you to safely place your babies car seats into.

There is alarms that will beep when either the driver or the passenger do not have their seatbelt fastened and display behind the steering wheel screens where the speed is displayed.

Along with the large list of things I have chatted about above, my favourite feature and is pure convenience is the Keyless entry! Keyless drive! Just Keyless ahh! I loved this feature so much and I actually had to say to Dan when I got back in my territory how I turn the car on again, made me double think for sure.
I love that you can have the key in your person and just press the little button on the outside of the drivers side door and it will either unlock or lock the car for you.
No need to pull a key out and place into the ignition as it will register with the key in the car, place your foot on the brake and push the start/stop button and away you go!
I love this feature very much as I'm sure most people would - especially us Mum's or ladies who carry a million things in our handbags and it's a fight to find the keys to get into the car.

The Mirage Sedan is designed for families looking for affordability and value for money without compromising on standard features, latest technology, safety and space. For more information visit the Mirage Sedan Showroom here.
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