Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Revlon Professional - Hydra Rescue Treatment

The first thing you will notice about this product is it's smooth, silky and creamy texture. It has this gorgeous fresh smell which reminds me of a new born baby.

Interactives is the new concentrated hair care range from Revlon Professional - Hydra Rescue is only one under the Interactive range.
Hydra Rescue is the ultimate hydration weapon formulated to help combat visible damage caused by the environment, colouring and regular use of heated styling tools.

Hydra Rescue products have a shampoo, balm, treatment and elixir - they have all been scientifically formulated to provide dehydrated, fragile and dull hair with effective and easy to use solutions.
Packed with active ingredients, Hydra Rescue includes a unique hydra capture system that maintains moisture levels up to 36% more than intensive conditioners. The system locks water inside the hair which is then gradually released to provide regular hydration that nourishes and replenishes brittle tresses.
Not only is Hydra Rescue providing you with the hydra capture system but each Hydra Rescue product has its own unique purpose and works most effectively when used in conjunction with other products from the range.

I used the Hydra Rescue Treatment which is a 200ml jar which is RRP $26.95.

This is a dual action treatment intensely nourishing the hair from inside out, rehydrating and regenerating damaged hair. Its best used every one to two weeks, the treatment will keep hair soft, shiny and silky between salon visits.

My hair is probably in a bad way after all the colouring, bleaching, hair styling tools that have been used on my hair from my younger years. These days I tend to just let it dry naturally and am lucky to have it fine and never really needing to be styled after drying.
I never noticed how dull my hair actually was - it never had that shine, that glossy look to it. It was always just 'Your hair sits nicely or your hair looks good today' I never succeeded in the compliments of 'Your hair looks really full of life or your hair looks really healthy and shiny' until I used this product.
My hair just had this glow to it. This product did such wonders to my hair leaving me amazed with not only the look it left in my hair but the smell.

My partner Daniel enjoys using this product too and I can always smell it on him after a shower. The smell just leaves a clean, fresh and breath-taking moment with you.

For more on the Revlon Hydra Rescue Range click the link below:

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