Thursday, 27 February 2014

REVIEW: ELES Mineral Powder Foundation & Brow Blender Pencil

Everyone knows the love I have for ELES cosmetics - it's no lie! Every time I try something else in their range, the love I have grow's more and more. 
This time around I had the honour of reviewing the ELES Mineral Powder Foundation & ELES Brow Blender Pencil, read below to see my thoughts on them.

**RRP - $64.25**

This is the first powder foundation I have used - I've always been a liquid foundation and always thought of powder as being just used for finishing or for bronzing etc never for a complete cover up.

Something I loved about this was that it feels like you have nothing on it's a complete naked feel and you really can't tell you have anything on there. It wont leave those nasty foundation marks on your clothes or the person who you give a hug too! I'm a repeat offender of getting it on Dan & Niahbella's clothing from cuddling them which is a pain! 
I honestly forget that I have any make-up on with ELES Mineral Powder Foundation.

Having powder foundation gives you the option to how much you can have on your face - being a lightweight powder it will easily adjust from sheer to rich, more opaque coverages.
Another new thing for me was using a sponge to put my makeup on - I've only ever used my fingers and as of lately started trying the use of brushes with my foundation. I quite like using a brush or sponge rather then my fingers because it constantly gets under my nails no matter how short I cut them down!
I also find using a sponge just looks like you've used your fingers as well because brushes can leave streaking marks within the applied foundation.

The packaging is very oh la la! as I said regarding ELES packaging for their bronzer as it's the same.
Something that always stands out with ELES is there packaging to me - it's an eye catcher and I love the silver compacts!

ELES Mineral Powder Foundation is available in 10 different shades. I used Tender 05 on my skin and I think it's an almost perfect match!

There is this distinct smell from the powder foundation which it's a bit off putting when you're putting it on your face but it doesn't linger upon being on your face which is a good thing. 

My favourite thing about this product though was not having to use concealer underneath it for my red spots on my face. It completely covered it on it's own!

**RRP - $42.00**

Now I'm just getting into doing my eyebrows and used to do the whole bare haired eyebrows so I used blond as I was very scared about how my brows would turn out whilst I am starting out and trying to perfect the gorgeous eyebrows. ELES Brow Blender Pencil is available in 3 shades - Blonde, Soft Taupe & Dark Taupe. 

Swatch of 'Blonde' shade
I love that the pencil has the built-in brow brush put onto the end of the pencil so you only need that one thing to do your eyebrows - less room taken up in the makeup case when they compact beauty products like this I say. 

Whilst I am still getting used to doing my eyebrows and actually seeing some decent brows on my face ELES Brow Blender Pencil has been an easy use. It wipes off easily when you make mistakes.
Below is my play around at using the ELES Brow Blender Pencil - at the top is my normal eyebrows and bottom 2 images are with the pencil Blonde in. I probably do need to go up a shade in the brow pencil as I think my eyebrows stood out a little more with the 2 shades of having a light pencil with my dark eyebrow hair.

My tip for using the ELES Brow Blender Pencil is to draw on a vertical line where you want to start the pencil in the eyebrows then draw on as if you were using a pen to write until you get to the arch in your eyebrow, once at the arch turn the pencil onto its side and lightly go downwards to the end of your eyebrow. 


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