Wednesday, 12 February 2014

5 months in

Lately it has been struggle town for me here and I know that my problems are probably self caused and that I can easily fix them but lacking motivation!
I have been so concerned with my weight lately but I am just struggling to get motivated to get to the gym. I personally prefer to go to the gym in the early morning and also in the area I am in there isn't anyone to go with but luckily my sister has just moved here as of yesterday so hoping I can convince her to come with me a few times!
As I haven't been to a gym in this area I need to suss out one that I like there are quite a few actually from the top of my head I can think of 4.
Because I am self concious of my body I am thinking I need to go to a gym with a girls only part so I can hide away until I am comfortable to train with other eyes!
And also need to find one with child care so I can drop Niah in for an hour or so whilst Mumma works up a sweat.

Little Miss Niah has been a bit of a terror lately with her sleeping - from Friday to Sunday nights she wasn't going down until 11-12am at night and would just scream and cry for us. I was thinking maybe it was teething related as I definitely know that her gums are getting more harder as she gummy bites down on my hands at times and because of the look on her rusks after she has had a gnaw at it.
Last night she was better for us though went down around 10pm - she actually fell asleep at about 8:30pm on her own but she missed her feed so when we went to put her down she woke straight up and wouldn't go back down.

Niah rolled over about 2 weeks ago now for the first time - she rolls on to her right side from her back, no other way. Her crawling doesn't look like it will start for a while yet though as she can't get up on her hands and knees yet but I have a feeling she might be one of those head crawlers haha.
Niah is getting very strong with being able to sit on her own for a little bit whilst we hold her or she is sitting between our legs - she evens pulls herself up a little trying to sit up when she is laying on her back. It won't be long before she is sitting up on her own I say.

We recently brought her a jumperoo and she learnt how to start her 'jumping' the day after she first got in it. It's just adorable! Niah is very much in love with her jumperoo. It is giving her long periods of entertainment and she has lots of giggles and smiles to show us with her new toy. As well as putting her to sleep exhausted from jumping as you can see in the attached photo hehe.

Something we need to invest in is a walker encouraging her to move on her legs. We are also needing to get a new high chair as the one we have does not have an incline on the seat so we can move her back and forth and the tray doesn't have different adjusted widths so we can bring it closer to her for when she starts self feeding more which is kind of now.
It really goes to show that you don't actually know what you need until you have brought something and really experienced it.
Another purchase that needs to be made is a bath seat and bath mats - this little miss goes sliding when she's in the bath! As you may have read before Niah wasn't having a bar of the bath's before really but now she loves them!

Niahbella has been eating solids since 3 months and we've been giving her more real food now rather then just the purees so she can get a real taste of the foods.
Rockmelon has become a favourite food of hers as well as icy poles when its hot haha!
Every Mum is different but I am not too fussed and am happy giving her anything within limits that she will be able to not choke to have a try of.
We tried Niah on some formula the other day as I wanted to see if she would sleep through the night and would go down earlier but nope - not at all. She slept through for the first night but not again since.
Niah is going through these funny phases too by not wanting to have a breastfeed but then doesn't want formula either and then she had a mini phase of only wanting the bottle. I am just getting so confused and really worry about her not getting enough and thinking that maybe she is grumpy and up till late because she is hungry but I offer her everything and she won't have a bar of it.

My studying and blogging is very much effected also - I just don't find the time to get anything done. I need like a life coach or a nanny seriously to be able to give me a few hours a day break to get things done because by the time Niah is off to sleep at night time I am just pooped and cannot be bothered doing anything and am off to bed myself.


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