Friday, 28 February 2014

Soma Organics, Australian food premieres at this years Oscars!

Cate Blanchett won’t be the only Aussie walking the red carpet this year!! 

The celebs will be popping some Aussie organic snacks into their gobs before they hit the stage! 
I love hearing about Aussie products hitting it up overseas so I am very keen to share some news with you about Soma Organics!!

Soma Organics is excited to announce their Soma Bites will feature as the exclusive organic snack in the 50 backstage rooms and green room at the Academy Awards 2014 this Sunday, March 2nd in Los Angeles.

Celebrities and their teams will be enjoying the 100% organic and preservative free award-winning offerings prior to, during and after the show. 

Colly and Riccardo Galbiati pictured above.

The first Australian company selected to be a part of this, founders Colly and Riccardo Galbiati say, “We can’t wait to help keep the stars energised and glowing with goodness!”.

Selected for their unique, stylish packaging and organic, wholesome ingredients, the presence of Soma Organics at the Academy Awards emphasises the trend of an increasing number of celebrities requesting premium health foods and beverages to be available.

A true Australian success story, Colly and Riccardo founded Soma Organics from a passion to make organic food and nutrition accessible to all. The Academy has announced the line-up of presenters and performers and Soma is most certainly going to be fuelling some of the biggest names in the business! Jennifer Lawrence will be presenting alongside a U2 performance while Pharrell Williams plans to make Ellen Degeneres “Happy” as she hosts the event!


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