Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Headlice Hero Natural Treatment for Conscious Mothers


Just the thought of head lice is enough to make every parents’ skin crawl, and with up to 1 in 4 primary school children suffering from head lice, chances are that your child is at risk of being infested too. With so many lice products on the market, it’s hard to know what will actually get rid of the lice and cause no harm to your child’s scalp and hair.

When I was working in childcare it was just as important for me to treat my hair as well to ensure I didn't get head lice. 
And being a mummy or daddy and having such close bonds to your children you will need to make sure that you are giving your hair a treat as well just to make sure it's not in the house anymore if they come along or just to be prepared. 
Children usually dislike when they have head lice because they know it's not something good to have and I know when I was younger my siblings and I would cry because the treatment process was horrible and it would really hurt with the nit combs and not to mention the stinky products - but if you were to do this along with your child and get involved with the treatment process by doing your own hair it would make it so much easier for your child. 

Headlice Hero, however, can do just that. Headlice Hero can be your personal hero, delivering on its promise to be gentle on hair, but lethal on lice! Developed by Smart Science, Headlice Hero Treatment Spray attacks head lice infestations by a physical action that works by dissolving the wax that covers the exoskeleton (outer shell) of the head lice and kills the lice by dehydration.

The convenient spray applicator included in Headlice Hero makes the essential process of coating the scalp and hair so much easier than nozzle applications.

Headlice Hero kills lice infestations in a quick and easy treatment. Two simple 10 minute applications – 7 days apart. The treatment at Day 7 takes care of any eggs which may have hatched since the treatment on Day 1.

Headlice Hero leaves treated hair in beautiful, silky-soft condition, and can even improve hair condition from before treatment. Headlice Hero also has a very pleasant fragrance to make treatment time more pleasurable.

Offering all-round protection, Headlice Hero’s sister product, Hygiene Hero, is the outcome of research that resulted in a special scientific formulation. It is a highly effective and safe cleanser, that is a disinfectant for brushes, combs and hair accessories after head lice treatment.

Two quick & easy 10 minute treatments – 7 days apart
Simple spray application
So gentle on hair, there is no need to use a conditioner after treatment
Treated hair left in beautiful silky-soft condition 
Pleasant fragrance 
Easy to use metal comb included

**RRP of products $19.99**

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