Thursday, 11 September 2014

LeapFrog Roll & Go Rocking Horse REVIEW

Roll & Go Rocking Horse
RRP: $24.99ea
Suitable for 6 to 36 months
Available September from all major retailers and independent toy stores across Australia

Roll & Go Rocking Horse delights little ones with fun responses as they horse around. Tots can press the light-up saddle to hear playful sound effects and friendly phrases, such as “Let’s go on a ride together!” Patting the horse will set it rocking, playing fun songs, sounds and rhymes. Parents can also encourage active play by pushing the horse along to start a game of chase -- as the horse rolls, lights blink and songs play, encouraging bub to crawl and build gross motor skills.

With each touch, Roll & Go Rocking Horse provides charming responses, encouraging interaction, introducing new words, and helping little ones connect cause with effect. Wobbles teaches sitting, whilst rolling encourages crawling. Bub can roll along to classic tunes such as “Camptown Races” and the “William Tell Overture”, and silly pony sounds, keeping babies playing and racing along. Packed with learning fun, the Roll & Go Rocking Horse is a loyal companion that grows with your child.

The Roll & Go Rocking Horse I definitely would say would be a winner for the babies who you're encouraging to begin crawling or who have just started crawling. The Roll & Go Rocking Horse rocks back and forth sliding across the floor with tunes for that little bubba to chase after.

We have a large hallway tiled area which we love to send Roll & Go Rocking Horse flying down the hallway and Niah our little speed crawler chases after the Rocking Horse.
Niah is just starting out to understand the movement and what happens after you push something forward or with force and will do things on repeat whilst doing this particular new skill she has developed. Niah isn't able to push the Roll & Go Rocking Horse very far forward, it's more just a shake of her hands whilst trying to push the Rocking Horse.
I personally found the Rocking Horse a little hard to go rocking on its own for a long distance as it seems to be a little heavier in the back that makes it get a little unbalanced and stuck at times. 

Chasing after her Rocking Horse
The LeapFrog toys I would have to say are really loud in sound and are very clear when they are singing or speaking out aloud making noises. There is never a what did that toy say.


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