Monday, 1 September 2014

De Lorenzo Hair Product Recommendations for Fathers Day

Majority of Dad's are sporting hair that needs product these days and it's rare that I see hat hair or shaved baldy heads out. I wanted to put forward some products of recommendation that you could purchase for Dad or Hubby for Father's Day, pop it into a basket or box and wrap it up - making him a little pamper pack for him.

I've always loved De Lorenzo as using them in your home really gives you that in salon experience - well close too! The products are always scented so well and leave your hair in divine form scent and look wise, which I think are 2 very important things!

Wind ELEMENTS: Motion - Medium Hold Texture Mousse 
RRP: $19.95
A non-tacky mousse that delivers a firm, flexible hold to the hair. Provides both styling and conditioning properties, for great smoothness and curl retention even in the most humid conditions. Ultra violet inhibitors protect the hair from cuticle damage and colour fade. 

This mousse was really easy to work with and spread throughout the hair, I find with other products that as soon as I allow the product to touch my hair it won't spread easily and will just stay in that one spot. Motion moved easily and just went with the flow of my fingers putting it through the hair. 
As with all mousse's just ensure you spray out a little bit from the can as it will foam up into a thick consistency.

I loved this product for myself even though it was really meant for Dan but I was sneaking it from his bathroom stash too! I think a real key tip to remember is to not over do how much product you use as the more product you put in the crunchier and unnatural your hair will look. Motion was a wonderful hair styling product to be able to pop in with the smallest amount and keep those fly aways in tack for the day!
Motion also provides you with a great gorgeous natural looking shine to keep that hair looking healthy.

Earth ELEMENTS: Grit - Matt Styling Paste
RRP: $23.50
A strong hold styling paste inspired by the natural texture of the earth, designed to create matt control to craft gritty controlled styles, containing Rock Crystal Stones from different qualities and Natural Waxes for great control with no product build up.

Hello Fig hair! Grit has organic fig extract in the paste and is one of my all time favourite things so anything fig would have gotten me. The scent of this paste really does smell like a cocoa/shea butter although I can't see this on the ingredients listing.

The name 'Grit' is a little off putting and made me think that it was going to leave the hair all gritty with chunky product bits everywhere but don't be fooled it's nothing like the name title! The product is easily worked into your hair providing great hold. Dan's hair is crazy, crazy right now - thick and very lushious I would say; Grit did a fabulous job of holding his 'do' together until it was hair wash time.

Earth ELEMENTS: Titanium - Super Strong Styling Gel
RRP: $20.50
A fierce grip gel for all hair types. For use on looks that defy gravity with strong atomic strength. Containing 100% Pure Organically Certifies Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil.

Dan has a lot of hair right now and is way overdue for a haircut so we got to get in some good sessions of putting this to the test on how well it held together in his hair. We styled his hair in so many different ways and it was all kept together.
I would say this smelt like a bottle of shaving cream for your face, it wasn't a bad thing though.

Something we really like about the use of this product was that if we made a boo-boo in the first attempt of the styling that we could easily brush it out of the hair without the product going flakey and you needing to re-wash your hair to get that gunk out, just slop some more gel into the hair after brushing and then away you go.

This was another product great for keeping fly aways down and finishing off your hair style with a sleek look.


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