Friday, 3 May 2013

22 weeks Pregnant

Tomorrow will mark 22 weeks pregnant. 
22 weeks having this life of a beautiful baby girl that Daniel & I created grow inside of me. 
This has been such an experience. 

Last Monday (22/4/2013) we had our 20 week ultrasound which brought us a lot of moments that we will cherish. Daniel got to hear bubs heartbeat for the first time and we were able to watch baby move around and see all the parts to her body. 
This ultrasound was amazing. At this point Daniel & I had not felt any moment and it was very weird to have seen her moving around in my stomach but for me not to feel anything. 
Later that night when we got home and I was relaxing on the couch - we felt the most amazing felt - BABY GIRL'S MOVEMENT! 
Our little girl has been a very active one since last Monday and is probably going to be a rough tough one when she grows up. I can't wait to get bigger and lay on my back and see the foot and the hand press up into my stomach.

Daniel and I have been very blessed with having won a brand new cot from a FaceBook competition! It was wonderful all the support of family and friends - even those who we don't know come together to help us win this cot for our bubba! 
We get to go pick our cot up tomorrow - baby shopping deprived me will be soooo tempted by all the other things that are in this Baby Wholesale Warehouse, considering leaving the purse at home to ensure I don't go overboard. 

This past week I have just been feeling so out of it - I'm constantly tired and I'm away with the fairies most of the time. This morning wasn't a good run for me - woke up really light headed and under a big dizzy spell, only to get to work for it to be worse with having to throw up. 
I don't know if I am maybe getting sick or if this is normal. I've been told I don't look well and I certainly don't feel all that great so might be coming down with something seems I'm also coughing and feeling hot. 

Daniel & I had our midwife appointment on Wednesday night and she loaded us with brochures - which is a really good thing as it will help to understand why they do certain things and answer those questions we might have now and down the track. 
We booked in for our Birthing Classes beginning end of july and going all throughout August one night a week so that should be good. Daniel asked the midwife if it was those breathing classes for labour but she advised us that it was only overseas that did that. 

I haven't posted anymore belly progress photos yet so thought I'ld take one to share - I don't notice to much of a difference, still waiting to wake up and go Wow! There you are. 
Daniel can tell I'm getting bigger and said that if I get any bigger we will have to have separate beds as I'm starting to be a bed hog - I think it's really the other way around though!!

And to see the real difference - here is a comparison of last photo I posted:


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