Sunday, 20 December 2015

Ottoman 3 Brow Bar REVIEW

Brows are one of the main things for us girlies these days and for most of us if we don't have a good brow day this can just put a little depressant on how we feel for the day, first world problems correct.

For those of you who don't know what Ottoman 3 is and what threading is.. Is an alternative to waxing or shaving. A cotton thread is placing between the brow specialists teeth and then they will use their hands and pull at their neck in order to get the stray hairs away. A long time tradition in cultures.

Ottoman 3 recently invited me in store to experience some of the fast growing and more popular style of brow threading. I have had my brows threaded once before but unfortunately was not a fan, simply because the brow specialist that I had (not an Ottoman 3 brow bar) was not gentle nor listening to the way I wanted to have my brows. I decided to give it another go and see if Ottoman 3 would change my mind. I had heard great feedback from friends who swear by  Ottoman 3 so it was worth a look into.

Ottoman 3 have three (3) Melbourne locations - Melbourne Central, Highpoint and Watergardens.
In which I was invited along into the Melbourne Central store where I was met by brow specialist Namarta who looked after me with such care. Throughout the whole experience Namarta was constantly asking if I was comfortable and felt alright with the threading. This is exceptional customer service and I don't believe I have ever had some care so much about how I was feeling through a beauty appointment.

Namarta was always assuring me with what was going to happen. When I first sat into the chair Namarta marked out my eyebrows and was talking to me about the best shape for my eyebrows.

Ottoman 3 have the old barber style gas chairs in which you sit in and get laid back with the pump up of the chair.  I do have to admit at times it can be a little painful and stingy with the threading of the cotton pulling each individual hair out but the end results are very much worth it.

I found my eyebrows to be so much more manageable and the growth that came afterwards was a lot slower in comparison to other methods I was used to.
It isn't until about 3 weeks that I started to get those stray hairs and regrowth coming back into my brows.

After my eyebrows were at threaded completion. Namarta then asked to fill in my brows with their own Ottoman 3 products. I was then kindly gifted with some goodies to take home, in which were all what Namarta used on me in store whilst providing me with a tutorial of how to correctly apply their products to your eyebrows in order to perfect the on point brows.

Ottoman 3 not only offer eyebrows but they offer full facial hair threading.
A brow threading treatment will cost you $28 with a full face of hair removal at $68. 

I do recommend Ottoman 3 and think it's a fantastic way to keep eyebrows looking on fleek for days.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Ottoman 3. I was kindly gifted items above as well as the experience. I received no payment for this review and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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