Sunday, 19 May 2013

Making the nest

Just a quick one to show you what tonight held for Daniel & I putting together something so special and the first thing we could do a parents to be for our bubba on the way... we put together her cot who we so thankful received from Baby Wholesale Warehouse in Melton (blog post dedicated to them coming soon on all the details to get your baby furniture)

The Daddy cap came on tonight as Dad Daniel took lead role in setting up the cot along with his co-worker Mummy Me :)
It all started like this...

There was pieces all over the ground, legs and arms across the floor holding pieces up whilst screwing in screws and putting bubs cot together.
This is probably the first thing Daniel & I have actually put together as a couple and to make it even more special it was for our darling.

After spending around 2.5hrs together working out what goes where and who will do what we finally got there and here is our end result...

And this was luckily already put together for us so we didn't have to build our changing table up -

And the pieces together...

We spent so much time today out at the shops looking at all baby things and racked up a huge bill of clothes... We just couldn't resist, there is soooo many cute things out there!
We scoped out some prams and will make a decision on them during the week and will probably have the pram purchase next weekend.
This is getting all toooo exciting for me! 16 weeks to go now and I'm hoping it will be quick so we can have her here with us soon but I guess 16 weeks is a good number to get ourselves prepared and completely set up her room.


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